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British Airways | Airbus A319 | MAN-LHR | UK Domestic

Airline: Scandinavian
Aircraft: Boeing 737-600
Route: Stockholm Arlanda – Gothenburg
Flight number: SK157
Seat number: 4A
Cabin: Business
Flight date: April 2016

Check In / Security

Check in was made in the basement area of Terminal 4 at Arlanda. it was more or less deserted, therefore I was able to dump my bag within seconds.

 photo IMG_6993.jpg

It was then up one level to the fast track security, where once again I was the only person there – so once more, through in a few seconds.


The lounge was up one level again, and was your standard SAS Domestic lounge – self entry with a basic range of snacks and coffee.

 photo IMG_6998.jpg

 photo IMG_7001.jpg

 photo IMG_7002.jpg

Boarding / Onboard

Boarding began a little behind the advertised time. When it did, there didn’t appear to be any priority call made – just the “all aboard”. I couldn’t be totally sure though as the announcement wasn’t made in English.

 photo IMG_7006.jpg

 photo IMG_7010.jpg

Once on board I took my seat of 4A, and luckily they middle seat stayed free. This is where SAS’s premium shorthaul product is a little different to other European airlines – they don’t block the middle seat.

 photo IMG_7024.jpg


Once again, where Scandinavian’s European premium product differs from most is the service. Rather than a full blown on board meal, its a case of the buy on board being complimentary. I ordered a wrap, a chocolate bar and some water.

 photo IMG_7025.jpg


Arrival was made more or less on schedule. There was a short wait whilst the bags came out, but when they did mine was one of the first – so priority baggage working well.


I’m glad I got to finally try SAS Plus. I’d always ben curious as to how the concept worked and I must admit, I think its a good enough idea. However I’d be hard pushed to call it a business class as such. More of an economy plus product. Would I fly in this cabin again? Well if the price was right – admittedly, my Star Alliance Gold status gets me a lot of the perks that are on offer anyway, such as priority check in, fast track security, lounge access, and priority baggage – so for me personally its all about the on board service. However if you don’t hold any Star Alliance status, then it may be of more value.

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Swiss/SAS | Airbus A319/A320 | LGW-GVA-CPH-LHR | Economy/Business

 photo map.gif

Maps generated by theGreat Circle Mapper -copyright © Karl L. Swartz.

Back in September 2014, I was informed that Swiss were having a pretty good sale. The best bargain to be had was on their flights between Geneva and Copenhagen – with ticket prices at around £25 for their business class cabin. Fellow a.netter Gabriel asked if I wanted to join him on a date in December – I did, however as I had long run out of leave from work by then, I had to decline his offer. I still looked at other dates though, as I’d heard great things about their airlines Business Class. I eventually settled on a date in mid January on the GVA-CPH sector.

 photo LXJGVACPH.png

This left a slight issue – I don’t live in either Geneva or Copenhagen! No matter. I decided to fly out to Geneva the previous day and I studied various options. The previously mentioned Swiss sale meant that LX were once again the cheapest on the LON-GVA route – with a decently timed flight on their seasonal Gatwick operation.

 photo LXLGWGVAoptions.png

Although it still cost more for Y than for the following days J class ticket…

 photo LXLGWGVAitin.png

The final piece of the puzzle was to find my way back from Copenhagen. SAS came in with the best flight times and prices, so they were the winner. Also, a (very) slight bonus would be that this flight would be operated by the A320 – so far I’d only been on SK 737’s. It would also be my first time using T2 at LHR.

 photo SKCPHLHR.png

So the final map looked like this:

 photo map-2.gif

So a trio of Star Alliance flights for the weekend. A bit of a culture shock as I’m firmly planted in the OneWorld ecosystem. Still, it made a change from the seemingly endless BA flights I took in the final months of 2014.

On to the journey then:

I took a pretty empty train to Gatwick, arriving at around 8AM.

 photo IMG_1230.jpg

 photo IMG_1231.jpg

 photo IMG_1233.jpg

Close enough I guess…

I headed over to the Swiss check in area to grab a souvenir boarding pass, before heading through security.

 photo IMG_1234.jpg

 photo IMG_1236.jpg

Security was an experience. Once I’d reached the front of the queue, the machine had a bit of a technical glitch, therefore everybody had to give up and head over to another queue. The staff said we would be given priority but it seemed like this priority was only granted once the people at the front of said queue had passed through – the whole experience taking around thirty minutes.

 photo IMG_1237.jpg

 photo IMG_1238.jpg

 photo IMG_1240.jpg

Once I was through, I had a choice of two lounges to access via my Airport Angel card – the Aspire lounge and the No.1 Lounge. I opted for the Aspire lounge as I’d not been in that one before. I was given a half hearted welcome and once I was in, it was small, busy and there were virtually no views to be had.

 photo IMG_1244.jpg

 photo IMG_1247.jpg

 photo _MG_8347.jpg

At least they had bacon rolls

 photo IMG_1245.jpg

 photo IMG_1246.jpg

After around thirty minutes, I surrendered to the No.1 lounge…

 photo IMG_1249.jpg

Except I was told that they didn’t accept airport angel. Funny, they did on my last visit. Plan C then was to grab a drink from the Bridge Bar.

 photo IMG_1253.jpg

That didn’t work out either as it had transformed into a Nandos since my last visit, so I sat and used Gatwick’s pretty slow wifi to check in for my flight from GVA-CPH the following day.

 photo IMG_1251.jpg

Once I had done this it was more or less time to head down to gate 24.

 photo IMG_1255.jpg

Once there, I was finally able to get some view of the action outside. And as the air was more or less deserted, no issues with photography either.

 photo _MG_8349.jpg

 photo _MG_8348.jpg

 photo _MG_8350.jpg

 photo _MG_8351.jpg

G-VROM back in action after its mishap a few week previously.

 photo _MG_8355.jpg

Boarding started around fifteen minutes later.

 photo LXnew.jpg

January 2015
Airbus A320 / HB-IJU
Seat: 14A/ Economy
Scheduled: 10:10/12:45
Off Stand: 10:03
On Stand: 12:31

I made my way on board and got comfortable.

 photo IMG_1263.jpg

 photo IMG_1264.jpg

 photo _MG_8357.jpg

 photo IMG_1266.jpg

A few moments later, the boarding complete announcement was given and I’d managed to score the entire row to myself.

 photo IMG_1269.jpg

We pushed back around ten minutes ahead of schedule and made the short journey over to the runway.

 photo IMG_1273.jpg

 photo _MG_8358.jpg

Once we were there, it became apparent that ATC were sending the heavies off in one go, so we waited for ten minutes. During which time I had a great view of Golden Girl passing by.

 photo _MG_8359.jpg

Once the bigger guys had left, we ambled forwards on to the runway and lifted off into some initially clear skies, that soon turned grey.

 photo IMG_1274.jpg

 photo IMG_1276.jpg

 photo _MG_8361.jpg

As we passed through the bad stuff, the seatbelt sign was turned off and the crew started their service, a choice of a cheese sandwich or nothing. Still, it was better than the birdseed that BA dish up. I also asked for some “tea” and a water to wash it down with.

 photo _MG_8366.jpg

I’m not too sure what was going on with the tea but the cheese sandwich was very tasty.

 photo _MG_8367.jpg

 photo IMG_1283.jpg

Meanwhile, I took the time to update the report and listen to a bit of Royal Blood.

 photo _MG_8365.jpg

For the rest of the flight, I took advantage of their being nobody behind and reclined whilst watching the various Swiss scenes on the overhead screens.

 photo IMG_1280.jpg

 photo _MG_8370.jpg

Descent started around thirty minutes prior to arrival.

 photo _MG_8372.jpg

The famous Swiss chocolates were handed out a few moments later

 photo IMG_1287.jpg

There wasn’t much to be seen until on very short finals.

 photo _MG_8375.jpg

 photo _MG_8376.jpg

 photo IMG_1292.jpg

Once we did land, it was a short journey over to our remote stand.

 photo IMG_1294.jpg

Once we did arrive, everybody was up instantly despite the seatbelt sign still being on due to one of the engines still running.

 photo IMG_1298.jpg

Once the remaining engine was shut down, the whole aircraft was plunged into darkness.

 photo IMG_1299.jpg

The lights soon came on again though, and it was down the steps and on to a bus to the terminal.

 photo IMG_1300.jpg

 photo IMG_1303.jpg

Passport control was a little busy, but it still only took around ten minutes or so. Once I was in, I grabbed a free train ticket from the machine in baggage claim and headed off to find a train to the city.

 photo IMG_1306.jpg

 photo IMG_1307.jpg

As I still had a couple of hours or so until I could check in to my hotel, I took a look around the city.

 photo _MG_8383.jpg

 photo _MG_8388.jpg

 photo _MG_8392.jpg

 photo _MG_8394.jpg

 photo _MG_8398.jpg

Like most cities, the old town was of most interest.

 photo _MG_8407.jpg

 photo _MG_8408.jpg

 photo _MG_8409.jpg

 photo _MG_8412.jpg

 photo _MG_8413.jpg

 photo _MG_8414.jpg

 photo _MG_8421.jpg

 photo IMG_1315.jpg

I then made my way to the Design Hotel F6 where I had reserved a room for the evening.

 photo _MG_8422.jpg

During which time I checked in for the following days SK flight.

 photo IMG_1376.png

Some more shots of the city after dark.

 photo _MG_8432.jpg

 photo _MG_8433.jpg

 photo _MG_8435.jpg

Early the next morning, my alarm was sounding at 06:00. I got ready and headed out to the station to make the six minute journey to the airport.

 photo IMG_1325.jpg

 photo IMG_1326.jpg

 photo IMG_1329.jpg

Once there, I grabbed a souvenir boarding pass from the LX business desk. There was a family ahead of me with a whole load of suitcases, yet the two agents on the first dest continued to sit there chatting amongst themselves rather than call me forward.

 photo IMG_1331.jpg

 photo IMG_1333.jpg

A few moments later, I met up with fellow trip reporter Signol, who by coincidence happened to be on the same flight as me.

 photo IMG_1335.jpg

We passed through security and made our way up to the lounge for breakfast.

 photo _MG_8436.jpg

 photo _MG_8437.jpg

After around thirty minutes, we headed off to the first class lounge, courtesy of Signol’s Star Gold card – thanks for that! The first lounge was more or less the same as the business lounge, although smaller and busier. They had a few more food offerings but not too much.

 photo IMG_1341.jpg

After this, we made our way down to the gate. A plane pulled on to stand and it became apparent there would be a bit of a delay – although as far as we could hear there wasn’t any announcement made.

 photo IMG_1343.jpg

 photo IMG_1344.jpg

Boarding commenced at around 09:00, but we were then held on the jet bridge for a good ten minutes.

 photo LXlogo.jpg

January 2015
Airbus A319 / HB-IPU
Seat: 2A / Business
Scheduled: 09:00/11:00
Off Stand: 09:22
On Stand: 11:26

Once we finally did make it on board, it turned out that there were just three of us in business – so almost an private cabin!

 photo _MG_8438.jpg

I was handed a bottle of water and a wet wipe and asked if I wanted a newspaper. Flight time was announced as an hour and forty minutes.

 photo _MG_8439.jpg

We pushed back twenty minutes or so behind schedule.

 photo _MG_8440.jpg

 photo _MG_8441.jpg

It was then a pretty quick taxi over to the active, where we joined a pretty long queue for takeoff.

 photo _MG_8442.jpg

We finally did make it into the misty air forty minutes or so late.

 photo IMG_1362.jpg

 photo IMG_1363.jpg

After takeoff we were treated to some very good views of the surrounding area.

 photo _MG_8443.jpg

 photo _MG_8444.jpg

 photo _MG_8446.jpg

 photo _MG_8447.jpg

 photo _MG_8449.jpg

 photo _MG_8451.jpg

Shortly after departure the meal service began. At around the same time the captain made an announcement – I couldn’t really understand much of what was being said, but he did apologise for the delay.

 photo _MG_8453.jpg

There wasn’t any choice in meal selection – other than the bread.

 photo _MG_8454.jpg

I initially didn’t want to risk the tea again, but I then noticed Signol received a mug with its own bag and two chocolates. I figured if I could make my own maybe it wouldn’t be quite so bad? I ordered some and it came from the usual airline style tin tea pot – so the lukewarm milky mess I had on my previous flight. And I didn’t get any chocolates…

 photo _MG_8455.jpg

 photo _MG_8456.jpg

 photo _MG_8457.jpg

The rest of the flight was spent in seat 2D talking to Signol who was seated in 2F. During which the purser did the rounds with the chocolate basket.

 photo IMG_1373.jpg

Descent started around thirty minutes before landing, so I made my way back to my own seat.

 photo _MG_8458.jpg

There wasn’t too much to be seen on approach due to the cloud cover.

 photo IMG_1380.jpg

We touched down and made our way over to the A gates, disembarking a few moments later.

 photo IMG_1384.jpg

 photo _MG_8459.jpg

 photo _MG_8461.jpg

 photo _MG_8462.jpg

After a brief stop at the Transfer centre to get some boarding passes, we had a brief look at what was around.

 photo IMG_1393.jpg

 photo _MG_8463.jpg

Before heading up to the SAS lounge, where Robin once again guested me in – thanks once again.

 photo IMG_1396.jpg

 photo IMG_1400.jpg

Decent enough food options – including meatballs, salad, bread and cheese.

 photo IMG_1401.jpg

 photo IMG_1405.jpg

We grabbed a pair of seats in a quiet corner and spent the next couple of hours chatting.

 photo _MG_8465.jpg

At around 14:00, I made my way through passport control and along to gate D102 where a pretty lonely looking A320 was waiting.

 photo _MG_8466.jpg

 photo IMG_1409.jpg

 photo IMG_1410.jpg

 photo IMG_1413.jpg

As it turns out, this particular one is no stranger to LHR, having started its life with British Midland back in 2001 as G-MIDV. In somewhat of a coincidence, a few moments later, former sister ship G-MIDT (now wearing a BA uniform) pulled on to the adjacent stand.

 photo SASlogo.jpg

January 2015
Airbus A320 / SE-RJF
Seat: 19F / SAS Go
Scheduled: 14:50/16:00
Off Stand: 14:48
On Stand: 15:40

Boarding began, and was completed pretty quickly. Initially there was somebody sat in the aisle, although they quickly moved, meaning I had the row to myself again.

 photo IMG_1416.jpg

 photo IMG_1417.jpg

 photo IMG_1420.jpg

The flying time was expected to be an hour and a half.

 photo _MG_8468.jpg

We pushed back a couple of minutes early and headed over to the runway, departing pretty quickly.

 photo IMG_1423.jpg

 photo IMG_1428.jpg

We were into some clouds soon after.

 photo IMG_1431.jpg

And just a few moments after that, we emerged from them again.

 photo IMG_1435.jpg

 photo _MG_8469.jpg

Soon after, I watched a couple of episodes of Family Guy on my iPad.

 photo _MG_8473.jpg

During which time the Drinks service was performed, with seconds offered a few moments later.

 photo _MG_8474.jpg

 photo IMG_1438.jpg

I stuck with the iPad until a few moments before descent started.

 photo _MG_8476.jpg

 photo _MG_8478.jpg

 photo _MG_8479.jpg

We took the scenic route past London, which was lit up brilliantly in the low winter sunlight before touching down on to 27L.

 photo IMG_1443.jpg

 photo _MG_8481.jpg

 photo IMG_1444.jpg

 photo _MG_8482.jpg

 photo IMG_1448.jpg

 photo IMG_1452.jpg

After we landed, the captain appeared a little lost… (I’m sure he wasn’t though). Instead of taking a right in the direction of T2, we turned right and headed off in the direction of T5. Once we reached T5C, we did a U turn and headed off in the right direction.

 photo IMG_1453.jpg

 photo _MG_8483.jpg

 photo IMG_1455.jpg

We pulled in next to an A3 A321, and as it turned out we were parked on probably the nearest stand to border control.

 photo IMG_1460.jpg

 photo IMG_1462.jpg

 photo IMG_1463.jpg

 photo IMG_1466.jpg

From leaving the plane to seeing the sculpture out the front took around five minutes at the most due to there being no queue at all at the E passport machines. It was then through the tunnel to the bus station.

 photo IMG_1468.jpg

 photo IMG_1470.jpg

And with that, my first trip of 2015 was at an end.

Swiss continue to impress, and I’m glad I had the chance to try their business class cabin – the only slight complaint was that they could have offered a little more for breakfast – but maybe I’m being a little picky.

Same goes for SAS – if you can find a decent fare, then they’re a very good airline with friendly crew and a decent lounge, at least at CPH.

EasyJet/LAN/SAS | A319/B788/B736/B738 |LGW-MAD-FRA-ARN-LHR

 photo map-2.gif

Maps generated by theGreat Circle Mapper -copyright © Karl L. Swartz.

The LAN flights between MAD-FRA have been quite a popular with a.netters over the years. Although admittedly, I hadn’t really put much consideration into taking one. Then one day, Gabriel posted on Facebook that he would be taking one in November 2013 and asked if anybody wished to join him. His report can be seen here:

Now LAN has pushed their 787’s on to the route, it sparked my interest somewhat, and being able to take a flight with a fellow a.netter sweetened the deal. I replied as a ‘maybe’ as I wanted to see how much money I had left after my trip to Asia. As it turned out, I spent far less than anticipated, so the day after my return I booked my flight via the LAN website:

 photo LANbooking.png

 photo LANbookingconf.png

With the MAD-FRA sector sorted, it was now time to book a flight down to Madrid. Not wanting to risk missing the flight due to delays/cancellations etc. I looked at flying out on the Friday evening after work. As the BA rotations either left too early or too late I looked elsewhere. Air Europa came in at around £80 or EasyJet came in at £55, including a pre booked seat. Having been dead against flying EasyJet for many years, their new policies regarding their seating arrangements made me come around to the idea of flying them. The fact they were £30 cheaper than Air Europa and there wasn’t much difference in service sealed the deal.

 photo EZYBooking.png

 photo EZYBooking1.png

 photo ezyseats.png

I could then use the money saved to take a more interesting route home. The cheapest option to get from FRA to London was with Lufthansa, however after flying that route just a few weeks previously on my way home from Zurich, this option really didn’t appeal. I studied other options and the best one was SAS via Stockholm on a rare 737-600.

 photo SASFRA-ARNbooking.png

Pretty much from booking, despite everything online saying the LAN flight would be a 787, everything seemed to show a 767 seat map.

 photo LANseats.png

Finally at OLCI, the 787 seat map was showing up but unfortunately all but one window seat was taken. Being at the back, I figured it was probably the famous windowless row. Either way, I took my chances.

 photo Euro213.jpg

 photo Euro214.jpg

EasyJet check in was made online a massive 30 days in advance:

 photo ezyolci.png

Despite the odd issue:

 photo ezyfail.png

Everything worked out at the second attempt:

 photo EXYcheked.png

 photo EZYBP.png

 photo Euro212.jpg

I later moved forward to seat 7A

On the day of departure, I rushed home from work, got changed and was out the door within ten minutes, catching a pretty packed train to Clapham Junction at 13:45.

 photo Euro002.jpg

I made my connection at Clapham, and was then on to an even busier train for the hop down to Gatwick, arriving at just before 3pm. I made a pass of the EZY check in, but as I suspected there wasn’t any way to grab a souvenir boarding pass.

 photo Euro004.jpg

I did notice that VS have replaced their ticket sales counter with a pretty unimpressive Upper Class check in area though.

 photo Euro003.jpg

Following this I made my way up to security, where I was invited to use the fast track – which pleased me for all of twenty seconds until I made my way in and realized there was a pretty big queue. Hmmm. Around fifteen minutes later I was through – probably the longest it’s taken me to clear security at LGW in a good few years.

 photo Euro005.jpg

I was amazed at how much this place has changed since February when I was last here. Luckily, due to not having any lounge access for this flight, my favourite spot at LGW, The Bridge Bar was still in tact.

 photo Euro006.jpg

I grabbed a drink and took a seat over by the window, however there wasn’t a huge amount around.

 photo Euro013.jpg

 photo Euro007.jpg

 photo Euro008.jpg

 photo Euro012.jpg

 photo Euro014.jpg

 photo Euro015.jpg

I stayed here for around an hour or so – despite there not being much going on outside, it was still ore interesting than being in the shopping mall of a terminal. At around ten to four, I left the bar and went for a walk. I noticed that the airport had installed iPad type devices around the balcony.

 photo Euro009.jpg

 photo Euro010.jpg

I headed downstairs and had a quick look through the new shopping area, before my gate was called a couple of minutes early – which was a first for Gatwick!

 photo Euro011.jpg

 photo Euro016.jpg

So I made my way down to gate 19, where it wasn’t actually open but there was a queue. A few moments later all the speedy boarders were called forward. There were quite a few of them, which ended up leaving me at the front of the normal queue. Unusually, there wasn’t any waiting around in the holding pen – instead it was straight down on to the jetway – and instead waited around for fifteen minuets there instead – great planning there. Is this an EZY thing or the Spanish (of which there seemed to be many on this flight) being too eager to board?

 photo Euro017.jpg

 photo Euro018.jpg

Whilst on the jetway, one of the ground crew decided to move it slightly to align it with the aircraft a little better – hope there weren’t any Health and Safety execs around… Once I was finally on board, I was given a very warm welcome on board by an elder purser. I took my assigned seat, and watched the seemingly endless masses make their way onboard – this evenings flight seemed pretty full to me.

 photo EZYlogo.jpg

November 2013
A319-100 / G-EZFS
Seat: 7A / Economy
Scheduled: 17:00 / 20:25
Off Stand: 17:04
On Stand: 20:17

 photo Euro022.jpg

Decent enough legroom

 photo Euro019.jpg

 photo Euro020.jpg

 photo Euro021.jpg

Wonder how long this has been here?

Boarding was completed around fifteen to twenty minutes later, however there wasn’t a chance to leave early, so we just sat and waited.

 photo Euro023.jpg

 photo Euro024.jpg

During this time, the captain came over the PA and announced a flying time of an hour and fifty minutes and that it would be a little bumpy over the Bay of Biscay. We pushed off stand and made our way down to 08R a few moment behind schedule, following the Aer Lingus retro jet, and being followed by a trio of company Airbuses.

 photo Euro027.jpg

We made our way into the air at 17:25 and made a 180 degree turn to the left to fly back past LGW.

 photo Euro028.jpg

 photo Euro029.jpg

 photo Euro030.jpg

 photo Euro032.jpg

It was then darkness for the duration of the flight. Shortly after departure, the crew started their service – I’ll take a cappuccino and a brownie thanks! Delivered with a friendly smile, and an ‘ooohh, good choice’.

 photo Euro035.jpg

After I’d eaten I updated the TR and listened to some music.

 photo Euro031.jpg

I did want to get a decent cabin shot, but I was still a little scarred from my Flybe experience, so I stuck to the subtle shots instead.

 photo Euro033.jpg

I stuck with the iPod until descent started at 19:40 local. It was a little on the bumpy side, but nothing too serious. We seemed to descent to a pretty low altitude fairly quickly, before flying around for a good fifteen minutes. Almost like we were driving around a packed car park trying to find the one remaining space.

 photo Euro038.jpg

 photo Euro039.jpg

 photo Euro040.jpg

 photo Euro041.jpg

 photo Euro042.jpg

We touched down and made a pretty long taxi over to terminal 1.

 photo Euro043.jpg

 photo Euro044.jpg

Ex AeroMexico by the look of it.

We arrived on to stand, and as usual, everybody was up immediately – not that anybody was going anywhere. Around ten minutes later the captain was on the PA saying that the ground crew couldn’t find any chocks, therefore the jet bridge couldn’t be attached. A further five minutes later he was on again, and said that ‘the last set of chocks in Madrid had now been found, therefore we should all be away shortly.’ Over ten minutes later, the engines were finally shut down. As I exited, I asked the crew at the front what the full reg of the aircraft was as I hadn’t been able to see it at LGW, and they were more than happy to inform me. EasyJet had made a pretty good impression on me.

 photo Euro045.jpg

 photo Euro046.jpg

I made my way down to passport control, and asked for a stamp in my passport – this was met with a cheerful ‘of course sir’. Strange how some countries see it as such a problem, yet others seem to do it without question.

 photo Euro047.jpg

I then made the very long walk – around twenty minutes or so – down to the metro.

 photo Euro048.jpg

 photo Euro049.jpg

 photo Euro050.jpg

Once I arrived, it took a while to buy a ticket due to a group of American tourists refusing to use the machine in English as they had to practice their Spanish… Fair enough, but do you really have to practice it when there’s people waiting and you have absolutely no idea, so have to translate every word on your iPhone?! I eventually made it on to a train to Alfonso XIII where my hotel was located, arriving around twenty minutes later.

 photo Euro051.jpg

 photo Euro054.jpg

I dumped my bag and made my way back out again on to the Metro to meet Gabriel at his hotel in the Centre of Madrid.

 photo Euro052.jpg

We had a great dinner, shared a few of our stories and followed up with a drink in a bar before I had to make my way back due to the metro closing at 1:30AM.

 photo Euro053.jpg

The following morning, I headed out for a walk around the area where my hotel was, taking in a few of the local parks before inadvertently ending up in the same area I stayed on my previous visit, around where Real Madrid’s stadium was.

 photo Euro055.jpg

 photo Euro056.jpg

 photo Euro057.jpg

 photo Euro058.jpg

 photo Euro059.jpg

Around 11ish, I decided to head back to the airport on the metro.

 photo Euro060.jpg

 photo Euro061.jpg

 photo Euro062.jpg

 photo Euro063.jpg

The new IB branding has sprung up pretty quickly.

 photo Euro064.jpg

 photo Euro065.jpg

Nice terminal, shame about the main inhabitants.

I met Gabriel at the LAN check in. I asked if there were any window seats further forwards available (so I could sit nearer to my friend – or at least that was the story) and he said no, before disappearing off to chat to the agent next to him in Spanish. I had wondered if he was going to upgrade me so we could sit together, but it wasn’t to be.

 photo Euro066.jpg

We then unsuccessfully attempted to use the fast track security, so we made our way through the regular channel instead. Odd how this is basically a One World terminal, yet neither a Business Class passenger or a One World status holder are entitled. We then immediately made our way into the Iberia lounge.

 photo Euro067.jpg

 photo Euro068.jpg

 photo Euro069.jpg

 photo Euro070.jpg

 photo Euro071.jpg

 photo Euro072.jpg

 photo Euro073.jpg

After a few minutes we made our way to the third party airport lounge, accessed via Gabriel’s Priority Pass. Let’s just say, this was a short visit… we didn’t want to disturb the hordes of sleeping passengers!

 photo Euro074.jpg

 photo Euro075.jpg

It was then down on to the monorail and through passport control for the third lounge visit of the day – another Iberia lounge. Probably the best one of the day as it wasn’t too busy, had a decent food and drink selection and better views of the taxiway. The only niggle was that there was only thirty minutes of free Wi-Fi. Guess Wi-Fi rationing is alive and kicking in Spain?

 photo Euro078.jpg

 photo Euro079.jpg

 photo Euro080.jpg

 photo Euro082.jpg

 photo Euro084.jpg

 photo Euro085.jpg

 photo Euro090.jpg

 photo Euro091.jpg

 photo Euro092.jpg

 photo Euro093.jpg

This is the result of 2 a.netters being let loose in a lounge.

 photo Euro094.jpg

Gabriel spent quite a while here contemplating a future adventure.

Of course, the previously mentioned views made for some good photo opportunities too.

 photo Euro076.jpg

Bloody lamp posts…

 photo Euro077.jpg

 photo Euro081.jpg

After a while, our ride up to FRA made its way past:

 photo Euro083.jpg

 photo Euro086.jpg

 photo Euro087.jpg

 photo Euro088.jpg

 photo Euro089.jpg

We stayed here for the next hour or two, before making our way down to the gate at around 14:30, where pre boarding was under way – so we were able to go straight from the lounge to plane with no stop in-between – except for a picture or two:

 photo Euro095.jpg

 photo Euro096.jpg

 photo LAlogo.jpg

November 2013
Boeing 787-8 / CC-BBB
Seat: 33A / Economy
Scheduled: 15:15 / 18:05
Off Stand: 15:16
On Stand: 17:38

Once onboard, Gabriel turned left and I turned right towards the back. I was glad to see that I had just missed the missing window row, although the layout on this one means that neither row is completely missing a window.

 photo Euro098.jpg

 photo Euro099.jpg

The flow of people boarding stopped and the middle seat remained free, which was good as the legroom wasn’t overly generous I found.

 photo Euro100.jpg

 photo Euro101.jpg

 photo Euro102.jpg

The button.

 photo Euro103.jpg

Mood lighting in boarding mode

The captain gave a brief update, stating that our flight time would be 2 hours 20 minutes.

 photo Euro105.jpg

We pushed back pretty much on schedule and made a slow taxi out to the runway. During taxi, the crew moved everybody in the last few rows forward – I was hoping I wouldn’t be included in this, seeing as there weren’t any more window seats available. Luckily, their quest was cut short by takeoff so I was able to stay put.

 photo Euro104.jpg

Lighting now in taxi mode

 photo Euro106.jpg

It was typically quiet, and untypically (by Spanish standards) wet.

 photo Euro107.jpg

 photo Euro108.jpg

 photo Euro109.jpg

 photo Euro110.jpg

A good few minutes later we broke through the clouds.

 photo Euro112.jpg

 photo Euro111.jpg

Cruise mode

I decided to check out the IFE however nothing really jumped out at me so I stuck with the tried and tested sky map and iPod. This system was completely touchscreen – no controller in sight

 photo Euro113.jpg

 photo Euro114.jpg

 photo Euro115.jpg

 photo Euro116.jpg

 photo Euro117.jpg

 photo Euro126.jpg

Around twenty minutes after departure, the service carts were rolled forward. The meal was a cheese, ham and mustard roll and a kitkat.

 photo Euro119.jpg

 photo Euro120.jpg

 photo Euro118.jpg

Following this, I took a walk to the rear galley, although I might as well have been invisible. Except for one crew member giving me a few shifty looks for daring to have my camera in hand. They then pretty much disappeared for the rest of the flight.

 photo Euro121.jpg

 photo Euro122.jpg

Crew rest seats, complete with leg rest.

 photo Euro123.jpg

LAN branded toiletries in the washroom

 photo Euro124.jpg

Descent started as it was getting dark outside.

 photo Euro125.jpg

 photo Euro127.jpg

The mood lights in the cabin couldn’t seem to make their mind up which colour they wanted to be, but they seemed to settle on dark orange and navy on finals.

 photo Euro128.jpg

 photo Euro129.jpg

We touched down on to the new runway at 17:25 and made the long taxi over to terminal 1.

 photo Euro130.jpg

After we arrived on stand, I made my way forward and met Gabriel.

 photo Euro131.jpg

 photo Euro132.jpg

 photo Euro133.jpg

We made our way through to a busy passport control and then out to arrivals.

 photo Euro134.jpg

I also used one of the LH machines to check in for my flights the following day. Although I wasn’t too pleased with the seats I had been given so later changed them via online check in.

 photo Euro135.jpg

We then met LH4532 (Daniel) and then went to the DB lounge for a couple of hours for a chat.

 photo Euro136.jpg

When Daniels train came, we all left the lounge, Gabriel and myself bid Daniel farewell and then made the short walk to my hotel. Once again the Hilton Garden Inn would be my residence for the night.

 photo Euro138.jpg

 photo Euro139.jpg

As Gabriel still had over an hour until his train, we made our way to the supermarket and brought a couple of beers and chatted about aviation… And the trip that Gabriel had been contemplating booking pretty much all day!

 photo Euro137.jpg

After around an hour, it was time to go our separate ways – Gabriel on the ICE, and me to bed for the night before continuing my journey the following lunchtime. The following morning the weather didn’t look all that great.

 photo Euro140.jpg

 photo Euro141.jpg

I checked out of my hotel and grabbed some breakfast from a stand on the Squaire.

 photo Euro142.jpg

I then made my away across to the terminal, taking a brief look around the shops landslide.

 photo Euro143.jpg

 photo Euro144.jpg

 photo Euro145.jpg

Before heading through security. It was a little slow due to a shift change taking place, but nothing major. I spent the next hour or so wandering the A + pier and seeing what was around – mostly heavies.

 photo Euro152.jpg

 photo Euro148.jpg

 photo Euro150.jpg

 photo Euro146.jpg

 photo Euro147.jpg

 photo Euro149.jpg

 photo Euro151.jpg

 photo Euro153.jpg

 photo Euro154.jpg

 photo Euro155.jpg

At 11:30 I made my way down to the gate. I was pretty confident it would be a bus gate as it was the same area I left from when I flew FRA-BRU.

 photo Euro156.jpg

 photo Euro157.jpg

At 11:40, boarding was called although due to a problem with the electronic gates, nobody was going anywhere. A few minutes later, the problem was rectified and it was down on to a waiting bus, as expected. Before the bus had reached full capacity, it was off on a tour of the apron.

 photo Euro158.jpg

There were a couple of SAS jets parked opposite T2, and for a moment it looked like we were headed for the adjacent A320, until we swung around the back of LN-RPG. Phew!

 photo Euro159.jpg

I think we all know the saying

 photo Euro160.jpg

 photo SASlogo.jpg

November 2013
Boeing 737-600 / LN-RPG
Seat: 18F / SAS Go
Scheduled: 12:15 / 14:20
Off Stand: 12:22
On Stand: 14:20

I made my way onboard and down to the rear section where my seat was. It appeared that boarding was completed with quite a few spare seats around, however another bus turned up and the crew announced a full flight – so I’m glad the 736 wasn’t substituted.

 photo Euro161.jpg

 photo Euro162.jpg

 photo Euro163.jpg

 photo Euro164.jpg

Once boarding was completed, we pushed back and made the long taxi down to the runway. For the first time on my few visits to FRA, departure wasn’t made from the startbahn.

 photo Euro165.jpg

 photo Euro166.jpg

We made it I to the air at 12:35 and much like yesterday, cleared the initial cloud layer pretty quickly.

 photo Euro167.jpg

 photo Euro168.jpg

 photo Euro169.jpg

Once the seatbelt signs were switched off the crew came over the PA announcing a service of complimentary drinks, salads, hot wraps or a sandwich…. But only for those in business class. Everybody else gets free tea or coffee. Nice way to encourage people to fly business there… I grabbed a tea and grabbed my iPod. My choice of entertainment for this sector would be Oasis’ final album from 2008.

 photo Euro170.jpg

 photo Euro171.jpg

Once the cabin had been served, the crew came around offering refills, which was something I didn’t experience on my SAS flights back in June, despite being a similar flight time.

 photo Euro172.jpg

Due to there not being a sky map, I relied on the live, but less detailed version instead.

 photo Euro173.jpg

 photo Euro174.jpg

As the album I was listening to was finishing, I felt the nose dip. So I took my earphones out and started paying attention again. The sun was getting pretty low in the sky, despite it only being around 2pm.

 photo Euro175.jpg

We flew past Arlanda before making a 180 degree turn on to finals.

 photo Euro176.jpg

 photo Euro177.jpg

We touched down at around 14:15, and made a short taxi over to the terminal.

 photo Euro178.jpg

There was the usual wait to disembark, the usual thanks on leaving and then out into terminal 5. What an improvement this place is over T2!

 photo Euro179.jpg

 photo Euro180.jpg

 photo Euro181.jpg

First stop was to find a transfer desk to get a SAS branded boarding pass, but I was stopped in my tracks along the way.

 photo Euro182.jpg

 photo Euro183.jpg

Once lunch was over, with a heavier stomach but a lighter wallet, I carried on my way. The agent swiped my passport, gave me my boarding pass and directed me in the direction of gate F58, saying I would be best to head over there a.s.a.p. as it was quite a walk. I did exactly that, stopping for a few pics along the way.

 photo Euro185.jpg

 photo Euro184.jpg

 photo Euro186.jpg

 photo Euro187.jpg

 photo Euro188.jpg

Still wish I’d taken one of the promo flights on one of these…

 photo Euro189.jpg

I made my way through passport control and into a ghost town it seemed! I was quite literally the only person in this part of the terminal, due to being the only non-Schengen flight at this time, and as it later turned out the flight was barely half full. The only sign of life came from a radio at a distant bar. Other than that, it was complete silence. How relaxing!

 photo Euro190.jpg

 photo Euro191.jpg

 photo Euro192.jpg

I made my way back to the gate area where a few people had come along and a pretty lonely looking 738 was on stand. Boarding wasn’t really announced. More a case of people just coming forward. I hung back a while, as I wasn’t sure if there was any kind of preboarding in progress, before making my way on board.

 photo SASlogo.jpg

November 2013
Boeing 737-800 / LN-RGE
Seat: 29F / SAS Go
Scheduled: 16:10 / 17:50
Off Stand: 16:06
On Stand: 17:55

 photo Euro193.jpg

No sooner as I had taken my seat it seemed, the boarding complete announcement was given – meaning I not only had my row to myself, but also the row in front and behind too. I overheard one of the crew mention that there were 63 passengers onboard.

 photo Euro194.jpg

 photo Euro195.jpg

Better legroom than on the 736

 photo Euro196.jpg

The captain welcomed everybody on board and said we would be leaving early – and it was a good thing we were as there was quite a heavy headwind, giving us a flight time of 2 hours 20. We pushed back a few minutes ahead of schedule and made our way out to the runway, departing at 16:15.

 photo Euro197.jpg

Shortly after departure, the crew once again announced what business passengers would be having for their service, followed by what the rest of us would be having. As soon as the seatbelt sign went off, I took advantage of not having anybody behind and reclined fully, not that the seat went back too far. The captain announced we were climbing to 40,000ft and currently had a headwind of 200kph.

 photo Euro199.jpg

For this sector I went with Curb Your Enthusiasm on iPad for my entertainment, over a tea.

 photo Euro200.jpg

 photo Euro201.jpg

 photo Euro198.jpg

Two of the crew offered refills on the drinks no less than four times before collecting the rubbish. The other three sat in the rear galley chatting. I guess it’s a little pointless getting all carts out when just the one is enough to serve everybody.

 photo Euro202.jpg

After a while I started chatting to the flight attendant in the rear galley. He seemed pretty interested in the future plans of Heathrow. He also seemed to know nothing about the other airports in the London area so I filled him in about those, as well as telling him about my weekend.

 photo Euro203.jpg

As I returned to my seat, the cabin lights were switched off. First time I’d experienced almost complete darkness on a euro hop. Although most people had their reading lights on.

 photo Euro204.jpg

I sat and listened to the rumble of the engines until descent started at around 17:10 local. Almost immediately, there were a few bumps as we made our way into some high level cloud. The captain gave a brief update – saying that unusually, we didn’t have to hold this evening. Due to the cloud and darkness there wasn’t an awful lot to be seen on descent apart from the odd flicker of lights from other aircraft in the area. That was until we descended into the clouds and there was a bit of a light show.

 photo Euro205.jpg

 photo Euro206.jpg

 photo Euro207.jpg

We touched down at around 17:50 and headed off to the other side of T3, docking at gate 11 alongside a company 737.

 photo Euro208.jpg

As I disembarked, I asked for a flight deck visit which was granted. I had a brief chat with the flight crew, who agreed that it was rare not to have to hold, and the first officer mentioned she had transferred over from the MD80 fleet.

 photo Euro209.jpg

It was then through a series of nondescript corridors to UK border control – which took longer than needed due to nearly everybody in the E-passport lane not having an EU passport.

 photo Euro210.jpg

Once through, it was customs. I used the blue lane (as I’d come from the EU) which took me through a corridor, around and then spat me back out at the entrance to the green lane – how pointless. I made my way over to the central station, fighting my way through the London Underground ticket salesman who were generally being a nuisance and on to my now familiar ride home, £10.50 poorer.

 photo Euro211.jpg

In conclusion then, I was pretty impressed with EasyJet. I’d resisted flying any LCC in the last few years. I’d tried out FlyBe a couple of times and was left massively underwhelmed. I figured I’d give U2 a go as they probably couldn’t be much worse and they were much better than expected.

LAN were an interesting bunch. Decent enough service but the crew could have been a little more outgoing.

SAS were decent enough. Sure, they may lack service but the crew were good – basically the complete opposite of LAN. If they were to merge, they would have themselves a pretty decent airline!

Jettime/SAS | B733/CR9 | LHR-CPH-BHX

 photo map.gif

Maps generated by theGreat Circle Mapper -copyright © Karl L. Swartz.

Once my two long haul trips of 2013 were sorted, it was time to look ahead to June. Being low on time off from work, this meant a weekend trip to somewhere in Europe. But where? One Saturday morning I sat down and explored options. It seemed logical to choose a weekend right in the middle of June, so the 15th/16th was set. Next up was where to go. Dusseldorf looked interesting from what I had seen, but the airlines/types just didn’t have the wow factor – except Air Berlin which operated an 07:25 service from STN – too early to get there in time, unless I stayed at the airport the night before, which would add to the cost of the trip. Next up was Munich, although that had the same problem as Dusseldorf – even flying with Air Berlin would mean I was put on that same flight out of STN with a connection in DUS. Oslo? Well maybe, but it was still on the B list.

One of the major points I was looking for was something a little different to flying an A32X out of LHR. Done that far too many times recently so looking for a change! Then I had the idea of flying with SAS on one of their MD81’s. Sure, it meant flying out of LHR again, but I could combine it with a CR9 back to BHX – a new type and airport for me. The only problem with this came from SAS’s website – you cant book an open jaw flight on it, so it was either two one way tickets or look elsewhere. Rather than book two one ways, I turned to Expedia and that gave me the desired itinerary on the one ticket. So out came the Visa card…

 photo CPHprice.png

 photo CPHit.png

Everything was confirmed on the SAS website.

 photo SASbooking.png

As hotel prices (along with everything else in this region) were a little steep in Copenhagen itself, I booked the Radisson Blu across the water in Malmo. It was slightly cheaper, plus it also meant I’d get to tick off another country and have a look around another city.

The final link in the chain was how to get back from Birmingham to where I live in Surrey. This was sorted via Virgin Trains. As they had a special offer on, it meant a first class ticket cost just £31 – where as a standard class ticket was £21. No brainer in my book!

The afternoon before departure, I checked in online.

 photo SASCheckin.png

 photo SASSeats.png

Still the MD81

 photo SASBP.png

Once the day of departure arrived, I set off at just after 10:30 and made the 10 minute walk to the station. As I hadn’t brought my ticket online, I used one of the machines to buy one.

 photo CPH001.jpg

At 11:05 the coach set off for LHR, arriving at 11:35, and just missing PalmJet, who was heading off to the USA via the Caribbean, for the third time, by an hour or so

It was then through the tunnels to terminal 3. Wonder why SAS don’t use T1 like most of the other Star Alliance carriers?

 photo CPH002.jpg

It was then on to grab my souvenir boarding pass.

 photo CPH003.jpg

Although the ssk didn’t seem to like my passport, so I had to queue up. I think SAS could do with a few more check in desks personally – just one agent for economy and one for business, despite there being quite a few flights departing.

 photo CPH004.jpg

A few moments later, I was beckoned over to the business class desk and handed a rather plain looking boarding pass.

 photo CPH005.jpg

It was then upstairs for a late breakfast. Or early lunch. Either way, I enjoyed it. And for those of you familiar with my reports, yes, this meal did put in appearance previously.

 photo CPH007.jpg

 photo CPH006.jpg

Whilst waiting for my food, I decided to do a quick check on flight radar to see if I could track my inbound plane.

 photo IMG_0144.png

Well that’s neither an MD81 or SAS.

Once I’d finished eating, I headed through security. It was pretty busy, as there were a number of VS flights departing, an EK A380 plus many more.

Once through, around fifteen minutes later, I went for a brief look through the busy departure area.

 photo CPH008.jpg

 photo CPH009.jpg

And then down to the window at gate 23. As the view was blocked, I decided to delve a little deeper, and took a walk down to gate 34 – where it was much quiter.

 photo CPH010.jpg

 photo CPH011.jpg

 photo CPH013.jpg

This livery is slowly growing on me

 photo CPH014.jpg

As is this one

 photo CPH015.jpg

Not much happening here. Scene of many VS departures to the US for me.

 photo CPH016.jpg

As boarding was nearing, I headed back to the main departure area to see which gate I’d be leaving from – 9.

 photo CPH017.jpg

 photo CPH018.jpg

Upon arrival at the gate, I tried to see some sort of confirmation of what aircraft I would actually be on. It was pretty difficult as there was barely any view out of the window, but a non T-Tail and Boeing style winglets meant it wasn’t the MD81. A few moments later, one of the flight crew sat at the computer next to me. I pulled up the screenshot from earlier in this post and asked if this was our jet – to which he replied it was. And that Jettime have a very friendly crew!

So it would be OY-JTA, delivered to America West as N172AW way back in 1987 and in service with them until 2002. From there, it went to Falcon Air Express, Sol Air, Aeromar Airlines, Aeropostal, Aero Honduras before a second spell at Falcon Air Express all under the reg of N371FA. It then spent a year in storage before Jettime were handed the keys in 2006.

Shortly after a very loud group of travelling Americans sat beside me – it appeared they wanted the whole gate area to know what an “awesome” time they had in London and their future plans. I was hoping I wouldn’t be sat near them, as I’d had enough after about thirty seconds!

Boarding was called at 13:50 for all status and business passengers…

 photo CPH019.jpg

…in theory.

Shortly after rows 20-25 were called and I made my way down.

 photo CPH020.jpg

 photo JTlogo.jpg
SK 504
15th June 2013
737-33A / OY-JTA
Seat: 25A / SAS Go
Scheduled: 14:05/17:00
Off Stand: 14:28
On Stand: 16:18

 photo CPH021.jpg

 photo CPH022.jpg

One thing that struck me once on board was that the legroom was a little tighter than usual, but nothing too serious on this short hop.

 photo CPH025.jpg

 photo CPH024.jpg

The crew member I spoke to was correct though – the crew was friendly!

As it turned out, I was in the final row. Suited me. Although I wonder where I would have ended up if I had selected row 26 on the MD81 at OLCI?

During boarding, there were many announcements telling people to not block the aisle so as to not hold up the boarding process. Of course nobody paid any attention, and it was a pretty drawn out procedure.

 photo CPH023.jpg

Once boarding was finally completed, the captain welcomed everybody on board and announced a flying time of 1h20.

There seemed to be a mix of American, Canadian, and the more obvious English and Scandinavian passengers on board. The flight seemed reasonably full, however the seat next to me remained open, with somebody in the aisle.

 photo CPH026.jpg

 photo CPH027.jpg

Pushback was made at 14:28, and the cabin lights were dimmed.

 photo CPH028.jpg

We made a very quick taxi over to 27R, however upon arrival we were at the end of a pretty long queue.

 photo CPH029.jpg

 photo CPH030.jpg

 photo CPH031.jpg

 photo CPH032.jpg

 photo CPH033.jpg

 photo CPH034.jpg

 photo CPH035.jpg

 photo CPH036.jpg

After quite a long wait, it was our turn to depart into a very turbulent sky at just before 15:00. In fact due to the runway switchover, we were the last aircraft to depart from 27R that day.

 photo CPH037.jpg

 photo CPH038.jpg

 photo CPH039.jpg

Following this was a bit of a rollercoaster ride through the clouds.

 photo CPH040.jpg

Finally, some fifteen minutes after departure, there was some daylight to be seen.

 photo CPH041.jpg

The seatbelt signs were then extinguished, and the crew announced the onboard service of a complimentary tea or coffee, and everything else had to be paid for – but by credit card only.

 photo CPH042.jpg

The service then began, with one trolley from the front and another from the back, just as we were heading out to sea. When browsing the in flight mag, there was a feature about a day in the life of one of the cabin crew members. When the trolley reached my row, I looked up and the crew member that was featured in the magazine was now serving me tea! Small world.

 photo CPH043.jpg

 photo CPH044.jpg

Tea was about the most to expect here. Not bad by airline standards.

 photo CPH045.jpg

The rest of the time on board was spent watching the world below through a very scratched window.

 photo CPH046.jpg

At 16:50 local, the captain gave an update, saying that we had started our descent, we were expected to be on the ground in 20/25 minutes and that there was quite a bit of turbulence on approach. Seemed to be the main theme of this flight!

On approach there was some quite heavy turbulence. Probably some of the heaviest I’ve experienced actually.

 photo CPH047.jpg

Once out of the cloud layer however things got much smoother.

 photo CPH048.jpg

 photo CPH049.jpg

 photo CPH050.jpg

 photo CPH052.jpg

 photo CPH051.jpg

 photo CPH053.jpg

Upon touchdown there were a couple of claps. Then it was over to the terminal.

 photo CPH054.jpg

We pulled in alongside something a little bigger than us.

 photo CPH056.jpg

There was the usual wait for the doors to be opened, although that didn’t stop the entire cabin getting up anyway.

As the jet bridges in CPH had glass walls, I was able to get my first proper glimpse of today’s jet (time).

 photo CPH057.jpg

 photo CPH059.jpg

It was then through to arrivals. Interesting how they don’t seem to separate arriving and departing passengers here.

 photo CPH060.jpg

 photo CPH061.jpg

 photo CPH062.jpg

There wasn’t any queue at passport control and I was stamped into country number six of 2013.

 photo CPH063.jpg

 photo CPH065.jpg

Once through customs, I was into quite possibly the busiest arrivals hall I’d ever seen!

 photo CPH066.jpg

It was then just a few steps down to catch the train over to Malmo, and country number seven of 2013.

 photo CPH067.jpg

 photo CPH070.jpg

Whilst waiting, a pretty big storm broke out. That meant that views from the train going over the bridge were limited.

 photo CPH058.jpg

Around half an hour later I arrived in a similarly wet Malmo central. I made the walk to the Radisson Blu hotel.

 photo CPH064.jpg

 photo CPH069.jpg

 photo CPH071.jpg

 photo CPH072.jpg

I checked in and made my way up to the very spacious room.

 photo CPH087.jpg

 photo CPH073.jpg

 photo CPH074.jpg

 photo CPH075.jpg

Around an hour later, the weather cleared up nicely so I headed out to see what Malmo was all about.

 photo CPH088.jpg

 photo CPH076.jpg

 photo CPH078.jpg

 photo CPH079.jpg

 photo CPH081.jpg

 photo CPH082.jpg

I’m used to seeing Irish pubs, but an English pub?

 photo CPH083.jpg

Sweden’s tallest building

 photo CPH085.jpg

 photo CPH086.jpg

 photo CPH089.jpg

 photo CPH090.jpg

 photo CPH091.jpg

I then sat by the water watching a great sunset with the local fisherman.

 photo CPH092.jpg

 photo CPH093.jpg

Before heading off to have a look at the old town.

 photo CPH094.jpg

 photo CPH095.jpg

 photo CPH097.jpg

Looks strangely familiar?

After a good walk around, I made my way back to the hotel around 10:30pm, spending the rest of the evening watching a couple of rubbish films on TV.

The following morning, I used my ipad to check in for my return sector.

 photo IMG_0146.png

 photo IMG_0145.png

I then headed downstairs for breakfast before checking out.

 photo CPH098.jpg

The darker of the sausages were reindeer. I didn’t think much of it.

I then had a brief walk around the local area.

 photo CPH099.jpg

 photo CPH100.jpg

Before heading in the direction of Malmo central to catch the train back to Denmark.

 photo CPH102.jpg

Unfortunately, as we crossed the Oresund Bridge back into Denmark, the rainy weather returned.

 photo CPH101.jpg

Upon arrival into Copenhagen, the weather had cleared up once more. I spent the next couple of hours walking the streets of the city.

 photo CPH103.jpg

 photo CPH104.jpg

 photo CPH105.jpg

 photo CPH106.jpg

 photo CPH107.jpg

 photo CPH108.jpg

 photo CPH109.jpg

 photo CPH110.jpg

 photo CPH111.jpg

 photo CPH112.jpg

 photo CPH113.jpg

 photo CPH114.jpg

That’s more like it!

Although as the day went on the rain returned, so I took refuge in a burger bar that Gabriel had recommended the day before – great recommendation, thanks!

 photo CPH115.jpg

 photo CPH116.jpg

After this, I made my way back to the station, catching the 14:35 train back to the airport.

 photo CPH118.jpg

Upon arrival, I headed over to a SSK to grab my actual boarding pass – no souvenirs today due to not having access to a printer.

 photo CPH121.jpg

 photo CPH122.jpg

Once again though this failed.

 photo CPH124.jpg

After three unsuccessful attempts at scanning my passport I gave up and joined a long queue at self service assistance. Immediately a Chinese passenger started asking me a whole load of questions in broken English that I didn’t know the answer to – why do people always ask me?!

 photo CPH125.jpg

 photo CPH126.jpg

Eventually I was handed my boarding pass and made my way up stairs and down a long corridor to a hassle free security.

 photo CPH129.jpg

 photo CPH117.jpg

And once out the other side, it was into the mandatory duty free shop.

 photo CPH132.jpg

Once I’d successfully negotiated my way past the perfume sprayers and watch salesmen, it was into a rather nice looking terminal.

 photo CPH133.jpg

 photo CPH136.jpg

There were quite a few windows around too.

 photo CPH119.jpg

 photo CPH120.jpg

 photo CPH123.jpg

 photo CPH127.jpg

I took the opportunity to buy a drink and to stock up with Ritter Sport at WHSmiths for the unreasonable price of £10.

 photo CPH135.jpg

At least that should last until my trip to Germany in a few weeks… Or a few months back by the time you read this!

After this it was a bit of a look around before heading through passport control. Once through, I found a quiet corner where I could grab a few more pics.

 photo CPH128.jpg

 photo CPH134.jpg

After this, I headed upstairs to some seats that offered a slightly better view.

 photo CPH139.jpg

 photo CPH130.jpg

I remained here until around 16:30 when I headed down to gate C19, although it wasn’t actually open – so I just hung around in that general area.

 photo CPH138.jpg

The gate finally opened at 16:50 and boarding began at 17:10. The bus made its way over to OY-KFF, delivered new to SAS in May 2009.

 photo CPH151.jpg

 photo SASlogo.jpg
SK 2535
16th June 2013
CRJ-900LR / OY-FKK Karl Viking
Seat: 21F / SAS Go
Scheduled: 17:20/18:15
Off Stand: 17:29
On Stand: 18:28

 photo CPH157.jpg

 photo CPH158.jpg

 photo CPH159.jpg

Not the tidiest of cabins on arrival

 photo CPH160.jpg

This flight looked to be pretty busy. I couldn’t see a single spare seat. Despite this the boarding process was completed pretty quickly. The captain made a brief announcement stating that the flight time would be an hour and forty five minutes.

 photo CPH140.jpg

 photo CPH141.jpg

We pushed back a couple of minutes behind schedule and made our way over to the active. There was a brief wait while a Norwegian 737 departed.

 photo CPH142.jpg

 photo CPH143.jpg

 photo CPH144.jpg

Once underway, at around 17:35, it was into the cloud and a few bumps, but nowhere near as bad as yesterday.

 photo CPH145.jpg

 photo CPH146.jpg

 photo CPH147.jpg

 photo CPH148.jpg

Shortly after departure, the crew announced the service was beginning and that items were available to buy – details in the menu card in the seat pocket.

 photo CPH154.jpg

 photo CPH152.jpg

 photo CPH153.jpg

 photo CPH149.jpg

 photo CPH150.jpg

Once again, tea and coffee were free of charge. I also grabbed an orange juice so I wouldn’t be stuck with that 10NOK coin for eternity! I was served by a female crew member who not only dished out the orange juice, but also plenty of genuine smiles.

 photo CPH161.jpg

 photo CPH188.jpg

 photo CPH190.jpg

 photo CPH184.jpg

Overhead detail

 photo CPH207.jpg

The captain was over the PA shortly after, saying we were cruising at 30,000ft. There was some turbulence ahead and that we were due into BHX in an hours time – so therefore five minutes behind schedule. So much for Europe’s most punctual airline!

 photo CPH155.jpg

 photo CPH156.jpg

 photo CPH162.jpg

Not much else happened before descent started at 17:50 local. Due to the cloud cover there wasn’t a huge amount to be seen until well on to finals. And then there was a pretty good view of Birmingham city.

 photo CPH164.jpg

 photo CPH163.jpg

 photo CPH165.jpg

 photo CPH166.jpg

 photo CPH167.jpg

 photo CPH168.jpg

 photo CPH169.jpg

 photo CPH170.jpg

 photo CPH174.jpg

 photo CPH175.jpg

 photo CPH176.jpg

 photo CPH171.jpg

 photo CPH172.jpg

 photo CPH173.jpg

 photo CPH177.jpg

 photo CPH178.jpg

 photo CPH179.jpg

Touchdown was made at 18:15 – so pretty much on schedule, and then it was a quick taxi over to the terminal, pulling in alongside a PIA 777. I couldn’t believe how small the spoilers were – can they really be doing anything?!

 photo CPH180.jpg

 photo CPH181.jpg

 photo CPH182.jpg

We arrived on to stand at 18:20. As usual, as soon as the aircraft stopped, everybody thought the doors would swing open immediately. Of course, this wasn’t the case.

 photo CPH183.jpg

 photo CPH185.jpg

 photo CPH186.jpg

Once the doors were opened, I was one of the last off. I made my way across the Tarmac and up the stairs to passport control.

 photo CPH189.jpg

 photo CPH187.jpg

 photo CPH191.jpg

 photo CPH195.jpg

 photo CPH192.jpg

 photo CPH193.jpg

A few moments later, I was officially back in the UK again and making my way towards Birmingham international station

 photo CPH194.jpg

 photo CPH196.jpg

 photo CPH197.jpg

 photo CPH198.jpg

 photo CPH199.jpg

BHX check in area.

Area where the shuttle stops.

 photo CPH200.jpg

 photo CPH201.jpg

 photo CPH202.jpg

I got on to a pretty quiet Emirates-y shuttle for the minute or so ride to the station.

 photo CPH203.jpg

 photo CPH204.jpg

 photo CPH205.jpg

 photo CPH206.jpg

It was then a bit of a wait for my train.

 photo CPH208.jpg

Guess I wont be making use of the lounge then.

 photo CPH209.jpg

Pretty soon after, the train arrived to take me to the South East.

 photo CPH211.jpg

 photo CPH210.jpg

Shortly after departing Birmingham, the limited service started. That box was a bit like a tardis – didn’t expect to have so much in there!

 photo CPH212.jpg

 photo CPH214.jpg

 photo CPH215.jpg

Before long, we had arrived at Watford Junction – those Pendolinos are fast!

 photo CPH216.jpg

The second trains first class section wasn’t anywhere near as fancy. In fact it wasn’t any different to standard class apart from some head cloths. There wasn’t even a plug to charge my phone up!

 photo CPH217.jpg

There was a bit of a hold up on this part of the journey. On planes, the crew ask if there’s a doctor on board. On trains it would appear the crew ask if there’s a member of the police on board!

Upon arrival at Clapham Junction, it was on to train number three of the evening making the final sector of my trip, lasting around 25 minutes or so.

 photo CPH218.jpg

This one was a little better.

I arrived back into Woking at around 21:30.

 photo CPH219.jpg