Malaysia Airlines | B738/A333 | SIN-KUL-MEL | Economy

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Continuing on from the previous two parts of my journey:

This report will feature my flights from Singapore, up to Kuala Lumpur for the evening before heading down to Melbourne with Malaysia Airlines. The reasoning behind me going via KUL was mainly because MH is part of One World, but also cost. I didn’t fancy taking three flights of over 6 hours in a row, so an overnight stop was a must. The airport hotel at SIN was £170 a night – way too much. Add into the fact the cheapest direct SIN-MEL was around the £400 mark and that’s a grand total of £570. Malaysia Airlines on the other hand were asking £200 for the SIN-KUL-MEL sectors on a fully flexible ticket (just in case of any delays) and the Sama-Sama hotel at KUL was asking for £90 for the night. So basically half the price of going direct, plus I’d get an extra flight thrown in. There were plenty of flights linking SIN and KUL.

 photo mhsinkulflights.png

And three linking KUL to MEL:

 photo mhkulmelflts.png

I selected a four hour layover in SIN and then the mid morning flight out to Melbourne:

 photo mhitin.png

Unlike my previous flights with MH, I was able to select my seats online at the time of booking. I suspect it was more to do with the fact I was on a flexible ticket rather than the system recognizing my One World status though. Once I had selected my seats, I was unable to change until check in.

 photo mh738seats.png

 photo mh330seats.png

I checked in using the MH app and the Wi-Fi in the lounge at DOH. The seat map showed the aisle seat was taken and the middle seat free. It would remain this way.

 photo IMG_0547.png

So picking up pretty much where I left off then in T3. I’d just arrived at Singapore from Barcelona via Doha, and was on my way over to Singapore T2.

 photo OZ3028.jpg

I headed over to the MH priority line to dump my bag and grab a boarding pass.

 photo OZ3030.jpg

 photo OZ3029.jpg

 photo OZ3001.jpg

The friendly agent advised that I’d have to check my bag all the way through to MEL if I wanted both my boarding passes, however as I’d be stopping the night in KUL, this wouldn’t really work – so I just grabbed my SIN-KUL boarding pass instead. After this, I took a few steps outside to grab a few breaths of fresh air before heading up to the viewing terrace. After a quick glimpse, I figured there would be better views to be had airside.

 photo OZ3002.jpg

I passed through passport control, I was stamped out of Singapore barely an hour after arriving and grabbed a couple of pics from that side instead.

 photo OZ3003.jpg

 photo OZ3004.jpg

 photo OZ3031.jpg

After this I made my way up to the MH Golden lounge.

 photo OZ3032.jpg

 photo OZ3033.jpg

It wasn’t too big but had a decent enough selection of food so that I didn’t have to worry too much about grabbing a bite to eat elsewhere.

 photo OZ3034.jpg

 photo OZ3035.jpg

 photo OZ3005.jpg

Once I had finished eating, I made my way through to the business centre to print off some boarding passes so I could keep the one I had as a souvenir.

 photo OZ3036.jpg

 photo OZ3037.jpg

Around half an hour before the gate was due to open, I made my way downstairs.

 photo OZ3038.jpg

 photo OZ3006.jpg

The gate opened on time and I made my way through security. There was a bit of confusion as to why I’d only checked my bag through to KUL but once I’d explained my reasons they seemed happy enough. Just as I got into the holding pen 9M-MSH was pulling on to stand. Complete with the A380 style Malaysia Airlines logo. This one was just six months old at the time – in fact it was delivered to MH on the day I last flew into KUL.

 photo OZ3007.jpg

Like much of SIN, there were good views from the holding pen too.

 photo OZ3008.jpg

Boarding started, initially for business and status members. For once, it was all rather orderly and I made my way forward.

 photo OZ3039.jpg

 photo MHlogoB.jpg

April 2014
Boeing 737-800 / 9M-MSH
Seat: 20F / Economy
Scheduled: 19:15/20:15
Off Stand: 19:18
On Stand: 20:17

Despite a pretty full load, the middle seat remained empty. The cabin was pretty decent actually with full sized leather seats, complete with IFE.

 photo OZ3040.jpg

 photo OZ3010.jpg

 photo OZ3009.jpg

The IFE looked similar to what’s on board the airlines A380’s. The seats looked similar too, so good consistency there.

 photo OZ3011.jpg

 photo OZ3013.jpg

 photo OZ3012.jpg

 photo OZ3041.jpg

We pushed back a minute or two behind schedule and made a long but fast taxi over to the active.

 photo OZ3014.jpg

 photo OZ3016.jpg

The captain announced a flying time of just 41 minutes.

 photo OZ3017.jpg

The mood lighting was set for take off.

 photo OZ3015.jpg

We then made a bolt for the humid night sky.

 photo OZ3018.jpg

 photo OZ3019.jpg

 photo OZ3020.jpg

As soon as the seatbelt sign went off, the cabin lights were switched back on and the crew sprang into action, distributing peanuts and juice.

 photo OZ3021.jpg

My entertainment came in the form of watching a developing thunderstorm, before the captain announced that we had just left our cruising altitude of 22,000ft. Barely 20 mins after departure. It was a bit of a bumpy approach into KUL before landing as promised at 20:10.

 photo OZ3042.jpg

 photo OZ3022.jpg

 photo OZ3023.jpg

It was then the 10 minute or so journey over to the main terminal.

 photo OZ3024.jpg

Interestingly, I saw a Malaysia Airlines 747-400 still looking reasonably in tact parked up on a remote stand. I was of the impression they had long gone – or at least had their titles removed?

 photo OZ3025.jpg

It was then the walk down to arrivals to be stamped into the country for the night. On the way to baggage claim, I stopped off at the hotels reception desk to check in.

 photo OZ3043.jpg

By the time I had reached the baggage carousel, my bag was one of the last going around (again).

 photo OZ3044.jpg

It was then downstairs to the golf cart for the hotel.

 photo OZ3045.jpg

 photo OZ3046.jpg

As it turned out, I was given a room on the executive floor. Although the room was identical to the one I’d had previously.

 photo _MG_3745.jpg

 photo OZ3027.jpg

I visited the lounge, but it was all but shut. I was still invited to take a seat though and was offered a drink. Strange how they charge for drinks in the room, yet just a few steps away they give them away.

 photo OZ3047.jpg

After waking up earlier than anticipated the following morning, I made the journey back to the airport. But not before watching a great sunrise from my room.

 photo OZ3048.jpg

As there was a bit of a queue for the shuttles, I took the ten minute or so walk instead.

 photo OZ3073.jpg

As it turned out, the two guys ahead of me in the queue arrived at the same time as I did so I didn’t lose anything by walking. The MH premium check in was nowhere near as busy as it was on my last visit, and my bag was sent on it way within a couple of minutes.

 photo OZ3074.jpg

 photo OZ3075.jpg

 photo OZ3078.jpg

I then took a walk up to the viewing deck to try and get a pic of the MH 744 I saw last night, however it was full of people in red polo shirts (I think they were something to do with security?), all of which were very friendly, but I did feel like I had gate crashed their party somewhat. I stayed for around twenty seconds before making my way back down to departures. Also of note was the memorial/shrine to the missing MH370 in this area. Immigration and security was packed, the whole process taking around 45 minutes to complete. Once through, it was on to the shuttle to the satellite and up to the MH lounge.

 photo OZ3077.jpg

The MH 744 model had been replaced with something more up to date.

I had seen it had been refurbished since I was last here, however it was a subtle refurbishment. In fact, if I hadn’t known, the chances are I probably wouldn’t have even noticed.

 photo OZ3079.jpg

 photo OZ3049.jpg

 photo OZ3050.jpg

 photo OZ3052.jpg

 photo OZ3055.jpg

The F&B options were the same as before.

 photo OZ3081.jpg

 photo OZ3051.jpg

As was the view.

 photo OZ3053.jpg

 photo OZ3054.jpg

Once boarding was near, I made my way downstairs to take a walk in the jungle, however, it was shut. So I made my way down to the gate instead.

 photo OZ3084.jpg

 photo OZ3085.jpg

 photo OZ3086.jpg

 photo OZ3087.jpg

After the second security check of the day there was a bit of a hold in the pen before boarding began. It was a bit of a free for all, despite the ground agents attempting to keep things civilised.

 photo OZ3056.jpg

 photo MHlogoB.jpg

April 2014
Airbus A330-300 / 9M-MTF
Seat: 36A / Economy
Scheduled: 10:30/20:25
Off Stand: 10:37
On Stand: 20:52

First impressions of the A330 were that the seats looked identical to those on their A380, but a bit narrower. For those of you that remember reading about my flight from KUL- LHR last year, I found the A380 seat wasn’t wide enough…

 photo OZ3057.jpg

The captain announced over the PA that the flying time would be 7 hours and 18 minutes.

 photo OZ3058.jpg

Finally captured the 747!

We pushed back and taxied over to the active.

 photo OZ3088.jpg

The MH A380 headed for London departed just ahead of us, meaning there was quite a wait on the runway for departure. We were finally up in the air around 30 minutes behind schedule.

 photo OZ3062.jpg

 photo OZ3063.jpg

 photo OZ3089.jpg

 photo OZ3090.jpg

 photo OZ3091.jpg

 photo OZ3059.jpg

After take off, I thought I spotted a spare pair of seats a few rows back. I got up to move but it turns out there was somebody asleep across them. I got back and mentioned this to my seat mate, hoping this would spur him into moving to the empty seat across the aisle but it wasn’t to be… A few moments later a juice run was completed.

 photo OZ3092.jpg

The crew mentioned that lunch would be served around thirty minutes into the flight and a snack would be served a little later. Around 30 minutes after departure, the flight crew mentioned that we were due to have pretty bad weather enroute so he would be leaving the seatbelt sign on. Lunch was served as promised, and it was a choice of chicken and rice or fish and potatoes – I suspect the same meal that was dished up on my LHR-KUL flight.

 photo OZ3093.jpg

 photo OZ3094.jpg

Beige in colour, beige in taste…

As soon as I pulled my phone out to take the picture, my increasingly friendly seatmate said ‘ahh, good idea’ and copied what I did. Well, power in numbers I guess.

 photo OZ3061.jpg

Once lunch had finished, I settled down with Shaun of the Dead. A film I’d seen many times but not for a few years.

 photo OZ3060.jpg

 photo OZ3064.jpg

For the first time in a long time, I had a seatmate who didn’t sleep at all during the flight – meaning I was able to get up and explore freely. If anything he seemed a little hyperactive, constantly taking to everybody around him and slightly panicking about his visa.

 photo OZ3096.jpg

Premium (ish) products in the washroom.

 photo OZ3097.jpg

 photo OZ3098.jpg

I happened to glance out of the window, and noticed that Australia was edging its way towards us.

 photo OZ3065.jpg

 photo OZ3066.jpg

 photo OZ3067.jpg

Catching up with Family Guy later in the flight

After reading PalmJets Aussie Transcon report, I was hoping I would be treated to some similar scenery on my flight. I wasn’t disappointed.

 photo OZ3068.jpg

 photo OZ3069.jpg

 photo OZ3071.jpg

It went well with a good soundtrack.

 photo OZ3070.jpg

With just over ninety minutes until landing, the cabin lights came back on and the crew distributed chicken in pastry wraps.

 photo OZ3076.jpg

As this was going on, the shadows outside were getting ever longer.

 photo OZ3080.jpg

 photo OZ3082.jpg

 photo OZ3083.jpg

Descent started but due to the darkness there wasn’t much to be seen. The captain updated us on our progress, and said that due to some low cloud we would have to hold for thirty minutes… What?! Even Heathrow doesn’t shut down for low cloud?

 photo OZ3099.jpg

After around 45 minutes of holding, we were finally ushered on to finals.

 photo OZ3100.jpg

 photo OZ3101.jpg

It was a typical winters LHR approach. Nothing to be seen but a light show outside, pretty much until touchdown.

 photo OZ3102.jpg

We arrived on to stand and there was the usual stampede towards the exit.

 photo OZ3103.jpg

I bid farewell to my seatmate and made my way through the absolute tip of a cabin. I felt sorry for the cleaners. It wasn’t just this row either; pretty much the whole plane was in this state. And why take everything out of the seat pocket too?

 photo OZ3104.jpg

The business cabin was slightly better. I had wondered after how much it would have cost to fly this sector in J. As it turned out, this was the only sector on this trip over about 2 hours in length that I didn’t fly in business.

 photo OZ3105.jpg

I made my way into the terminal and down to immigration.

 photo OZ3106.jpg

 photo OZ3107.jpg

The hordes of Indians on the flight meant immigration was a nightmare. None of them had filled out their immigration cards and they barely spoke any English. One even tried to ask one of the crew members from the flight to fill it out for them, but she said it wasn’t allowed and went on her way. Then it was my turn. Due to a slight issue with my visa, I had to be sent off to see somebody else. He said the issue with my visa was sorted after only a minute or so but there was an issue with my passport. After going over it with a very fine tooth comb and a couple of machines, he disappeared off with it, leaving me sat in limbo for a good ten minutes, with a couple of other guys from the flight. Thankfully, everything was sorted – he said he didn’t quite get the right angle on the machine, and it was only when somebody else did it, was it finally accepted. He gave me a stamp, apologised for the hold up and wished me a good trip.

 photo OZ3108.jpg

Unsurprisingly, my bag was one of the last on the carousel. It was then through customs – once more, the hordes of Indians were holding the process up, each one with a huge trolley of cases boxes bags etc. with one of the customs officers saying quite sternly to one of them that he didn’t speak Hindi. I was one of the few that was sent through the all clear lane, and it was off to find a bus to the city.

 photo OZ3109.jpg

 photo OZ3110.jpg

I arrived at the station at around 10pm, and made my way into the first place I could see to grab something to eat

 photo OZ3111.jpg

Like most things in Oz, it was strangely familiar but still different.

Once I had finished, I made my way across the road to my hotel, the Best Western Atlantis.

 photo OZ3095.jpg

I woke up the following morning, and upon looking out of the window I was less than impressed with the weather.

 photo OZ3112.jpg

Despite this, I ventured out to see the city.

 photo OZ3113.jpg

 photo OZ3114.jpg

 photo OZ3115.jpg

 photo OZ3116.jpg

 photo OZ3117.jpg

Probably the most interesting part for me in Melbourne, was Albert Park where they were packing up from the Australian Grand Prix that had taken place a few weeks earlier. Better still the weather had picked up just a bit.

 photo OZ3118.jpg

 photo OZ3119.jpg

 photo OZ3120.jpg

 photo OZ3121.jpg

 photo OZ3122.jpg

 photo OZ3123.jpg

 photo OZ3124.jpg

Apart from the GP track, it was also quite a nice walk around the lake.

 photo OZ3125.jpg

 photo OZ3126.jpg

Waiting at a pretty abandoned station for the tram

 photo OZ3127.jpg

Seeing what was around in St. Kilda. I must admit, it reminded me of a run down beach town in the UK, but the miserable weather probably played a big part in that.

 photo OZ3128.jpg

 photo OZ3129.jpg

Bournemouth or Melbourne?

I eventually got fed up with sitting on a cold wet and windy beach and made my way back to the hotel for a brief nap. Later on, I took a look at the city centre of Melbourne.

 photo OZ3130.jpg

Followed by a walk along the South Bank. As there was a football match on in town, there was a pretty good atmosphere around.

 photo OZ3131.jpg

 photo OZ3132.jpg

Arts Centre

 photo OZ3133.jpg

 photo OZ3134.jpg

What did I think of Malaysia Airlines on this occasion then? Well, much like my last encounter with them, I thought they were OK, although I’m still struggling to see how they got their 5 star status. Don’t get me wrong, they’re far from an awful airline, and I’d fly them again but they just don’t seem to have that little bit extra that makes them a great airline. They got the job done though and the pair of newer jets were comfortable enough – and for a very reasonable price too.

I’ll leave this part here. Look out for my next report, which will feature a pair of Australian domestic flights up to Brisbane with Virgin Australia.

Malaysia Airlines | Airbus A380 | KUL-LHR | Economy

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 photo map-2.gif

Maps generated by theGreat Circle Mapper -copyright © Karl L. Swartz.

The time had come to make the journey home from my second Asia visit of 2013 and my third adventure outside of Europe of 2013, following on from the previous three parts of this trip:

Asia 1: A Journey Of Epic Proportions LHR-KUL-HKG
Asia 2: Catching a Cathay Pacific 747 to Tokyo in First Class
Asia 3: JAL 767 to Kuala Lumpur NRT-KUL

After leaving the hotel, it was over to KL Sentral to catch the KLIA express train – taking just 25 minutes or so.

 photo ASIA401.jpg

 photo ASIA402.jpg

 photo ASIA403.jpg

Check in Area at KL Sentral.

 photo ASIA404.jpg

On the train to KUL.

As the train arrives in the basement of the airport it was up just a few flights of stairs to the MH premium check in. The premium check in area was packed – I was amazed at how busy it was.

 photo ASIA405.jpg

Luckily I spotted a check in area that was reserved for frequent flyers with just a couple of people in it and headed over there instead.

 photo ASIA406.jpg

I asked the check in agent if the flight was busy – she said it was completely full. Seems as though MH is putting their A380’s to good use – all three flights I have taken on this trip have been full. As I’d explored KUL enough now, I headed straight through security and over to the satellite where my flight would be departing from.

 photo ASIA407.jpg

Rather than use the MH golden lounge that was featured in part 1 of this series, I decided to check out the CX lounge instead.

 photo ASIA408.jpg

There was a bit of confusion as to weather I should be let in or not, however upon checking with another agent, my FFP details were taken down and I was granted entry. The lounge wasn’t the biggest and there were quite a few people here – so not too many pics.

 photo ASIA409.jpg

 photo ASIA411.jpg

Hmmm, no thanks.

 photo ASIA415.jpg

 photo ASIA410.jpg

 photo ASIA412.jpg

The views were pretty good. Not that there was much going on outside.

 photo ASIA413.jpg

 photo ASIA414.jpg

After around thirty minutes I headed down to the gate, only to stand in a queue for another thirty minutes or so.

 photo ASIA416.jpg

 photo ASIA417.jpg

Once inside the holding pen, I made my way over to the window to find 9M-MNE waiting – the same aircraft that brought me to Malaysia just over a week ago.

 photo ASIA418.jpg

 photo ASIA419.jpg

Glad I caught this one.

Boarding was called for people with children etc. and frequent flyers – I made my way forward and was told no, much like in LHR. I pointed out that he just called for sapphire members to board, and was then told to go ahead – seems as though MH still aren’t used to being in an alliance.

 photo MHlogo.jpg

September 2013
Airbus A380 / 9M-MNE
Seat: 44K / Economy
Scheduled: 10:05/16:15
Off Stand: 10:20
On Stand: 16:46

 photo ASIA457.jpg

I was the first on board, shortly followed by the guy in the aisle of my row.

 photo ASIA420.jpg

 photo ASIA464.jpg


I said that I hoped the middle seat remained free, however he said there was no chance as this flight was always rammed. And as promised, my second seat mate showed up a while later – taking up both armrests, sitting with his legs in the ten to two position and falling asleep pretty much straight away. Why do I always end up next to sleepers?!

 photo ASIA421.jpg

 photo ASIA422.jpg

Inner engine detail

 photo ASIA423.jpg

And of course, the legroom.

The captain welcomed everybody on board and announced a flying time of 12 hours 55 minutes.

 photo ASIA424.jpg

Safety video

We pushed back a little late and made a slow taxi out to the active.

 photo ASIA425.jpg

I counted six aircraft ahead of us – three MH 737’s and three Air Asia jets. We also managed to push in in front of a couple – I guess KUL does get busy from time to time.

 photo ASIA426.jpg

 photo ASIA427.jpg

We made a pretty long roll before making a slow climb out – due to the fact the landing gear staying extended for a good while after departure (I could tell as I didn’t hear the familiar Airbus ping for a good two to three minutes after takeoff).

 photo ASIA428.jpg

 photo ASIA429.jpg

 photo ASIA430.jpg

 photo ASIA432.jpg

 photo ASIA433.jpg

One of many rivers in the area


 photo ASIA431.jpg

The guy in the middle seat remained dead to the world throughout – and he was now working his way even further into my space. I tried asking him to move a bit, but no response. So a gentle nudge was in order and he then moved over to irritate the guy in the aisle instead. After departure he wanted him to shift over a bit, but again, no response. Urgh.

The drinks service started not long after departure.

 photo ASIA434.jpg

 photo ASIA435.jpg

 photo ASIA436.jpg

Guess the Malaysian cleaners aren’t much cop.

Lunch was served around forty five minutes after departure. The choices were chicken or beef. I went with the chicken and to be honest, it wasn’t that great – the meat was a bit on the tough side.

 photo ASIA437.jpg

 photo ASIA438.jpg

The crew followed up with magnum ice creams, which in true airline style were rock hard, despite leaving it a good few minutes to thaw. I was also joined by an elbow in the side from my neighbor. I tried to ask him quite firmly to move, but he didn’t stir. So I had no option but to give him a bit shove out of the way. Yet he still didn’t wake up. What was he on?! He then turned over and quite literally rested his head on the guy in the aisle seats shoulder – lets just say it didn’t go down awfully well. Yet he still continued to snore his head off.

 photo ASIA439.jpg

 photo ASIA440.jpg

The deep A380 windows make for awkward photography.

Following lunch, I put a movie on – The Internship was my first choice, along wish a treat that I had saved from the meal service.

 photo ASIA441.jpg

 photo ASIA443.jpg

During which the inflight sales were started. I picked up a souvenir…

 photo ASIA442.jpg

Once Mr sleepy had finally woken up – and removed his elbow from my rib cage – I took the opportunity to go for a walk.

 photo ASIA445.jpg

I noticed that my window blind was the only one in the cabin that wasn’t lowered. But as nobody had actually been told by the crew to lower them, I didn’t really care.

 photo ASIA444.jpg

I then put Iron Man 3 on, and true to form, I ended up asleep. When I did wake up, it turns out it was just at the right moment, as we were passing the infinite brown of Afghanistan.

 photo ASIA446.jpg

 photo ASIA447.jpg

Shortly after, an announcement was made over the PA – ‘ladies and gentlemen is there a doctor on board?’ Being seated next to the forward galley, there seemed quite a bit of activity around, before one of the passengers went forward into first class. A few minutes later the passenger came forward an re took their seat, and the crew resumed their service, dishing out the SkySnax boxes, so it would seem it wasn’t anything overly serious.

 photo ASIA450.jpg

 photo ASIA449.jpg

Once more Mr Sleepy decided to get a little familiar – in fact there was only about 20 minutes during the whole flight he wasn’t snoring his head off.

 photo ASIA451.jpg

Yes, that was his foot underneath MY seat.

 photo ASIA452.jpg

Standard IFE remote these days.

Around 2.5 hours prior to arrival, the second meal was dished up. There was a choice of fish and potatoes to chicken and noodles. I went for the chicken. Along with it there was a chicken and apple salad – odd, and a very moist chocolate cake.

 photo ASIA453.jpg

 photo ASIA454.jpg

The advantage of asking for something a little unusual is you get the whole can.

 photo ASIA455.jpg

Edging closer to home.

 photo ASIA456.jpg

Passing a German city – Cant remember which one though.

 photo ASIA458.jpg

 photo ASIA459.jpg

Finally, after an uncomfortable 12+ Hours, the engines spooled back, just as we passed Amsterdam.

 photo ASIA460.jpg

The captain said we were cruising at 38,000ft and that we were due to land at 16:35. Then it was the usual thank you’s.

 photo ASIA461.jpg

 photo ASIA462.jpg

During descent, the crew came around and sprayed the cabin with aerosol – the only flight I’ve been on where they have done this previously was on one to BGI – but I’d never experienced it on arrival into the UK before.

 photo ASIA463.jpg

First sights of mainland UK.

As expected there was a bit of a hold before heading off to the West – so that meant we would be arriving on the 09’s.

 photo ASIA465.jpg

 photo ASIA466.jpg

During descent, the tail camera fired into life again.

 photo ASIA467.jpg

A pretty long spin around to the left confirmed that we would be landing to the East.

 photo ASIA471.jpg

 photo ASIA468.jpg

 photo ASIA469.jpg

 photo ASIA470.jpg

As we progressed down the glide slope, it became apparent that we would be making a rare arrival on to 09R.

 photo ASIA472.jpg

 photo ASIA473.jpg

Overflying the Long Walk.

 photo ASIA474.jpg

 photo ASIA475.jpg

 photo ASIA476.jpg

We touched down at 16:40 and exited to the right in the direction of terminal 4, pulling on to the stand a few moments later.

 photo ASIA477.jpg

 photo ASIA478.jpg

As I was sat right at the front it was only a couple of minutes before I could disembark.

 photo ASIA480.jpg

 photo ASIA479.jpg

At rest after a long day at work

I made my way through arrivals and upon arrival at passport control it was actually pretty busy. However most people had passports from outside the EU and even less had E-passports so I was actually though in just a minute or two. On the way, I noticed Mr Sleepy desperately trying to fill out an arrivals form… If only he had been awake when they gave them put onboard…

As usual I could bypass baggage reclaim. The arrivals hall was packed. It wasn’t helped by people stopping in the exit channel to say hello and people behind failing to see the hold up… Resulting in me being rammed by trolleys a couple of times. Once out of the madness, I made my way down to the Heathrow express for the transfer over to Heathrow which took just a couple of minutes.

 photo ASIA481.jpg

 photo ASIA482.jpg

 photo ASIA483.jpg

Is there ever anybody on this train?!

Once there it was upstairs to the bus station, via the tube station to pick up an Oyster card.

 photo ASIA484.jpg

Luckily there was a coach due to depart just five minutes later so hardly any waiting time – in fact from landing, through T4, over to the central bus station and on to the coach was only 45 minutes so pretty good I though.

 photo ASIA485.jpg

I arrived back into town around 45 minutes later.

 photo ASIA486.jpg

 photo ASIA487.jpg

And that brings an end to this series.

What did I think? Well I was left a little underwhelmed by Malaysia Airlines. After seeing all the 5 Star airline badges proudly displayed on their website I was expecting a lot, but was left a little disappointed. I didn’t find their A380 any more comfortable than any other airliner really. Having said that, I have booked another couple of flights with them down to Australia so they didn’t dent me too much.

Cathay Pacific First Class was great. From the lounges, to the onboard experience to the crew. Their 747-400, despite being in the final months of its career with CX was spotless and didn’t look anywhere near its 20+ years old. I’m glad I have another flight with them in First Class booked for April.

Japan Airlines was a big surprise to me. To be honest I wasn’t expecting much from them but the staff, service and hardware were faultless. The only minor complaint was the lack of selection with the IFE, but that was a really minor point.

Malaysia Airlines | Airbus A380 | LHR-KUL-HKG | Economy

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 photo map-4.gif

Maps generated by theGreat Circle Mapper -copyright © Karl L. Swartz.

This is the first part of a new series that will tell the tale of my trip to Asia back in September 2013. There will be four parts, covering the following route:

Part 1 – LHR-KUL-HKG on a pair of Malaysia Airlines A380’s
Part 2 – HKG-HND on a Cathay Pacific 747-400 in First Class
Part 3 – NRT-KUL with Japan Airlines on a relatively new 767-300
Part 4 – KUL-LHR with Malaysia Airlines, again on one of their A380’s

So how did this trip come about? Well, it’s funny how plans change. The initial plan for September 2013 was to head over to the West coast of the USA with Virgin Atlantic and do a bit of domestic flying with VX. However prices seemed pretty high – £700+ just for a LHR-LAX/SFO-LHR routing, without any domestic flights thrown in. So I studied other options. The plan then came to head East instead. I pretty much settled on CX to Hong Kong, following on to Tokyo a few days later as they were two cities that I had been wanting to visit for many years. Since I was still at school in fact. The prices with CX were actually pretty good in comparison to the VS flights to the USA.

Then, on the 1st February 2013, Malaysia Airlines became a full member of One World. Being my alliance of choice, this opened up another opportunity. I looked into flying to KUL instead on Malaysian’s A380 and then heading up to Hong Kong from there. The prices seemed pretty comparable to the Cathay Pacific option but of course worked out better value for me as there were a couple of extra flights thrown in. As I finish work at 1PM on Fridays, this also meant I could take advantage of Malaysia Airlines 10PM departure from LHR and squeeze in an extra night away.

 photo Calendar.png

 photo Flightselect.png

Also of note was that the return sector of this trip from KUL-LHR would be my longest flight. Although not the most time I’d spent on an aircraft. That record goes to the Air Europe 757 that I spent 14 hours on flying LGW-BGR-ACA way back in 1989. The booking process was probably one of the most frustrating I’d experienced. I selected the flights I was after online – MH from LHR-KUL, CX from KUL-HKG, JL from NRT-KUL and MH again from KUL-LHR however the system continually threw up an error.

 photo error.png

So I decided to contact their helpdesk. The guy on the phone said the problem was due to having two codeshares in my itinerary. As much as I fancied logging another A330 and CX, I elected to keep the JL sector as I was planning to book a flight with CX on the HKG-HND sector later. He priced up the new option and gave a price of around £375. Did I hear that right – £375?! Book it! He put me on hold, and a few moments later I was cut off. Great. So I called back, pressed 1, then 5 followed by 2 and then 3 another four times before being told my call is very important and I’ll be speaking to somebody ASAP around seven times. Finally, once I was speaking to somebody again, I was told that this was a mistake fare and it was actually the more expected £600 or so. Before being cut off again. So back to the Internet it was, where things went a bit better (and £25 cheaper) this time.

 photo Bookingconf.png

Ideally I would have preferred to take either the 777 or 737 flights to Hong Kong for comparisons sake, but they caused the price to go up quite considerably – almost double in fact – so I stuck with the A380 option. As it later turned out, this was actually a stroke of luck.

I tried to book my seats online but the prices were pretty steep (£12 per sector for standard seats or £35 for ‘Premium’ seats) so didn’t bother straight away. Annoyingly, there wasn’t an option to book seats later through manage my booking. Either pay up when you book or go without!

 photo Seatselect.png

Although I later phoned up, and after telling the guy I was a One World Sapphire member (and informing him that MH were now members of One World), he booked the Premium seats for me free of charge – saving me £105 in the process. Outrageous prices to book seats! They still didn’t show up in the manage my booking section of the website though.

Forty-eight hours before departure, I checked in online. Not overly pleased with my prebooked seat of 44K, I decided to see if there were any seats available on the upper deck.

 photo mholci1.png

 photo mholci.png

There weren’t, so instead I moved a bit further back on the main deck to a row of three that were empty and hoped that it would stay that way.

 photo mhupper.png

 photo mhseating.png

 photo mhprintboarding.png

There was the following note on my boarding pass. It seems that in the six months since booking, MH has finally figured out that they’re in One World.

 photo mhbpassnote.png

Earlier in the day, I checked up to see what aircraft was operating the inbound flight from KUL:

 photo Screenshot_2013-09-20-08-58-23.png

9M-MNE it was then.

After six hours at work that seemed more like sixteen, 1pm finally came around and I clocked out for the next week.

 photo HKG001.jpg

I made the fifteen minute drive home, had a bit of lunch and walked into town to get my haircut. Then for the next couple of hours, I looked to the newly released GTA V for entertainment. I set off to the now familiar station at 17:15 in order to catch the 17:35 coach.

 photo HKG002.jpg

Perfect weather to fly.

As I was walking, I noticed a coach disappearing around the corner at 17:20 – which I though was odd timing. I stood at the busy coach stop, and at 17:45 I figured the coach was late due to bad traffic. By 18:00 I figured it wasn’t going to turn up – but the next one should be along in a minute, and by 18:15 I was getting more than a little fed up. Finally at 18:20, one did turn up – once it had fought its way through the traffic.

 photo HKG003.jpg

To add insult to injury, the driver then stood around smoking for the next couple of minutes. Once he did get on board, as he was checking peoples tickets, I asked what coach this was – he said it was the 18:05 – so what happened to the 17:35? Who knows? It was then out into the busy Friday evening traffic, arriving at Heathrow central around an hour later. I made my way down into the tunnels to catch the free Heathrow express over to terminal 4.

 photo HKG004.jpg

 photo HKG005.jpg

I arrived at the busy terminal around fifteen minutes later.

 photo HKG006.jpg

Malaysia airlines check in is at the opposite end of the terminal to the Heathrow express station, so I fought my way through the crowds to zone B, which is the premium check in – economy is in zone A.

 photo HKG007.jpg

I was checked in by quite a young girl – maybe 18 years old at the most, and when I handed over my BA card the reaction was ‘wow!’ Shortly followed by ‘BA have the best looking cards’. I asked of the flight was full, to which she shrugged and replied they’re always full. I was handed my two souvenir boarding passes and made my way to security.

 photo HKG008.jpg

I wasn’t too sure if I should use the fast track or not, as there wasn’t the familiar One World logo with the blue and green oval’s underneath, but as fast track security is listed as one of the perks on the website, I thought I’d chance it. I was met halfway along and asked if I was in business or first, I replied no, but I have frequent flyer status. They allowed me through. I made my way to the train station style gates, scanned my boarding pass and was let through. Upon reaching the passport check (something I’ve not experienced at security at LHR before) the officer asks ‘first, business or none of the above’. I chose the third option, but flashed my card to which he replied ‘it’ll be the slow line for you then’. Oh well, I tried. It was a familiar process at the security check – busy, but not heaving, full of people who were unfamiliar with the rules and just generally slow. It seemed as though the fast track wasn’t overly fast either so I didn’t miss out too much. Once I was through, I had planned to head down to grab a few pics of the departures from 27L, but due to my late arrival it was now dark – so abandoned that idea. I headed to WHSmiths to grab some water and some IFE instead.

 photo HKG009.jpg

 photo HKG010.jpg

I then made my way to the MH lounge. I did wonder if I would be let in after the previous few communications with MH staff seemed to show they were a little unaware they were part of One World. Luckily, I was welcomed in with open arms.

 photo HKG011.jpg

 photo HKG012.jpg

The lounge itself wasn’t huge, but with only one flight at midday and another in the evening it was pointless having a massive lounge – in fact I’m surprised they even had their own rather than use a third party one.

 photo HKG014.jpg

The food selection wasn’t too bad, but not to my taste so I settled with a couple of sandwiches and a very good dessert.

 photo HKG013.jpg

 photo HKG015.jpg

 photo HKG016.jpg

I then made my to the bar in the middle of the lounge and grabbed a drink. I noticed a separate area for first passengers just off the bar – with just one person in it.

 photo HKG017.jpg

 photo HKG018.jpg

The views outside were pretty good. That’s if it wasn’t dark of course.

 photo HKG020.jpg

As it was pretty busy, I was forced to sit at once of the dinner tables, rather than in the more comfortable looking lounge area. I grabbed a coffee to try and stay awake for a while longer after being up at 5:30am for work…

 photo HKG021.jpg

I noticed my ride for tonight over in the distance looking a little abandoned.

 photo HKG019.jpg

At 20:45, around fifteen minutes before boarding was due to start, the A380 pushed back and made its way over to gate 5.

 photo HKG022.jpg

I asked if boarding would be announced in the lounge, which the staff member said it was. I was slightly amused by seeing a girl who looked to be in her twenties casually wandering around in her PJ’s – do you not realise you’re in public?

At 21:15, I made my way downstairs only to find what I thought was boarding in full swing and there was a massive queue. I did look for a priority lane, but there wasn’t any. So much for announcing boarding in the lounge. Or maybe they announce it after the masses have made their way on-board?

 photo HKG023.jpg

 photo HKG024.jpg

After a few moments in the queue, the announcement came that rows 70+ could now board, along with First, Business and One World status passengers. I made my way forward and when the guy saw I was sat in row 67, said that my row would be called shortly. I pointed to where it said sapphire on my boarding pass, said that they just announced that One World passengers could board and he said that ‘well, 67 is pretty close to 70, so I’ll let you go just this once’. Well thanks, but don’t announce pre boarding if you can’t stick to it.

 photo HKG025.jpg

 photo MHlogo.jpg

September 2013
A380-841 / 9M-MNE
Seat: 67K / Economy
Scheduled: 22:00/17:35
Off Stand: 22:05
On Stand: 17:27

I was welcomed on board, and sent in the direction of my seat.

 photo HKG026.jpg

 photo HKG027.jpg

 photo HKG028.jpg

A few moments later, my two seat mates turned up, a young Australian couple – there goes my plan to spread myself out. Although in fairness, as far as seat mates went they were pretty good. They didn’t insist on sleeping from boarding to disembarking, they were more than happy to let me get up and most importantly, they didn’t give me strange looks for taking pictures of everything in sight!

 photo HKG029.jpg

 photo HKG030.jpg

The cabin crew made the usual announcements, as did the flight crew but nobody mentioned a flight time – I later found out from the sky map that our flight would take a couple of minutes under twelve hours. I noticed there wasn’t an option to manually select the tail camera like on Emirates. It just flickered into action when the rest of the IFE was switched off – highly amazing my two seatmates.

 photo HKG031.jpg

Once boarding was complete, the safety video was played.

 photo HKG032.jpg

We pushed back a few minutes behind schedule and made the taxi out to 27L. I noticed that we crossed the runway, before heading past T3, so I’m guessing the more traditional route from T4 isn’t A380 compatible.

 photo HKG033.jpg

 photo HKG034.jpg

 photo HKG035.jpg

There were quite a few ahead of us to depart, which was surprising considering the time of night, including an EI A320 and a couple of BA A32X’s. Is there ever a time when LHR isn’t busy?! At 22:25, it was our turn to pull on to the runway and make a pretty slow amble into the air, making an almost immediate turn to the left before heading into the cloud and everything blacking out.

 photo HKG036.jpg

The IFE was then switched on, however I decided against any movies for the moment, as going by my track record I’d probably be asleep before the end. I browsed the in flight mags for the moment.

 photo HKG037.jpg


 photo HKG038.jpg

One company, many liveries.

I then decided to watch Friends on the IFE – one of the only things on the TV section of the Ife that really took my fancy. The MH Select system isn’t too bad, but it’s not ICE by a long shot. During this time, there was a drinks service and peanuts were dished out.

 photo HKG039.jpg

 photo HKG040.jpg

 photo HKG041.jpg

 photo HKG042.jpg

A long night ahead

Around an hour so after departure, the meal service began. It was a choice of chicken and rice or fish and potatoes. I chose the chicken, as did the guy sat in the aisle, only to be told that they weren’t sure if there was any left – well why offer it then?! There was an option to view the menu on the IFE, but it just took you through to the books section instead.

 photo HKG043.jpg

Around ten minutes later the crew member returned, only to say it would have to be the fish and apologised. As it turned out, it wasn’t too bad. Although the plastic cutlery didn’t exactly scream ‘5 Star airline’ at me.

 photo HKG046.jpg

 photo HKG045.jpg

 photo HKG044.jpg

Once the trays had been cleared, a snack box was handed to me by my neighbour and the lights were dimmed before being switched off completely.

 photo HKG047.jpg

 photo HKG048.jpg

I followed up with a documentary about the history of American cereal – a bit of an odd choice for airline IFE, but still pretty interesting – although it succeed in sending me to sleep before I caught the end, although I woke up just as the end credits were rolling. So I then sat watching the sky map and listening to the latest album by the Welsh trio, Manic Street Preachers that had turned up earlier in the day.

 photo HKG050.jpg

I then switched to my best albums of 2013 playlist and fell asleep, although once more my slumber didn’t last long however, as I was woken by the ding of the seatbelt sign shortly afterwards.

I was well and truly awake by this point, so turned to the iPad for some entertainment. I happened to lift the window blind and saw our giant wing illuminated by the moon – the picture doesn’t do the sight justice at all. It was actually a lot darker than it looks, yet the wing was lit up nicely.

 photo HKG049.jpg

The crew made a pass of the cabin, offering juices and water to those who were still awake. I then drifted off again for the next hour or so, waking as we passed Northern India by the IFE being reset and the default A380 splash screen being displayed and the brightness of it waking me.

 photo HKG051.jpg

By the time I had come around properly, the lights were switched on, and the crew appeared to be coming to life again.

Shortly afterwards, the second meal service began. I was expecting breakfast, and therefore a pretty pale looking sausage with some bland egg based product, but it was actually a second dinner service. There was a choice of meatballs and mash, or… Well to be honest I didn’t even bother listening to the second option, they had me at meatballs! Very good they were too, although the mash was a little on the dry side.

 photo HKG053.jpg

 photo HKG054.jpg

No idea what this was supposed to be… it didn’t taste of anything but sponge.

 photo HKG055.jpg

First daytime view of the wing

After the dinner trays were cleared, I made my way to the rear washrooms to freshen up. The washrooms themselves were being freshened up too by an enthusiastic crew member giving them a wipe down and a freshening spray after every passenger. A pretty impatient Chinese guy casually bypassed the queue and walked straight into the next free washroom – causing the guy behind to mutter ‘typical Chinese’. I replied that I couldn’t comment, as I’d never been to China. Although I would sort of be going to China soon enough.

 photo HKG056.jpg

No crew rest?

 photo HKG057.jpg

I returned to my seat, and put on Just Married – something nice and easy.

 photo HKG052.jpg

One complaint about the MH IFE system was that there wasn’t really that much choice in the TV selection – mostly American sitcoms. The captain came over the PA around fifty minutes prior to arrival and said we would be landing to the South… Unless ATC directed us to the North instead. Well, yeah, that much is obvious. He also expected a ten minute taxi to our stand after landing. At this point, I switched the film off and started paying attention to the flights proceedings again.

 photo HKG058.jpg

Descent started and the Malaysian countryside slowly came into view.

 photo HKG059.jpg

 photo HKG060.jpg

 photo HKG061.jpg

The captain came over the PA during descent, saying that there was a great view of Kuala Lumpur on the left side – however I was sat on the right. I could see KUL in the distance though, along with the Sepang Grand Prix circuit just below it in the picture. The V shaped structure is the worlds longest grandstand (at the time of opening), at 0.8 of a mile!

 photo HKG062.jpg

We swung around 180 degrees to the right and on to finals.

 photo HKG063.jpg

 photo HKG064.jpg

We gently touched down into Kuala Lumpur at 17:20, making the seemingly characteristic A380 long rollout.

 photo HKG065.jpg

We exited to the right and made the taxi over to the international satellite, pulling on to stand C17 seven minutes after touchdown.

 photo HKG066.jpg

A little iced up.

 photo HKG067.jpg

It was a bit of a wait to be released, before making a slow walk to the shuttle to the main terminal. Interesting how arriving and departing passengers mix here – not that common.

 photo HKG068.jpg

 photo HKG069.jpg

 photo HKG071.jpg

Passing the models before heading downstairs to arrivals.

I arrived at an almost deserted passport control and was let into the country after a couple of minutes. As I made my way through baggage claim, I noticed tonight’s hotel, the Sama Sama, had a stand where I could check in, so took advantage of this.

 photo HKG070.jpg

It was then a case of following signs to the Sama Sama hotel. There was a free shuttle, but to be honest I fancied the ten minute walk. I made my way straight up to the spacious and comfortable room.

 photo HKG072.jpg

 photo HKG080.jpg

 photo HKG073.jpg

 photo HKG075.jpg

 photo HKG076.jpg

 photo HKG074.jpg

Could have been a worse view I guess

I’d seen on twitter that VS had cancelled both of their flights to HKG the following day due to an incoming typhoon ( ). CX had also cancelled a few. I was hoping my flight in the morning would still be running. After around 30 minutes or so, I ventured back to the airport to grab a bit to eat. I also went to check out the observation deck, although as I was only planning on eating, I didn’t bring my camera – so phone pics would have to do.

 photo HKG079.jpg

 photo HKG078.jpg

Following this, I jumped on the golf buggy back to the hotel for the evening, relying on the complimentary on demand movies for entertainment. Wow, that was a long day – 32.5 hours or so by my calculation. Although it didn’t seem like I had been to work earlier in the day. Or yesterday… whenever it was!!

My alarm went off at 6am the following morning. I got ready and headed out to the airport via the shuttle.

 photo HKG083.jpg

Due to the note on my boarding pass, I visited the MH check in area to see if I needed any passes for the lounge and/or the fast track at security. I checked to see if there were any issues regarding the typhoon in Hong Kong, but the agent didn’t seem to have any idea what I was on about.

 photo HKG084.jpg

I had planned on having another look at the observation deck, but it was still dark so I made my way down to security, and it was pretty laid back – much like how it was in the old days in fact. No laptop out, no liquids out – just bag on the X-ray and through the metal detector. I beeped, was given what can only be described as a half arsed stroke and was allowed on my way. Easy!

 photo HKG085.jpg

I jumped on the shuttle to the satellite and made my way up to the Malaysia Golden lounge.

 photo HKG086.jpg

 photo HKG087.jpg

I was welcomed in and signalled to go to the left, the right hand side being for first class passengers. The lounge was pretty big and open although a bit of an odd layout.

 photo HKG088.jpg

There was a bar on the left before you had properly entered, then as I made my way through the entrance doors there was a pantry type room on the right, serving up sandwiches, croissants, pastries, cereals and ice cream.

 photo HKG089.jpg

 photo HKG096.jpg

Behind that was a bar serving up coffees – good idea, but the person serving them up was a little on the slow side. I grabbed a cappuccino, yet again dished up with a plastic spoon. Seriously MH, you cant even give metal cutlery to premium passengers on the ground?!

 photo HKG090.jpg

 photo HKG091.jpg

 photo HKG092.jpg

It was only after I spotted another food stand in the middle of the lounge, on one side serving Malaysian dishes and the other western food. So I grabbed another plate, along with some juice. Not the best breakfast I’d ever had, but it filled a hole.

 photo HKG093.jpg

 photo HKG097.jpg

Once I had finished eating, I went to the lounging area next to the window.

 photo HKG094.jpg

 photo HKG095.jpg

One of the flights I had wanted to go on.

 photo HKG100.jpg

At around 8AM, fifteen minutes after boarding was scheduled, I was feeling a little bored so decided to go and take a look around The terminal. Pretty much at the bottom of the stairs was the KLIA Jungle Boardwalk. So I headed out, and the unmistakable Asia heat hit me for the first time on this trip.

 photo HKG098.jpg

 photo HKG099.jpg

I then took a walk around, looking at what was going on outside.

 photo HKG101.jpg

 photo HKG102.jpg

Three MH liveries in one shot.

I then made my way down to gate C17 where my flight was boarding – and there was a pretty long queue due to another security check taking place. Once I reached the front of the queue, I was signalled to go upstairs as my seat was on the upper deck. I found 9M-MNA waiting, the first A380 delivered to Malaysia Airlines, entering service just over a year previously in July 2012.

 photo HKG103.jpg

 photo HKG104.jpg

 photo HKG105.jpg

I sat by the window at the far end, watching the goings on.

 photo HKG106.jpg

Last nights jet still resting

 photo HKG107.jpg

First time I’d seen an Air Nepal in the flesh.

 photo MHlogo.jpg

September 2013
A380-841 / 9M-MNA
Seat: 40K / Economy
Scheduled: 09:15/13:05
Off Stand: 09:22
On Stand: 12:58

Boarding was called at 08:40, and surprisingly there wasn’t a mad rush towards the door. So I took the lead and was welcomed along the entire cabin.

 photo HKG108.jpg

Once I reached my seat, there was a ‘crew only’ band around it, along with the adjacent one. The crew member immediately removed them, and I asked if I would have a seat mate – he said it was a completely full flight, so it was likely. Malaysian seem to be putting their A380’s to good use! We then chatted about my travel plans for this trip, and I also told him about the other places I’d visited this year.

 photo HKG109.jpg

Spacious sidebin on the upper deck of the A380

 photo HKG110.jpg

Not sure what’s so premium about these seats?

 photo HKG111.jpg

 photo HKG116.jpg

 photo HKG112.jpg

HKG landing card.

Eventually my seat mate did turn up, an elder Chinese lady, and promptly fell asleep not waking again until we reached the gate in Hong Kong. Hmmm. The crew came over the PA and announced a flying time of 3 hours 25 minutes. The safety demo was played, we pushed back and took off at 09:35. I could see from the forward facing cameras that we went pretty much right down to the end of the runway before rotating.

 photo HKG113.jpg

 photo HKG081.jpg

 photo HKG114.jpg

 photo HKG115.jpg

The crew started their service shortly after starting with drinks and peanuts

 photo HKG123.jpg

Today’s meal choices were spicy prawns with rice or chicken and noodles. I went for the chicken, and it must have been one of the best meals I’ve had on a plane. It was followed up shortly after with some ice cream.

 photo HKG120.jpg

 photo HKG121.jpg

I then decided to watch a film – although my IFE system froze and then crashed, requiring a reset. I pressed the call bell and the crew member was more than happy to help. It was reset twice in the end, and I finally got to watch the Hangover 3

 photo HKG117.jpg

 photo HKG118.jpg

 photo HKG119.jpg

During the flight, the seatbelt sign came on quite a few times. Upon checking the skymap, it became obvious we were dodging some nasty weather.

 photo HKG124.jpg

I listened to an album on the IFE (one of the few that I’ve wanted to listen to but don’t actually own) and by the time it had finished, there was only around forty minutes of the flight remaining – so descent was near. As descent started an arrivals video was played, basically stating all the do’s and don’ts of Hong Kong.

 photo HKG125.jpg

 photo HKG122.jpg

During descent there wasn’t a huge amount to see due to cloud cover and the fact we were over the sea.

 photo HKG126.jpg

 photo HKG127.jpg

 photo HKG128.jpg

We made a reasonably forceful touchdown at just before 1pm, and were on stand almost immediately as we exited the runway, just as it started to rain.

 photo HKG129.jpg

 photo HKG082.jpg

 photo HKG130.jpg

Passing through business class.

It was then through to a busy arrivals hall and immigration, passing another A380 along the way.

 photo HKG131.jpg

 photo HKG133.jpg

 photo HKG132.jpg

I was stamped – or should I say ticketed – into Hong Kong around twenty minutes later.

 photo HKG134.jpg

I then took a walk over to T2 to see the observation deck, but due to the typhoon warning, it was shut. As it turned out, HKG itself would soon close due to the incoming typhoon. So glad I did choose the first of the KUL-HKG rotations that day, as I’m led to believe only the following CX flight made it in the end.

 photo HKG139.jpg

Great architecture

 photo HKG135.jpg

 photo HKG137.jpg

 photo HKG138.jpg

 photo HKG140.jpg

 photo HKG136.jpg

So instead I took a look around the museum and then headed back downstairs to catch a train to the city.

 photo HKG141.jpg

 photo HKG142.jpg

 photo HKG143.jpg

Upon arrival at Kowloon station, it was down into the basement and on to the free bus to my hotel, the Butterfly on Prat.

 photo HKG144.jpg

 photo HKG145.jpg

 photo HKG146.jpg

I’d waited years to visit Hong Kong, so a typhoon wasn’t going to stop me from seeing it. I made my way down to the Avenue of the Stars, walked along the front and into a shopping centre to take refuge from the weather.

 photo HKG147.jpg

 photo HKG148.jpg

 photo HKG149.jpg

 photo HKG150.jpg

 photo HKG151.jpg

 photo HKG152.jpg

 photo HKG153.jpg

The wind was getting up now.

As the wind was getting up, and the rain was showing no signs of holding back, I made my way back to the hotel. Although there was a balcony to take refuge under just long enough to see the skyline.

 photo HKG154.jpg

Upon returning to my hotel, I switched on the TV and noticed that the Typhoon warning number had increased from 3 earlier in the day to 8. I also saw that HKG was now closed, as was the port of Hong Kong.
The following morning, I took a walk to west main toys to see their collection of models. Along the way, there were a few signs of the previous nights carnage.

 photo HKG155.jpg

 photo HKG156.jpg

Upon arrival at the shopping centre however, the shop was shut!

 photo HKG158.jpg

So instead I took a long look through their window, before heading back downstairs to grab a bite to eat.

Walking along the avenue of the stars to the ferry across Victoria harbour.

 photo HKG159.jpg

 photo HKG160.jpg

I paid the $2.50 for a token (about 20p) and made my way on board the ferry for the ten-minute journey.

 photo HKG161.jpg

 photo HKG162.jpg

Mass exit of ships after last night’s closure.

I made my way across to the IBC and had a play with the newly released (at the time) iPhone’s in the Apple store. They’re ok, but I don’t think I’ll be rushing out to buy one anytime soon – they’re just not different enough from the iPhone 3G, 4 and 4S I’ve had previously. I then took a walk around the rest of the shops before heading out again.

 photo HKG163.jpg

I caught the number 15 bus up to the peak, for a pretty reasonable $9.80 – although it actually cost me $10 due to not having the correct change. Either way, it was still less than a pound for the half hour or so journey up the hill. The bus never made it to its destination however due to a pretty smashed up taxi and ice cream lorry blocking the road – so the final half mile or so was made on foot.

 photo HKG164.jpg

Annoyingly, there wasn’t much of a view to be had due to the low cloud cover. I still wasted a couple of hours up there though.

 photo HKG165.jpg

 photo HKG166.jpg

 photo HKG167.jpg

Great food at Bubba Gump’s. I’d previously been to one in Chicago earlier in the year and enjoyed it, so figured I’d give the HK edition a shot too.

 photo HKG168.jpg

 photo HKG169.jpg

 photo HKG170.jpg

Taking a walk around the mountain.

 photo HKG171.jpg

 photo 20130923_163438.jpg

The advertised view…

 photo HKG172.jpg

…The actual view.

 photo HKG173.jpg

Making my way back down the mountainon the tram – which was much quicker, but much more touristy and pricey. I much preferred the bus, as it gave a good ride around the mountain roads (plus it was far less crowded) but I had no idea if the road was still blocked or not.

 photo HKG174.jpg

Checking out the city of Hong Kong and the great looking buildings.

 photo HKG175.jpg

 photo HKG176.jpg

 photo HKG177.jpg

Great looking buildings here.

Back in Kowloon.

 photo HKG178.jpg

 photo HKG179.jpg

 photo HKG180.jpg

 photo HKG182.jpg

 photo HKG183.jpg

 photo HKG184.jpg

 photo HKG181.jpg

Hong Kong skyline once more

 photo HKG185.jpg

My final evening in Hong Kong, and where i’ll leave this part, was spent watching the Symphony of Lights show. A very impressive show where the lights of the city light up in time, with music being played out over the PA. A must when visiting HK. There’s a pretty interesting video about it here:

 photo HKG186.jpg

Stay tuned for part 2, which will see me head for Tokyo on board Cathay Pacific in their great First Class cabin.