jwmtr.pngHi, I’m James, and thanks for taking a look at this blog.

I guess at this point, most people would tell you when they had a defining moment when they realised they wanted to make aviation a passion. Well I’m afraid I can’t do that. For me I didn’t have that eureka moment – it has simply always been there. I guess it all comes down to the fact that I was fortunate enough to be taken on many holiday from before I could even walk – so aircraft have always been associated with good things.

I was firmly a “once a twice a year” flyer up until a few years ago. Then in early 2012 I figured it was getting a little boring visiting the shops every weekend and buying things to keep me entertained for the weekend. And then repeating the ritual the next weekend. So I booked myself a weekend away in Frankfurt, on a pretty standard British Airways return. Enjoying the weekend, I soon booked another trip, this time to Brussels on Lufthansa connecting in Frankfurt and the rest as they say…

These days my trips are more frequent, and often more elaborate. The more obscure the routing the better for me. Previous”strange” routings include Barcelona to London via Berlin and Istanbul, and Zurich to Frankfurt via Athens.

I often get asked on YouTube how I can afford all my flights. There is no real answer to that other than by working for a living (in the electrical industry for those who are interested). All my trips are self funded. I am not sponsored and I do not travel for work.

My interest in trip reporting started once again in early 2012. As many of you may know, I started out on airliners.net, firstly reading and gaining inspiration from the thousands of reports on there before becoming one of the many contributors. At the same time, I posted the same reports on this blog, before concentrating solely on this blog.

Unlike the old days, it’s unlikely I’ll return to the full blown trip report’s where I detail every step of the journey. These days I will make more concise written flight reports. My popular YouTube channel and videos will remain unchanged however. A sign of the times really – initially the videos were an accessory to the written reports. Now the written reports will be an accessory to the video.

As a side note, I am not a journalist, a web designer or a professional writer – this website is purely my hobby – so there may be the odd spelling mistake around, or areas where things aren’t described all that well.

So thats me. If you want to chat, look me up on twitter at @mytripreport