LOT/Air Berlin/BA | B734/E175/Q400/A321 | LHR-WAW-KRK-TXL-LHR

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This report starts out with a message I received from fellow a.netter gabrielchew whilst I was in Argentina, back in April. He mentioned that he’d found some great fares to Krakow with LOT over a weekend in June – just £85 in fact. Without much hesitation, I logged on to the LOT website and the flights were booked.

 photo ITIN.png

I also splashed out an extra £19 to reserve seats, which is something new since I had last flown with the airline in December 2012.

 photo SEATS.png

 photo PRICE.png

I guess it was a little pricey, however due to the low fares it didn’t make the final price too outrageous. Also the fact that it included seats for all four flights, meant it was still far better value than the £15 per sector that British Airways wanted to charge me for pre booking seats on a trip to Milan in August.

On to the day of departure. I did consider exploring the train, as I was still studying options to get to LHR that didn’t involve the coach but I figured as it would cost the same but take double the time I really wouldn’t gain all that much by doing so. So for the first time in a good few months, it was on to the coach.

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Upon arrival at T2, I attempted to use a kiosk to grab my boarding passes, however as I’d already checked in, it didn’t like it and I ended up having to join a queue instead.

 photo IMG_4473.jpg

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A few moments later, it was through a reasonably busy security, where I was singled out for a random search. Once that was done, I finally met up with Gabriel and we headed over to the very decent United Club for a couple of cocktails.

 photo IMG_4475.jpg

 photo IMG_4477.jpg

 photo IMG_4478.jpg

 photo IMG_4479.jpg

 photo IMG_4482.jpg

 photo IMG_4486.jpg

 photo IMG_4488.jpg

 photo _MG_0500.jpg

 photo _MG_0501.jpg

 photo _MG_0502.jpg

After an hour or so in here, we moved over to the SQ lounge.

 photo IMG_4498.jpg

 photo IMG_4500.jpg

 photo IMG_4501.jpg

 photo _MG_0503.jpg

 photo _MG_0504.jpg

Tasty food in here

 photo _MG_0507.jpg

And the Suite style seats looked great

 photo _MG_0508.jpg

The third stop of the day was the Air Canada Lounge.

 photo IMG_4497.jpg

 photo _MG_0510.jpg

More cocktails – must admit this one wasn’t all that great.

 photo _MG_0512.jpg

Again, great food selections

 photo IMG_4514.jpg

 photo IMG_4517.jpg

 photo IMG_4518.jpg

The final stop of the tour was the LH lounge, which was back in T2A.

 photo IMG_4523.jpg

 photo IMG_4524.jpg

 photo IMG_4526.jpg

 photo IMG_4532.jpg

 photo IMG_4534.jpg

 photo _MG_0513.jpg

 photo _MG_0514.jpg

After a good few hour lounging, it was time to board. Thanks for all the guesting in Gabriel – much appreciated. I’ll have to make the effort to get myself a Star Gold card…

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 photo LOLogo.jpg

June 2015
Boeing 737-400 / SP-LLF
Seat: 21F / Economy
Scheduled: 17:50/21:20
Off Stand: 17:54
On Stand: 21:27

We made our way on to a very warm and retro cabin, along with a screaming child and some tight legroom.

 photo IMG_4543.jpg

 photo _MG_0516.jpg

The cabin filled up reasonably quickly before the boarding complete announcement was given. There was a major downpour happening outside, and my initial suspicions were that this would reduce the flow in and out of the airport.

 photo _MG_0517.jpg

The captain announced a flying time of two hours, but no delay so I guess we were lucky on this occasion. We pushed back a few moments later and made a slow journey over to 27R.

 photo IMG_4552.jpg

Once we finally did get going, it wasn’t too long before we were into the cloud.

 photo IMG_4557.jpg

But a few turns later we were out of it again and it appeared we were dodging a few of them.

 photo _MG_0518.jpg

 photo _MG_0520.jpg

 photo _MG_0522.jpg

 photo _MG_0523.jpg

Before clearing them for good.

 photo _MG_0524.jpg

The seatbelt sign went off and an announcement was made although I couldn’t understand a word of it.

 photo IMG_4565.jpg

I stuck a couple of videos on my iPad shortly after.

 photo IMG_4566.jpg

During which time, the BOB service was started – and there were quite a few takers. Once the sales service had been completed, the free service began – which was just water and a Prince Polo. Yet another cut back since I last flew with LO back in 2012.

 photo IMG_4567.jpg

 photo IMG_4570.jpg

I stuck with the iPad until we were into our descent into Warsaw.

 photo _MG_0526.jpg

 photo _MG_0528.jpg

We made a cloudy descent until touchdown.

 photo IMG_4573.jpg

 photo _MG_0529.jpg

 photo IMG_4576.jpg

It was then off through passport control, through security and immediately into the lounge.

 photo IMG_4581.jpg

 photo IMG_4588.jpg

 photo _MG_0530.jpg

 photo _MG_0531.jpg

 photo _MG_0532.jpg

 photo IMG_4582.jpg

Around thirty minutes before departure, we made our way down to the gate, where boarding started more or less straight away.

 photo IMG_4589.jpg

 photo LOLogo.jpg

June 2015
Embraer E175 / SP-LIF
Seat: 4A / Economy
Scheduled: 22:45/23:40
Off Stand: 22:36
On Stand: 23:20

I took my seat and very shortly afterwards, the boarding complete announce was given. There were quite a few spare seats around, which was a little odd as according to the seat map upon check in, most seats had been taken.

 photo IMG_4590.jpg

 photo IMG_4591.jpg

The legroom on this one was slightly more generous.

 photo _MG_0534.jpg

Flight time was announced as just 35 minutes.

 photo _MG_0536.jpg

We pushed back and made our way over to the active.

Departure came, and as soon as the seatbelt sign went off, I ventured back to find Gabriel to see if he wanted to move to the spare seat next to me.

 photo _MG_0538.jpg

Although as he had the whole of the final row to himself, I took 21D instead. The service was completed pretty quickly and then descent was well under way.

 photo IMG_4599.jpg

I returned to my assigned seat just as we were passing downtown Kraków.

 photo _MG_0540.jpg

Not too long later, we touched down, and then spun around on the runway to head off in the direction of the terminal.

 photo IMG_4606.jpg

It was then on to a bus to make a very short drive over to the temporary looking terminal.

 photo IMG_4609.jpg

 photo IMG_4610.jpg

Strange how this was classed as an international arrival

 photo IMG_4611.jpg

A few seconds later, we were in a taxi heading for the city.

 photo IMG_4612.jpg

I checked into my very different looking hotel room upon arrival

 photo _MG_0564.jpg

 photo _MG_0566.jpg

Then took a walk with Gabriel across the square to his hotel before calling it a night.

 photo _MG_0542.jpg

 photo _MG_0546.jpg

The next day, Gabriel made his way back to my hotel and we explored what the city had to offer.

 photo _MG_0569.jpg

Including some local dancing, complete with noises that sounded like a car crash…

 photo _MG_0570.jpg


 photo _MG_0581.jpg

Sheltering from the rain in the castle

 photo _MG_0585.jpg

 photo _MG_0587.jpg

 photo _MG_0592.jpg

Local (ish) cuisine

 photo IMG_4628.jpg

Once we were done in the city, we took the bus back to the airport.

 photo IMG_4637.jpg

A lot of building work going on here – hence the W.I.P looking arrivals terminal.

 photo IMG_4638.jpg

Upon arrival, we headed straight for a busy security as we both had a full set of boarding passes.

 photo IMG_4640.jpg

 photo IMG_4641.jpg

Security was pretty strict – I ended up having to to put a completely empty bag through the scanner, and Gabriel ended up having to put a pocket full of tissues through the x-Ray as they were apparently setting off the metal detector. Hmm. Once this was done, it was over to the lounge, once more courtesy of Gabriel’s Star gold status.

 photo _MG_0601.jpg

 photo IMG_4643.jpg

 photo IMG_4645.jpg

At pretty much the time boarding was due to begin, an announcement was made saying that our flight had been cancelled. So it was back through security and over to the LOT office.

 photo IMG_4650.jpg

 photo IMG_4648.jpg

Easier said than done. After around two hours in the queue we were finally seen to. They said that there were no more flights this evening and they initially wanted to put us on LH via FRA or MUC the following afternoon. Instead though, Gabriel had found a routing with AB and BA via TXL in the morning and this was granted without too much fuss. It actually worked out in our favour as we ended up being booked into a pretty high booking class – therefore getting a pretty decent haul of BA Avios/Tier Points. If we had flown with LOT, we would have earned nothing due to it being in such a low booking class.

 photo IMG_4649.jpg

It was then over to another queue to sort out a hotel. As the Hilton Garden Inn across the road was a very reasonable price, we decided to book ourselves into there instead – rather than have to wait around for them to make a reservation and then take a taxi. The whole process took around three hours.

 photo IMG_4652.jpg

 photo _MG_0602.jpg

Dinner, courtesy of LOT. I ended up bringing most of it home with me though, as I wasn’t really up to eating anything.

 photo _MG_0610.jpg

The next morning, it was back across the road to the terminal. Luckily this time, things were much quieter and we were in the lounge within ten minutes.

 photo IMG_4653.jpg

 photo IMG_4654.jpg

We stayed here until boarding was announced.

 photo IMG_4655.jpg

Despite our boarding passes saying that we had fast track, there wasn’t one available so we were at the back of a long queue, before heading down to a bus.

 photo IMG_4666.jpg

June 2015
Embraer E195 / SP-
Seat: 8D / Economy
Scheduled: 17:55/18:45

 photo ABlogo.jpg

June 2015
Bombardier Q400 / D-ABQC
Seat: 17A / Economy
Scheduled: 10:50/12:00
Off Stand: 10:54
On Stand: 12:12

We made a slow drive over to the waiting plane and I took my seat – once I had booted Gabriel out of it…

 photo IMG_4668.jpg

 photo _MG_0612.jpg

The flight deck announced a flying time of an hour and fifteen, before the engines were started and we made our way over to the active. The initially clear skies soon clouded over.

 photo IMG_4677.jpg

 photo _MG_0614.jpg

 photo _MG_0615.jpg

 photo IMG_4683.jpg

The crew were a little slow getting the trolley out, therefore by the time I had been served, descent had started.

 photo IMG_4685.jpg

 photo _MG_0617.jpg

In fact the rubbish wasn’t cleared until quite late into the descent. The weather wasn’t quite as good in Berlin, but there were a few views to be had on approach.

 photo _MG_0619.jpg

 photo _MG_0620.jpg

 photo _MG_0622.jpg

 photo IMG_4692.jpg

We touched down and then took the scenic route over to the Air Berlin terminal – with most of the other passengers getting up and grabbing their bags along the way.

 photo IMG_4701.jpg

Upon arrival, it was a short bus ride over to the terminal, before heading over to the main building.

 photo IMG_4702.jpg

 photo IMG_4703.jpg

 photo IMG_4704.jpg

We then spent an hour or so on the terrace, where there were some quite interesting movements.

 photo _MG_0653.jpg

 photo _MG_0654.jpg

 photo _MG_0659.jpg

 photo _MG_0664.jpg

 photo _MG_0667.jpg

 photo _MG_0687.jpg

 photo _MG_0696.jpg

 photo _MG_0702.jpg

 photo _MG_0719.jpg

 photo _MG_0727.jpg

 photo _MG_0626.jpg

 photo _MG_0627.jpg

 photo IMG_4716.jpg

I ended up taking extra time due to the fact I was singled out for an additional random check – this meant exiting the security area, and being taken to a separate room to have my electronics swabbed. A few moments later I was back at the gate area where boarding began a few moments later.

 photo IMG_4718.jpg

 photo IMG_4719.jpg

 photo BAlogo.jpg

June 2015
Airbus A321 / G-EUXL
Seat: 33F / Economy
Scheduled: 14:30/15:30
Off Stand: 14:41
On Stand: 15:49

I made my way on board and took my seat, which had the leftovers of the previous occupants lunch on it.

 photo _MG_0731.jpg

 photo _MG_0732.jpg

The flight was unsurprisingly full – despite the complaints about BA lately, the “enhancements” are clearly working… And due to this the crew spent a while re arranging bags in the overhead lockers. The captain started his speech, and no doubt he mentioned the flying time, but my attention was drawn to a stroppy elder American woman in the wrong seat and refusing to budge. She eventually did, but made no secret of the fact she would be getting up “at least six times”. We pushed back and headed off into the housing estate for departure.

 photo _MG_0733.jpg

On our way up, things got a bit bumpy, and we seemed to be in cloud for a lot longer than on this mornings flight.

 photo IMG_4730.jpg

 photo _MG_0735.jpg

 photo _MG_0736.jpg

Also different to the mornings flight was the fact the crew started the service much quicker. It seems that the snacks have now been enhanced to UK domestic levels on a wider selection of European flights now, as on a flight to Frankfurt (which is nearer to London) a couple of weeks previously, I was offered a wrap.

 photo _MG_0739.jpg

I relied on the iPad for my entertainment on this flight.

 photo _MG_0741.jpg

 photo IMG_4739.jpg

Descent began, and the first officer announced that it was a little busy this afternoon, so therefore we had to slow down. But even so, we would still have to hold for fifteen minutes.

 photo _MG_0743.jpg

 photo _MG_0744.jpg

 photo _MG_0746.jpg

 photo _MG_0749.jpg

We were treated to a great aerial tour of London – probably one of the best I’ve had, before touching down on to 27R.

 photo IMG_4747.jpg

 photo _MG_0753.jpg

 photo _MG_0756.jpg

 photo _MG_0758.jpg

 photo IMG_4754.jpg

It was a slow journey over to T5B before pulling on to stand. Finally back in the UK – around 17 hours later than expected…

 photo _MG_0759.jpg

 photo _MG_0760.jpg

 photo _MG_0761.jpg

It was the usual wait to leave before heading back over to the main terminal, and out to wait for the coach home.

 photo IMG_4763.jpg

 photo IMG_4764.jpg

 photo IMG_4765.jpg

LOT – ugh. Battered old 737, uncomfortable seats, cancelled flight, poor planning when it came to rebooking and despite being told by two members of ground staff that the flight was cancelled for technical reasons, flat out refused to pay any EC261 compensation. At least they were cheap…

Air Berlin were consistent with my other flights with them. Decent enough service pretty good crew and no reason to complain. Although its a bit of shame they have to use that temporary terminal at TXL indefinitely.

British Airways – once more, not much can be said about them. Although its a shame the on board catering appears to have been enhanced once more.

British Airways / Air Berlin | A320/B737/A321/E170 | LHR-FRA/CGN-TXL-ZRH-LCY

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For the last couple of years or so, I’d been aware of Air Berlin offering some semi decent fares from Cologne to London with a couple of stops thrown in for good measure. Although I hadn’t got around to booking the flights remained on the radar.

 photo aboptions.png

Fast forward to early 2015 and I finally got around to booking the trip I’d been researching for the previous couple of years.

 photo abitin.png

As usual on Air Berlin, they only offer free seat selection to their own frequent flyers.

 photo abseats.png

And as usual, one of the other OneWorld members was able to rectify this.

 photo ABseatsIB.png

Next up was a way to Cologne. I had planned on taking Germanwings on a direct flight from LHR, as prices were around the £40 mark. Annoyingly though, when I came to book the prices had gone up to over £110. So instead I looked to British Airways. They don’t actually fly to Cologne, but flights to Frankfurt more reasonable – still four pounds more, but at least I’d be able to get some dinner in the lounge.

 photo BAitin.png

Seat selection wasn’t an issue on this flight – at least when I booked.

 photo BAseats.png

Yet another no so special offer. They used to be reasonable at under £100 but now they just seem to be the same price as you’d pay for Club anyway.

 photo BAUPG.png

To link Frankfurt and Cologne I’d turn to the DB. I’d wanted to try the ICE train so this seemed like a good enough excuse. I’d also wanted to visit the viewing deck at FRA for a few years (on all of my previous visits, it had been closed) so I was ticking more than a few things off on this trip.

As mentioned at the beginning of my South America series, I was exploring options other than the National Express coach to get me to Heathrow. This time I figured I’d try out the hourly bus service – it took over an hour and a half, but cost a fraction of the coach – so you get what you pay for I guess.

 photo IMG_3782.jpg

Upon arrival, I grabbed a souvenir boarding pass and took a look at the fast track security. It looks more than a little busy from what I could see, so I made my way through the regular security instead. And I was through in about two minutes. So as I’ve suspected, the fast track isn’t quite that fast.

 photo IMG_3785.jpg

 photo IMG_3787.jpg

I made my way up to the lounge for a tasty dinner of macaroni cheese.

 photo IMG_3813.jpg

 photo IMG_3801.jpg

 photo IMG_3790.jpg

 photo IMG_3791.jpg

 photo IMG_3792.jpg

 photo IMG_3793.jpg

 photo IMG_3794.jpg

 photo IMG_3805.jpg

 photo IMG_3800.jpg

 photo _MG_0003.jpg

 photo _MG_0004.jpg

After this, I headed out to my favourite spot on the terrace and grabbed some juice.

 photo _MG_0005.jpg

 photo IMG_3809.jpg

But no sooner as I’d say down, I was being told to make the trek over to the C gates – typical, as just a few weeks after they stopped giving you £15 at Starbucks, I get my first departure from T5C in nearly three years. No big deal though as I wasn’t all that hungry anyway.

 photo IMG_3810.jpg

I made a couple of laps of the satellite to see what was around.

 photo _MG_0006.jpg

 photo _MG_0007.jpg

 photo _MG_0009.jpg

 photo _MG_0011.jpg

 photo _MG_0014.jpg

 photo _MG_0018.jpg

Upon returning to the gate, I saw a massive queue so figured it would be a good idea to join it. Boarding started a few moments later and I was welcomed by name and asked how I was by a friendly ground agent.

 photo IMG_3824.jpg

 photo IMG_3825.jpg

 photo IMG_3828.jpg

 photo BAlogo.jpg

May 2015
Airbus A320 / G-EUYB
Seat: 19F / Euro Traveller
Scheduled: 19:35/22:10
Off Stand: 19:37
On Stand: 22:17

I took my seat, immediately followed by my two seat mates. The flight looked completely full.

 photo IMG_3832.jpg

 photo _MG_0019.jpg

As boarding was finally completed, the captain gave the usual welcome speech and announced a flying time if an hour and ten minutes. We pushed back a minute or two behind schedule and made a rough ride over to 27R. Once there, we had to wait for a string of heavies to depart before it was finally our turn.

 photo _MG_0025.jpg

 photo IMG_3842.jpg

 photo IMG_3846.jpg

 photo _MG_0027.jpg

The crew handed out the snack and drinks whilst I watched an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm on my iPad.

 photo IMG_3854.jpg

With around forty minutes to go, the first officer announced we had started descent. Seemed a little early to me, but I guess he knows more than I do on the subject. Meanwhile, the sun was setting behind us.

 photo IMG_3860.jpg

We descended through the clouds and the light faded completely.

 photo _MG_0028.jpg

It was then a great view of downtown Frankfurt before making reasonable contact with one of Frankfurt’s older runways.

 photo _MG_0030.jpg

 photo _MG_0036.jpg

Then came a lengthy taxi over to a remote stand where we arrived a little later than scheduled.

 photo IMG_3870.jpg

After a further ten minutes or so I made my way towards the rear exit and down the steps.

 photo IMG_3871.jpg

 photo IMG_3872.jpg

 photo IMG_3875.jpg

A bus tour followed before heading over to the Hilton for the evening.

 photo IMG_3884.jpg

 photo IMG_3886.jpg

 photo IMG_3888.jpg

 photo _MG_0037.jpg

The next morning, I paid a visit to the viewing deck.

 photo _MG_0052.jpg

 photo _MG_0054.jpg

Very pleased to see this one

 photo _MG_0056.jpg

 photo _MG_0065.jpg

 photo _MG_0073.jpg

 photo _MG_0081.jpg

 photo _MG_0084.jpg

 photo _MG_0085.jpg

 photo _MG_0094.jpg

 photo _MG_0110.jpg

 photo _MG_0133.jpg

 photo _MG_0146.jpg

 photo _MG_0155.jpg

 photo _MG_0156.jpg

 photo _MG_0164.jpg

 photo _MG_0179.jpg

 photo _MG_0185.jpg

Before heading off to catch my train to Cologne, after some essential shopping and lunch.

 photo IMG_3890.jpg

 photo IMG_3893.jpg

As my train was delayed by around thirty minutes, I headed downstairs to the lounge. Hardly a patch on any airline lounge, but it was better than a platform.

 photo _MG_0191.jpg

Finally on the train to Cologne:

 photo _MG_0192.jpg

 photo IMG_3929.jpg

A few pictures from my time in Cologne. Pretty much as soon as you exit the station, you’re faced with the massive cathedral.

 photo _MG_0193.jpg

Walking along the river

 photo _MG_0199.jpg

 photo _MG_0200.jpg

 photo _MG_0205.jpg

Paying a visit to the chocolate museum

 photo _MG_0206.jpg

 photo _MG_0207.jpg

 photo _MG_0208.jpg

 photo _MG_0210.jpg

 photo _MG_0214.jpg

Out at the cathedral once more

 photo _MG_0218.jpg

And my room at the Hilton, just a few steps away.

 photo _MG_0218.jpg

 photo _MG_0232.jpg

As usual, the best pictures come after dark

 photo _MG_0234.jpg

 photo _MG_0242.jpg

 photo _MG_0243.jpg

When it was time to leave, I made my way across to the station, where most trains appeared to be delayed. I jumped on one that said it was going to the airport, only for an announcement to be made after a few stops that I had to change to an S13 train. So I hopped off, only to find that was an S13. By the time I’d realised the train was leaving – so no option but to wait thirty minutes for the next one at a pretty remote station…

 photo IMG_3994.jpg

Upon finally reaching the airport, it was up to check in to grab a boarding pass. The agent didn’t say an awful lot, bit did do quite a bit of typing – eventually handing me one boarding pass for all three flights.

 photo IMG_3996.jpg

 photo IMG_3997.jpg

 photo IMG_3999.jpg

I then made my way through security, where for the first time ever I was told that my camera would also have to be screened separately. New rules apparently… Following this was a few steps to the Air Berlin exclusive waiting area – not quite a lounge but not quite the general waiting area either.

 photo IMG_4002.jpg

 photo IMG_4005.jpg

 photo _MG_0252.jpg

 photo _MG_0253.jpg

 photo _MG_0256.jpg

At around 10:00 this mornings ride pulled in. I was glad to see it was still the scheduled 737-700 as this is a new sub type for me. And also a new operator as this one is operated by TUI fly.

 photo _MG_0257.jpg

 photo _MG_0258.jpg

 photo _MG_0259.jpg

Boarding was announced, and I was the first on board – due to the fact there wasn’t a mass charge towards the gate. It was actually very civilised with everybody waiting their turn!

 photo IMG_4011.jpg

 photo IMG_4017.jpg

 photo ABlogo.jpg

May 2015
Boeing 737-700 / D-AHXF
Seat: 18F / Economy
Scheduled: 11:05/12:10
Off Stand: 11:21
On Stand: 12:31

As I boarded, the cabin crew offered me a form to sign up to their Top Bonus program – but I didn’t see much point in taking one.

 photo IMG_4018.jpg

 photo IMG_4020.jpg

 photo IMG_4021.jpg

 photo _MG_0262.jpg

The cabin filled up very slowly but the flight seemed pretty full. The captain gave his welcome speech and mentioned that we were still waiting for some more passengers – shortly followed by an announcement saying their bags were now being offloaded.

 photo IMG_4025.jpg

As it turned out, one of the very few empty seats was next to me so I was fairly comfortable.

 photo _MG_0260.jpg

We finally did push back around fifteen minutes behind schedule, and then made a long taxi over to the runway – passing quite a few cargo jets along the way.

 photo IMG_4030.jpg

 photo IMG_4032.jpg

Luckily we were given an intersection departure so we didn’t have to go quite down to the end if the runway before departing.

 photo IMG_4035.jpg

 photo IMG_4036.jpg

It wasn’t too long before we were into the clouds and the view disappeared.

 photo _MG_0263.jpg

Service on this sector was more or less the same as what was handed out in my first AB flights back in 2013 – something “sweet or salty”.

 photo _MG_0267.jpg

 photo IMG_4041.jpg

Descent started as the clouds cleared- meaning there were good views of the area on approach.

 photo _MG_0268.jpg

 photo _MG_0270.jpg

 photo _MG_0272.jpg

 photo _MG_0273.jpg

 photo _MG_0274.jpg

 photo IMG_4055.jpg

On short finals, a gust of wind caught us, putting us somewhat off balance and leading to a very hard landing – possibly the hardest I’ve experienced.

 photo IMG_4056.jpg

It was then a brief taxi over to the terminal – and I was glad to see that we were arriving at the main terminal as opposed to the shed that I experienced last time I flew into TXL in AB. The AB chocolate hearts were handed out upon leaving.

 photo _MG_0276.jpg

 photo IMG_4062.jpg

As I’d arrived in terminal A, it was a short walk to the BA lounge, I did consider heading up to the viewing deck as it was such a nice day, but I figured as I’d been there but not visited the lounge here I’d go for the unknown option.

 photo IMG_4064.jpg

 photo IMG_4065.jpg

 photo IMG_4078.jpg

 photo IMG_4074.jpg

 photo IMG_4075.jpg

 photo IMG_4077.jpg

It was a little on the busy side, but luckily I spotted a side room with nobody in it. So grabbed a plate of food and set up camp there for the next hour or so.

 photo _MG_0277.jpg

 photo _MG_0278.jpg

When boarding was near I headed down to the gate. Despite there being a fast track, the layout meant that I’d probably upset a few people by using it – so I didn’t bother.

 photo IMG_4081.jpg

The hold up didn’t matter anyway, as pretty much as I cleared security the ground crew announced a forty five minute delay. So I headed up to the Exclusive waiting area, as the gate area was packed.

 photo IMG_4089.jpg

 photo IMG_4082.jpg

This time there was an airport security guard manning it and he demanded to see my card. I handed my BA card over and he was a little dubious. I mentioned that it’s all OneWorld so it shouldn’t matter, and he consulted a chart that was sellotaped to a post. A few moments later he let me pass through. It was a little bigger than the Cologne version but the offerings were still the same.

 photo _MG_0279.jpg

A few moments later, an A321 pulled on to stand and an announcement was made saying boarding would begin as soon as the passengers on board had left.

 photo _MG_0281.jpg

 photo _MG_0282.jpg

Boarding began, and once more I was the first on board. Although I was stopped in my tracks once I reached the aircraft do as they hadn’t quite finished hoovering.

 photo IMG_4090.jpg

 photo IMG_4092.jpg

 photo ABlogo.jpg

May 2015
Airbus A321 / D-ABCF
Seat: 29F / Economy
Scheduled: 14:15/15:40
Off Stand: 14:59
On Stand: 16:14

As boarding was completed, I once more ended up having the middle seat free despite it being a reasonably full flight.

 photo IMG_4094.jpg

 photo _MG_0283.jpg

The captain welcomed everybody and apologised for the delay, blaming the late inbound arrival of the aircraft and the fact that he was a little late himself arriving from Düsseldorf. He did mention a shorter than usual flying time though of just fifty minutes so we weren’t due to arrive too late. Lucky as I was meeting somebody in ZRH…

 photo _MG_0284.jpg

 photo _MG_0286.jpg

A flight I’d unexpectedly end up on a few weeks later

We pushed back and sped over to the active.

 photo IMG_4099.jpg

Upon reaching the runway, the captain could hardly contain his enthusiasm as the throttles were advancing as we were pulling on to the runway.

 photo IMG_4104.jpg

Unlike this mornings flight, it was clear skies throughout.

 photo _MG_0288.jpg

 photo _MG_0289.jpg

 photo _MG_0292.jpg

The crew started the service and this time they elaborated a little more on the “sweet or salty” line – introducing the snacks as a chocolate or potato chips.

 photo _MG_0293.jpg

 photo _MG_0290.jpg

Once this was done, there wasn’t too much flying time left – so I relied on Tom & Jerry on the overhead for entertainment.

 photo _MG_0294.jpg

We made a cloudy approach to Zurich before touching down a little softer than earlier.

 photo _MG_0297.jpg

 photo _MG_0299.jpg

 photo _MG_0300.jpg

 photo IMG_4126.jpg

 photo IMG_4127.jpg

A brief taxi to the B pier followed where I was met by Infodesk.

 photo _MG_0301.jpg

We spent the next hour or so chatting before she headed off home after a day at work and I ventured up to check out the OneWorld lounge.

 photo IMG_4137.jpg

 photo IMG_4138.jpg

 photo IMG_4146.jpg

 photo IMG_4147.jpg

I wasn’t planning on eating anything as I’d spent most of the day eating and drinking it seemed, but I had a hard job turning down the pasta.

 photo _MG_0302.jpg

 photo _MG_0303.jpg

After around thirty minutes I headed to the gate, which was down in the basement area.

 photo IMG_4151.jpg

There initially seemed to be quite a few people waiting around, but only once the LHR flight started boarding from the adjacent gate did quite a few people disappear.

 photo IMG_4153.jpg

General boarding began – no priority boarding here, unlike on the LHR flight.

 photo IMG_4155.jpg

 photo IMG_4157.jpg

 photo BACFE.jpg

May 2015
Embraer E170 / G-LCYG
Seat: 16D / Euro Traveller
Scheduled: 18:20/18:55
Off Stand: 18:26
On Stand: 19:00

I was somewhat half heartedly greeted at the door and I made my way towards the rear to take my seat.

 photo IMG_4158.jpg

 photo IMG_4160.jpg

One thing I don’t like about the BA E-Jet is the misaligned windows

Boarding was completed pretty quickly and it turned out this flight was pretty empty.

 photo IMG_4165.jpg

 photo _MG_0304.jpg

I decided to take a look at the inflight mag, but it appeared a dog had beaten me to it…

 photo IMG_4163.jpg

The flight deck gave their usual welcome although I couldn’t understand most of what was being said due to the poor sound quality of the speakers. I did make out the fact he was apologising for the delay though. What delay?

 photo _MG_0305.jpg

We pushed back before the LHR flight and made a very slow taxi over to the active.

 photo _MG_0306.jpg

 photo IMG_4169.jpg

Luckily, takeoff wasn’t quite as slow and we were off the ground within a few seconds.

 photo IMG_4177.jpg

 photo _MG_0307.jpg

 photo _MG_0308.jpg

 photo _MG_0309.jpg

Not too long after departure, the on board service began. There were no less than four options to choose from – a salmon salad, a pasta salad plus the crisps and biscuits found on the BA mainline domestic runs. I chose the pasta salad.

 photo _MG_0310.jpg

This was followed by the drinks run, where I chose a G&T.

 photo _MG_0314.jpg

With an episode of Family Guy for entertainment.

 photo _MG_0313.jpg

Nice low load this evening.

 photo _MG_0312.jpg

 photo _MG_0316.jpg

 photo _MG_0317.jpg

Not too long after it finished I felt the nose dip, so I figured we had started descent – so I ought to start paying attention again.

 photo _MG_0318.jpg

The captain came over the PA and mentioned that it was a pleasant evening in London, but from where I was sat, I wasn’t in agreement.

 photo _MG_0320.jpg

Descent continued until the rollercoaster ride began.

 photo _MG_0323.jpg

 photo _MG_0324.jpg

 photo _MG_0325.jpg

 photo IMG_4196.jpg

 photo IMG_4199.jpg

We touched down and pulled almost immediately on to stand.

 photo IMG_4200.jpg

 photo IMG_4202.jpg

Disembarking was delayed by around ten minutes due to the LX RJ100 next door starting up. When we were finally released, it took around five minutes from plane to the DLR station – aided by the fact LCY have installed E-Passport gates since my last arrival in December 2013.

 photo IMG_4206.jpg

 photo IMG_4207.jpg

 photo IMG_4208.jpg

 photo IMG_4210.jpg

 photo IMG_4212.jpg

British Airways: Standard. Nothing more to be said.

Air Berlin again offered a couple of pretty decent flights. It was a bit of a shame that they were both delayed but it didn’t cause any issues. The crew were friendly and the exclusive waiting areas were a good idea for an airline that doesn’t offer a business class product in Europe.

BA Cityflyer continue to show their bigger brother how it should be done, with a range of small but tasty on board catering choices – and can they really cost that much more than the pre packaged sandwiches found on board the main line?

Qatar Airways/Air Berlin | B788/A332/B738 | SIN-DOH-BCN-TXL | Business

 photo map-3.gif

Maps generated by theGreat Circle Mapper -copyright © Karl L. Swartz.

Hi there, and thanks for taking a look at the eighth part of my series following my trip down to Australia that took place back in April 2014.

This part will focus on my return from Asia with Qatar Airways, and onwards journey to Berlin with Air Berlin. As I had a few days between arriving back in Barcelona and having to go back to work, I didn’t really fancy flying straight home from BCN. I looked at a few options and as I’ve been wanting to visit Berlin for a while that’s the one that stuck out the most. Since trying out their home airline last year, I was generally impressed with them so I turned to them to fly me there.

 photo abflights.png

There were a few flights throughout the day, but just the one would fit my schedule as I was due to arrive on QR at 14:15. Unfortunately, much like last year, the AB website didn’t recognise my BA status and wanted to charge me £9 to pre book a seat. No thanks.

 photo abseats.png

After a warm and wet few hours looking around the last few sights of Singapore, I headed back to the hotel to grab my bags before heading off to Changi.

 photo Oz8033.jpg

Around 45 minutes later, I was at T3 but as I was so early, check in wasn’t open.

 photo Oz8034.jpg

 photo Oz8037.jpg

 photo Oz8001.jpg

Never mind though, I headed up to the viewing deck instead.

 photo Oz8002.jpg

Although photography is a little difficult, viewing was good enough.

 photo Oz8003.jpg

At 17:30, check in did open, and I was seen to fairly quickly.

 photo Oz8035.jpg

I made my way through security.

 photo Oz8036.jpg

Instead of heading straight up to the lounge, I took a look at some of Changi’s other attractions.

 photo Oz8004.jpg

 photo Oz8005.jpg

 photo Oz8038.jpg

 photo Oz8006.jpg

 photo Oz8007.jpg

 photo Oz8039.jpg

Eventually, I did go up to the lounge.

 photo Oz8040.jpg

 photo Oz8041.jpg

 photo Oz8008.jpg

It wasn’t a massive lounge. The food options didn’t really appeal to me – I’d eaten in town, but as long as they had a steady flow of cool drinks I was happy.

 photo Oz8009.jpg

 photo Oz8042.jpg

 photo Oz8043.jpg

 photo Oz8047.jpg

 photo Oz8048.jpg

 photo Oz8049.jpg

 photo Oz8010.jpg

I checked out the business centre to see if I could print my boarding passes, and therefore keep my QR ones, but it was a bit of a fail.

 photo Oz8044.jpg

So I decided to do something I’d never done in an airport before – take a shower! After getting very hot and rained on walking the streets of the city, I felt it was a good time to make my debut. Unfortunately, there were remnants if the previous occupant. But other than that it was clean enough.

 photo Oz8050.jpg

 photo Oz8045.jpg

 photo Oz8011.jpg

By the time I was done, there was something on the food table that took my fancy.

 photo Oz8012.jpg

 photo Oz8046.jpg

Feeling very much refreshed and rehydrated, I made my way down to gate A10 where boarding would begin shortly.

 photo Oz8013.jpg

 photo Oz8014.jpg

 photo Oz8051.jpg

There wasn’t a priority line for security, which was surprising as there were 4 metal detectors/X-ray machines.

 photo Oz8015.jpg

I was though pretty quickly, and although I couldn’t actually see my jet, I could just about make out ‘CI’ on the nose wheel doors – meaning I’ll be on one of QR’s newer 787’s, delivered just a few weeks previously. As I sat and waited, I noticed a bit of a storm brewing outside. It didn’t seem to be affecting the movements all that much though.

Boarding was announced, and as usual there was the mass stampede towards the door. The ground crew did a great job at sorting it all out though.

 photo Oz8052.jpg

 photo QRlogo.jpg

April 2014
Boeing 787-8 / A7-BCI
Seat: 4A/ Business
Scheduled: 21:20/23:45
Off Stand: 21:32
On Stand: 00:28

For some reason, I thought that the QR Dreamliner seat was almost identical to the CX one I’d experienced previously, although I was more than pleasantly surprised to see it was much better.

 photo Oz8016.jpg

 photo Oz8017.jpg

 photo Oz8053.jpg

The captain announced a flying time of 7 hours 20 minutes.

 photo Oz8018.jpg

 photo Oz8019.jpg

Many seat positions

Ready and waiting for me was a pair of amenity kits and a menu.

 photo Oz8020.jpg

 photo Oz8055.jpg

One of the crew took my drink order – a lime and mint.

 photo Oz8021.jpg

Meanwhile the purser came and introduced herself and offered some pyjamas and a hot towel.

 photo Oz8057.jpg

 photo Oz8023.jpg

All about the QR 787

 photo Oz8054.jpg

 photo Oz8024.jpg

Good amount of connectivity

 photo Oz8025.jpg

Not so good IFE controller. Way too complicated.

 photo Oz8058.jpg

 photo Oz8059.jpg

We pushed back a little behind schedule, and made our way out to the runway on the opposite side of the airport. It was a pretty slow process. We would inch forward, then stop, inch forward some more then stop again. We would eventually make a quiet takeoff some 30 minutes after push back. We did a 180 degree turn over the masses of ships in the harbour, before passing SIN and then disappearing into darkness.

 photo Oz8056.jpg

 photo Oz8022.jpg

 photo Oz8062.jpg

Soon after departure, my PJ’s were delivered.

 photo Oz8026.jpg

 photo Oz8064.jpg

Magazine rack at the rear of the cabin

 photo Oz8065.jpg

 photo Oz8066.jpg

Standard flower in the 787 premium washroom

When I’d got back from changing, I found the following waiting for me. I was impressed that the crew seemed to sense my liking for the lime and mint – and therefore kept bringing me refills! After a warm day in Singapore, all of them were very much welcome.

 photo Oz8027.jpg

I decided to watch an episode of Top Gear on the IFE.

 photo Oz8028.jpg

 photo Oz8063.jpg

Headphones and water in the armrest.

 photo Oz8070.jpg

A few moments later, dinner orders were taken. I skipped the starter and went for the duck for the main.

 photo Oz8029.jpg

 photo Oz8031.jpg

 photo Oz8030.jpg

Followed up with ice cream for dessert.

 photo Oz8032.jpg

After this, I put the seat into full recline, and fell fast asleep.

 photo Oz8086.jpg

I only awoke when the seatbelt sign came on for landing, so that goes to show how comfortable the seat was! It was a bit of a mad rush to get changed and ready for landing. A few moments later, we were on to finals and touching down into Doha.

 photo Oz8089.jpg

We initially braked a little hard before seemingly just rolling down to the end of the runway and letting the plane slow itself down. There was method in the madness though. As we had been assigned stand 1, it meant we could pull straight off the runway and on to stand.

 photo Oz8075.jpg

 photo Oz8076.jpg

I took a few moments to gather my things and I was last off.

 photo Oz8060.jpg

 photo Oz8061.jpg

It was then a tour of DOH, first stopping at the Doha arrivals terminal, and then the premium terminal. Once more, a couple of economy passengers managed to get on the premium bus, and were left a little red faced when they weren’t allowed entry to the premium terminal, and there was no bus to take them to the standard terminal.

 photo Oz8077.jpg

I cleared security, had a brief wander of the duty free shop before heading upstairs for a nice 8 hour layover.

 photo Oz8067.jpg

 photo Oz8068.jpg

 photo Oz8069.jpg

 photo Oz8078.jpg

 photo Oz8079.jpg

 photo Oz8080.jpg

 photo Oz8081.jpg

Around 2AM, I was approached by one of the staff saying the buffet was about to close so if I wanted anything to eat, I should grab something now. Not fancying anything from the buffet, I made my way to the deli instead, but I was informed that was now closed. Luckily, I wasn’t too hungry. I was now totally reliant on my iPad for entertainment…

 photo Oz8071.jpg

 photo Oz8072.jpg

Pretty empty at this time of night/morning.

 photo Oz8073.jpg

 photo Oz8074.jpg

A bit of Jack Dee later on.

It appeared everything would start coming back to life at 5 AM.

 photo Oz8082.jpg

Once the lounge did start waking up again, I ordered some breakfast.

 photo Oz8083.jpg

 photo Oz8084.jpg

 photo Oz8085.jpg

About the most I got to see of Qatar from ground level.

 photo Oz8090.jpg

At around 07:10, feeling like I’d seen enough of the lounge, I made my way downstairs as according to my boarding pass, boarding was due to start in 10 minutes. It was a little off however, as things were a little busy.

 photo Oz8096.jpg

Boarding finally did begin at 07:45, and it was on to a bus over to A7-AEG

 photo Oz8097.jpg

 photo QRlogo.jpg

April 2014
A330-300 / A7-AEG
Seat: 3K / Business
Scheduled: 08:20/14:15
Off Stand: 08:29
On Stand: 14:22

I turned left at the door and was immediately met by a very orange looking Spanish steward offering me a drink. I took the lemon and mint. I must admit, I preferred the lime.

 photo Oz8099.jpg

 photo Oz8088.jpg

 photo Oz8087.jpg

Amenity kits, headphones and a menu were already waiting on my seat.

 photo Oz8098.jpg

 photo Oz8108.jpg

 photo Oz8110.jpg

Just when I thought I’d got lucky, my seat mate showed up. Shortly after, hot towels were brought around.

 photo Oz8100.jpg

The French captain announced a flying time of 6 hours 30 minutes and a cruising altitude of 36,000ft.

We pushed back and made our way over to the active. We sat and waited for around ten minutes without moving, before finally lifting off over the bay.

 photo Oz8103.jpg

 photo Oz8104.jpg

 photo Oz8105.jpg

 photo Oz8106.jpg

 photo Oz8091.jpg

Around fifteen minutes after departure, the breakfast service began. First off was the smoothie – very refreshing.

 photo Oz8092.jpg

At around the same time, I decided to put a film on, Fargo. I’d seen it before, but not for a while. That was the theory. A system reset and a new pair of headphones later and I was good to go.

 photo Oz8093.jpg

Breakfast continued.

 photo Oz8094.jpg

 photo Oz8095.jpg

I then missed most of the film due to falling asleep.

To try and wake up, I went and cleaned my teeth and had a chat in the front galley about my trip. During which I was offered some fresh baked, straight from the oven cookies – well, I won’t say no!

 photo Oz8101.jpg

 photo Oz8102.jpg

I returned to my seat and I tried my luck with the taking of Pelham 1,2,3 instead. It was filmed in [url=]the museum I visited in September 2012[/url]

 photo Oz8111.jpg

During the film, the crew member looking after my side of the aisle came and placed another three cookies in the centre console.

 photo Oz8113.jpg

With around two hours of the flight remaining, the snack service started. I didn’t indulge though, as it was still feeling a little full. The Spanish crew member did his best to try and persuade me otherwise, but I just didn’t feel like it. Even when he brought my seat mates meal, he once again asked if I had changed my mind.

 photo Oz8107.jpg

 photo Oz8115.jpg

Around 35 minutes before arrival, the captain said we would shortly be starting our descent and gave a weather update.

 photo Oz8109.jpg

 photo Oz8112.jpg

The crew gave out yet another hot towel.

 photo Oz8120.jpg

We turned over the city to some pretty decent views.

 photo Oz8134.jpg

 photo Oz8135.jpg

 photo Oz8136.jpg

 photo Oz8137.jpg

 photo Oz8138.jpg

Touchdown came at just before 14:20, and despite only being a minute or two behind schedule the crew were very apologetic about the delay. We taxied over to our stand, which just happened to be next door to the EK A380.

 photo Oz8118.jpg

 photo Oz8114.jpg

There was then the usual scrum to disembark.

 photo Oz8119.jpg

It was then a case of following the signs to baggage reclaim.

 photo Oz8121.jpg

Once there, our belt was shared with no less than four other flights, meaning it took a good twenty minutes or so for the first of the bags to emerge.

 photo Oz8122.jpg

Once they did, mine was in the first batch off. It was then through customs and upstairs to start all over again!

 photo Oz8127.jpg

 photo Oz8128.jpg

I ventured outside to grab some fresh air, as I’d not really had any for a while!

 photo Oz8129.jpg

 photo Oz8130.jpg

When I came back in, the AB check in area was still setting up. They appeared to be having issues with their signs. They either both showed priority, both standard or the airport logo. Not one priority and the other standard.

 photo Oz8131.jpg

 photo Oz8133.jpg

Once everything was set up, the agent announced that the line I was in was for priority passengers only. Despite this nobody moved. Check in was a little slow due to the guy in front checking in 4 people without them being there. There seemed to be a bit of a discussion as to why they needed to be present, but in the end he gave in and moved.

I asked about lounge access, and the attitude seemed to be ‘guess you’ll just have to go and try it…’

After this, I headed through security which took only a couple of minutes, before heading off to grab a shot of the QR jet that brought me here.

 photo Oz8116.jpg

After this I made my way up to the lounge and was granted entry without issue.

 photo Oz8140.jpg

 photo Oz8117.jpg

 photo Oz8141.jpg

 photo Oz8142.jpg

 photo Oz8143.jpg

 photo Oz8144.jpg

It was basically the same as the non Schengen lounge, but the other way around. And not as busy.

I waited here for a while, until I spotted a blue tail out of the window. I recognised it as Aerolineas Argentinas, and immediately set off to investigate, as I’d not seen the new livery in the flesh before.

 photo Oz8123.jpg

I also took the opportunity to see what else was around.

 photo Oz8147.jpg

 photo Oz8124.jpg

 photo Oz8125.jpg

 photo Oz8126.jpg

Once I’d seen what I wanted, I took a wander down the B pier before heading in the direction of the C pier where my flight would be departing from. There was an AB 737 on stand, and I figured that would be my ride up to Berlin.

 photo Oz8132.jpg

In the mean time, I found a quiet area with a view and waited for boarding to begin.

 photo Oz8149.jpg

Boarding was announced at 17:20, and I was the third on board behind a pair of AB golds.

 photo Oz8150.jpg

 photo Oz8151.jpg

 photo ABlogo.jpg
April 2014
Boeing 737-800 / D-ABBG
Seat: 5F / Economy
Scheduled: 17:55/20:25
Off Stand: 17:47
On Stand: 20:15

As I boarded, the crew were handing out boiled sweets but I didn’t indulge as I’m not a fan of them.

 photo Oz8139.jpg

The flight seemed full, but boarding was completed quickly. So quickly in fact, that we pushed back a good ten minutes or so ahead of schedule.

 photo Oz8152.jpg

A flying time of 2h25 was announced. Normally I’m all up for longer flights, but this was the one occasion I wanted something a little shorter. I was starting to feel a little tired by now. We sped down to the runway and lifted off without hesitation.

 photo Oz8153.jpg

We made a couple of turns over the sea and then made our way through the thin cloud layer.

 photo Oz8154.jpg

Shortly after departure one of the crew members came through the cabin asking if anybody wanted the enhanced catering – basically a hot meal for around €10. And after this, the regular snack service. A choice of cheese or salami roll. But rather than the prepackaged option you get on LH, this was fresh in a paper bag.

 photo Oz8156.jpg

 photo Oz8157.jpg

 photo Oz8145.jpg

 photo Oz8146.jpg

Impressive! AB have a pretty decent model here – snacks for all and the option of paying for more if you want it.

 photo Oz8158.jpg

There’s not an awful lot more that can be said about this sector – there weren’t even any views to be had really.

 photo Oz8148.jpg

Descent started, and we landed into TXL.

 photo Oz8155.jpg

 photo Oz8164.jpg

 photo Oz8165.jpg

 photo Oz8166.jpg

 photo Oz8167.jpg

 photo Oz8168.jpg

 photo Oz8169.jpg

Annoyingly, we were given a remote stand. Normally, I wouldn’t mind this but I just wanted to get to bed now.

 photo Oz8170.jpg

Unlike my previous flights, the crew weren’t giving out chocolate hearts on disembarkation. Shame, as I would have taken them up on that offer! It was then on to a bus for the very short ride over to the terminal – that was more like a warehouse.

 photo Oz8171.jpg

 photo Oz8172.jpg

 photo Oz8173.jpg

There was a bit of a wait at baggage claim, but my bag was still the forth out. It was then on to a bus to the city.

 photo Oz8174.jpg

I arrived at my hotel, the Park Inn, and was told there was a problem… Due to the hotel being sold out, they would have to upgrade my room to a suite therefore it doesn’t have a window… Whatever, as long as it’s got a bed I don’t care!

 photo Oz8159.jpg

 photo Oz8160.jpg

 photo Oz8161.jpg

 photo Oz8162.jpg

 photo Oz8163.jpg

40 hours or so after leaving my hotel in Singapore, it was finally bed time. I surprisingly woke up pretty early though and made my way downstairs for breakfast.

 photo Oz8185.jpg

Following this, it was out to see the city.

 photo Oz8175.jpg

 photo Oz8176.jpg

My hotel with the Fernsehturm next door

 photo Oz8177.jpg

Berlin Cathedral

 photo Oz8178.jpg

 photo Oz8179.jpg

The Amplemann

 photo Oz8180.jpg

 photo Oz8181.jpg

And his very own shop.

 photo Oz8195.jpg

 photo Oz8182.jpg

Brandenburg Gate

 photo Oz8183.jpg

In the city

 photo Oz8184.jpg

Checking out the Ritter Sport shop

 photo Oz8196.jpg

 photo Oz8197.jpg

Luckily, the sun finally put in an appearance. Something of a rarity on this trip!

 photo Oz8186.jpg

 photo Oz8187.jpg

I decided to take a look at the pretty interesting (and packed) DDR museum.

 photo Oz8188.jpg

 photo Oz8189.jpg

 photo Oz8190.jpg

 photo Oz8191.jpg

 photo Oz8192.jpg

 photo Oz8193.jpg

 photo Oz8194.jpg

Much like my outbound flights, the service onboard Qatar couldn’t be faulted. The only complaint is that going from their latest J product to arguably their weakest was a bit of a shock. Although the A330’s are designated to mid haul routes so I guess it doesn’t make much sense for them to fit them out with full flat seats.

Air Berlin were fine too – a decent and tasty snack option and a cheerful enough crew. Just a shame about the terminal they use at TXL.

Look out for the final part of this series that will finish off this journey with a flight on Turkish Airlines over to Istanbul, before flying on BA’s 767 in Club Europe back to London.

BA/DOT/Air Berlin | A320/ATR72/Q400 | LHR-STR/NUE-DUS-STN

 photo map.gif

Maps generated by theGreat Circle Mapper -copyright © Karl L. Swartz.

Videos for this report:

British Airways BA918 Video report: http://youtu.be/8c-DHKLoEFw

DOT ATR departure from NUE: http://youtu.be/99lzRy3ngIs
DOT ATR arrival in NUE: http://youtu.be/b0-NQkxH6ss

Air Berlin AB8342 Video Report: http://youtu.be/PJbFflWOiQE

For quite a while now, I’d wanted to give Air Berlin a try. Due to the fact they’re in the One World alliance, it seemed the time was right to give them a try as I had recently acquired British Airways silver / One World Sapphire status. However the task would prove a little difficult due to the fact they only serve London Stansted airport – which is possibly the furthest of the London airports from me, meaning I would not only have to travel up to London, but travel across it and then take another train for an hour or so to get to the airport itself. This coupled with the fact that quite a few AB flights leave early in the morning meant flying them on an outbound sector would be a little awkward to say the least. Therefore I looked at flying them on a return sector from Germany. A destination that AB served in Germany that looked pretty interesting to me was Nuremberg. I studied dates in July and on the weekend of the 27th/28th, they had a NUE-DUS-STN sector on a pair of Q400’s for just £60, versus around £100 for all the other weekends in July and August. Without much hesitation, I booked.

 photo abtick.jpg

Now I needed to sort out how I would get to Nuremberg. As there are only limited flights from the London area (Ryanair from STN and CityJet from LCY) I had to look at other options. Sure I could have gone with either of those two airlines, but where would be the fun in that. I checked out Lufthansa, but their prices were pretty ridiculous.

 photo lhexpensive.png

Next up was BA. I looked to see if there were any reward seats available to STR, FRA, MUC, and ZRH… basically anywhere within a reasonable train journey of Nuremberg but no luck there.

 photo bafail.png

So in the end I parted with some of my hard earned cash to fly to Stuttgart – another new airport on my growing list.

I linked Stuttgart and Nuremberg with a pretty cheap ticket on the DB.

 photo GERTRAIN.png

A few weeks prior to departure, I decided to check the seat maps on airberlin.com. Despite showing as a pair of Q400’s as expected, there were two different seat maps. Upon checking the checkmytrip app, it confirmed that I would instead be on an ATR72. This suited me as I hadn’t been on anything by ATR before.

 photo 31abe0ea-fd0d-46e2-8b7a-11906ca93263.jpg

Check in for the BA flight was made the day before departure on my phone from work on the sly.

 photo Screenshot_2013-07-26-08-10-18.png

 photo Screenshot_2013-07-26-08-11-30.png

Hopefully the cabin stays this empty.

 photo Screenshot_2013-07-26-08-12-33.png

And then I checked in for the first of my two Air Berlin flights via their pretty easy to use website once I had got home.

 photo ABSEATS.png

 photo ABCHECKIN.png

 photo ABBP.png

Once again, I managed to convince a friend that it would be a good idea to give me a lift to the airport – therefore giving me a bit more time in the lounge for breakfast. We set of at around 6AM, arriving at just past 06:15.

 photo Ger003.jpg

 photo Ger004.jpg

 photo Ger001.jpg

 photo Ger002.jpg

I made my way to check in to grab a souvenir boarding pass and made my way through security, where a family of Americans walked into the automated gates then proceeded to faff around for their boarding passes, holding everybody up.

 photo Ger005.jpg

Once through, I made my way up to the South lounge for a bit of breakfast. I’d like to say I was welcomed back, but that wasn’t really the case like it was before – maybe it was too early for them?

 photo Ger006.jpg

 photo Ger007.jpg

 photo Ger017.jpg

 photo Ger015.jpg

 photo Ger008.jpg

 photo Ger009.jpg

 photo Ger010.jpg

 photo Ger011.jpg

 photo Ger012.jpg

 photo Ger016.jpg

 photo Ger018.jpg

Once I had my fill of the South lounge, I decided to head up to the North lounge. I hadn’t planned on this, but as I had arrived earlier than expected, I figured I could take a walk up there anyway. I did consider heading over to the lounge in T5B, but not being 100% sure of the way back, or how long it would take I decided against it. I much prefer the South lounge to the North however.

 photo Ger020.jpg

 photo Ger028.jpg

 photo Ger022.jpg

Quite a few charters today – the first Saturday of the Summer Holidays.

 photo Ger023.jpg

Pretty much as soon as I arrived gate A10 was announced. I still took a seat and watched a few of the arrivals though.

 photo Ger024.jpg

 photo Ger025.jpg

 photo Ger026.jpg

 photo Ger027.jpg

At 07:30, I made my way down the escalator to the gate, where boarding was already in progress.

 photo Ger029.jpg

 photo Ger030.jpg

As it was at ground level I came to the conclusion that we would be heading off from a remote stand. I bypassed the queue by using the fast track, ruffling a few feathers in the process – “Erm… there’s a queue here” and “Mr. I’m too important to wait in line” were a couple of comments that I heard. OK, well maybe if you shell out a fair few pounds to fly many times a year and gain a bit of status and/or fly in Club, you’ll get to jump the queue too – until then, shut up!

 photo Ger031.jpg

The priority line was the empty area towards the left of the main queue

It was then on to a bus for a tour of T5B, and then making our way out to the remote stands past T5C. Once there, G-EUUC was waiting.

 photo Ger032.jpg

I made my way on board, and an announcement was made that the flight was to be pretty full… at least in Euro Traveller as it turned out.

 photo BAlogo.jpg

27th July 2013
A320-232 / G-EUUC
Seat: 2F / Club Europe
Scheduled: 08:10/10:45
Off Stand: 08:12
On Stand: 10:52

 photo Ger033.jpg

 photo Ger034.jpg

 photo Ger036.jpg

 photo Ger037.jpg

It was amusing how many people thought that they could just sit themselves down in the Club section – I witnessed at least three, only to be moved on, including a mother and a young child who proceeded to climb all over the seats (the child, not the mother) . There were also the comments of people passing through ranging from, “Wow there’s actually room for your legs – how spacious”, to “all you get is proper cutlery, what’s the point”. Pretty vocal bunch on today’s flight – or maybe it was the same people from earlier that had finally made it through the queue that I had allegedly jumped.

 photo Ger035.jpg

This one brought me back from ATL in April.

Boarding was completed and the doors were closed at 08:05. It might have been a full flight at the back, but there were just four of us in Club – so the seatmap from online check in was indeed accurate. Hot towels were handed out shortly after.

 photo Ger038.jpg

 photo Ger039.jpg

Never noticed the in seat power until now.

 photo Ger040.jpg

The 787 that caught fire in July. It’s still there as I type this in early October

We pushed back a minute or two behind schedule, and made a slow taxi over to 09R.

 photo Ger041.jpg

 photo Ger042.jpg

 photo Ger043.jpg

 photo Ger044.jpg

 photo Ger045.jpg

Spot the intruder…

Takeoff was at 08:35 into some very clear skies.

 photo Ger046.jpg

 photo Ger047.jpg

 photo Ger048.jpg

 photo Ger049.jpg

 photo Ger051.jpg

 photo Ger052.jpg

 photo Ger053.jpg

 photo Ger054.jpg

Passing Biggin Hill

It wasn’t too long however before there was a total white out.

 photo Ger055.jpg

 photo Ger056.jpg

 photo Ger057.jpg

Shortly after the breakfast service was started. Due to the light load in Club, there wasn’t a trolley in sight – the purser brought every tray around by hand, and also came around and took drink orders before delivering them on a tray. Great personalized service once again from BA – much like my last experience in Club World back in December to Larnaca.

 photo Ger060.jpg

 photo Ger061.jpg

 photo Ger063.jpg

 photo Ger065.jpg

I noticed during the flight a pretty constant stream of Y passengers heading through the curtain to use the washroom at the front of the cabin. Interesting how the purser seemed to allow this on this flight, yet on my flight from LGW-AGP last year, one person tried it and was quite assertively sent back. I guess there’s no official policy on this, it’s just down to crew preference. The only time it bothered me is when I wanted to go and I had to wait, despite the other four passengers in Club being in their seats.

 photo Ger066.jpg

Just as I was finishing breakfast, our initial descent started. For the rest of the flight, I took advantage of the fact there wasn’t anybody in the seat behind, put my seat into full recline and watched the German landscape below me. I was actually impressed at how far the seat reclined actually, although it was a little worn – as soon as I sat up, so did the seat! Also, when I put the magazines, safety card etc. back in the seatback pocket, they fell straight out of the bottom of it. Bit of a refurb needed I think.

 photo Ger067.jpg

 photo Ger068.jpg

 photo Ger069.jpg

 photo Ger070.jpg

Shortly after the captain was on the PA giving a very short update – saying it was a very nice day with no clouds or wind, and that we will be arriving on schedule. We flew past STR before turning 180 degrees on to final, hearing the autopilot disengage on short finals.

 photo Ger081.jpg

 photo Ger072.jpg

 photo Ger073.jpg

 photo Ger074.jpg

 photo Ger075.jpg

 photo Ger076.jpg

 photo Ger077.jpg

 photo Ger082.jpg

 photo Ger085.jpg

We landed pretty much on time and made our way over to the stand after a very relaxed hour and twenty minutes. We pulled in alongside an albino A319.

 photo Ger086.jpg

 photo Ger087.jpg

 photo Ger088.jpg

 photo Ger091.jpg

Once on stand, there was a wait for a couple of minutes before a knock on the door, and everybody was able to disembark.

 photo Ger103.jpg

It was then through to passport control. I asked for a stamp in my passport and this was met with a bit of a huff and a few words in German – not that I understood any of them. I was eventually given what I had asked for though.

 photo Ger104.jpg

Once through customs, I was met in arrivals by fellow trip reporter Markus (Flieger67). He took me on a tour of the terminal before heading out to the car and driving me to the local spotting area, over the other side of the runway.

 photo Ger105.jpg

 photo Ger092.jpg

 photo Ger093.jpg

 photo Ger094.jpg

 photo Ger095.jpg

 photo Ger096.jpg

The albino jet departed in the opposite direction to the rest of the movements.

 photo Ger097.jpg

 photo Ger098.jpg

 photo Ger099.jpg

 photo Ger100.jpg

 photo Ger101.jpg

After around thirty minutes, Markus was kind enough to drive me into the city. Thanks Markus, and great to meet you!

As I still had over an hour until my train, I had time to look around central Stuttgart.

 photo Ger106.jpg

 photo Ger107.jpg

 photo Ger108.jpg

 photo Ger109.jpg

 photo Ger110.jpg

 photo Ger111.jpg

This went down a treat considering the temperature was well into the 30’s.

 photo Ger112.jpg

 photo Ger113.jpg

 photo Ger115.jpg

Around half an hour before my train was due to depart I took the walk back in the direction of the HBF. As it turned out, my train was delayed by fifteen minutes… Well it wouldn’t be one of my trip reports without some sort of delay involved!

 photo Ger114.jpg

After a few moments the train did pull in – and it was baking on board. Either German trains don’t have air conditioning or it just wasn’t working on this train. It turned out to be the latter. We then set off in the direction or Nuremberg.

 photo Ger119.jpg

 photo Ger122.jpg

 photo Ger123.jpg

 photo Ger117.jpg

 photo Ger118.jpg

Around an hour or so into the train ride, some water was brought around.

 photo Ger120.jpg

Weather this is standard practice or just because it was so hot, I don’t know. Either way things were becoming pretty unpleasant for everybody on board. I did try and move, but the other carriage was completely full and I was stopped from entering any of the others for some reason – so just had to put up with the heat.

 photo Screenshot_2013-07-27-15-30-40.png

I decided to have some recently purchased chocolate with the water…

 photo Ger121.jpg

…although it appeared to have turned to liquid already. Instead I had some crisps that I’d borrowed form the lounge.

After a very uncomfortable two and a half hours or so, the train arrived in Nuremberg. I remember reading about Hannah’s flying sauna. Well this was a sauna on rails. On the plus side, it did actually make the temperature outside seem quite reasonable. As I was making my way out of the stifling carriage, I saw the guard fixing this sticker to the door.

 photo Ger126.jpg

No sh…

 photo Ger127.jpg

Upon arrival in Nuremberg, I made the short walk to my hotel, the NH. I was hoping to cool off a bit, but the Air Conditioning in my room wasn’t overly effective either.

 photo Ger147.jpg

 photo Ger124.jpg

 photo Ger125.jpg

I spent an hour or so attempting to cool down whilst watching the end of a film on TV and then took a walk around the city. There was a great atmosphere in town with bands playing on pretty much every corner and people just having a good time in general.

 photo Ger128.jpg

 photo Ger129.jpg

 photo Ger130.jpg

 photo Ger131.jpg

 photo Ger132.jpg

 photo Ger133.jpg

 photo Ger134.jpg

 photo Ger135.jpg

 photo Ger136.jpg

 photo Ger137.jpg

 photo Ger138.jpg

 photo Ger140.jpg

 photo Ger141.jpg

 photo Ger142.jpg

 photo Ger143.jpg

 photo Ger144.jpg

Along the way I stopped for a very German dinner. The sausage’s and beer were good, although the sauerkraut didn’t float my boat.

 photo Ger139.jpg

 photo Ger145.jpg

I then headed off in the direction of the hotel, stopping for quite a while to watch Nuremberg’s finest Arctic Monkeys tribute act.

 photo Ger146.jpg

After a few hours walking, I reluctantly headed back to my hotel for the night. I wanted to stay out longer, however my feet were telling me otherwise! Unfortunately the air-conditioning still wasn’t working all that effectively in my room, so not much opportunity to cool down other than to take a cold shower.

The next morning, I was awoken by my alarm at 07:30, and I made my way to the station in order to catch the U-Bahn to the flughafen, arriving at just past 08:30.

 photo Ger151.jpg

 photo Ger148.jpg

 photo Ger152.jpg

 photo Ger153.jpg

 photo Ger157.jpg

 photo Ger158.jpg

I made my way around to the Air Berlin check in area where I was met with a huge queue.

 photo Ger159.jpg

Luckily, there was a priority lane nearby.

 photo Ger161.jpg

I remember from reading Gabriel’s report earlier in the year that the lounge here in NUE was a self-service affair, so I made a point if asking if there was any lounge access here. The guy said he would have to check, and asked what the card was that I had given to him. He pulled out a folder with pictures of all the One World status cards, then spotted mine and attached a sticker to the back of my boarding pass. He gave me directions to the lounge, wished me a pleasant journey and with that I went on my way.

 photo barcode.jpg

 photo Ger162.jpg

 photo Ger163.jpg

I headed through security, which was through some corridors that were half inside half outside… It’s difficult to explain! Looked a bit WIP though.

 photo Ger164.jpg

Then it was past a few bus gates – strange how they would have gates before security? Unless they’re no longer used of course.

Security was painless. I was asked if I had a laptop… No, but I have an iPad – that’s fine, leave it in the bag. Anything in your pockets? Yes, in the box. I set of the metal detector, and unlike at Heathrow yesterday, I was able to leave my shoes on, and they just waved their magic wand over me. Simple. I took a walk through the concourse as I made my way down to the lounge.

 photo Ger165.jpg

 photo Ger149.jpg

 photo Ger150.jpg

 photo Ger167.jpg

 photo Ger168.jpg

Not much happening here for a while yet.

 photo Ger169.jpg

 photo Ger170.jpg

It reminded me a little of the Flybe lounge at BHD I visited last year, only smaller and unstaffed. Still, it was a decent enough place to wait for the next hour or so. There were two other people in here, who headed off to catch the KLM flight around fifteen minutes later. So as I had the place to myself, I got a bit camera happy.

 photo Ger166.jpg

 photo Ger154.jpg

 photo Ger155.jpg

 photo Ger156.jpg

 photo Ger160.jpg

 photo Ger171.jpg

 photo Ger172.jpg

 photo Ger173.jpg

 photo Ger174.jpg

 photo Ger175.jpg

 photo Ger176.jpg

 photo Ger177.jpg

Good view, although not much to be seen.

At around boarding time, I left the lounge as I fancied a change of scenery. Although I saw online that the inbound aircraft was a little late, so boarding was still a few moments away.

Once boarding was called, at 11AM, I made my way down to the bus.

 photo Ger191.jpg

I hung around as the bus emptied in order to grab a few pictures of this ATR. Interestingly, this was one of the rare ATR’s that had boarding by the front door, rather than having a cargo hold there. Shame, as I fancied boarding via the rear and being seated towards the front.

 photo DOTlogo.jpg

28th July 2013
Seat: 6A / Economy
Scheduled: 11:10/12:10
Off Stand: 11:30
On Stand: 12:38

 photo Ger178.jpg

 photo Ger195.jpg

 photo Ger197.jpg

Once on board, I took my assigned seat. It turns out I picked perfectly – right next to the prop! I didn’t have a seat mate on this sector.

 photo Ger199.jpg

 photo Ger179.jpg

 photo Ger180.jpg

 photo Ger181.jpg

There were three crew on board today – two from DAT (or DOT) and a singe representative from Air Berlin. Plus another guy in Air Berlin uniform who was just a passenger hitching a lift.

There was a bit of a wait while the final checks were completed, but the engines were finally started and we pulled away at 11:30. No word from the flight crew or a flight time was given. It was a pretty quick taxi over to the active, passing an AB 737 in the One World scheme and a World MD11 on the cargo ramp. At 11:35, we took to the sky.

 photo Ger183.jpg

 photo Ger186.jpg

 photo Ger187.jpg

 photo Ger188.jpg

No less than ten minutes after departure, the service began – which surprised me as I wasn’t expecting anything on this sector, and I was led to believe that AB were a LCC – at least back in the old days anyway. The two DAT (or DOT) crew members dished out the drinks while the Air Berlin member did the snacks. The choice was between some chocolate biscuits or ‘something salty’. I took my chances with the ‘something salty’ option and ended up with something that was very salty, and almost teeth breakingly hard. The juice was ok though.

 photo Ger190.jpg

The rest of the flight was spent watching the clouds and listening to the whine of the prop next to me.

 photo Ger192.jpg

 photo Ger194.jpg

Eventually, the flight deck did get in touch – stating that this flight was operated by Danish Air Transport (really, or was it DOT?), this was an ATR72 aircraft, we were flying at 6000 meters and we were due into Dusseldorf at 12:35. Descent started and we made our way down into a cloudy DUS, landing at 12:35. We rolled out to the end of the runway and pulled on to stand within a couple of minutes.

 photo Ger206.jpg

 photo Ger209.jpg

 photo Ger207.jpg

 photo Ger210.jpg

As I exited, the Air Berlin crew member handed everybody a chocolate heart. Nice touch.

 photo Ger233.jpg

It was then on to a bus to the terminal.

 photo Ger229.jpg

 photo Ger232.jpg

As there was a viewing terrace here, I decided to go landside and take a look at that for half an hour or so as well as taking a look at the other side of DUS that I missed on my visit last October due to having a tight connection.

 photo Ger234.jpg

 photo Ger236.jpg

 photo Ger237.jpg

 photo Ger238.jpg

 photo Ger211.jpg

 photo Ger212.jpg

On the way up, it was through a row of travel agents – interesting how I’ve only seen this in Germany. Frankfurt also has a similar area.

 photo Ger242.jpg

 photo Ger243.jpg

At the end, there was a toll both and I pad the entry fee before going on to the pretty big observation deck.

 photo Ger215.jpg

 photo Ger213.jpg

 photo Ger214.jpg

The prop that had just brought me here looking pretty lonely.

 photo Ger216.jpg

 photo Ger218.jpg

 photo Ger230.jpg

 photo Ger219.jpg

 photo Ger221.jpg

 photo Ger223.jpg

The main attraction of the day it seemed then arrived.

 photo Ger224.jpg

 photo Ger226.jpg

 photo Ger227.jpg

 photo Ger228.jpg

 photo Ger231.jpg

Once I was done there, I headed back through security. There was a fast track lane that I was able to use, and I’m ashamed to say I was the one who slowed things down today. I’d forgotten some loose change in my pocket – oops.

Once through, it was up to the second lounge of the day, the Hugo Junkers lounge. Or was it the entrance to the washroom?

 photo Ger247.jpg

 photo Ger248.jpg

I was swiped in with a smile and I grabbed some lunch. It wasn’t a bad lounge – better than the one in Nice, but the selection of food wasn’t quite as good as the one in Nuremberg earlier – just a few sandwiches and a couple of hot items. It was also pretty busy. On the plus side, the view was good. I spent the next hour or so abusing the sandwiches, meatballs and Haribo on offer whilst watching the Hungarian GP.

 photo Ger250.jpg

 photo Ger251.jpg

 photo Ger252.jpg

 photo Ger253.jpg

 photo Ger254.jpg

 photo Ger255.jpg

 photo Ger240.jpg

 photo Ger241.jpg

 photo Ger244.jpg

The views were decent.

 photo Ger259.jpg

 photo Ger245.jpg

 photo Ger249.jpg

I decided to leave the lounge at just after 3pm as I had developed a bit of a headache. And I was also feeling a little full after all the food I had eaten! After a brief wander through the B pier, I headed through passport control. Prematurely, as there was absolutely nothing beyond it. Luckily there were a couple of windows.

 photo Ger262.jpg

 photo Ger264.jpg

 photo Ger256.jpg

 photo Ger257.jpg

 photo Ger271.jpg

Must mean boarding is near

Boarding was called at 15:40. Being in the right place, I was called forward and I was the first on to the bus – therefore grabbing a seat with a good view.

 photo Ger272.jpg

 photo Ger273.jpg

I’m quite a fan of these banana jets.

 photo Ger274.jpg

 photo Ger280.jpg

Good view from the bus.

We made our way around to the remote stands where a lone Dash 8 was waiting. In fact, it had been there the whole time, as I had spotted it from the terrace earlier.

 photo Ger282.jpg

I made my way on board and took my assigned seat of 7A – once again, right next to the prop. Although credit for this seat assignment has to go to the check in agent back in Nuremberg.

 photo ABlogo.jpg

28th July 2013
Dash 8 Q400 / D-ABQH
Seat: 7A / Economy
Scheduled: 15:55/16:15
Off Stand: 16:10
On Stand: 16:28

 photo Ger284.jpg

 photo Ger260.jpg

 photo Ger261.jpg

 photo Ger286.jpg

 photo Ger287.jpg

I did initially have a seat mate – a teenage boy who took up far too much space for my liking, however once the boarding complete announcement was given, he moved to he free row in front – meaning that for the third flight this weekend, I’d end up with a free seat next to me.

The captain informed of a flight time of an hour – five minutes less than my NUE-DUS sector earlier today.

The engines were started and we made our way out to the active where we had to wait for three departing CRJ’s and a few arrivals. Eventually though we powered down the runway, passing downtown Dusseldorf of the left hand side.

 photo Ger265.jpg

 photo Ger266.jpg

 photo Ger268.jpg

 photo Ger269.jpg

Once we had reached our cruising altitude the service began, and the friendly crew dished out the same savory snack as on the NUE-DUS leg or a Mars bar. As the salty snack on the previous sector almost broke my teeth, I elected the Mars bar this time around, although still feeling full from my binge in the lounge, it went straight into my bag.

 photo Ger277.jpg

 photo Ger276.jpg

Once the rubbish had been cleared, the crew came through the cabin offering tickets for the Stansted express. I already had a train ticket for my journey home however.

 photo Ger279.jpg

 photo Ger283.jpg

 photo Ger285.jpg

Just as this was occurring, the nose dipped, the engines got quieter and we headed back down to earth, crossing into the UK at a pretty low altitude and passing through a pretty localized rainstorm on short finals.

 photo Ger288.jpg

Its only from this angle do you realize how close the UK and France really are.

The seatbelt sign then came on and the crew disappeared.

 photo Ger289.jpg

 photo Ger290.jpg

 photo Ger291.jpg

 photo Ger293.jpg

 photo Ger294.jpg

Landing was made at 16:25, and we made a reasonably quick taxi over to a satellite terminal. A few moments later we were off and through to arrivals.

 photo Ger298.jpg

 photo Ger301.jpg

 photo Ger299.jpg

 photo Ger300.jpg

 photo Ger303.jpg

Not a view you get every day. Unless you’re a dispatcher.

It was through a few corridors before making my way on to the shuttle over to the main terminal, passing the Ryanair farm on the way.

 photo Ger304.jpg

 photo Ger305.jpg

 photo Ger306.jpg

First sign of STN’s new owner (MAG)

 photo Ger307.jpg

I used my E-passport to bypass most of the queues, most from FR flights unsurprisingly, and then I made my way downstairs to the Stansted express.

 photo Ger308.jpg

 photo Ger309.jpg

 photo Ger310.jpg

 photo Ger312.jpg

It was then on to Liverpool Street, arriving around fifty minutes later – easy enough.

 photo Ger313.jpg

 photo Ger311.jpg

Then onto the Underground to Waterloo. Easy enough in theory. But as the northern line was closed, and there weren’t any announcements on the train, this made the journey more complicated, due to getting off the Central line train twice unnecessarily.

 photo Ger314.jpg

I eventually made it to Waterloo, and pretty much straight on to a train home, arriving around twenty-five minutes later.

 photo Ger315.jpg

So, BA was pretty much as usual really, although the light load in Club made things a little more personalized. T5 seemed to cope well with the extra traffic the school holidays brought on.

Air Berlin was a big surprise. I had pretty low expectations if I’m honest, but I found they were actually good. The chocolate hearts upon leaving them on both flights were a great touch – and very good chocolate too. Just a shame I seemed to be the only person that took one! I’d like to say I’d use them again, but the fact they use Stansted, which is probably the most difficult of the London airports for me to reach, says its probably unlikely – at least on flights from the UK. The problem with using them to the UK is that they nearly always throw up BA codeshares so I’ll have to get pretty creative with the routings if I were to use them in the future!

 photo Ger317.jpg