AA/BA | B738/A380 | LAS-LAX-LHR | First/WTP

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So picking up from the last part. I’d just arrived in Las Vegas and was keen to explore, and see what had changed since my last visit in 2002.

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Pool area in the Tropicana

 photo _MG_7221.jpg

 photo _MG_7241.jpg

 photo _MG_7224.jpg

 photo _MG_7227.jpg

 photo _MG_7230.jpg

 photo _MG_7233.jpg

Inside the Luxor:

 photo _MG_7237.jpg

Taking a not too long, but very hot (the temperature was 40 degrees+, but thankfully not too humid) walk out to the famous sign.

 photo _MG_7240.jpg

Checking out the Paris – I’d not been inside this one before.

 photo _MG_7249.jpg

 photo _MG_7250.jpg

 photo _MG_7254.jpg

One of the new additions to the strip:

 photo _MG_7260.jpg

The Venetian. I preferred this to the real Venice, as it was far easier to leave…

 photo _MG_7263.jpg

 photo _MG_7266.jpg

One of the older blocks:

 photo _MG_7277.jpg

But the most fun (and the best pictures) to be had in Vegas is when the sun goes down.

 photo _MG_7286.jpg

This one had only opened a few day previously – it was formerly The Sahara – A hotel that I’d stayed in many times.

 photo _MG_7288.jpg

Great dinner at The Outback

 photo IMG_3305.png

 photo IMG_3306.png

The famous Fremont Street

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 photo _MG_7293.jpg

 photo _MG_7294.jpg

 photo _MG_7296.jpg

 photo _MG_7305.jpg

After a pretty late night out (or technically, early morning) it was a late start the following day.

 photo _MG_7308.jpg

 photo _MG_7315.jpg

Taking one last look at probably my favourite hotel on the strip – the NYNY:

 photo IMG_3253.jpg

 photo IMG_3254.jpg

Complete with lunch from a NY style pizzeria

 photo IMG_3344.jpg

When the time came to return to the airport it was a little frustrating to say the least. I’d arranged to be picked up from the hotel at 12:50 – their recommendation, not mine. So I made it there by 12:40. By 13:00, no bus. By 13:15, still no bus, so I called them. Their answer was “they’re ruining a little late…” Finally at 13:35, some 45 minutes late and I was finally on my way.

 photo IMG_3360.jpg

 photo IMG_3361.jpg

Terrible service. And to make matters worse, the driver just dumped everybody in the middle of the road hen we arrived at the airport!

 photo IMG_3362.jpg

I made my way over to check in where I was seen to in just a minute or two.

 photo IMG_3363.jpg

 photo IMG_3364.jpg

 photo IMG_3365.jpg

After this I took the slow walk up to security, stopping for a brief look around the museum along the way, although it wasn’t all that interesting.

 photo IMG_3370.jpg

 photo IMG_3367.jpg

 photo IMG_3371.jpg

Of course, plenty of slots here:

 photo IMG_3368.jpg

 photo IMG_3372.jpg

As I passed through security, the following message appeared on my phone.

 photo IMG_3373.png

Although the local FID’s were saying otherwise.

 photo IMG_3374.jpg

As there weren’t any lounges I could use here in LAS – either via OneWorld status or Airport Angel, I grabbed a drink from a stand and sat next to a window to watch what was going on outside.

 photo _MG_7327.jpg

Pretty busy out

 photo _MG_7329.jpg

 photo _MG_7331.jpg

I then made my way down to my assigned gateUpon reaching there, an AA 737 was just pulling in to stand. Hmm.

 photo _MG_7333.jpg

A bit of searching online said this was the inbound flight from LAX and was also due to operate back there, so maybe there wasn’t a delay after all? I asked the ground agent and she said that it was all on time… And that I was about the fifth person to say it was due to depart at 5pm! I’ve since had the complete opposite issue in Madrid where the staff were saying the flight was delayed, but online was convinced we were on time. On that occasion, we departed around fifteen minutes late and ended up arriving more or less on time.

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Boarding was announced a few minutes later and I was the first on board

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September 2014
Boeing 737-800 / N957AN
Seat: 6A / First Class
Scheduled: 15:45/17:00
Off Stand: 15:39
On Stand: 16:45

 photo IMG_3376.jpg

Initially I did have a seatmate, however as soon as it became apparent the cabin wouldn’t be full, they moved to the row in front.

 photo _MG_7335.jpg

 photo _MG_7336.jpg

 photo _MG_7340.jpg

During boarding, the now standard beaker of water was handed out

 photo IMG_3378.jpg

We pushed back more than a couple of minutes early and made a long but speedy taxi over to the active.

 photo _MG_7341.jpg

 photo IMG_3382.jpg

 photo IMG_3384.jpg

We departed and spun around to cross the desert over to LA

 photo IMG_3386.jpg

 photo _MG_7342.jpg

 photo _MG_7344.jpg

 photo _MG_7346.jpg

The crew started the drinks run. I was expecting the service to be identical to the one I received on my TPA-MIA sector as the flight was under an hour, however the snack basket that was present on my PHL-TPA sector appeared and I chose some biscuits.

 photo _MG_7352.jpg

Once I had finished, the mass urban spread of LA had come into view, and the captain had given the instruction for the crew to prepare for landing.

 photo _MG_7355.jpg

 photo _MG_7357.jpg

 photo _MG_7358.jpg

 photo _MG_7364.jpg

On approach we had some company – which meant we would be landing on 24R.

 photo _MG_7360.jpg

 photo _MG_7365.jpg
We did indeed land on this runway and then made a pretty long journey over to the AA terminal.

 photo _MG_7367.jpg

 photo IMG_3392.jpg

 photo IMG_3393.jpg

 photo IMG_3395.jpg

 photo IMG_3396.jpg

 photo _MG_7371.jpg

 photo _MG_7374.jpg

Upon arrival on to stand, it was only a couple of minutes or two until everybody was released, and it was off through to baggage reclaim.

 photo IMG_3399.jpg

 photo IMG_3400.jpg

There was a wait of around fifteen minutes until the belt fired into life – and then a further ten minute wait for my bag to appear. Despite my bag having a priority tag, I’ve noticed on this trip that they don’t seem to mean much – as mine was one of the first priority tagged bags to appear on this occasion, whilst many more regular bags came and went. It was then outside for the shuttle over to the Hilton at LAX, which arrived after around ten minutes.

 photo IMG_3405.png

Passing an iconic building on the shuttle

Once more, I was given an upgraded room – and once more, I had more than enough room to spread out.

 photo _MG_7375.jpg

 photo _MG_7376.jpg

 photo _MG_7377.jpg

The view of the arrivals was decent enough too.

 photo _MG_7382.jpg

As transportation options in LA aren’t brilliant, the rest of the evening consisted of venturing out to Denny’s for some dinner and watching rubbish on the TV. I didn’t feel like I’d missed out too much though. Much like Miami, earlier on this trip, I’d visited Los Angeles at least a dozen times previously so wasn’t really missing anything I hadn’t seen already.

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Luckily, local a.netter The777Man was available the following day so was able to take me around the area. First off we visited Imperial Hill which gives a great view over LAX:

 photo _MG_7384.jpg

 photo _MG_7386.jpg

 photo _MG_7387.jpg

 photo _MG_7390.jpg

 photo _MG_7394.jpg

 photo _MG_7401.jpg

 photo _MG_7408.jpg

 photo _MG_7414.jpg

 photo _MG_7417.jpg

 photo _MG_7421.jpg

 photo _MG_7433.jpg

After this we made the drive to Hollywood:

 photo _MG_7438.jpg

 photo _MG_7440.jpg

 photo _MG_7441.jpg

 photo _MG_7442.jpg

Before heading in the direction of Griffith Park

 photo _MG_7445.jpg

 photo _MG_7446.jpg

 photo _MG_7448.jpg

We then headed back towards the airport for an In-N-Out burger:

 photo _MG_7456.jpg

 photo _MG_7450.jpg

 photo _MG_7455.jpg

 photo _MG_7458.jpg

 photo _MG_7460.jpg

Lady Penelope – my most flown aircraft.

 photo _MG_7471.jpg

 photo _MG_7477.jpg

 photo _MG_7490.jpg

 photo _MG_7507.jpg

 photo _MG_7511.jpg

 photo _MG_7529.jpg

 photo _MG_7540.jpg

We then headed back up to Imperial Hill for my final hour or so in the USA.

 photo _MG_7551.jpg

 photo _MG_7555.jpg

 photo _MG_7574.jpg

 photo _MG_7559.jpg

 photo _MG_7580.jpg

 photo _MG_7610.jpg

 photo _MG_7612.jpg

Unusual to catch one of these in working order. The previous days flight was operated by a Euro Atlantic 777

 photo _MG_7622.jpg

After watching this one, it was time to head off to the airport. Thanks for the great day out Lars – very much appreciated!

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After arriving at LAX, I headed over to a pretty quiet check in area where I was seen to pretty much straight away, and without so much as a word said.

 photo IMG_3423.jpg

 photo IMG_3421.jpg

 photo IMG_3422.jpg

When I noticed once again that the agent failed to put a priority tag on I queried it. The response was “it doesn’t need one, but I suppose I can put one on anyway”. Gee, thanks. Although I’ve since learned that OneWorld Sapphire card holders aren’t entitled to priority baggage, and it turns the MH check in staff I’d encountered on a previous trip were obviously just being very kind.

I headed through security and up to the new OneWorld lounge.

 photo IMG_3424.jpg

 photo IMG_3425.jpg

 photo IMG_3429.jpg

 photo IMG_3430.jpg

 photo IMG_3434.jpg

 photo _MG_7625.jpg

 photo _MG_7628.jpg

 photo IMG_3440.jpg

Interesting how the only newspapers on offer were UK ones.

The hot food selection was good enough.

 photo IMG_3437.jpg

 photo IMG_3435.jpg

 photo IMG_3433.jpg

The cake selection was where I got my monies worth however.

 photo IMG_3444.jpg

 photo IMG_3436.jpg

 photo _MG_7626.jpg

Around forty five minutes before departure, I headed downstairs, to find G-XLEE on stand.

 photo IMG_3445.jpg

 photo _MG_7632.jpg

As the boarding process was being announced, pretty much everybody decided it was their time to board, despite the ground crew being quite insistent that boarding would be done by row number.

 photo IMG_3446.jpg

 photo IMG_3450.jpg

All this succeeded in was making everybody crowd the gate area. Boarding was held up slightly, by the guy in front if me complaining to the ground staff that he was entitled to an upgrade due to the fact he was a frequent flyer. I caught a glimpse of his card, and he was a OneWorld Ruby… Hmm. He then got completely lost due to the fact there were two jetbridges downstairs and one upstairs. Maybe not quite that frequent then, at least on this route.

 photo BAlogo.jpg

September 2014
Airbus A380 / G-XLEE
Seat: 66A / World Traveller Plus
Scheduled: 21:45/16:00
Off Stand: 21:44
On Stand: 15:48

Once I did get on board I found the usual pillow, blanket, headphones and amenity kit waiting.

 photo IMG_3454.jpg

 photo IMG_3455.jpg

 photo IMG_3453.jpg

 photo _MG_7633.jpg

 photo _MG_7634.jpg

 photo IMG_3464.jpg

Once most were aboard, menus and pre boarding drinks were distributed.

 photo IMG_3462.png

 photo IMG_3463.png

The captain welcomed everybody and announced a flying time of nine hours and thirty minutes.

 photo IMG_3456.jpg

 photo IMG_3459.jpg

We pushed back a minute ahead of schedule, although we then sat and waited for a good fifteen minutes to get going. Once we did, it was a short journey out to the active. The only other aircraft ahead of us to depart was a VS A346 – so pretty much a head to head race to LHR! I’m pretty sure we won, as it was one of only two VS A346’s in the new livery, and I didn’t see any around when we arrived.

 photo IMG_3468.jpg

We ambled into the air at 22:10 local and made the standard two left turns over the ocean to set us on course for London.

 photo _MG_7636.jpg

 photo _MG_7638.jpg

 photo _MG_7639.jpg

 photo _MG_7641.jpg

Around twenty minutes after departure, the drinks service started.

 photo IMG_3474.jpg

Followed around thirty minutes later by dinner. I chose the beef.

 photo _MG_7643.jpg

 photo IMG_3476.jpg

 photo IMG_3477.jpg

 photo IMG_3479.jpg

Along with bad neighbours on the IFE.

 photo _MG_7642.jpg

Followed by Curb Your Enthusiasm.

 photo IMG_3483.jpg

Before it had even ended, and before my meal tray had been collected, I fell asleep and didn’t wake up again until an hour and a half before landing.

 photo _MG_7645.jpg

 photo _MG_7646.jpg

 photo _MG_7644.jpg

 photo _MG_7647.jpg

 photo _MG_7649.jpg

More or less as the breakfast service started in fact.

 photo _MG_7650.jpg

 photo _MG_7651.jpg

 photo _MG_7652.jpg

Catching up with the BA Highlife magazine until descent started.

 photo _MG_7654.jpg

Around forty minutes before arrival, the captain gave the usual speech informing everybody about our arrival. A few moments later descent started.

 photo IMG_3488.png

Familiar area….

It was a but of a hazy descent and approach, therefore not much to be seen in the way down.

 photo IMG_3492.jpg

 photo IMG_3493.jpg

We made a very smooth touchdown, the sort where you’re not quite sure if you’ve actually landed or not, and made the slow journey over to T5C.

 photo IMG_3497.jpg

 photo IMG_3499.jpg

Upon arrival, the captain mentioned that we were ten minutes ahead of schedule. But then it took ten minutes to get the doors open so any advantage was lost. We pulled in alongside G-XLEB, which we had watched depart from LAX whilst eating our burgers just a few hours previously. I believe it was due to head out to HKG that evening.

 photo _MG_7655.jpg

On my way out, I asked if it was possible to visit the flight deck – as there was no way I’d make the 16:15 coach, and it was a bit of a wait until the next one. This was granted without issue and we had a chat about the “brake to vacate” system on the A380.

 photo _MG_7656.jpg

After this, it was on to a very slow and busy walk along the jet bridge through to arrivals. Despite taking my time disembarking, spending a good ten minutes on the flight deck, there were still people piling off!

 photo IMG_3502.jpg

Upon heading down to the transit, I noticed that the underground walkway was slightly better advertised than previously – so I took this option instead.

 photo IMG_3503.jpg

 photo IMG_3504.jpg

It was then the usual formalities, before heading down to Baggage claim.

 photo IMG_3505.jpg

It took around fifteen minutes for my bag to show up – and I had noticed that the priority tag that I’d made a point of asking for in LAX had vanished. Hmm. Around ten minutes later, it was on to the bus heading for home. As I’m a regular on the service now, the driver recognised me and we chatted all the way home – seems as though there’s some interesting changes coming up, as the service isn’t doing as well as National Express had hoped.

 photo IMG_3506.jpg

And so concludes another series.

I’d love to be able to give an in depth review of these flights, but having a forty minute or so hop on AA yielded a pretty basic service – which was to be expected really. And the fact I slept through most of the BA flight proved that their World Traveller Plus seats on the A380 are more than comfortable long haul. A special note should be given to the OneWorld lounge in LAX though – that was definitely one of the better ones I’d been in.

American | B738/B752/MD80 | SXM-MIA-DFW-LAS | First Class

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Maps generated by theGreat Circle Mapper -copyright © Karl L. Swartz.

Booking for this part was made through the AA website. The schedules meant I either had to choose an overnight stop in MIA or DFW. I chose MIA as that was my entry point to the USA, therefore any hold ups at immigration wouldn’t be an issue.

 photo AAitin.png

 photo AAseats.png

Once more, I could pre-select my meals:

 photo Mealchoice.png

 photo SXMLASMeal.png

For those of you who read the first part, you’ll remember that I arrived into SXM minus my bag. Luckily, it did eventually turn up, but it was a bit of a drawn out process – involving multiple phone calls to both the airport in SXM and the HQ in Miami. The general opinion was “we don’t know where it is”. Even the bag tracker on the AA website was if the same opinion.

 photo USA142007.jpg

Finally, after making a visit back to SXM I was eventually reunited with my bag.

 photo USA142014.jpg

I’ll start off with a few pics of my time on the island:

The famous beach – I wish all Monday mornings were like that!:

 photo USA142001.jpg

 photo USA142006.jpg

 photo USA142011.jpg

 photo USA142008.jpg

 photo USA142009.jpg

 photo USA142010.jpg

The small town of Maho Beach:

 photo USA142002.jpg

 photo USA142003.jpg

Around the Sonesta resort:

 photo USA142004.jpg

And of course, a few shots of the arrivals into SXM:

 photo USA142005.jpg

 photo USA142013.jpg

 photo USA142015.jpg

 photo USA142016.jpg

 photo USA142017.jpg

 photo USA142018.jpg

 photo USA142019.jpg

 photo USA142020.jpg

 photo USA142021.jpg

 photo USA142022.jpg

Something major was on approach…

 photo USA142023.jpg

 photo USA142024.jpg

 photo USA142025.jpg

 photo USA142026.jpg

AF A343 heading back off once more:

 photo USA142012.jpg

DL as seen from the hotel bar:

 photo USA142028.jpg

 photo USA142027.jpg

When it was time to leave, I made the twenty minute walk back to the airport from my hotel.

 photo USA142029.jpg

 photo USA142030.jpg

Once there,I was informed that all the computer systems were down,therefore everything would have to be processed manually.

 photo USA142031.jpg

 photo USA142032.jpg

I was given an interesting looking boarding pass and made my way upstairs to departures.

 photo USA142033.jpg

I headed for the lounge, but was informed that it was privately owned, therefore American passengers weren’t eligible. I still managed to access it though via my Airport Angel card.

 photo USA142034.jpg

 photo USA142035.jpg

 photo USA142050.jpg

Around thirty minutes ahead of scheduled boarding, I made my way down to the gate, just as today’s jet was pulling on to stand.

 photo USA142036.jpg

 photo USA142055.jpg

There was a bit of a delay to boarding, but this allowed me to watch a couple more arrivals and take a look at what was around.

 photo USA142049.jpg

I’d missed this one land by a couple of seconds when I left my hotel.

 photo USA142056.jpg

 photo USA142057.jpg

 photo USA142060.jpg

 photo USA142067.jpg

When boarding did begin I was the first on board.

 photo AAlogo.jpg

September 2014
Boeing 737-800 / N883NN
Seat: 5A/ First Class
Scheduled: 14:14/17:22
Off Stand: 14:30
On Stand: 17:30

I was pleased to see that this one, despite the old livery, had the Boeing Sky Interior. This makes a huge improvement to the 737 I find.

 photo USA142037.jpg

 photo USA142038.jpg

 photo USA142039.jpg

 photo USA142068.jpg

Boarding continued, until the last few passengers made their way in board at random five to ten minute intervals… In your own time. This didn’t matter however, as the captain informed us that the earlier power outage meant that everything was being done manually, therefore it was taking a little longer than usual. Boarding drinks were handed out.

 photo USA142040.jpg

Once we finally did pushback, it was a quick process.

 photo USA142041.jpg

We held at the end of the runway for a minute or two so everybody on Maho Beach could get a good grip on the fence, before we pulled into position.

 photo USA142042.jpg

 photo USA142043.jpg

 photo USA142044.jpg

The Sonesta hotel seen from the plane

Once there, it was a very powerful takeoff before making a barrel roll to the right to avoid the mountain at the end of the runway. It was then out over the sea and more or less the last of the views.

 photo USA142045.jpg

 photo USA142046.jpg

 photo USA142047.jpg

 photo USA142073.jpg

Some ten minutes after departure, the purser came around, welcomed me by name and confirmed my dinner order. A few moments later, hot towels were given out.

 photo USA142048.jpg

Followed by the drinks – and this time around, they’d remembered to load the warm nuts too.

 photo USA142075.jpg

During this time, no less than four pax from economy came up and used the forward washroom, despite the curtain being drawn. The purser looked quite irritated by this, but didn’t say anything. Surely an announcement saying it’s for first class only would have solved the problem?

 photo USA142074.jpg

The meal service continued

 photo USA142076.jpg

 photo USA142077.jpg

 photo USA142078.jpg

Following this, I watched a video on my iPad, after which descent started.

 photo USA142051.jpg

 photo USA142079.jpg

It was definitely an interesting descent – due to the storms around, it was a bit of a roller coaster ride. My seatmate decided to make good use of the the sick bag during this time too…

 photo USA142080.jpg

 photo USA142052.jpg

 photo USA142081.jpg

 photo USA142082.jpg

 photo USA142083.jpg

 photo USA142053.jpg

 photo USA142054.jpg

 photo USA142058.jpg

 photo USA142059.jpg

We landed into a surprisingly dry MIA and made the long journey over to our stand at the opposite side of the airport.

 photo USA142061.jpg

 photo USA142062.jpg

 photo USA142063.jpg

I made my way through to immigration, via the sky train. It appeared the storm we had flown through a few minutes ago was slowly rolling into town.

 photo USA142084.jpg

 photo USA142064.jpg

 photo USA142065.jpg

 photo USA142066.jpg

After seeing that despite being in one of the shortest queues it was taking the longest, I thought that maybe the officer may be a little on the strict side. How wrong was I! He was an easy going Caribbean guy who was very well humoured. And more concerned about changing his chair than interrogating me. I was stamped into the country again, and made my way through to baggage claim, hoping I would be a little more successful this time. I was, but I still had to wait a while – the agents in SXM hadn’t placed the priority tag all that well – can you see it?! Trust me, its there…

 photo USA142069.jpg

After this, it was a reasonably long line to clear customs before heading on to a shuttle to my hotel for the night, the Hilton at MIA.

 photo USA142070.jpg

 photo USA142071.jpg

I arrived at the hotel, and was checked in by the manager who seemed very pleased to see that I was a HHonours member. This hotel was great value – a standard room was £72, where as a one bedroom suite with a balcony overlooking the airport came to £80. Eight pounds well spent!

 photo USA142085.jpg

 photo USA142086.jpg

 photo USA142087.jpg

 photo USA142088.jpg

 photo USA142089.jpg

 photo USA142090.jpg

 photo USA142091.jpg

 photo USA142092.jpg

 photo USA142093.jpg

I had toyed with the idea of heading into town for the evening, however as I’d visited Miami many times before, the rain had now turned up with a vengeance, and I had a decent room to spend the evening in, I decided against it. Instead, it was some massively overpriced room service with a couple of beers that I’d “borrowed” from the minibar in SXM.

 photo USA142094.jpg

 photo USA142095.jpg

At 4:30 the following morning, my alarm was going off and I was heading back to the airport once more.

 photo USA142124.png

 photo USA142096.jpg

 photo USA142097.jpg

I was checked in by a business friendly agent and I then took the walk to the lounge.

 photo USA142098.jpg

 photo USA142099.jpg

Once more, it was massively underwhelming.

 photo USA142101.jpg

 photo USA142100.jpg

 photo USA142102.jpg

 photo USA142103.jpg

 photo USA142123.jpg

This mornings ride being prepared beneath us

I made my way down to the gate just a few minutes before boarding was due to begin.

 photo AAlogo.jpg

September 2014
Boeing 757-200 / N635NN
Seat: 4F / First Class
Scheduled: 07:15/09:25
Off Stand: 07:11
On Stand: 08:59

Almost immediately, my seatmate was pestering me to swap seats with his wife who was in the aisle seat in front. This is a seemingly common occurrence lately. In the days of being able to pre book your seats on line, and even check in online I take the stance that there’s really no excuse to not get your desired seat – and even if all that fails, get to the airport early and claim one there.

 photo USA142126.jpg

We pushed back and made a very short taxi over to the runway.

 photo USA142104.jpg

 photo USA142105.jpg

After waiting a minute or two for a company 777 to land, it was our turn or make the characteristic powerful 757 takeoff.

 photo USA142106.jpg

 photo USA142107.jpg

 photo USA142108.jpg

 photo USA142109.jpg
Much like the previous flights, shortly after departure the breakfast orders were taken, as well as drink orders.

 photo USA142110.jpg

A bit of turbulence here, hence the slightly odd angle of the water.

 photo USA142131.jpg

These were dished out a while later.

 photo USA142135.jpg

I must admit it wasn’t that great – quite stodgy and very sweet. Although I’m not a fan of American breakfasts in general really.

 photo USA142130.jpg

I spent the rest of the flight reading through the small print of my travel insurance – wondering if I could claim anything back from the clothes I had to buy when my bag was lost. Turned out to be quite an amusing read, especially the part about dying being a valid reason for cutting your trip short!

 photo USA142117.jpg

Descent started and the first officer announced that she would have us on stand twenty minutes ahead of schedule. The cabin crew also announced the connecting gate information as well as info on how to find the AAdmirals clubs at DFW.

 photo USA142140.jpg

During descent, mints were handed out. We were treated to some good views of Dallas on approach – before heading out into the middle of nowhere.

 photo USA142141.jpg

 photo USA142142.jpg

 photo USA142120.jpg

 photo USA142121.jpg

 photo USA142122.jpg

We touched down more than a few minutes ahead of schedule, after chasing our shadow for the last few miles.

 photo USA142111.jpg

 photo USA142112.jpg

 photo USA142113.jpg

Luckily though, we didn’t have the same issues that was suffered at JFK last year – where it took us forty minutes to find a spare gate – due to the size of the AA operation here at DFW it was easy enough to find a new gate. It was then off into a very bland looking DFW.

 photo USA142114.jpg

I made my way on to the skytrain to the C gates, where my next flight was due to depart from and headed up to the lounge. This place was pretty big, therefore not too busy, but still offered virtually nothing in the way of free food or drink.

 photo USA142115.jpg

 photo USA142116.jpg

 photo USA142118.jpg

 photo USA142119.jpg

 photo USA142125.jpg

I made use of the free wifi and made a phonecall home (that didn’t cost a penny, thanks to Three’s feel at home plan – well worth it if you travel abroad a bit), before heading down to the gate a good hour or so before departure, for my second retro experience of the day.

 photo USA142145.jpg

Boarding began, and for the first time in the US, there was a mass stampede towards the door. Luckily though, the boarding order was strictly enforced and I was through pretty quickly.

 photo AAlogo.jpg

September 2014
MD83 / N597AA
Seat: 6F / First Class
Scheduled: 11:30/12:20
Off Stand: 11:31
On Stand: 12:11

Almost immediately I noticed a difference in the cabin of this one. The seats seemed much bigger, but the legroom was maybe a little tighter.

 photo USA142146.jpg

 photo USA142127.jpg

Once more the cabin was in complete darkness. I’m starting to think its SOP for AA to close all the window blinds on the ground? One thing that does fascinate me though is how uninterested the rest if the cabin is in the outside world – on nearly all my flights, I’ve been the only person to open the window shades! The purser confirmed my meal choice, and offered everybody a drink of their choice. I declined, as pushback was near.

 photo USA142128.jpg

Once we did head backwards, the engines were started and we made our way over to the active very quietly.

 photo USA142129.jpg

The captain announced a flying time of two hours and twenty minutes and that there was just one aircraft ahead of us. We finally did take to the skies, and at this end of the plane it was very quiet. I’d imagine it was a different story down the back however.

 photo USA142147.jpg

 photo USA142148.jpg

Once we had reached a decent altitude, the seatbelt sign was switched off and another drink run was done. I chose a Dr Pepper this time.

 photo USA142132.jpg

It was a great clear day outside, so the views of Texas were pretty good as we flew overhead.

 photo USA142149.jpg

 photo USA142150.jpg

 photo USA142151.jpg

The slightly reduced space on this old lady was becoming more apparent. There was barely enough room to swing a SLR, so phone pics it had to be. And there was barely enough room in the centre console for two drinks, so I had to get a little creative.

 photo USA142133.jpg

A short while later, the lunch service began. It wasn’t too bad – far better than this mornings effort anyway.

 photo USA142136.jpg

 photo USA142137.jpg

 photo USA142139.jpg

After this, I reclined and read an ebook on my iPad, and continued to gaze outside as there was still no clouds or haze. With around thirty minutes to go, I could just about make out the engines spooling back. The captain announced our descent and mentioned that we would be passing the Grand Canyon in a few moments.

 photo USA142152.jpg

 photo USA142153.jpg

 photo USA142154.jpg

 photo USA142155.jpg

 photo USA142156.jpg

 photo USA142157.jpg

 photo USA142158.jpg

Following our tour of the Grand Canyon, we were pretty close to landing.

 photo USA142159.jpg

 photo USA142160.jpg

 photo USA142143.jpg

 photo USA142144.jpg

We made a reasonably hard touchdown and then made a long taxi over to the terminal. Upon arrival, there was no doubting I was in Vegas!

 photo USA142134.jpg

It was then on to a shuttle. It was a bit of an odd setup, where some airlines have to collect their bags in T1 and others in the new T3. In my case, it was T1.

 photo USA142138.jpg

Baggage claim area that was more like a casino

It was then on to the shuttle to my hotel. I had a bit of an issue when trying to choose a hotel here. Much like in Bangkok, due to the fact theres so many rooms here, they’re all very reasonably priced. Some Cheaper rooms can be found for as little at £9 a night… but rather than that, I splashed out the £30 a night for an upgraded room at The Tropicana though. The last time I’d stayed here was back in 1998. Despite this, it still looked reasonably familiar, despite getting a lick of paint.

 photo USA142161.jpg

 photo USA142162.jpg

 photo USA142163.jpg

Out of the frying pan…

And with that, I’d reached the final destination on this ticket.

AA performed well enough once more. The crew on the SXM-MIA sector seemed a little inexperienced but other than that, I had no major complaints. The only other niggle was the fact the same meal options were offered on all flights – if you’re a real regular flyer, I’d imagine it would get a little boring eating the same over and over.


 photo map-1.gif

Maps generated by theGreat Circle Mapper -copyright © Karl L. Swartz.

My latest series will see me journey across the Atlantic once more, with a couple of days in St.Maarten thrown in for good measure. The series will be split into three parts, covering the following flights:

British Airways 787, Word Traveller Plus – LHR-PHL
US Airways A321, First Class – PHL-TPA
American Airlines 737-800, First Class – TPA-MIA
American Airlines 737-800, Business Class – MIA-SXM
American Airlines 737-800, Business Class – SXM-MIA
American Airlines 757-200, First Class – MIA-DFW
American Airlines MD83, First Class – DFW-LAS
American Airlines 737-800, First Class – LAS-LAX
British Airways A380, World Traveller Plus – LAX-LHR

 photo map.gif

I had considered quite a few options for this time – either Asia or South America were high on the list. And after good look around the destinations travel show with fellow a.netters Gabriel and PalmJet back in February, Panama also featured highly. However various factors hindered these plans – cost and time (or lack of it) were the main two.

After much searching, the best option seemed to be to fly to the USA and go from there. This was sorted with a couple of BA flights. As there was a flight to PHL leaving at around 5PM, this meant I could travel on the Friday after work. It also happened that this flight was operated by the 787, rather than the 767 that had been used on the route previously. As I’d read nothing but bad things about this aircrafts economy cabin, I figured the best bet would be to shell out the extra and fly in the Word Traveller Plus cabin instead – which got far better reviews. The return sector was routed through Los Angeles, on one of the companies A380’s – so both flights would feature the new World Traveller Plus cabin, which I sampled on my return from Atlanta last year.

 photo Untitled10.png

 photo BAseats.png

This parts other flights were booked through the American Airlines website. Initially I found a routing which included a flight on one of the companies 757’s.

 photo Untitled7.png

Annoyingly though, when I came to book a few days later, this option had vanished from existence. Instead then, I had to take a pair of flights on the 737-800. As the first class fares were pretty decent, I selected this option, as it would bag me a good haul of BA Tier points.

 photo Itin.png

On the international sector with AA, there was also the option to pre order my meal.

 photo MeAAls.png

 photo MIASXMMeal.png

On to the interesting part then:

I set off to Heathrow T5 by my usual means. Despite there being quite a bit of traffic, the journey only took around twenty five minutes.

 photo USA141004.jpg

I made my way over to dump my bag and grab a souvenir boarding pass – this was met with “I’ll see what I can do…”

 photo USA141005.jpg

It was then through security. Despite there only being four people in the line, it still took a good ten minutes to pass through. No bother though, as I was in plenty of time. I stopped off at Dixons to grab a case for my new laptop before heading up to the South lounge for some lunch.

 photo USA141002.jpg

 photo USA141001.jpg

 photo USA141003.jpg

I must admit, it wasn’t overly busy, which I find rare for the time of day. Although I still couldn’t get into my favourite corner, so had to make do with another cubby hole! Although annoyingly there was a very loud guy sat there inducing not only his gang to his conversation, but almost half of the lounge. Luckily he left after around thirty minutes and things got much more peaceful. By this time, the lunch service had finished and had been replaced by the afternoon tea offerings.

 photo USA141008.jpg

 photo USA141009.jpg

 photo USA141010.jpg

Around an hour before departure, I was glad to see that my flight would be departing from T5B – meaning I’d get another lounge visit, and also I’d get to try out one that I’d not been in before.

 photo USA141014.jpg

I must admit, I did prefer this lounge as it wasn’t as busy and there are some much better views.

 photo USA141017.jpg

 photo USA141018.jpg
 photo USA141019.jpg

 photo USA141020.jpg

 photo USA141021.jpg

 photo USA141006.jpg

 photo USA141007.jpg

Around twenty minutes later, the board now signal was given. I then made my way down to gate B32 where boarding was already underway. There was nobody at all in the fast track lane, and I was through in just a few seconds. Although my advantage was short lived, as I was singled out for an extra security check.This only took a few moments however, and I was then on my way down one of the extra long jetways.

 photo USA141022.jpg

Along the way, I noticed something a little unexpected at stand 532.

 photo USA141023.jpg

I enquired about the aircraft type to one of the ground crew members at the end of the jetbridge, and he enthusiastically confirmed it was still at 787. Following which, I was ushered down the stairs and on to the ramp along side the previously mentioned 747 – great!

 photo USA141024.jpg

 photo USA141025.jpg

I made my way on to a bus and got a pretty good tour of T5C.

 photo USA141027.jpg

Before pulling up along side G-ZBJC, which would be another new reg for the log

 photo USA141028.jpg

 photo USA141029.jpg

 photo BAlogo.jpg

August 2014
Boeing 787-8 / G-ZBJC
Seat: 12A / World Traveller Plus
Scheduled: 16:55/19:40
Off Stand: 16:58
On Stand: 19:41

I was greeted at the door by the mixed fleet crew and made the few steps back to my seat.

 photo USA141030.jpg

Ready and waiting for me was a cushion, blanket and a pack containing some noise cancelling headphones and an amenity kit.

 photo USA141031.jpg

 photo USA141032.jpg

Before too many more passengers turned up, I was offered a welcome drink of OJ or water. I don’t remember this on my previous BA WTP flight.

 photo USA141033.jpg

Another coach load of passengers turned up, and most of the comments were along the lines of, “wow, this is first class, this looks nice”. Personally if I’d shelled out for a long haul flight in F and I’d got this, I’d feel slightly hard done by…

 photo USA141011.jpg

 photo USA141012.jpg

 photo USA141013.jpg

The captain announced a slightly longer flight time of seven hours and twenty and the current delay was caused by a passenger not turning up.

 photo USA141015.jpg

The crew offered the remaining few passengers ( and I mean literally a few – nice quiet cabin this evening) a menu.

 photo USA141060.jpg

We did push back just a few minutes late and made a long taxi over to 27R.

 photo USA141036.jpg

 photo USA141037.jpg

 photo USA141038.jpg

 photo USA141026.jpg

There was a pretty quiet takeoff into some cloudy skies. Due to the WTP cabin being right over the wing, I couldn’t see too much.

 photo USA141040.jpg

 photo USA141041.jpg

 photo USA141042.jpg

Shortly after departure, hot towels were distributed.

 photo USA141043.jpg

Some twenty minutes after departure the crew started the drinks round. I went for what is fast becoming one of my favourite airline drinks!

 photo USA141034.jpg

 photo USA141035.jpg

A few moments later, the purser came and personally welcomed me by name, shook my hand and asked how I was finding the Dreamliner experience so far. Must admit, this was the first, and so far only time I’ve experienced this.

 photo USA141044.jpg

 photo USA141046.jpg

One of the features of the 787 is that it can climb high almost straight away

After this the meal service began. I went for the chicken, and it tasted great.

 photo USA141039.jpg

The only complaint I had with the crew were that they were a little slow to collect the trays in – it took around an hour from dinner being first dished up to handing the tray back again. After the meal the lights were dimmed, and the cabin was put into night mode – despite it being daylight outside.

 photo USA141047.jpg

I paid a visit to the washroom, before settling down in front of the second best film ever made (at least in my opinion) – The Life of Brian.

 photo USA141048.jpg

Pretty big galley at the rear

 photo USA141045.jpg

The next few hours were spent watching BA’s IFE, plus my own. And listening to the baby opposite repeatedly scream its lungs out…

 photo USA141049.jpg

 photo USA141057.jpg

 photo USA141053.jpg

One of the few drinks runs

 photo USA141051.jpg

The outside world through a dimmed window

 photo USA141058.jpg

Flying high

 photo USA141056.jpg

Economy cabin

With just over an hour of the flight remaining, the lights were put back into day mode and the snack service was dished out – a coronation chicken sandwich, a KitKat and some tea.

 photo USA141059.jpg

The first officer announced our arrival details and the weather, but not much more with around forty minutes remaining.

 photo USA141061.jpg

We descended into the sunset, touching down more or less on schedule.

 photo USA141062.jpg

Reading the paper on descent

 photo USA141063.jpg

 photo USA141064.jpg

 photo USA141065.jpg

As everybody was disembarking, the captain wished everybody farewell and apologised for arriving a minute or two late, explaining it was due to being put at the back of a queue of local traffic. I was one of the first off, and due to the few people ahead of me heading for the resident line, I was the one and only person at the visitor lane, despite stopping for a pic along the way.

 photo USA141066.jpg

The whole process took the grand total of about three minutes – probably the quickest and easiest entry to the USA I’ve had. My advantage was short lived though, due to then having to wait around thirty minutes for my bag to appear.

 photo USA141050.jpg

After this, it was through some bland looking corridors to wait for a bus to my hotel, the Hilton.

 photo USA141052.jpg

 photo USA141054.jpg

 photo USA141055.jpg

 photo USA141067.jpg

 photo USA141068.jpg

And when in Philly, you just have to get a cheesesteak!

 photo USA141069.jpg

The following morning, I was able to appreciate the view from my room.

 photo USA141070.jpg
 photo USA141071.jpg

A few pics from my time in Philadelphia:

 photo USA141072.jpg

 photo USA141073.jpg

 photo USA141074.jpg

 photo USA141075.jpg

 photo USA141076.jpg

 photo USA141078.jpg

 photo USA141079.jpg

 photo USA141080.jpg

 photo USA141081.jpg

 photo USA141087.jpg

 photo USA141088.jpg

 photo USA141089.jpg

I do like visiting local markets – and this was a great one!

 photo USA141082.jpg

 photo USA141083.jpg

 photo USA141084.jpg

Down by the river

 photo USA141085.jpg

 photo USA141086.jpg

After an interesting time in Philadelphia, it was time to move on. I caught a shuttle back to the airport and was greeted by the friendly US ground staff at check in.

 photo USA141090.jpg

 photo USA141092.jpg

 photo USA141091.jpg

When it came to passport check, the agent admitted she’d never seen a European passport before and seemed to struggle finding my photo page – not being able to bear the pain of watching her struggle, I eventually showed her! As there’s next to nothing landside at PHL, I headed straight through security. Still, nobody asked to see if my battery powered devices would fire up though?

 photo USA141115.jpg

It was then up to the US Airways club lounge, where I was swiped in without much of a word said. As it was still only just 8 AM, I pretty much had the place to myself.

 photo USA141093.jpg

 photo USA141110.jpg

 photo USA141114.jpg

It was more or less your standard stateside lounge in regards to the food offerings.

 photo USA141094.jpg

 photo USA141113.jpg

 photo USA141117.jpg

There was a decent view though.

 photo USA141115.jpg

After around thirty minutes, I figured I’d be better off heading down to the lounge nearer to where my flight was departing from. Along the way, I though I’d lucked in…

 photo USA141095.jpg

Until I was denied entry – as apparently it’s not a BA lounge until 3PM. Until then, it’s a QR lounge. I argued that QR were also part of OneWorld, but the agent was having none of it, despite the fact I could see there was just the one person in there.

So I headed up to the US Envoy club instead.

 photo USA141096.jpg

 photo USA141097.jpg

From here, I got a glimpse of this mornings ride.

 photo USA141118.jpg

Around ten minutes before boarding, I headed down to the gate.

 photo USA141120.jpg

 photo USA141121.jpg

 photo USA141098.jpg

 photo USA141099.jpg

 photo USA141100.jpg

My 200th logged flight
 photo USlogo.jpg

August 2014
Airbus A321 / N557UW
Seat: 2A / First Class
Scheduled: 09:50/12:32 (yes, :32 – thats not a typo!)
Off Stand: 09:47
On Stand: 12:09

I was the second person on board this pretty dark cabin… The first thing I did was open up the window shades!

 photo USA141101.jpg

 photo USA141122.jpg

During boarding, the crew offered everybody in first a drink of their choice. I went with water, although the rest of the cabin seemed to go with coke – at 9:30AM – not for me thanks!

 photo USA141102.jpg

The captain gave a very brief welcome whilst still on stand. And a few moments later, we pushed back. Once the engines were started,he gave a more thorough briefing, mentioning a flight time of two hours and five minutes, and the hold up we were currently experiencing was due to another aircraft having just pushed back and blocking us.

A few seconds later, we were on our way over to the active, with the cabin in almost complete darkness apart from my two open window shades.

 photo USA141103.jpg

 photo USA141104.jpg

Following departure, a further drinks round was done – more coke for pretty much everybody… I elected to go with an orange juice however.

 photo USA141105.jpg

A few moments later, the “meal” service began. Basically a select few snacks from a basket. Understandable on a flight of under an hour, but over two? Really? I grabbed a pretty small sandwich and a couple of biscuits before it was yanked away again.

 photo USA141106.jpg

I spent the rest of the flight listening to my iPod and browsing the pretty uninteresting inflight mag.

 photo USA141107.jpg

Towards the latter part of the flight, there were some particularly nasty cloud formations around – making for a bumpy ride, despite the flight crew doing their best to steer around them.

 photo USA141128.jpg

 photo USA141129.jpg

 photo USA141130.jpg

 photo USA141131.jpg

The captain announced descent and we continued to weave around the clouds until at quite a low altitude.

 photo USA141134.jpg

 photo USA141135.jpg

 photo USA141108.jpg

 photo USA141109.jpg

We touched down ahead of schedule and made quite a noisy rollout. I must admit, I never knew an A32X could make so much noise. It was a quick roll over to the terminal and within a minute or so, the door was opened and I was making my way into the terminal.

 photo USA141139.jpg

 photo USA141112.jpg

 photo USA141111.jpg

Not often Gatwick is the second most exotic destination

I went for a brief walk around this concourse, before submitting to the US Airways Club lounge.

 photo USA141141.jpg

 photo USA141148.jpg

There was a great view of the ramp from here

 photo USA141140.jpg

 photo USA141147.jpg

For PalmJet

Again, there were hardly any food or drink options, although there were a few bar snacks available. I didn’t indulge though. Instead I took some very salty peanut butter bites.

 photo USA141119.jpg

 photo USA141116.jpg

 photo USA141142.jpg

During which time, I tracked my inbound flight:

 photo ScreenShot2014-08-31at124926.png

And then watched it arrive, as the A321 that brought me here pushed back.

 photo USA141150.jpg

 photo USA141151.jpg

More or less as the incoming flight arrived, I headed back downstairs to the gate.

Boarding began around twenty minutes later.

 photo AAlogo.jpg

August 2014
Boeing 737-800 / N860NN
Seat: 4F/ First Class
Scheduled: 14:40/15:43
Off Stand: 14:40
On Stand: 15:41

I took my seat, and almost immediately the First class cabin was full. It seemed a little more spacious than the US Airways example. Once more, virtually all the window shades were closed.

 photo USA141123.jpg

 photo USA141124.jpg
 photo USA141152.jpg

The captain announced a flying time of 41 minutes and a cruising altitude of 25,000ft. During boarding, I saw my bag being loaded onboard below me. This would later prove to be some useful information.

 photo USA141125.jpg

Pushback occurred exactly on schedule. Then we sat on the taxiway with the engines running for more then a few minutes. Luckily, we pulled away and made our way over to the active.

 photo USA141126.jpg

 photo USA141127.jpg

We then got going and were more or less straight out over the water and St. Petersburg.

 photo USA141163.jpg

 photo USA141164.jpg

 photo USA141153.jpg

 photo USA141154.jpg

After a few bumps due to some nasty looking clouds the onboard service began. It was more or less identical to the one this morning, however on a flight of this length it was more expected.

 photo USA141155.jpg

 photo USA141156.jpg

And that was pretty much that as far as this flight was concerned. Descent began over the swamps of the Everglades, before the suburbs of Miami were upon us and we landed into Miami more or less on schedule.

 photo USA141158.jpg

 photo USA141157.jpg

 photo USA141159.jpg

 photo USA141160.jpg

 photo USA141169.jpg

Due to a reasonably short connection time, I either had the choice of taking a long walk to the next gate, which was at the opposite end of the terminal, or making another lounge visit. I figured I didn’t really have much to gain by making another lounge visit, so I took the long walk instead.

 photo USA141132.jpg

 photo USA141133.jpg

 photo USA141168.jpg

I arrived at the gate just a few minutes before boarding was due to begin.

 photo USA141136.jpg

 photo USA141137.jpg

 photo USA141138.jpg

 photo newAAlogo.jpg

August 2014
Boeing 737-800 / N832NN
Seat: 6A / Business Class
Scheduled: 17:00/20:04
Off Stand: 16:58
On Stand: 19:53

I settled into 6A – despite this aircraft still having the old style cabin, I’m guessing it had recently got new light bulbs as the cabin seemed much brighter than the previous one. Once again, it was a full flight. And once again, both window shades were closed.

Pushback came a couple of minutes ahead of schedule.

 photo USA141143.jpg

 photo USA141144.jpg

 photo USA141145.jpg

 photo USA141146.jpg

 photo USA141173.jpg

Once we had reached a decent enough altitude, the customs forms were given out. Not that I could fill it in, due to my pen being in the overhead and my seatmate being the type of seatmate that falls asleep the second they’re seated…

 photo USA141149.jpg

A few moments later, the very cheerful purser came around, welcomed me by name and took the dinner orders. Or in my case, confirmed my dinner order. And a drink order of a G&T. She also apologised saying that they had forgotten to load the bread and nuts after a “crazy day”. Instead I got some “fake nuts” – more or less what I’d been surviving on all day. Urgh.

 photo USA141175.jpg

Following this, the dinner service began – finally a proper meal! And it went down a treat. Very tasty indeed.

 photo USA141176.jpg

Once I had finished, the ever jocular purser appeared to collect my tray, and noticed I hadn’t touched the salad. “If you don’t eat your greens, you don’t get any ice cream…” Before bursting into laughter. Luckily for me she was joking and I was treated to a great dessert.

 photo USA141177.jpg

Once everything was cleared away, the sun had gone down, and there were only a couple of minutes until descent, which occurred in complete darkness.

 photo USA141178.jpg

We flew over the famous beach at low altitude, touched down and hit the breaks long and hard. Upon reaching the end of the runway, we spun around and headed back in the direction of the terminal.

 photo USA141161.jpg

Passing a dark Maho Beach

 photo USA141162.jpg

It was then off through to a pretty quick immigration process.

 photo USA141165.jpg

And finally on to baggage claim. One by one, it got emptier and emptier until I was one of just a few people left in the baggage hall.

 photo USA141166.jpg

 photo USA141167.jpg

Some thirty minutes later, an announcement came out saying that the last bag had been delivered… Yet I was still without mine. A bit of furious typing by the agent later and it was determined that my bag was still in Miami. Although I had photographic evidence of that. And with that, I was sent on my way. What, no overnight kit? Eventually they did cough up.

 photo USA141170.jpg

 photo USA141172.jpg

 photo USA141171.jpg

So I made my way into a taxi and off to the Sonesta Maho Beach. To add insult to injury, despite specifying a room that overlooked the beach and the airport, I was given a pool view room instead. However, the room wasn’t too bad – despite the extremely high price. And I did have an appropriate room number

 photo IMG_3090.jpg

 photo USA141179.jpg

British Airways were good enough. The slight enhancement of the catering in the lounge was a welcome change and being welcomed personally by the purser was a nice touch. Although the crew in general needed to be a bit more polished I think. Taking an hour to clear away the meal trays was a bit much. And there was an occasion where I went to use the rear washroom and I couldn’t see a single member of the crew either in the cabin or the galley.

US Airways failed to leave an impression on me. Dishing up what was basically a BA domestic snack service on a two and a half hour flight in First class was slightly pathetic. About the only good thing was the BA Avios and Tier points.

American, once again, were really tough to judge. The onboard staff were great, as well as the service I received on the international sector. However, losing my bag put a big dent in my impression of them. Trying to get it back was a bit of a hassle too. Nobody seemed to know what was going on, or where it was. And there was no apology either – just plenty of “I don’t know”. They’re an airline I’m genuinely trying to like, but they just keep making silly little mistakes which puts a bad mark against them!

Stay tuned for Part 2 which will cover my time in St. Maarten and my journey up to Las Vegas.

American | B772/B738/B77W | LHR-ORD-BOS-JFK-LHR | Business/Economy

 photo map.gif

Maps generated by theGreat Circle Mapper -copyright © Karl L. Swartz.

This trip starts back in April of 2013. Some of my more diligent readers may remember that upon checking in for my American Airlines flight between DCA and ORD, things didn’t exactly go to plan. To cut a long story short, as far as AA were concerned I had missed my flight. As far as BA and I were concerned, (whom I booked the flight with) I hadn’t. For the more detailed version of events, see here:


Upon my return from the USA, I filed a complaint with AA and they issued me a $250 travel voucher as an apology, which I was amazed with, although as it only had a year’s shelf life I was unsure if it would actually get used. In early December I was thinking it would be a bit of a waste to have over a week off work during Christmas and not actually go anywhere. I looked around at European destinations, however flight prices were through the roof – averaging around £350. Then I gazed up and saw the AA voucher hanging on my notice board a little unloved, and headed to aa.com. Most destinations were pretty pricey however Boston seemed pretty reasonable – and with the discount of the voucher, it actually worked out cheaper to head stateside than some European destinations. There were a few restrictions with the voucher however. The main one being that all sectors had to be operated by AA. Fine with me as I was getting a little bored of flying BA and there’s no way I wanted to chance IB longhaul. One thing I did want to shoehorn into the deal was a flight on the AA 777-300ER, and this was achieved by having the return sector coming through JFK.

The way the voucher would be used was to prebook online, then call the reservation centre and get them to apply the discount before paying and sending off the voucher.

 photo Untitled-1dragged.jpg

 photo Untitled4-1dragged.jpg

At least that was the theory. As it was only a couple of weeks before departure, the reservations team confirmed the booking, however I’d still have to pay a visit to LHR before the day of departure in order to submit my voucher and make payment. Lucky I only live around thirty minutes drive from LHR and had a day off due before then.

One thing that impressed me was that I was able to reserve seats in the Main Cabin Extra section on the JFK-LHR flight for free due to my One World status. This also applied to my domestic sectors, but they weren’t so much of a big deal…

 photo Untitled5-1dragged.jpg

 photo 737seats.png

The outward sector to Chicago was looking a little full:

 photo 777seats.png

The day after I returned from Venice, I made the short drive up to Heathrow to make payment and submit my voucher to the AA sales desk. It seemed odd to be at an airport and not be flying anywhere!

 photo 20131216_103157.jpg

T2 coming along nicely

 photo 20131216_104427.jpg

I was seen to quickly and after a bit of furious typing by the agent, I was handed a confirmation of my itinerary and asked a couple of times to double check that everything was as it should be before making payment and submitting my voucher. Everything was fine and within thirty minutes I was heading home again.

 photo 20131216_104433.jpg

Check in was 24 hours before departure, and there was a good deal to be had.

 photo upgrade.png

I took advantage of this and everything was confirmed via the AA app.

 photo Boston246.jpg

 photo Boston247.jpg

 photo Boston248.jpg

And of course, paper boarding passes were available too.

 photo ordbosbp.png

I set off for the airport by my now usual means…

 photo Boston001.jpg

…arriving at terminal 3 around thirty minutes later.

 photo Boston008.jpg

I headed off to check in to grab my souvenir boarding pass, where even the first class desk had a long queue. A few moments later, I was sent in the direction of the ticket desk, as I had no bags to check.

 photo Boston002.jpg

 photo Boston006.jpg

It was then up to security. And I was very glad to have access to the fast track lane, as the regular line stretched the length of the terminal.

 photo Boston003.jpg

Upon reaching the x-Ray machine, I was more than a little irritated by having to repack my liquids – because it wasn’t in one of the LHR approved plastic bags. I protested that my bag had been through over 50 security checks this year fine the way it was, but he wasn’t having any of it. Jobs worth.

 photo Boston004.jpg

Once through, I had three lounges to choose from. First stop was the British Airways lounge as I fancied one of their bacon rolls – but I was out of luck.

 photo Boston005.jpg

 photo Boston012.jpg

I guess this was one of the ‘enhancements’ they had made since my last visit to this lounge just over a year ago.

 photo Boston015.jpg

 photo Boston018.jpg

The plus side of this lounge is the great views on offer.

 photo Boston014.jpg

 photo Boston016.jpg

 photo Boston017.jpg

Around thirty minutes later, I made my way up to the second of three, the Cathay Pacific lounge. Which was absolutely deserted. The food options were slightly lacking also…

 photo Boston007.jpg

I could have had some noodles, but it was still a little early.

 photo Boston019.jpg

 photo Boston020.jpg

Calm away from the chaos outside.

The views from here weren’t too bad.

 photo Boston021.jpg

After around twenty minutes here, I made my way to the third and final lounge of the day, the American Airlines lounge. The food options here was the best of the three lounges, but having gone slightly mad in the CX lounge back in September and then feeling a little full on the flight, I decided to pace myself.

 photo Boston025.jpg

 photo Boston009.jpg

 photo Boston022.jpg

Unexpectedly, it was busier than the previous 2 lounges, however I managed to find a quiet haven hidden in the corner.

 photo Boston026.jpg

 photo Boston028.jpg

 photo Boston010.jpg

 photo Boston011.jpg

 photo Boston032.jpg

With a semi decent view of the ramp too.

 photo Boston013.jpg

 photo Boston031.jpg

 photo Boston033.jpg

This one flew me HKT-BKK in May 2013.

 photo Boston034.jpg

 photo Boston035.jpg

 photo Boston036.jpg

I stayed in this lounge until around ten minutes before boarding was called.

I took the walk down to gate 31, where I was the only person in the priority line. None of the staff acknowledged me however, and continued to deal with the economy passengers. Eventually I was seen to, and no sooner had I entered the holding pen boarding was announced for business and first passengers. I made my way up, but was stopped in my tracks pretty swiftly – I couldn’t understand what the guy was saying, other than he was new and I had to wait. I replied that his colleague had just announced business class passengers could board, but it was still met with ‘I’m very new’. A few moments later he let me board.

 photo newAAlogo.jpg

December 2013
777-223ER / N774AN
Seat: 9A / Business
Scheduled: 13:15/16:05
Off Stand: 13:13/13:57
On Stand: 13:35/16:18

Upon boarding I was met by an older female FA at the door and shown to my seat, 9A. It may not have been the most modern seat out there, but it was very comfortable. There was a pillow, duvet, amenity kit and slippers ready and waiting.

 photo Boston023.jpg

 photo Boston024.jpg

 photo Boston027.jpg

 photo Boston039.jpg

 photo Boston040.jpg

 photo Boston041.jpg

Shortly afterwards, welcome drinks were brought around – I opted for the champagne.

 photo Boston030.jpg

I did initially have a seat mate, however once boarding was complete, he took himself off to one of the free rows a bit further back. Great!

 photo Boston029.jpg

Menu’s were handed out, shortly followed by the cabin crew coming around and taking dinner orders.

 photo AAMenuCover.jpeg

 photo AAMenuMain.jpeg

 photo AAMenuSnack.jpeg

 photo Boston042.jpg

Newspapers were then distributed

 photo Boston044.jpg

Followed by hot towels

 photo Boston047.jpg

The safety video was shown whilst still on stand.

 photo Boston037.jpg

We pushed back a minute or two ahead of schedule, the engines were started and then we waited…and waited…and waited. Around fifteen minutes later, the flight deck came on, said there was a discrepancy with some of the paperwork, and that we would have to return to stand. It would appear my already tight connection, just got a little tighter.

A few moments later, we edged forwards and back to where we came from. A few guys in hi viz jackets boarded and made a beeline for the flight deck.

During the wait, the mostly Chinese crew distributed Bose noise cancelling head sets.

 photo Boston048.jpg

After around twenty five minutes, the door slammed shut and we were on our way again.

 photo Boston043.jpg

We arrived at 27R, waited for a couple of departures before it was our turn – lifting off at 14:15.

 photo Boston045.jpg

 photo Boston046.jpg

 photo Boston049.jpg

 photo Boston050.jpg

 photo Boston051.jpg

During the climb, and intro video was played

 photo Boston052.jpg

 photo Boston053.jpg

Amenity kit contents

Once we had reached our cruising altitude, the crew sprang into action distributing drinks and warm nuts, making a further pass through the cabin a few moments later offering refills of nuts from a carafe.

 photo Boston054.jpg

During this time, I got cracking on the trip report. One of the crew saw me typing away on my iPad, and said ‘Mr White, may I extend the table for your convenience?’ Very impressive! A few moments later, he returned to set the table for lunch. First off the starter. The prawns were very good indeed, although I didn’t touch the salad.

 photo Boston055.jpg

 photo Boston056.jpg

Followed around thirty minutes later by the main course of a very tender, melt in the mouth cut of beef. This really was good.

 photo Boston057.jpg

After this, it was American Airlines’ signature ice cream sundae. Again, very good, and not a trolley in sight, at least on this side of the cabin. The crew member on the other side elected to use a trolley, where as the guy serving my side decided to prepare everything in the galley and hand deliver the meals on a tray.

 photo Boston059.jpg

Once the dishes were cleared, the ever-attentive crewmember delivered a bottle of water. He was also very pro active at delivering fresh bottles once the previous bottle was getting empty. Very impressive service.

 photo Boston058.jpg

Much less paperwork required to enter the USA now.

 photo Boston061.jpg

Seeing what the hardware can do

 photo Boston062.jpg

Once the meal service had finished, it was time to kick back in front of a movie – Disney’s planes. Not the best one of the bunch I’ve seen – basically the same storyline as Cars, but the main cast were planes. The seat was still proving to be comfortable, even a few hours in and the pillow and duvet had a pretty high threat count, meaning they were nice and soft.

 photo Boston067.jpg

 photo Boston060.jpg

Following the film, I pulled out the iPod and put the seat into full recline. Despite it not being fully flat, I could no doubt get a few hours sleep on a night flight.

 photo Boston063.jpg

I came back to life when I noticed the cabin crew bringing round cheese plates. Again, very tasty.

 photo Boston064.jpg

Followed up with an awful lukewarm cup of tea, made with creamer instead of milk – yuck!

 photo Boston068.jpg

Hardly premium in the washroom department. Although at least it wasn’t held together with duck tape like on BA. After all the liquid I drank, I paid a good few visits…

 photo Boston065.jpg

 photo Boston069.jpg

Luckily, the crewmember did replace my ¾ drunk bottle of water with a new one without being prompted.

 photo Boston066.jpg

I then decided to stick another film on – We’re the Millers. Pretty good actually – in fact I’ve recently invested in the Blu-Ray!

 photo Boston070.jpg

 photo Boston071.jpg

 photo Boston072.jpg

Just as the end credits were rolling, the crew member who had taken care of me pretty much throughout the flight appeared next to my seat: ‘Mr White, may I offer you some pizza, or beef?’ I chose the pizza, and like every other meal I’d had in this flight, it was great.

 photo Boston075.jpg

 photo Boston076.jpg

Once I had finished, he once again appeared to clear my tray away, asking if there was anything else he could get for me. Not for the moment thanks.

 photo Boston073.jpg

Interesting Japanese (?) signage.

 photo Boston085.jpg

 photo Boston081.jpg

 photo Boston082.jpg

After this there was only around an hour remaining. I went to the galley and attempted a conversation with the crew but they weren’t overly keen, as they were a little busy collecting in the premium headsets, so I returned to my seat and stuck my iPod on until descent started.

 photo Boston074.jpg

Snacks in the galley

During descent, the crew member who had served me pretty much throughout the flight, came over and thanked me by name for flying with American. I noticed a guy a few rows back got the same treatment, but not everybody, so I’m guessing it was only reserved for status passengers. Connecting flight info was shown on the IFE – which proved to be useless as my next gate wasn’t L8 at all.

 photo Boston077.jpg

 photo Boston088.jpg

We made our way across a frozen Lake Michigan and were pretty much straight into ORD.

 photo Boston087.jpg

 photo Boston090.jpg

 photo Boston091.jpg

 photo Boston093.jpg

 photo Boston094.jpg

 photo Boston078.jpg

 photo Boston079.jpg

 photo Boston080.jpg

We made the taxi over to terminal 5, arriving just 12 minutes behind schedule. Pretty good going considering we eventually left the gate at Heathrow 45 behind schedule. Nicely padded. Pretty much as I exited, I found this stuck to the wall.

 photo Boston084.jpg

It was then a mission to clear immigration, customs, change terminal and clear security in less than 2 hours.

 photo Boston083.jpg

My bright orange pass meant I was put into a queue with just two people ahead of me at immigration. When I was processed, it wasn’t like anything I’d experienced entering the US before. The officer sat scribbling out things in a leaflet before telling me the best joke he had… which wasn’t overly funny, but I faked a laugh anyway to avoid him telling anymore and delaying me more than needed. He then stamped my passport and sent me on my way with none of the interrogation previously experienced when entering the US. Bizarre! Just when I thought my luck was in, I got to customs. The initial officer thought it was a bit odd that I was travelling alone for such a short time with just the one bag and sent me for further interrogation. It was a similar story when I reached the second officer, and he had a look through my bag to make sure everything was as it should be. He apologised, saying he knew I was in a rush but he had to do his job. Fair enough I guess, and at least he was being decent about it. He finally said he was satisfied with my intentions and I went on my way around ten minutes later and on to the shuttle to T3.

 photo Boston086.jpg

Upon arrival there, I flashed my bright orange wallet and was directed to a line with just a couple of people ahead of me. I was through by 17:00. Impressive, considering the delay to the outbound flight and being held up at customs, I’d almost written off making my connection. As I still had twenty minutes until boarding, I made a visit to the Admirals club. It was a decent enough place to wait, but I thought it was a bit off that you had to pay for most of the food and beverages. I was given one free drink chit though.

 photo Boston089.jpg

 photo Boston095.jpg

Price list – Yes, Price list.

 photo Boston092.jpg

 photo Boston102.jpg

My free premium drink and token free snacks

Just before boarding was due to start, I headed down to gate H16 and found an unidentified 737-800 waiting. Nice to see a plane here this time – I was due to depart from this gate in April 2013 and the plane never actually turned up. It ended up in Milwaukee instead!

 photo Boston096.jpg

Boarding started and I made my way on board. One person in the queue noticed I had priority AAccess and signalled for me to go forward. Makes a change from the ‘me first’ attitude which is normally found. I noticed the screens above the gate were now showing a nine minute delay.

 photo Boston097.jpg

 photo newAAlogo.jpg

December 2013
Boeing 737-823 / N805NN
Seat: 9A / Main Cabin Extra
Scheduled: 17:50 / 21:05
Off Stand: 17:52
On Stand: 20:52

 photo Boston098.jpg

 photo Boston099.jpg

Boarding was completed pretty quickly, and despite a reasonable load, the middle seat stayed free.

 photo Boston103.jpg

There was what I thought was a young guy in the aisle seat, although after later speaking to me, I realised it was actually a girl. Oops. Managing to catch a glimpse at her name on her boarding pass a little later on confirmed this. Bit of an odd setup all round really, as she just came and plonked herself down in the seat, with no checking if it was the right seat and not having any bags – much like somebody would sit themselves down on the first free seat on a bus/train. We pushed back a minute or two behind schedule and made a quick taxi over to the runway, during which the captain informed us of a flight time of 1 hour 43 minutes and that we were second in line for take-off. We made a speedy departure, had a brief tour of the suburbs of Chicago before heading into the darkness above Lake Michigan.

 photo Boston100.jpg

 photo Boston101.jpg

 photo Boston105.jpg

The drinks service started around thirty minutes later. Just a Dr Pepper this time. We have it in the UK, but it’s not the same as the US version!

 photo Boston104.jpg

As I didn’t manage to catch our reg at the gate, I put a request on Facebook (the only site available on the on board Wi-Fi for some reason) for somebody to track me and find out the reg. 817Dreamliner responded pretty quickly, saying I was on board N805NN. Thanks, much appreciated and a new reg for the log.

 photo Boston106.jpg

Much of the flight was spent nursing my drink and gazing at the various cities slowly passing beneath… And wondering why the landing lights were left on for the duration of the flight, before reading a few pages of an e-book on my iPad.

 photo Boston108.jpg

There was a program playing on the overhead screens, much like on my flight from DCA-ORD earlier in the year. And much like on that flight, I paid it no attention whatsoever!

I was starting to feel a little tired by now, but the flight deck came on and said that out of the left hand side, we there was a great view of Buffalo, and in the distance Toronto. For once, I was on the correct side!

 photo Boston109.jpg

Shortly before descent the flight deck updated us on our progress, saying we were due to land in around thirty minutes, and arrive on to stand fifteen ahead of schedule. We made a few twists and turns before landing at Logan.

 photo Boston114.jpg

 photo Boston115.jpg

 photo Boston116.jpg

 photo Boston117.jpg

 photo Boston118.jpg

 photo Boston119.jpg

 photo Boston107.jpg

During decent the person in the aisle leant over and asked if I could see the beach. Um, well no as its dark? A few moments later, we were on to stand and I was out into arrivals, heading for a shuttle to the train station.

 photo Boston110.jpg

 photo Boston111.jpg

It was at this point the cold really hit me!

 photo Boston112.jpg

After a bus, two trains, a 500 metre walk and half an hour, I’d reached my hotel, the Hilton Back Bay. As my HHonours number wasn’t in the system, I was given a free upgrade to a ‘panoramic view room’. I would have settled for free Wi-Fi, but the room was pretty nice.

 photo Boston113.jpg

 photo Boston144.jpg

This wasn’t in my room, but in the lounge like lobby

 photo Boston120.jpg

 photo Boston121.jpg

As it was now getting on for 3AM in the UK, it was pretty much a shower and bed. I woke up early the following morning and was now able to appreciate my upgraded view.

 photo Boston123.jpg

The next few days were spent seeing Boston’s sights.

 photo Boston124.jpg

 photo Boston125.jpg

Prudential tower – Boston’s highest I’m led to believe.

 photo Boston126.jpg

Boylston Street

 photo Boston127.jpg

 photo Boston128.jpg

 photo Boston129.jpg

 photo Boston130.jpg

Most people took the bridge. Some decided to take a chance and walk on the ice.

 photo Boston131.jpg

Following the freedom trail is a great way to see most of the major sights in Boston. And as it’s a walking tour, you’re able to deviate as and when you feel like.

 photo Boston132.jpg

 photo Boston133.jpg

 photo Boston134.jpg

 photo Boston135.jpg

 photo Boston136.jpg

 photo Boston137.jpg

 photo Boston138.jpg

At the harbour.

 photo Boston139.jpg

Quincy Market

 photo Boston140.jpg

Back on the freedom trail

 photo Boston141.jpg

Sheltering from some nasty weather in a mall next to the hotel

 photo Boston143.jpg

The interesting looking building I could see from my window

 photo Boston145.jpg

 photo Boston146.jpg

Fenway park

 photo Boston147.jpg

 photo Boston148.jpg

 photo Boston149.jpg

Views from the Prudential tower

 photo Boston165.jpg

 photo Boston166.jpg

 photo Boston167.jpg

 photo Boston168.jpg

 photo Boston170.jpg

 photo Boston171.jpg

My hotel from above

 photo Boston172.jpg

 photo Boston174.jpg

 photo Boston176.jpg

JAL 787 hiding between the skyline

And Sampling the cities delicacies

 photo Boston122.jpg

 photo Boston142.jpg

 photo Boston150.jpg

At the station heading back to BOS now

 photo Boston151.jpg

Once at the airport train station, it was on a bus over to the terminal. I inadvertently got on a bus to terminals C and E rather than terminal B where AA depart from. No big deal though as terminals C and B are linked by a walkway, offering some decent ramp views.

 photo Boston152.jpg

 photo Boston153.jpg

Upon arrival at the correct terminal, it was over to grab a souvenir boarding pass. Despite using the Priority AAccess check in, there were still only machines. So only flimsy receipts.

 photo Boston154.jpg

With not much landside in terminal B, it was straight through security. There was a fast track available however I failed to really notice it until quite a few other people started using it. As I was near the front of the queue I was in, I didn’t see much point in swapping lanes. I was processed in around ten minutes and then it was up to the Admirals club, which was conveniently located right next to my assigned gate.

 photo Boston155.jpg

 photo Boston156.jpg

The lounge itself wasn’t massive, but big enough to hold everybody. This time I wasn’t given any drinks coupons, although they could have been free here, as I didn’t see any price lists.

 photo Boston160.jpg

 photo Boston157.jpg

 photo Boston189.jpg

 photo Boston191.jpg

Standard AA lounge food it would appear

 photo Boston158.jpg

 photo Boston159.jpg

 photo Boston188.jpg

This did me, as I’d eaten before setting off for the airport.

A few moments later, I saw my jet pull on to stand, still in the old colours.

 photo Boston190.jpg

And as the later 77W would be in the new colours, this would be the only time on this trip I’d fly the ‘Old American’. AA are getting their planes repainted at an impressive rate. N978AN would be doing the honours, delivered new to AA in December 2001 and having its winglets retrofitted in June 2006. And the first time on this trip I’d actually been able to see the reg.

I left the lounge around twenty minutes before boarding was due to begin and went for a walk to see what was around.

 photo Boston193.jpg

 photo Boston194.jpg


 photo Boston195.jpg

Some five minutes ahead of schedule, boarding began.

 photo AAlogo.jpg

December 2013
Boeing 737-823/ N978AN
Seat: 12F / Main Cabin Extra
Scheduled: 14:50/16:15
Off Stand: 14:44
On Stand: 16:22

The flight seemed pretty full – so much that the dog in the row opposite had to make do with the floor!

 photo Boston196.jpg

We pushed back six minutes ahead of schedule and made the journey over to the active.

 photo Boston161.jpg

Departure was at a couple of minutes past 3, behind a smoky MD80. There were great views of the city of Boston on climb out.

 photo Boston198.jpg

 photo Boston199.jpg

Prudential tower once more

We made a turn to the left and the captain informed us that we would be flying at an altitude of 20,000 ft.

 photo Boston162.jpg

 photo Boston200.jpg

Very shortly after, the drink service started – which surprised me as on my MCO-MIA flight earlier in the year, which was of a similar duration, there was no service at all.

 photo Boston163.jpg

Due to the relatively low altitude there were pretty good views to be had of the coastline throughout the flight.

 photo Boston201.jpg

 photo Boston202.jpg

 photo Boston203.jpg

Passing many airfields en route, most of which looked familiar from my last flight into JFK with VS back in September 2012.

 photo Boston204.jpg

 photo Boston205.jpg

Descent started and the coastline got closer.

 photo Boston206.jpg

 photo Boston207.jpg

 photo Boston208.jpg

We landed at just after 15:40, some 35 minutes ahead of schedule.

 photo Boston209.jpg

Lonely looking DY 787

Our early arrival didn’t turn out to be a blessing though. We made our way over to the terminal and came to a stop. A few moments later the captain said due to our early arrival, there wasn’t a spare gate so we would have to wait around ten minutes.

 photo Boston210.jpg

Ten minutes later, we were informed it would now be another ten minutes. We eventually did move, but only to make way for an Air Berlin A330 that had recently arrived. We then held in the cargo/maintenance area for a further ten minutes or so before finally moving back in the direction of the terminal.

 photo Boston164.jpg

 photo Boston211.jpg

Once again, we were in the way. This time of a company 762, and were ushered back out towards the runway. It appeared whoever was at the controls was getting a little fed up, as each time we did move a little more thrust was applied each time to get us on the move!

 photo Boston212.jpg

We spun around and then followed our original route back in towards the terminal, finally pulling on to stand seven minutes behind schedule. The flight from Boston took 50 minutes; the taxi from the runway to the gate at JFK took over 40! Only in JFK. Luckily I had a decent time to connect.

 photo Boston213.jpg

It was then out into the terminal, and across to the opposite concourse where my flight back to London would be departing from in a couple of hours time.

 photo Boston169.jpg

 photo Boston173.jpg

 photo Boston183.jpg

 photo Boston185.jpg

I made my way up to the AA admirals club, where the casually dressed staff – something I noticed at all the AA lounges in the USA on this trip, said the computer had thrown up an error. They saw that everything was as it should be from my boarding pass and FF card though and I was welcomed in anyway, gaining two free drinks coupons in the process. Once more, it was an underwhelming experience.

 photo Boston184.jpg

 photo Boston182.jpg

 photo Boston181.jpg

 photo Boston178.jpg

 photo Boston179.jpg

 photo Boston180.jpg

 photo Boston216.jpg

It’s not only crazy that they charge for pretty much everything in here, but it’s not exactly cheap either.

 photo Boston175.jpg

I used one of my drinks coupons on a Sprite and sat with a pretty sad looking plate of cheese and crackers.

 photo Boston215.jpg

 photo Boston177.jpg

The plus side of this lounge however was the decent view of the ramp

 photo Boston217.jpg

Around an hour or so before departure, my aircraft pulled on to stand just below me. N721AN would be my bed for this evening, delivered fresh to AA in March 2013 – so just nine months old at the time. After a while, I was feeling bored so I used my second drinks coupon on a bottle of water for the flight and left the lounge to have a look around the terminal, although there wasn’t an awful lot to see. I sat nearby my gate and waited.

 photo Boston218.jpg

 photo Boston219.jpg

Boarding was called at 18:40, initially for first and business class. There were no takers, so then priority access was called. I ended up being the first on board.

 photo newAAlogo.jpg

December 2013
Boeing 777-323ER / N721AN
Seat: 18L / Main Cabin Extra
Scheduled: 19:25/07:35
Off Stand: 19:31
On Stand: 07:08

As I had the aircraft to myself, I went a bit snap happy in this separate main cabin extra.

 photo Boston220.jpg

 photo Boston221.jpg

 photo Boston222.jpg

 photo Boston224.jpg

View back to the main cabin

 photo Boston225.jpg

 photo Boston226.jpg

Boarding was completed pretty quickly, meaning we had a pretty long wait on stand.

 photo Boston223.jpg

Excellent legroom

 photo Boston227.jpg

 photo Boston228.jpg

Our neighbour would also be our neighbour at LHR

Just when I thought I had lucked out with two empty seats next to me, a couple of Indian/Pakistani girls with Swiss passports and accents wandered past, and then back again looking a little confused. But upon getting a glance of their boarding passes it was confirmed they would be taking the two seats next to me. Oh so close… They still seemed to be a little unsure that they were supposed to be seated here though. We exchanged hello’s then they chatted between themselves for pretty much the rest of the flight.

 photo Boston186.jpg

 photo Boston187.jpg

These need to happen I think

During this time the crew all but disappeared. When they did reappear, they distributed the earphones. The same ones they charge $5 on domestic flights. I gave them a quick try out, but they sounded awful. We pushed back a few minutes behind schedule, during which the safety video was played. I was more interested in the great sound if the massive GE90’s firing into life though. We made our way over to the runway, giving us a great, if a little distant view of New York City.

 photo Boston229.jpg

During which, the captain got in touch for the first time, saying there were two aircraft ahead of us to depart (a BA 777 and a DL 738 from what I could see) and that our flight time would be a pretty quick 5 hours 48 minutes. Probably my quickest Atlantic crossing?

We rumbled into the air at 19:55 local. I was amazed that this aircraft makes more noise on startup than on takeoff. This one seemed a lot quieter than the EK 77W’s I was on earlier in the year. Maybe they gain volume with age?!

There was a brief light show before a total black out and a few bumps – much like the last time I flew out of JFK actually.

 photo Boston192.jpg

 photo Boston230.jpg

 photo Boston231.jpg

Shortly after departure, the captain was on again, saying that the turbulence we were currently experiencing should only last for another ten minutes or so and then he would turn the seatbelt sign off. It was eventually turned off around three hours into the flight, by which time most people had eaten, used the washroom and fallen asleep – myself included. He also mentioned that our expected arrival time into London was 06:35, a massive sixty minutes ahead of schedule. American really do pad their schedules. Although I figured (correctly) that ATC at LHR would likely bring that time down a touch.

 photo Boston232.jpg

 photo Boston233.jpg

Around an hour or so into the flight, the snack service began.

 photo Boston235.jpg

I decided to put a film on during this time, This Is the End, and for once I didn’t fall asleep before it finished. So it must have been pretty good!

 photo Boston234.jpg

Followed almost immediately by the meal service. It was a choice of lasagne or chicken and potatoes. I went for the lasagne, although it was more a cheese ravioli. It tasted pretty similar to the meal I had in Venice a few weeks previously, so top marks to the AA caterers. Or the restaurant in Venice did a very poor job.

 photo Boston236.jpg

I decided to see how the Wi-Fi worked once the trays had been cleared. I didn’t purchase though as I figured I’d shortly be asleep

 photo Boston249.jpg

 photo Boston250.jpg

After dinner, there was a final drinks service before the cabin lights were dimmed. As I was at the rear of the cabin, I put my seat into full recline. It actually went back quite a way – and the bottom of the seat also slid forwards making for quite a comfortable ride. The only complaint being that the IFE screens don’t tilt, so when the mother of the child sat in front of me decided he should recline, it made for a bit of an awkward viewing angle. Luckily, due to the extra space offered in this cabin, the person in front reclining wasn’t an issue.

The IFE itself was pretty good, although I found the touchscreen wasn’t overly responsive. Using the controller worked much better though. I didn’t find much of the TV selection to my taste either – just one episode of The Simpsons was the only thing that really took my fancy. I never saw the end of it though, waking only when the crew turned the lights up, just over an hour before landing. A few moments later, breakfast was dished up. The croissants were offered from a separate basket, rather than pre packaged. They were also slightly warm too.

 photo Boston237.jpg

 photo Boston238.jpg

 photo Boston239.jpg

 photo Boston240.jpg

With 33 minutes left to run, things got quieter outside. A few moments later, a chirpy sounding captain gave us an ‘early morning wake up call’, updating us on the weather and saying there were a few delays inbound. Which was hardly surprising. After quite a few laps, the captain got in touch saying we were having to do a few more turns than expected – but we would be landing on the hour – which was still around twenty five minutes away. Bearing in mind we had already been holding for around fifteen minutes already, it was quite a lengthy hold up. I could see quite a few more flashing lights outside as we made our way around.

 photo Boston243.jpg

 photo Boston244.jpg

We were finally ushered on to finals and touched down into a wet Heathrow pretty much on the hour as promised. After a short taxi over to T3, we pulled on to stand 34 alongside the company 77W that had departed JFK around an hour or so before us. We also passed the last CX 744 service into LHR along the way. Had I realised I would have attempted a picture.

Disembarking was a pretty relaxed affair for once. My two seatmates had rushed off to catch their BA flight to ZRH, and everybody else was casually putting their things away, leaving when they were ready rather than the mass stampede towards the door the second the parking brake is applied. As I made my way through the business class cabin, it appeared it had been pretty empty due to all the wrapped blankets and seat belts still crossed. It looked decent enough though, apart from the windows being seemingly blocked out by the design of the seat

 photo Boston241.jpg

It was then the usual procedure – through a maze of corridors, through to a busy border control and then out to the central bus station.

 photo Boston242.jpg

Did American manage to win me over then? They certainly did! I’ve made no secret before that after my experience with them previously I thought they weren’t too great. But a few months after their relaunch they appear to be getting it right in the air. The business class I experienced was very good, despite being a little old. All the food I had on board was great. My only complaint about the service in the air was that on the domestic flights there aren’t any free food options – even a bag of the snacks I got on the JFK-LHR sector would keep them on a par with the other US carriers.

The downsides however continue to be on the ground. It’s only a minor thing, but I like to see an actual person at check in rather than have to deal with a machine. And I was massively unimpressed with the lounges stateside. The one in LHR was pretty good, however charging for food and so called premium drinks left me thinking what’s the point? If I wanted to pay for a meal, I’d grab something in the terminal – and it would be far cheaper too.

And that brings 2013 to a close for me. Next up will be my first two Euro Hops of 2014, seeing me fly to a sunny, but not overly exciting Faro on a combination of Norwegian and BA, and a rainy visit to Salzburg, again on BA in their Club Europe cabin on a pair of elderly 737’s.

American/British Airways | B757/E145/B777| MCO-MIA-ATL-LHR

 photo map.gif

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This is the fifth and final part of my USA trip from April 2013. The previous four parts have seen me travel from London Heathrow, to Paris, Back from Paris to London, across to Washington on to Chicago, then down to Florida. If you have mssed them, they can be seen here:

USA 2013 Pt 4: Heading South on a Mad Dog ORD-MCO
USA 2013 Pt 3: Almost a disaster with AA DCA-ORD
USA 2013 Pt 2: BA A320/744 WTP CDG-LHR-IAD
USA 2013 Pt 1: The Beginning BA LHR-ORY

After having some pretty big issues on the previous sector of this ticket (which can be read about in part 3), I was a little concerned about this sector – especially as I had two connections to make, and this would be the sector getting me home. On the plus side, I had a printed confirmation of my reservation from AA that I picked up in Chicago and all three airports I would be travelling through on this part of the trip were BA destinations… so if there were any issues I could see an actual person face to face, rather than have to deal with somebody over the phone.

Despite feeling confident that I wouldn’t have any issues, the online check in process didn’t go to plan.

 photo 2013-04-12022801.png

 photo 2013-04-12022845.png

 photo 2013-04-12002902.png

Pretty much the same issue that caused the trouble in part 3.

After packing my things up and saying my goodbyes to the family I headed out a little earlier than needed in case I had any issues. The traffic was a little heavy around the attractions that was a little concerning. I knew I should have gone the other way!

 photo IMG_20130412_163958.jpg

Arrival at the airport was just past 12 midday and after saying goodbye to the car, I headed off to check in with my fingers crossed.

 photo IMG_20130412_171530.jpg

 photo IMG_20130412_171533.jpg

 photo IMG_20130412_172254.jpg

Luckily, the machines did have the right name and all was fine today. The SSK printed my boarding passes without any issues.

 photo IMG_20130412_171831.jpg

 photo IMG_20130412_172015.jpg

There was also this offer once more – I was offered a similar thing in ORD and if I had known about the delay I had suffered there in advance I would have been tempted. But not today.

 photo IMG_20130412_172048.jpg

After declining this, my boarding passes were printed.

 photo IMG_20130412_172101.jpg

 photo IMG_20130412_172204.jpg

Once I had my boarding passes I went for a wonder around the mall like Orlando international.

 photo IMG_20130412_172520.jpg

 photo IMG_20130412_172644.jpg

I then headed through security. Even with my priority AAccess it was still chaos. Mainly due to the fast track sharing the same lane as the crew security, and due to them having priority it was a case of constantly being at the end of a queue. I’m not sure I’ve ever flown from MCO where security wasn’t anything but packed.

 photo IMG_20130412_173129.jpg

Once through it was on to the monorail and I grabbed a burger…

 photo IMG_20130412_174631.jpg

 photo IMG_20130412_180145.jpg

With a view.

 photo IMG_0084.jpg

 photo IMG_0085.jpg

After I had finished, I made my way down to gate 15 to find 757 N680AN waiting for me – with winglets.

 photo IMG_20130412_181329.jpg

 photo IMG_0086.jpg

 photo IMGA0363.jpg

I had a bit of a look around this area to see what else was around. Not a huge amount really, so I sat back down and waited.

 photo IMG_0087.jpg

Boarding was called at 13:30 and I was one of the first to board this full flight.

 photo AAlogo.jpg

12th April 2013
757-223 / N680AN
Seat: 21A / Main Cabin
Scheduled: 14:05/15:10
Off Stand: 14:04
On Stand: 15:07

Once onboard, I was surprised at how 1990’s this jet was compared to the other AA examples I had been on in the previous week. Guess the 757’s hadn’t been refurbished.

 photo IMG_20130412_183038.jpg

 photo IMG_20130412_183100.jpg

Legroom wasn’t too bad for this short flight.

 photo IMGA0364.jpg

 photo IMGA0365.jpg

 photo IMGA0368.jpg

One guy did sit in the aisle, but then a slightly older Canadian woman came along and he moved over to the middle seat, taking up most of my space. They then got into a pretty deep chat which lasted the entire duration of the time on board. There seemed to be quite a few Brits on board this flight, heading for the connection to LHR. So was I, but I was taking the more interesting route!

 photo IMG_0088.jpg

Communication from the flight deck was pretty non-existent. The cabin crew announced a flight time of just 44 minutes and a cruising altitude of 22,000ft.

 photo IMGA0369.jpg

Is it time to go yet?

We pushed back pretty much on schedule and made a slow taxi out to the active.

 photo IMGA0370.jpg

 photo IMGA0373.jpg

 photo IMGA0375.jpg

 photo IMGA0377.jpg

 photo IMGA0378.jpg

 photo IMGA0380.jpg

 photo IMGA0381.jpg

At 14:15 we made the characteristic 757 powerful take off into some moody looking skies.

 photo IMGA0383.jpg

 photo IMGA0384.jpg

 photo IMGA0385.jpg

 photo IMGA0387.jpg

 photo IMGA0389.jpg

 photo IMG_0090.jpg

 photo IMG_0091.jpg

Not much can be said about this flight really – our apparent routing was down the coast to MIA. The crew weren’t seen throughout and the seatbelt signs were never extinguished – and for once, everybody seemed to obey this.

 photo IMG_0092.jpg

 photo IMGA0392.jpg

 photo IMGA0396.jpg


 photo IMG_0093.jpg

 photo IMGA0395.jpg

The only time I knew the flight had progressed as far as it had was when we turned to the West and downtown Miami came into sight.

 photo IMG_0095.jpg

 photo IMG_0096.jpg

 photo IMG_0097.jpg

 photo IMG_0098.jpg

 photo IMG_0099.jpg

 photo IMGA0399.jpg

 photo IMGA0401.jpg

 photo IMGA0402.jpg

Due to the heavy looking clouds around, some of the views were a bit obstructed until we cleared them. Once we had though, it was a few turns until we were on finals for runway 12. In my many visits to MIA, I had never landed on this runway.

 photo IMG_0100.jpg

 photo IMG_0101.jpg

 photo IMGA0403.jpg

 photo IMGA0405.jpg

 photo IMGA0408.jpg

 photo IMGA0410.jpg

It was then a few turns, as the flaps were extended and the landing gear lowered before making pretty solid contact with the ground at around 15:00.

 photo IMGA0412.jpg

A fifteen minute taxi followed to gate D3. Along the way I saw a VX A23X with sharklets, the Dreamlifter and John Travolta’s 707.

 photo IMGA0415.jpg

 photo IMG_0102.jpg

 photo IMGA0420.jpg

 photo IMG_0104.jpg

There was quite a wait to disembark, however once I was off, it was through the length of terminal to my connection to ATL.

 photo IMG_20130412_201627.jpg

ATL is a pretty popular destination it seems!

I took a bit of a walk before jumping on the skytrain to take me the rest of the way to my next gate.

 photo IMG_20130412_202034.jpg

 photo IMG_20130412_202221.jpg

 photo IMG_20130412_203636.jpg

 photo IMG_20130412_203949.jpg

Turns out taking the skytrain was a good idea as it gave some pretty good views across the ramp!

 photo IMG_0107.jpg

 photo IMG_0109.jpg

 photo IMG_0110.jpg

 photo IMG_0111.jpg

 photo IMG_0112.jpg


 photo IMG_0113.jpg

I was concentrating on the Astrojet so much, I almost missed this classic.

 photo IMG_0114.jpg

After the brief ride, I arrived at the final station and took the short walk down to American Eagles facility.

 photo IMG_20130412_204753.jpg

 photo IMG_20130412_204821.jpg

Once at gate D60, it was a case of sitting and waiting for an hour or so until boarding. There wasn’t a massive amount in this area – a small shop and that was about it really.

 photo IMG_20130412_205037.jpg

I did see a couple of familiar faces though!

 photo IMG_0117.jpg

 photo IMG_0118.jpg

And a couple that weren’t so familiar.

 photo IMG_0119.jpg

 photo IMG_0120.jpg

This one was heading for Key West – never knew such a flight even existed!

Boarding was called at 16;45, after the ground crew announcing the flight was over sold. First they offered $300, then a few moments later $400, and a seat on a later flight. If I didn’t have a connection to make I would have been very tempted by this offer. Shortly after it was outside into the boarding area.

 photo IMGA0422.jpg

Nobody seemed too sure where to go, so I asked one if the ground staff who pointed me in the right direction. However, upon reaching the right place, there was a barrier and a staff member stopping the boarding process due to the aircraft not quite being ready. It wasn’t an issue though as it was a nice enough place to wait and it was a decent temperature whilst not being uncomfortably hot. A fellow passenger followed me to the right place and we and a chat about my travels and his. He was especially interested in my camera and said it was a great idea to document every part of the trip, so I could look back on it in years to come. Eventually boarding commenced at 17:00.

 photo IMGA0423.jpg

Confirmation of the reg.

 photo IMGA0424.jpg

 photo IMGA0425.jpg

 photo IMGA0426.jpg

 photo AAElogo.jpg

12th April 2013
ERJ145 / N656AE
Seat: 4C / Main Cabin
Scheduled: 17:10/19:10
Off Stand: 17:08
On Stand: 18:56

Once on board, it was quite tight, unsurprisingly.

 photo IMGA0427.jpg

 photo IMG_20130412_220047.jpg

 photo IMGA0431.jpg

 photo IMG_0122.jpg

 photo IMG_0124.jpg

 photo IMG_0125.jpg

I did have a seatmate – who spent the entire flight typing on his laptop. I would have preferred one of the single seats, but I was happy to just have a window!

We pushed back a minute or two ahead of schedule and taxied out to the active. Due to the previous departure being a Cargolux 744, we held for quite a while on the runway to avoid any wake turbulence issues. Once we finally spooled up, it was quite a fast takeoff for this little jet.

 photo IMGA0437.jpg

 photo IMGA0439.jpg

 photo IMGA0440.jpg

 photo IMGA0443.jpg

 photo IMG_0126.jpg

Passing the Sunny Isles

 photo IMG_0128.jpg


 photo IMG_0130.jpg

 photo IMG_0132.jpg

Clouding over again.

 photo IMG_0133.jpg

 photo IMG_20130412_222942.jpg

 photo IMG_0134.jpg

Shortly after departure, the lone cabin crew member, an older but quite good looking blonde with a Hispanic accent started the drinks service. Upon reaching my row, she handed me a beer, courtesy of Mr 1A – the guy who I’d chatted with at the gate – cheers!

 photo IMG_20130412_223645.jpg

The rest of the flight was a little turbulent, an there was quite a bit of cloud around.

 photo IMG_0135.jpg

 photo IMG_20130412_230406.jpg

Interesting that American Eagle have their own inflight mag.

Once we reached Northern Florida the clouds cleared.

 photo IMG_0136.jpg

 photo IMG_0138.jpg

 photo IMG_0139.jpg

A little sooner than expected, descent started. Conditions were pretty good in Atlanta meaning there were some good views to be had. We followed a DL 738 pretty much all the way down.

 photo IMGA0453.jpg

 photo IMGA0450.jpg

 photo IMG_0140.jpg

 photo IMGA0451.jpg

 photo IMGA0456.jpg

 photo IMGA0457.jpg

 photo IMGA0458.jpg

Landing was made quite a bit ahead of schedule and we made our way over to concourse T.

 photo IMGA0462.jpg

 photo IMGA0463.jpg

 photo IMGA0467.jpg

 photo IMG_0141.jpg

Shortly before arriving at the gate the cabin crew announced a list of connections and what gates they would be departing from, including the flight to London – although no mention of which airline. After disembarking, I had to make my way over to the new concourse F – at the complete opposite end of the airfield to where I already was. I knew that there was a transit, but wasn’t brilliantly signposted once you came out of the jetbridge. After some wondering I found my way.

 photo IMG_20130413_000344.jpg

 photo IMG_20130413_000505.jpg

 photo IMG_20130413_000632.jpg

Arrival at concourse F was a few moments later, and what a fancy terminal it was

 photo IMG_0142.jpg

 photo IMG_0143.jpg

 photo IMG_0144.jpg

 photo IMG_20130413_002903.jpg

I headed down to the previously announced gate F5, but on the way I spotted this.

 photo IMG_20130413_003027.jpg

Interestingly there wasn’t an aircraft on stand yet. I would have thought there would be if everything was running on time? Due to this, I went to see what this new concourse had to offer.

 photo IMG_0145.jpg

 photo IMG_0146.jpg

Upon arriving back at the gate, there still wasn’t an aircraft on stand, and now a 35-minute delay was showing. Now I had no more connections to make though, this didn’t bother me.

 photo IMG_0147.jpg

A few moments later G-VIIN arrived.

 photo IMG_0149.jpg

 photo IMG_0151.jpg

 photo IMG_0153.jpg

 photo IMG_0157.jpg

 photo IMG_0160.jpg

I sat and waited for the next hour or so, until I was paged by the ground staff. While I was waiting, I overheard one of the other crew members trying to move people around. I figured I was either being upgraded or thrown off, much like the last time I was paged to go and see somebody. In reality it was neither – my boarding pass was checked, I was asked if I had any checked luggage and everything was handed back to me. Hmm strange.

Boarding was called at just before 21:40. As usual, everybody was either flying in first, club or had frequent flyer status. I eventually made it on board around 22:00 and was pleased to see it was one of the refurbished 777’s.

 photo IMG_20130413_025634.jpg

Amazingly, this was my first flight on a 777 of any variant. I’ve even logged two 787’s, so glad I could finally get one in the books!

 photo BAlogo.jpg

12th April 2013
777-236ER / G-VIIN
Seat: 23A / World Traveller Plus
Scheduled: 21:25/10:30
Off Stand: 22:16
On Stand: 11:05

 photo IMG_20130413_030105.jpg

 photo IMG_20130413_030214.jpg

Once onboard, I settled in, my seat mate turned up, immediately removed his shoes and socks and fell asleep. The fact he was dressed in running gear, and the fact I saw him doing various excursuses in the gate area might have explained the smell… lovely. The flight crew came over the PA announced a quick flying time of 7hours and 10minutes and apologized about the delay, blaming it on the late arrival of the aircraft from London – well yeah, I figured.

 photo IMG_20130413_030305.jpg

 photo IMG_20130413_030352.jpg

 photo IMG_20130413_030426.jpg

So lets have a quick look around this new BA cabin.

 photo IMG_20130413_030219.jpg

 photo IMG_20130413_030731.jpg

Handy iPad storage.

 photo IMG_20130413_031112.jpg


 photo IMGA0475.jpg

 photo IMGA0476.jpg

 photo IMGA0477.jpg

 photo IMGA0478.jpg

 photo IMG_20130413_035415.jpg

Much better noise cancelling headphones

 photo IMG_0172.jpg

 photo IMG_0174.jpg

 photo IMGA0487.jpg

As I was one of the last to board, it wasn’t a very long wait before the engines were started and we pushed back – yes, the engines were started on stand. As we weren’t too far from the end of the runway, there was a bit of a hold whilst the cabin was prepared. Eventually at just before 22:40, an hour and fifteen behind schedule, we took off. This was the first time I’d been in a 777 of any variant. I was quite surprised at how quiet it was. A few of the sounds also reminded me if the Dreamliner, so obviously a few shared components – but hopefully not the batteries.

 photo IMG_0162.jpg

 photo IMG_0163.jpg

 photo IMG_0165.jpg

 photo IMG_0166.jpg

 photo IMG_0167.jpg

Shortly after departure, a drinks service was brought around, but no menus this time.

 photo IMG_20130413_040455.jpg

 photo IMG_0170.jpg

Then over an hour later, dinner was served. There was a choice of beef or pasta. I chose the pasta, a spinach and mushroom ravioli. Tasted very good.

 photo IMG_0175.jpg

 photo IMG_0177.jpg

After this, I continued to watch the latest James Bond film, and settled down.

 photo IMG_20130413_035528.jpg

 photo IMG_0169.jpg

Annoyingly, I missed the end of the film, but I did manage a good sleep, waking up a few hours later.

 photo IMG_0180.jpg

 photo IMG_0181.jpg

 photo IMG_0182.jpg

 photo IMG_20130413_082411.jpg

Shortly after waking up, I watched an episode of family guy.

 photo IMG_20130413_093353.jpg

And then breakfast was served.

 photo IMG_0185.jpg

 photo IMG_0187.jpg

After this, I was finally released from my seat and I went for a walk down the back – interesting to notice that BA still use the 9 abreast seating on their 777’s rather than the more popular 10.

 photo IMG_20130413_095731.jpg

 photo IMGA0485.jpg

Pretty small economy cabin

Around forty minutes before arrival, the captain was on informing us of our progress. He also mentioned we would be in the Ockham hold for about five minutes.

 photo IMG_0188.jpg

Despite the refit, theres still the awkwardly placed IFE boxes.

 photo IMG_20130413_101558.jpg

 photo IMG_20130413_101602.jpg

 photo IMG_0189.jpg

It was pretty cloudy, so not much to be seen until on finals at around 3000ft.

 photo IMGA0492.jpg

 photo IMGA0494.jpg

 photo IMGA0496.jpg

 photo IMGA0499.jpg

 photo IMGA0500.jpg

 photo IMGA0503.jpg

Touchdown was on 27R and we made the short taxi over to T5C.

 photo IMGA0505.jpg

 photo IMGA0508.jpg

 photo IMGA0509.jpg

There was a bit of a wait to disembark due to a jetty driver not being found. I’ve had this problem before – surely they know the plane is coming, so why not have all the people in place ready in advance?

Once off, it was on to the transit and up to arrivals.

 photo IMG_20130413_112931.jpg

 photo IMG_20130413_111516.jpg

 photo IMG_20130413_112113.jpg

 photo IMG_20130413_112156.jpg

Once again I used my e passport to avoid the worst of the queues but it still took around ten minutes to get through. After this, it was to the bus stop for the coach home.

 photo IMG_20130413_113008.jpg

 photo IMG_20130413_113341.jpg

So conclusions,

British Airways were their typical selves really – especially on the European routes. The World traveller Plus cabin on the 744 felt a little tired, but was sufficient enough. I also feel that priority boarding would have been a good addition, that wouldn’t cost a thing. However the updated product on the 777 was very comfortable indeed and felt a lot more roomy and comfortable.

American Airlines are a funny airline really. Their ground staff really weren’t anything special at all – especially in my hour of need at Washington. I also feel they could have handled the delay in Chicago a little better than they did. The flight crew were the complete opposite though. Seems like there’s just niggling little things stopping them from being a good airline. Although not having travelled with the likes of Delta, United, Jetblue etc. from reading reports from them, they all appear to have the edge service wise.

American | MD80 | ORD-MCO | Main Cabin

 photo map.gif

Maps generated by theGreat Circle Mapper -copyright © Karl L. Swartz.

This is the fourth of a five part series covering my trip to the USA back in April of 2013. So far I’ve travelled from my home airport, London Heathrow, to Paris Orly and then from Paris deGaulle, back to London Heathrow, across the pond to Washington, and then to Chicago where part 3 left off. If you’ve missed the previous parts, they can be found here:

USA 2013 Pt 1: The Beginning BA LHR-ORY
USA 2013 Pt 2: BA A320/744 WTP CDG-LHR-IAD
USA 2013 Pt 3: Almost a disaster with AA DCA-ORD

This part will cover my flight with American Airlines down to Orlando, where I have family. Luckily this sector wasn’t anywhere near as stressful as experienced in part three, although it still wasn’t without trouble.

As the flights that BA gave me on the original booking got me into Orlando a little later than wanted, I booked this sector separately through the AA website.

 photo AAETICKET.png

A pricey £125 later, and I was all set. The most appealing factor for me on this sector was the fact it was scheduled to be operated by the MD-80, a type that I had logged before, but not for well over 20 years. So I was long overdue getting re acquainted.

Check in via the AA app was a pretty smooth process – while waiting in line for the elevator at the Willis Tower!

 photo 2013-04-07175357.png

 photo 2013-04-07175404.png

The day started more abruptly than anticipated, due to a fire alarm going off in the hotel. I know I wanted a wake up call, but something a bit subtler would have been more suited. I don’t think I’ve packed up and got dressed quicker in my life…

 photo IMG_9876.jpg

 photo IMG_9877.jpg

I checked out of the hotel at just before 08:30, again a little earlier than I wanted, but as I was up I figured I’d grab some breakfast at the airport. I caught the shuttle over to terminal 3, arriving at a wet terminal around ten minutes later.

 photo IMG_20130408_144036.jpg

Once at a wet terminal, I headed inside to grab my souvenir boarding pass.

 photo IMG_20130408_144737.jpg

 photo IMG_20130408_144212.jpg

 photo IMG_20130408_144559.jpg

I then went to a ticket agent and to tried and get some sort of printed confirmation of my upcoming flights, so I can avoid the issues experienced on my previous sector. Once again, the agent confirmed that everything was as it should be, and even managed to reserve me window seats for all flights. As far as I was aware, BA had done this for me (twice) but for some reason either BA hadn’t told AA or AA just wasn’t listening. There really are some communication issues between the two…

 photo 20130608_150309.jpg

Once this was sorted, it was through security. Due to my BA status I was entitled to use the fast track – again, something that AA gives which BA don’t. Around five minutes later, I was through and headed off for a heart attack on a plate.

 photo IMG_20130408_152938.jpg

 photo IMG_20130408_150744.jpg

Bit of history in the food court

Once breakfast was done, I was free to roam T3 for the next hour or so.

 photo IMG_20130408_150911.jpg

 photo IMG_9878.jpg

Eventually, I headed down to gate H16 where my flight would now be departing from. Once I arrived, there wasn’t an aircraft on stand, so I stood watching the various movements.

 photo IMG_20130408_155649.jpg

 photo IMG_20130408_155653.jpg

Still the MD80!

At 10:20, the ground staff announced that due to the earlier bad weather there would be a slight delay. Firstly due to not having an aircraft and secondly due to not having a crew. Luckily I wasn’t in a rush, as a few minutes later the gate agent announced a further delay due to the aircraft being in a hold above ORD. As I had a decent view, I didn’t mind too much.

 photo IMG_9885.jpg

 photo IMG_9880.jpg

 photo IMG_9884.jpg

 photo IMG_9886.jpg

 photo IMG_9888.jpg

 photo IMG_9890.jpg

 photo IMG_9893.jpg

 photo IMG_9896.jpg

Was this our jet?
 photo IMG_9881.jpg
Nope, How about this one?

Around five minutes prior to departure, the ground staff were on again, this time saying the aircraft that was planned to operate our flight had been diverted Milwaukee, due to not having enough fuel to hold above Chicago, and that they didn’t know what the plan was now – weather it was to wait for the original plane, find us a new one or cancel the flight.

A few moments later, the guy on the desk was on the PA again, saying he didn’t know what was going on and that he had ‘go do something else now’, and with that everybody was left to fend for themselves. Once more, pretty poor customer service from AA, at least from the ground staff. I sat and waited for a while before going for a wonder once more.

 photo IMG_20130408_172012.jpg

A few minutes later the new gate, H8, was announced.

 photo IMGA0312.jpg

The remaining time was spent getting various email, app and PA updates from AA – mostly informing me that departure time was being pushed back.

 photo 2013-04-08165524.png

 photo 2013-04-08180340.png

 photo 2013-04-08191618.png

 photo 2013-04-08194739.png

And watching the various AA movements.

 photo IMG_9900.jpg

At 12:50, the new ground agents said that the aircraft still hadn’t left Milwaukee, so a 13:15 departure wasn’t looking likely, although there wasn’t any official word saying otherwise. A couple of minutes after this, they were back on saying that the aircraft had now departed and was due onto stand at 13:15 – and that despite no official updates coming from upstairs, it’s likely to be around 30-40 minutes after the aircraft arrives before we can depart. I could see for myself what was going on though:

 photo IMG_0106.jpg

 photo IMG_0107.jpg

At 13:20, it was finally announced that our aircraft had landed, and we were given a departure time of 14:05. Even so, it still took quite a while for an aircraft to arrive on to stand.

Finally, at just before 13:40 N433AA pulled on to stand, delivered in 1987 – so nice and retro!

 photo IMG_9905.jpg

A pretty quick turn around followed and boarding was finally called at 14:00.

 photo IMG_20130408_200517.jpg

Due to my priority AAccess I was one of the first to board, although due to a lot going on around it was a little hard to hear the boarding procedure.

 photo AAlogo.jpg

8th April 2013
MD83 / N433AA
Seat: 24A / Main Cabin
Scheduled: 10:55/14:30
Off Stand: 14:21
On Stand: 17:49

 photo IMG_20130408_200623.jpg

Once onboard, I found the legroom pretty good. I did initially have a seatmate, but once boarding was complete a flight attendant asked if we were travelling together and then told him to ‘jump back’ as she hated seeing empty rows – suited me!

 photo IMG_9909.jpg

 photo IMG_9910.jpg

 photo IMG_9911.jpg

We then pushed back, taxied about twenty feet and then came to a stop for about ten minutes.

 photo IMGA0316.jpg

 photo IMGA0318.jpg

Once back underway again, we headed down to the active, passing a stricken friend along the way.

 photo IMGA0319.jpg

 photo IMGA0320.jpg

 photo IMGA0321.jpg

 photo IMGA0322.jpg

This one flew me LHR-WAW back in December. Such a shame to see this.

 photo IMGA0326.jpg
Shortly after, we powered down the runway. I was expecting this MD to be a little louder, especially down the back , but surprisingly it was comparable to other jets.

 photo IMGA0327.jpg

 photo IMGA0328.jpg

 photo IMGA0329.jpg

 photo IMGA0330.jpg

 photo IMGA0331.jpg

 photo IMGA0332.jpg

 photo IMGA0333.jpg

 photo IMGA0335.jpg

 photo IMG_9913.jpg

Once again, I connected to the inflight wifi, and today it was free of charge. Not too sure if this was due to some sort of compensation due to the delay or a special offer. Nothing was mentioned by the crew though.

 photo 2013-04-08204804.png

 photo 2013-04-08205021.png

Once we had reached our cruising altitude, the captain welcomed everybody onboard and apologised for the delay. This was due to high winds in the Chicago area and therefore putting a few runways out of use at ORD.

A few moments later the cabin service began. I would have thought that after a two and a half hour delay the least they could have done was served a meal up free of charge, but it wasn’t to be.

 photo IMG_9914.jpg

 photo IMG_9915.jpg
 photo IMG_9917.jpg
Retro overhead!

I decided to head back to the rear washroom, and that’s where all the noise was generated on this jet! The cabin crew member was sat in the rear jumpseat reading, shouted to me that the washroom was free, and I still wasn’t totally sure of what was said! How she could concentrate on reading in that noise, I’ll never know! Guess she was just used to it.

 photo IMG_20130408_220618.jpg

The rest of my time on board was spent surfing the net, watching the world going by and tracking the flights progress

 photo IMG_9918.jpg

 photo IMG_0108.jpg

 photo IMG_0109.jpg

Initial descent started at 17:20 local, and the captain gave a brief update first off apologizing for the delay and saying that the weather is pretty good with a temperature of 85 degrees. Finally a bit of warmth after a long winter in Europe and less than impressive temperatures in Washington and Chicago.

After the seatbelt sign was switched on, one of the crew came through the cabin cheerfully and casually saying “seatbelts… seatbelts everybody”. One thing that struck me about AA over this trip was how the flight crew were generally pretty good, however the ground staff were a little indifferent.

 photo IMG_9922.jpg

 photo IMGA0347.jpg

 photo IMGA0349.jpg

 photo IMGA0351.jpg

 photo IMGA0352.jpg

 photo IMGA0353.jpg

The power station in the distance means were nearly there!
 photo IMGA0354.jpg
 photo IMGA0355.jpg
 photo IMGA0356.jpg

Pretty soon after we were finally down into Orlando international. There was a reasonable taxi over to the terminal, pulling in along side a company 757.

 photo IMGA0357.jpg

 photo IMGA0359.jpg

 photo IMGA0361.jpg

 photo IMGA0362.jpg

 photo IMG_9923.jpg

Upon arrival on to stand, the crew once again apologized for the delay and wished everybody a safe onward journey. Once I had disembarked, it was on to the shuttle and through to the car rental. Thank goodness there wasn’t any immigration to deal with! MCO is probably one of my least favorite airports, as its nearly always chaos!

 photo IMG_20130408_225908.jpg

 photo IMG_20130408_225931.jpg

 photo IMG_20130408_230044.jpg

 photo IMG_20130408_230234.jpg

 photo IMG_20130408_230509.jpg

 photo IMG_20130408_230832.jpg

As the British Airways flight had just arrived (and the fact I had booked through BA in order to get the Avios) there was quite a queue. Not helped by the fact by the girl in front wanting an upgrade to the biggest 4×4 possible but not quite sure if she actually wanted to pay for it. Around half an hour later I was out to pick the car up.

 photo IMG_20130408_235329.jpg

Not exactly what I booked, but I wasn’t complaining!

It was then a 45 minute or so drive to my aunt’s house in Clermont.

I arrived at her house at around 8PM, some four hours later than expected. Luckily we had been in contact while I was stuck in Chicago and she tracked the flight online so knew that I would be late, so saved me some dinner! Went down a treat, as I hadn’t eaten since around 9AM! The beer was welcome too!

 photo IMG_20130409_014346.jpg

The following day was pretty relaxed – breakfast out by the pool, before heading off to the shops.

 photo IMG_9925.jpg

 photo IMG_20130411_214039.jpg

That afternoon, I headed up to one of Floridas original attractions – The Citrus Tower.

 photo IMG_9940.jpg

 photo IMG_9941.jpg

 photo IMG_9942.jpg

 photo IMG_9944.jpg

 photo IMG_9945.jpg

 photo IMG_9946.jpg

 photo IMG_9947.jpg

Orlando in the distance
 photo IMG_9951.jpg
 photo IMG_9953.jpg

Before heading to Wendy’s to grab a burger.

 photo IMG_20130409_181811.jpg

After this it was back home for a few hours by the pool, before heading out to my favorite restaurant.

 photo IMG_20130409_234029.jpg

Yes, that is roadkill on the menu…
 photo IMG_9955.jpg
 photo IMG_20130410_000008.jpg
 photo IMG_20130410_001518.jpg
Deep fried alligator – yum!
 photo IMG_20130410_003421.jpg
 photo IMG_9966.jpg
Wonder how long before this lot ends up on the menu?

The following morning, I headed down to the lake for a walk, and then went to see what the old town of Clermont had to offer – not an awful lot really. I guess the big WalMart and many other chain stores opening up a few years ago saw most of the local shops off. Still, it has a nice local feel to it.

 photo IMG_9988.jpg

 photo IMG_9989.jpg

 photo IMG_9991.jpg

 photo IMG_9993.jpg

 photo IMG_9998.jpg

 photo IMG_0001.jpg

 photo IMG_0002.jpg

 photo IMG_0004.jpg

Town Hall

After this, I headed back for a couple of hours, watched the US version of Jeremy Kyle (you think the UK version is bad…) before heading off into Orlando and the Florida Mall.

 photo IMG_20130410_202354.jpg

 photo IMG_20130410_200408.jpg

 photo IMG_20130410_202800.jpg

That evening my uncle cooked up a great BBQ by the side of the pool.

 photo IMG_0008.jpg

The next day I did something I had been meaning to do on my previous three trips to the area but never actually got around to. The Kennedy Space Centre. I had been before but I was too young to remember it so I could do it on my own terms now! To be honest it was a bit of an anti climax. Whilst interesting, there didn’t seem to be an awful lot there, and I was surprised there was almost no mention of the space shuttle. Although I’m led to believe this will be changing in the coming months.

 photo IMG_0052.jpg

 photo IMG_0011.jpg

 photo IMG_0013.jpg

 photo IMG_0014.jpg

 photo IMG_0021.jpg

 photo IMG_0027.jpg

 photo IMG_0028.jpg

 photo IMG_0032.jpg

 photo IMG_0037.jpg

 photo IMG_0042.jpg

 photo IMG_0043.jpg

 photo IMG_0044.jpg

 photo IMG_0046.jpg

 photo IMG_0047.jpg

 photo IMG_0051.jpg

On the way back, I did something else I had been wanting to do on my previous visits – go to the B52 park at the airport. I had initially planned to do this when I arrived, but due to my late arrival, I decided against it. Another advantage of doing this was that I would miss out a couple of tolls on the Turnpike. Around the airport they are every mile or so, and the trip to the space center ended up costing me quite a bit – which wasn’t good considering I was running low on cash as it was, and I was reluctant to draw some out of an ATM due to the fees my bank would charge. Although I would later have to do this anyway…

 photo IMG_0053.jpg

Not bad views, but a little far away
 photo IMG_0056.jpg
 photo IMG_0060.jpg
 photo IMG_0065.jpg
 photo IMG_0081.jpg
Car Vs. Plane

After around fifteen minutes, it started getting a little humid and cloudy so figured there was probably a storm on the way – so made my way back. In the end there were only a few sprinkles though.

 photo IMG_0068.jpg

 photo IMG_20130411_194922.jpg

Definitely warming up

Once back, I had some dinner watched some TV and went to bed. The following day I would head back to the UK via MIA and ATL, but you’ll have to tune into part five to hear how that went!

American | Boeing 737-800 | DCA-ORD | Main Cabin

 photo map.gif

Maps generated by theGreat Circle Mapper -copyright © Karl L. Swartz.

This is the third part of my USA series from April 2013. The previous parts have seen me fly from London to Paris, and then onwards from Paris, back to London and then to Washington. They can be found here:

USA 2013 Pt 1: The Beginning BA LHR-ORY
USA 2013 Pt 2: BA A320/744 WTP CDG-LHR-IAD

This third part is a bit lacking in the picture department, although as you read on it should hopefully become clear why.

The check in process for today’s flight was a bit if a hassle. BA.com wouldn’t let me do it, which was understandable and upon being forwarded to the AA website, this was also a no go as it said it couldn’t check me in as I had no seats allocated – and no option to allocate them either.

 photo Image1.jpg

 photo IMG_0100.jpg

Hopefully this seatmap from expert flyer wasn’t too accurate:

 photo IMG_0101.jpg

After a lot if backwards and forwards between BA and AA, it was determined I needed to be reticketed and therefore had to go to the airport to do this.

I set off from pretty much where part 2 left off in Arlington cemetery at around 4pm, arriving around fifteen minutes later so giving plenty of time to resolve any potential issues before my 19:20 flight.

 photo IMG_20130406_211530.jpg

 photo IMG_20130406_212630.jpg

 photo IMG_20130406_212816.jpg

Once inside the terminal, I was surprised to see how airy it was compared to most terminals in the US.

 photo IMG_20130406_213027.jpg

And also the fact it had landside windows!

 photo IMG_9792.jpg

 photo IMG_9793.jpg

Unfortunately, when I got to check in a few moments later I was faced with some pretty major issues. I put my AA booking reference in to a self service kiosk and it didn’t recognize it. So I swiped my payment card and came up with somebody else completely. I got the attention of one of the check in agents and she tried too but without success. I was then sent over to see somebody else. After trying the locator and the debit card trick, this too came up with somebody else, although initially they didn’t realize and handed me a boarding pass. Upon checking it and seeing that once again it had somebody else’s name on it, I handed it back and said this wasn’t me. Then the agent did a manual search for me and it appeared, as far as AA were concerned, I was supposed to be on a flight that left at around 15:00. It was now 16:30. I said that I was supposed to be on the 19:20, but she replied that I had been moved on to the previous flight – Great thanks for telling me! She just shrugged and said I had to go to the ticketing desk to be rebooked. I then made my way over to the ticketing desk, which had a long line. Luckily the priority AAccess line was empty and I saw yet another person, explained the situation, and without really saying much she put me on standby for the flight that I was supposed to go on and that was that. I asked why I was now on standby for a flight I had a confirmed seat on but was given a rather vague answer in not the best English. I didn’t really like the fact I was being treated like I had turned up an hour late, so therefore given no sympathy, yet as far as I was concerned, I was three hours early.

 photo IMG_20130406_225209.jpg

Feeling more than a little stressed, I reluctantly headed through security. I was asked for ID and handed the TSA agent my driving license. He looked at it confused and asked for my passport. He then gave that a confused look and said he had never seen one of these before and then let me proceed, but not before giving my standby ticket a strange look also. Guessing not many foreign travellers come through DCA. I also had my first experience of a nudiscope – worked well to as I’d accidently left something in my pocket, but when I showed them it was just some chapstick, they let me carry on my way without issue.

After security, I made a beeline for the first phone I could see and got on the phone to BA reservations. After being told by an automated machine I had called the wrong number and then phoning family in the UK (where it was getting late) and asking them to look online and get the right number, I explained the situation and they confirmed what I already knew and said I was on the 19:20, and that they didn’t know why AA thought otherwise. The guy on the end of the phone didn’t really know what was going on as BA had me confirmed on the 19:20, yet AA had me down on one that departed at around 14:00 and the check in staff thought I was on one at around 15:00 – what was going on?!

 photo IMG_20130406_224719.jpg

My view of DCA for the best part of an hour.

After nearly an hour on the phone (and most of that being on hold while they tried to figure out what AA were playing at), it was left as – “well just try your luck and call back if you don’t get on the flight… but we close at 8 PM so you’d better hope there isn’t a delay”. I mentioned this was a pretty appalling way to treat a frequent flyer, and then he suddenly had one final idea, and I spent another good few minutes on hold- although I never found out what this bright idea was.

Now I had to contemplate what my next move would be if I didn’t get on the flight. I’d have paid for a hotel in Chicago that I wouldn’t be able to use, no doubt I’d have to shell out again for one in Washington and then make a new booking in Chicago for the Sunday night. All with barely any research as to what is best and where the best prices are.

I then headed to the gate and explained the situation once more. Slightly amusingly one guy had a look on his face as if to say, “wow, I don’t want any part of this mess” and walked off, but luckily the staff that were left generally seemed a lot more sympathetic. She seemed confident I would get on, as there were seats available and not many people on standby. And then a few moments later, just as I was once again on the phone back home updating them on the situation, I was waved over and handed something very useful:

 photo IMG_20130406_230751.jpg

And all without a word being said, other than thank you from me many times – phew! It was an exit seat, however 14E meant it would be a middle seat – although to be honest a seat on the toilet would have suited me, just as long as I was on the flight.

Now that was sorted, I went for a wonder to see what was around at DCA, and grabbed a donut – I had planned to eat something more substantial, but after fighting my way on to the flight I was reluctant to let my boarding pass out of my grip or even leave the gate area.

 photo IMG_20130406_232417.jpg

 photo IMG_20130406_231511.jpg

After this I hung around one of the adjacent gates to see my jet pull in.

 photo IMG_9798.jpg

 photo IMG_9802.jpg

Then I went back to my own gate. After struggling to get on the flight, I now didn’t want to miss it for the sake of a couple of photos!

 photo IMG_9804.jpg

 photo IMGA0308.jpg

So relieved my name wasn’t on this list!

Boarding was called at 18:50, and due to my BA status, I had priority access, therefore I was the first onboard in economy. Ironic how not so long ago I wasn’t even on this flight, yet ended up being one of the first to board. Interesting how AA let OneWorld ruby status passenger’s pre board, but BA don’t.

 photo IMG_20130406_235130.jpg

 photo AAlogo.jpg

6th April 2013
737-823 / N854NN
Seat: 14E / Main Cabin Extra
Scheduled: 19:20/20:25
Off Stand: 19:23
On Stand: 20:19

Once onboard there were no cabin attendants to be seen anywhere – unusual coming from Europe! The flight was completely full, therefore no opportunity to move. Strange how the ground staff said the flight was empty. Glad I did end up with a confirmed ticket. As mentioned though, I was just glad to be getting to Chicago this evening. Due to being in the middle seat, there weren’t too many opportunities for pictures so apologies if they’re a bit lacking from this part. Also my SLR was in the overhead, so had to make do with phone cam pics.

 photo IMG_20130406_235226.jpg

Legroom, as expected was pretty good.

 photo IMG_20130406_235349.jpg

 photo IMGA0309.jpg

Quick view out of the window before Miss 14F showed up

The seat width wasn’t overly brilliant though. During boarding near enough all the announcements were automated – were there actually any crew onboard?! Eventually some did show up to ask if everybody sat in the exit row was ok with helping out in an emergency.

 photo IMG_20130406_235415.jpg

 photo IMG_20130406_235847.jpg

 photo IMG_20130406_235435.jpg

Proved to be handy

 photo IMG_20130406_235722.jpg

The captain came over the PA shortly after and gave a very brief welcome. A couple of minutes behind schedule we pushed back and made our way over to the runway, during which one of the flight attendants gave a flying time of an hour and thirty nine minutes and a cruising altitude of 32,000 ft.

Once at the threshold the captain announced we were just waiting for a few final figures, then we would be off. Why not do this at the gate? Guess the airlines in the US are paranoid about on time departures, so pushback and finish up their work along the way. At just past 19:35, we made a long takeoff roll into the dusk. Shortly after the IFE was started. I didn’t pay much attention to it though – I was just happy to sit and calm down for the next hour or so.

 photo IMGA0310.jpg

No idea what it was, nor did I have much interest.

Climb was pretty fast, reaching our cruising altitude in just over fifteen minutes.

To pass the time, I purchased the GoGo in flight Internet – pretty reasonable for $4.95 for the duration of the flight.

 photo Image3.jpg

The drinks service started shortly after and I was pretty impressed to see full sized cans distributed. I was temped to have a beer after the previous few hours I’d had, but as I’d barely eaten all day due to planning on eating at the airport, and then having those plans ruined (and the fact it was a pricey $6) decided it would be better to stick to a soft drink.

 photo IMG_20130407_011212.jpg

Annoyingly, the seatmate that had the window seat spent the entire flight – pretty much right from boarding to disembarking reading her book. What a waste of a window!

 photo IMG_20130407_012146.jpg

The remainder of the flight was spent following our progress on flightradar24, although it wasn’t overly accurate.

 photo Image.jpg

Google was more accurate but was lacking in detail

 photo Image2.jpg

At around 19:45 descent started into Chicago. As it was dark and cloudy, there wasn’t a huge amount to be seen. The captain announced that it was windy and rainy in Chicago, and this definitely made for a rough ride in. Out of the other side of the aircraft, I could just about make out the city of Chicago, before turning away and seeing a great light show on our side – how I wish I had the window!

Touchdown was made at 20:12 and we made a lengthy taxi over to terminal 3. The crew thanked everybody for flying with American and mentioned that they were based out of San Francisco.

Once on stand, it was a case of following the signs over to the bus station, stopping for a McDonald’s cheeseburger along the way – and it went down a treat! It was actually a pretty long walk to the station, through car parks, corridors etc.

 photo IMG_20130407_022507.jpg

 photo IMG_20130407_023251.jpg

Once through the exit to landside, it was baggage claim – seems so strange to see baggage claim in the arrivals hall where just anybody could walk up!

 photo IMG_20130407_023549.jpg

It was still a long walk to the bus station however. At least it was well signposted which is more than can be said for other places around the world.

 photo IMG_20130407_023801.jpg

Once at the bus station, I phoned the hotel for the shuttle and before I had even hung up, the driver was there. He was a friendly guy, letting me know how long the journey would take, and telling me about the hotel – the Hilton garden inn. And introducing himself at least half a dozen times!

Upon arrival, it was up to my room and settling down for the evening.

 photo IMG_9805.jpg

The following morning, the first thing I wanted to do was phone both AA and BA to try and sort the problem with my booking out, ensuring that I wouldn’t have the same issue again on the next sector of my trip. Both BA and AA confirmed that the details I had matched up with theirs, so who knows what yesterday’s problem was. After this it was out to the train station via the free hotel shuttle to head off into the city.

 photo IMG_20130407_152432.jpg

 photo IMG_20130407_153826.jpg

 photo IMG_20130407_154808.jpg

A train along the middle of the motorway!

Upon arrival in a chilly Chicago, the place seemed pretty deserted. Mainly due to a marathon going on. First place I headed off to was Union station to grab some breakfast.

 photo IMG_9809.jpg

 photo IMG_20130407_165050.jpg

 photo IMG_9815.jpg

After this it was on to the Willis tower.

 photo IMG_9816.jpg

 photo IMG_9818.jpg

 photo IMG_9822.jpg

Formely Meigs field

 photo IMG_9824.jpg

And currently Midway

 photo IMG_9825.jpg

 photo IMG_9827.jpg

 photo IMG_9829.jpg

 photo IMG_9831.jpg

 photo IMG_9838.jpg

 photo IMG_9841.jpg

Once of the favorite features of the Willis tower is the skyledge – this was new since I was last here back in 2000. I’m absolutely fine with heights, but I still had a bit of an interesting feeling in my stomach being stood on it… especially when a group of kids turned up and started jumping up and down as hard as they could!

 photo IMG_9832.jpg

 photo IMG_9836.jpg

Seem to remember PalmJet taking a particular liking to this one when I posted it on Facebook…

Once back on solid ground, I made my way to the Navy pier via the magnificent mile and the Millennium park – also new since I was last in town.

 photo IMG_9843.jpg

 photo IMG_9849.jpg

 photo IMG_9851.jpg

 photo IMG_9853.jpg

 photo IMG_9854.jpg

 photo IMG_9860.jpg

 photo IMG_9863.jpg

 photo IMG_9866.jpg

 photo IMG_9868.jpg

Once at the navy Pier, I grabbed some dinner at Bubba Gumps – pretty busy, but well worth the wait – I love shrimp!

 photo IMG_20130407_213031.jpg

After which, it was back through the city to the train station. It was getting a bit chilly and for reasons unknown, I thought it would be a good idea to come out without a jacket.

 photo IMG_9873.jpg

I arrived back at the hotel at around 6pm, pretty tired. I spent the evening listening to some music, chatting to a friend back at home and watching TV

That’s where this part of the report will end. Tune in next time for my trip down to a warm Florida on a Mad Dog. Once again, things don’t go overly smoothly, but not a patch on the issues encountered in this report.

And as a final comment, I filed a complaint to American Airlines upon my return to the UK about the issues encountered on this sector, and the general attitude with their ground staff. A few days later I received a pretty long winded email:

Dear Mr. White:

Thank you for contacting American Airlines Customer Relations.
Please forgive our delay in not meeting your expectations for an instant reply. We appreciate hearing our customers perspective about any issue pertaining to our business, and we thank you for taking the time to share yours.
Firstly, please accept our apologies for the lack of courtesy and inexpert behavior displayed by our Reservations personnel when you called to have your questions clarified. Our customers should always experience polite and professional service from our employees regardless of the circumstances. We are truly sorry that you have perceived a lessening of the warm, friendly and professional attitude we expect our people to project.
We provide a service in an industry largely dependent on the performance of individual employees. To each customer, the employee helping him or her is American Airlines. Our success depends upon every employee understanding the importance of making a positive impression with every customer. When hiring employees who will serve our customers, we work hard to look for those applicants who demonstrate a friendly, courteous and professional attitude. Our employees regularly attend recurrent training sessions to reinforce the importance of an individualized, caring approach even in the face of the unique difficulties that only an airline can experience. The behavior issues you described will be addressed with our Reservations Department. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to improve our service.
We understand that our apology does not change the inconveniences you endured. However, we would like to make amends in a tangible way and encourage you to give us another opportunity to prove that you can rely on American Airlines. As a gesture of goodwill, we have made arrangements to send a Transportation Voucher valued at 250.00USD under separate cover, to the address provided in your email to use toward the purchase of a ticket. Please allow six weeks for the Transportation Vouchers to arrive at your destination.
The Transportation Voucher may be used toward the purchase of your tickets for future travel on American Airlines, American Eagle or any of the airlines in our oneworld® alliance, provided American Airlines is the international carrier (international flights are defined as transatlantic, transpacific and flights to and from South America). The redemption of the voucher and subsequent ticketing must be handled by American Airlines personnel, or an authorized agent. The Transportation Voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of issue.
When you’re ready to apply your Transportation Voucher towards the purchase of a ticket, please contact our Reservations Department. You may click on the URL below to determine the Reservation center or General Sales Agent nearest you. http://www.aa.com/i18n/utility/internationalReservationsPhoneContact.jsp
You will be required to mail in the Transportation Voucher 20 days prior to departure by registered post (AA will not replace Lost Vouchers as they are treated similar to handling cash) to our Ticketing Department at the address below to be applied towards full or partial payment.
American Airlines
Mr. White, we hope this one unfortunate experience will not discourage you from travelling with us again. Thank you for the opportunity to express our apologies for what happened. Please continue to fly with us as we are eager to provide the dependable and friendly service you expect and deserve when travelling with American Airlines.

Well, I guess you cant argue with that, although I would rather things had just worked as they were supposed to, rather than causing me a great deal of stress for those couple of hours.