Sun Air | Dornier 328Jet | BLL-AAL-HUY | Euro Traveller

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Hilton Garden Inn, Heathrow
British Airways | Airbus A320 | LHR-BLL | Euro Traveller
Sun Air | Dornier 328Jet | BLL-AAL-HUY | Euro Traveller
Holiday Inn Marina, Hull

Airline: Sun Air
Aircraft: Dornier 328 Jet
Route: Billund – Aalborg – Humberside
Flight number: BA
Seat number: 3A
Cabin: Euro Traveller
Flight date: June 2016

Check In / Security

Check in for this flight was a little difficult to say the least. I attempted online 24 hours before departure but that was a no go. I tried again at a self serve kiosk, but again this failed. So off to a desk I went, where the agent seemed unaware of any other flights from Billund except to Heathrow – therefore insisting I couldnt possibly be flying with them and refusing to help. It was all sorted in the end (I wont bore you with the details) but better training was needed…There was a fast track security lane, although it was the type where you jumped the queue rather than a separate lane. Leading to a few comments from the people in the queue.


There is just one lounge in Billund, catering for all airlines that use the airport. Its pretty big and comfortable but the food options are a little limited. There are options to purchase food however.





Boarding / Onboard

Due to there being just the two of us on the first sector up to Aalborg, boarding was very relaxed. The second sector filled up considerably however, and even the jump seat was taken.






On the initial sector, just water bottles were handed out due to the fifteen minute flying time. Once the main part of the flight got underway, the main service began with a bar service.



Followed by the main meal of salmon, bread and cheese & biscuits.


Next up was dessert in the form of ice cream,


And finally digestifs.


Arrival was more or less on schedule and as Humberside airport is pretty small, it was just a few moments to make it out of the front door.




Once again, a solid flight with British Airways subsidiary. The check in issue was a little annoying, especially as the staff didn’t seem all that interested in helping. Once on board however the service lived up to expectation and was consistent with the other times I have used the airline.

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British Airways | Airbus A320 | LHR-BLL | Euro Traveller

This Trip

Hilton Garden Inn, Heathrow
British Airways | Airbus A320 | LHR-BLL | Euro Traveller
Sun Air | Dornier 328Jet | BLL-AAL-HUY | Euro Traveller
Holiday Inn Marina, Hull

Airline: British Airways
Aircraft: Airbus A320
Route: London Heathrow – Billund
Flight number: BA804
Seat number: 25A
Cabin: Euro Traveller
Flight date: June 2016

Check In / Security

As usual with most of my flights, I had checked in previously for this one online. As a matter of routine, the previous evening I was checking to see which particular aircraft I would be on and noticed the flight was now scheduled to be operated by an A320 as opposed to the original A321. I must admit, I thought it was a little ambitious all along for a relatively new route to be operated by the largest of the short haul Airbus fleet, but even stranger for the type to be subbed after check in had opened. As such, my originally assigned seat no longer existed, and was therefore moved forward a few rows.


Once again, I used the North security and it was a little busier than I’d previously experienced. However it still only took a matter of minutes. Have Heathrow finally sorted the long waits at Fast Track security? Or have the changed BA made to their Executive Club a year or so back finally filtered through and now less people are entitled to use it?


On the subject of things filtering through the Executive Club at BA, I was also one of them. My Gold card had expired a few days previously, therefore I’d be using the Galleries Club lounge on this occasion due to dropping to Silver. This was my first time in here in a good couple of years, and much like the Galleries First lounge, it has had a bit of a refurbishment recently. This lounge also featured new seating and had been given a deep clean.








The breakfast options were much the same as before however, with bacon rolls, cheese and egg rolls and a host of pastries on offer.




Boarding / Onboard

When it came to boarding, once again there was a slightly different (and incorrect) procedure carried out. It started with Club Europe and Gold, as it should be, but then it was followed by “everybody else”. Luckily the flight wasn’t too busy, so it was hassle free.


Once on board, the boarding procedure was completed fairly quickly and the middle seat of my row remained free.


As this was a pre 9am departure, the breakfast offering were a little more substantial than what is served during the day. In general, filled croissants are handed out, but today they had run out by the time they had reached my row, so I was given the vegetarian option instead. This consisted of a small pastry, a yogurt and a cup of juice.




Arrival was made nicely ahead of schedule and as Billund isn’t the busiest airport in the world, it didn’t take too long to pass through.



Not much to be said about the flight itself, as it was your standard BA flight. I will comment on the lounge however, as this was the first time using this particular one in a good couple of years.

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British Airways | Boeing 767 | ARN-LHR | Club Europe

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British Airways | Airbus A321 | LHR-CDG | Club Europe
Hilton, Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport
Air France | Airbus A320 | CDG-ARN | Economy
Radisson Blu Waterfront, Stockholm
British Airways | Boeing 767 | ARN-LHR | Club Europe

Airline: British Airways
Aircraft: Boeing 767-300ER
Route: Stockholm Arlanda – London Heathrow
Flight number: BA781
Seat number: 6A
Cabin: Club Europe
Flight date: May 2016

Check In / Security

As I had arrived at Arlanda over two hours before departure, the check in area was a little quiet.


Security seemed a little busy, however as there was a fast track I was able to be processed within a minute or two.


The Menzies Aurora lounge in Terminal 2 has always struck me as a bit of an odd one. You have to pass through a bar/restaurant in order to access it. Despite it being reasonably well signposted, you’d be forgiven for missing it.


Once inside, the familiar garden theme remained, however the rear section of the long looked a little different to what I remembered. Also of note was that the wifi offered some very good speeds.




The food options remained somewhat basic though.



Boarding / Onboard

Boarding was a disaster. I had found out from the BA app earlier in the afternoon that the flight was delayed by 45 minutes. No mention of this was made at the airport however, and deciding to play it safe, I left the lounge in accordance with the times being shown on the information displays in the terminal. Only to be left sat in the gate area for a good 45 minutes or so. When boarding did begin, not only was it done to the older standard – Club Europe, Gold, Silver, Bronze etc. it wasn’t enforced in the slightest. I even had an Executive Club Blue member traveling in Euro Traveller barge past me in the process (I caught a glimpse of the blue mobile boarding pass with a seat in the 20’s as she came past me).


As the standard configuration of the 767 is 2x3x2, only the very middle seat is blocked off on this convertible European configured plane. As such, if you choose a window seat, you run the risk of having somebody sat right next to you. Luckily, nine times out of ten on BA Club flights on the 767, the seat next to me stays free, and this occasion was no exception. British Airways only refurbished their 767 fleet four or five years ago, therefore they retained the previous generation of seating – and are a little bigger than what is found on the Airbus fleet, plus have the increased legroom too.






The service got under way whilst still on stand, with the hot towels being distributed. Although you’d be hard pushed to call them towels. I have read recently that they are due to be replaced with something a little more substantial in the coming weeks, but from what I understand it is only due to be in the airlines First class cabins. No idea whether this will stretch to Club Europe.


Once underway, the bar service started around fifteen minutes after departure. Doubles were handed out without prompting. And the drinks were very freely flowing…


The sunlight ruined this one slightly…





Due to some decent schedule padding, despite the late start we made it on to stand more or less on schedule at T5A.


Despite the slightly questionable procedures from the ground staff in Stockholm (this wasn’t a one off – its been the same every time I have flown out of here on BA) the flight itself was great. The European crew were enthusiastic, well polished, friendly and professional. The older generation seating on the 767 was a welcome change to the much criticised Airbus seating (and crucially for business travellers, you’re still able to comfortably use a laptop) and having a quieter cabin always makes things more comfortable.

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British Airways | Airbus A321 | LHR-CDG | Club Europe

This Trip

British Airways | Airbus A321 | LHR-CDG | Club Europe
Hilton, Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport
Air France | Airbus A320 | CDG-ARN | Economy
Radisson Blu Waterfront, Stockholm
British Airways | Boeing 767 | ARN-LHR | Club Europe

Airline: British Airways
Aircraft: Airbus A321
Route: Heathrow – Paris de Gaulle
Flight number: BA322
Seat number: 1A
Cabin: Club Europe
Flight date: May 2016

Check In / Security

As is always the case with British Airways flights from Heathrow these days, I skipped the check in area as I was only travelling with hand baggage and I already had my boarding passes. From what I could see though, it wasn’t too busy considering this was the day before a long weekend.


As the South security area didnt look too busy, I figured id head through there and my suspicions were correct. Despite it being a little busy, everything worked well enough and I was through in no more than five minutes.


Up to the Galleries First lounge, and this would be my final visit to this one for a few months due to my BA Gold status expiring a few days after this trip. I was pleased to see a few positive improvements had been made to the catering since my last afternoon visit just over a month previously. This included a light bites area, consisting of cold cuts, cheese and other smaller snacks. Although the buffet still needs a bit of work when it comes to presentation.







Gnocchi from the menu – this was very good


The rest of the lounge has also had a mild refurbishment recently, including new furniture and deep cleaned floors (





Boarding / Onboard

Boarding was an hour and a half late – the reason being the age old excuse of a late inbound aircraft. It was done the correct way today, with Gold card holders and Club Europe customers invited to board first – and the fast track was being strictly enforced with everybody’s boarding passes being checked before people were permitted to enter. I saw a few people being sent away. Although due to seven rows of Club plus quite a few Gold card holders on this flight, there was still a bit of a wait.



Row 1 on the A320 fleet is the place to be for legroom these days


The service got going during pushback for this flight, with hot towels being handed out.


Once airborne, it was a race against time to get the service completed on this full flight. As this was a band 1 flight, there was no choice of meal – just a chicken salad, which was decent enough, dished up at the same time as the drinks service.



Followed with a Baileys.



We landed on probably the furthest runway from our parking stand – so ended up having to taxi for a good ten to fifteen minutes.


As I was sat in row one however, I was the first off and was land side in just a matter of moments.


Despite the warnings of things being very busy on this day, I found that things weren’t too much different to a normal day, so top marks to Heathrow security staff for working efficiently there. The BA Galleries First lounge was once again a pleasant enough place to wait for a few hours, but I personally found the presentation of a buffet awful for what is supposed to be the airlines First Class lounge (although in reality, it’s a OneWorld Emerald lounge). Having said that, the food I ordered from the menu was great. Although menus were a little hard to come by, and as is seemingly common in this lounge, finding somebody to actually order the food was also a little difficult. On board, the crew did a great job serving everybody efficiently on this 45 minute flight. The food was tasty enough and there was a decent drinks selection.a

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British Airways | Airbus A319 | DUS-LHR | Euro Traveller

This Trip
British Airways | Airbus A319 | LHR-DUS | Euro Traveller
NH Koningsallee, Dusseldorf
British Airways | Airbus A319 | DUS-LHR | Euro Traveller

Airline: British Airways
Aircraft: Airbus A319
Route: Dusseldorf – Heathrow
Flight number: BA939
Seat number: 7A
Cabin: Euro Traveller
Flight date: May 2016

Check In / Security

As I had checked in via the app and already had my boarding pass, I didn’t bother with a visit to the check in desk.


Instead, I made my way through security, where there was a fast track, and for the first time I was granted entry despite it being a self serve gate type entry. Security itself wasn’t particularly fast though, due to it being full of once a year flyers who had to be told everything at least four times and then still getting it wrong.


Once upon a time, around four years ago British Airways had their own lounge in Dusseldorf. However this has long closed and instead the airline uses the third party Hugo Junkers lounge in concourse B. I have used this lounge previously when flying Air Berlin and was a little surprised to see that nothing al all had changed. Quite literally nothing! Even down to the sandwich fillings! Other than that, it still remains a decent enough place to wait – once you find yourself a seat.

Somewhat uninspiring entrance





Boarding / Onboard

Boarding was once again a different process. This time around, Club Europe, Gold and Silver passengers were given priority. On board, it was the now standard BA Airbus short haul cabin, with six rows of Club on todays flight.




Service was identical to the outbound flight, although one difference was that I was welcomed personally by the customer service manager (most likely due to my BA Gold status).



Arrival was made more than thirty minutes ahead of schedule and as such, it was a slow taxi over to the far side of Terminal 5A and on to a remote stand. One thing I noticed this time around that I hadn’t seen before was that there was a separate bus for Club Europe passengers. Although with the mass stampede to exit, I’m not entirely sure how easy it was for the crew to enforce.




Once more, British Airways got the job done to a reasonable standard. The personal welcome is always appreciated (by myself at least) although I have noticed its only ever mixed fleet crews that deliver this. If there is one negative, it was the arrival on to the remote stand and having to be bussed to the terminal. I guess its more of a Heathrow issue than an airline one, but I can’t help but wonder if the terminal is over capacity somewhat, and if/when a third runway is built are things likely to get worse?

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British Airways | Airbus A319 | LHR-DUS | Euro Traveller

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British Airways | Airbus A319 | LHR-DUS | Euro Traveller
NH Hotel Konigsallee, Dusseldorf
British Airways | Airbus A319 | DUS-LHR | Euro Traveller

Airline: British Airways
Aircraft: Airbus A319
Route: London Heathrow – Dusseldorf
Flight number: BA938
Seat number: 22F
Cabin: Euro Traveller
Flight date: May 2016

Check In / Security

Unusually for a BA flight, I had to actually pay a visit to check in on this occasion. Due to the airline now charging everybody on a hand baggage only fare to choose a seat (including elites) or be dumped where ever they see fit, more often than not I seem to end up in an aisle seat.


Normally I can pull a few strings to get my preference before hand, but this time I was unable to – so I had to resort to plan B. This was not collecting my boarding pass online and then visiting a Self Service machine and choosing for myself there, as the software in these hasn’t been updated. The downside of this approach however is that most people do tend to check in online and therefore most of the seats had gone. And this is what had happened here. Not to worry quite yet though as I had one more roll of the dice…

On to security, and as the South fast track looked a little busy (whats new…) I made a U turn and headed for the North fast track instead. This was a mixed bag. Much like on my last time using this one, I was through in a few seconds due to the fact it was deserted. However as a shift change appeared to be taking place, I then ended up waiting around ten minutes for my bag to appear. So in hindsight, by the time I’d made the walk to the Northern end of the terminal and then back again, I probably didn’t end up saving all that much time.


Up to the lounge, and this is where I’d have my final roll of the dice to try and get a window seat. I asked the lounge agent and she could see from her computer that there were a couple of rows blocked off at the rear of the plane. A quick call upstairs and I was moved to 22F with the added bonus of 22D and E still being blocked – so likely to end up with the entire row to myself. Excellent result!

As I’ve reviewed this lounge previously ( I’ll only focus on the food on this occasion, which was the only real difference between the two visits. Despite the lounge serving somewhat questionable food during lunch and dinner, the breakfast options have always been generally good. There are a few menu options, plus an extensive buffet of hot items, fruit, pastries, cereal and porridge. The champange is the same throughout the day.






I usually do a bit of a hybrid of the two and order a couple of poached eggs, then top up with buffet items.


As my flight would be departing from the B gates, I had around ten minutes to visit the Galleries Club lounge in T5B. I’d not visited this one for a while, as more often than not there just isn’t time to get settled between arriving at the satellite and boarding beginning. This time was much the same – a few pics, a glass of water and then back down to the gate. As this lounge caters for pretty much everybody that is entitled to lounge access (BA Silver/Gold card holders, OneWorld Sapphire/Emerald card holders, Club World, Club Europe and First passengers) departing from T5B, it was unsurprisingly quite busy.


The more basic Club lounge catering




Boarding / Onboard

Due to my second lounge visit, I wasn’t actually at the gate when it was announced. Although I’m pretty sure I over heard the announcement and it was done the old way – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Club Europe all at once. Still amazes me that despite the new procedure being in place for the best part of a year now, there are still flights being boarded the old way – and on home turf too!



Once on board, there were no surprises as far as the cabin went.


One thing of note however was that mid way through boarding, a stray bag appeared in the cabin. Despite numerous announcements from the crew nobody claimed it and a good fifteen minutes later it was offloaded. Luckily it didn’t cause any more disruption than a couple of extra announcements being made.


As Dusseldorf is a Band 1 British Airways route, due to the fact it has a scheduled sector time of 89 minutes and under, the service consisted of Lemon melt shortbread biscuits, crisps or nuts, plus a choice of drink from the bar. The service was a little different on this sector – a lone crew member came through the cabin with the snack baskets, followed by the other crew member with the drinks – I guess with just two of them on an hours flight, thats the method they have found works out the quickest.




Arrival was a few minutes late, most likely due to the hold up with the bag and a slow taxi at LHR. Due to Dusseldorf not being the biggest airport in the world, it still only took a few minutes to reach the station however to transit into the city.



Yet another standard European hop from British Airways, where they provided an efficient enough service for a decent price. Sure, the on board catering is a little basic on these shorter runs, however if recent rumours of the airline charging for food from the autumn onwards are to be believed, then I’ll personally find it a bit of a shame.

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British Airways | Airbus A319 | MAN-LHR | UK Domestic

This Trip

British Airways | Airbus A320 | LHR-ARN | Club Europe
Clarion, Stockholm Arlanda
Qatar Airways | Boeing 787 | ARN-DOH | Business
The Airport Hotel, Doha
Qatar Airways | Airbus A350 | DOH-SIN | Business
Crowne Plaza, Singapore Changi
Cathay Pacific | Boeing 777-200 | SIN-HKG | Business
Cathay Pacific | Boeing 747-400 | HKG-HND | First Class
Hilton, Tokyo Odaiba
ANA | Boeing 787 | HND-ITM | Premium Class
Courtyard by Marriott, Osaka
Asiana | Airbus A330 | KIX-ICN | Business
Four Points by Sheraton, Seoul
EVA Air | Airbus A330 | ICN-TPE | Business
Novotel, Taipei Taoyuan Airport
EVA Air | Boeing 777-300ER | TPE-SIN | Business
Conrad Centennial, Singapore
Qatar Airways | Airbus A330 | SIN-DOH | Business
Doubletree by Hilton, Doha Old Town
Qatar Airways | Boeing 787 | DOH-ARN | Business
Radisson Blu, SkyCity, Stockholm Arlanda
SAS | Boeing 737-600 | ARN-GOT | SAS Plus
Sun Air | Dornier 328 Jet | GOT-MAN | Euro Traveller
Hilton, Manchester Airport
British Airways | Airbus A319 | MAN-LHR | UK Domestic

Airline: British Airways
Aircraft: Airbus A319
Route: Manchester – Heathrow
Flight number: BA1407
Seat number: 23A
Cabin: UK Domestic
Flight date: April 2016

Check In / Security

I arrived at check in a little later than I’d wanted – ninety minutes before departure, and it was deserted apart from one family ahead and most of the staff. Luckily, one other member spotted me and made their way from behind the check in counters.

 photo IMG_7176.jpg

 photo IMG_7177.jpg

I used the fast track security, and was processed in a couple of minutes, which was a welcome relief – on previous occasions at Manchester Terminal 3, I’ve waited over an hour.


The British Airways lounge at Manchester is one of the better outstation lounges in my opinion. Its large, airy and even includes showers – no doubt going back to the days when the airline had a much bigger presence here.

 photo IMG_7178.jpg

 photo IMG_7179.jpg

 photo IMG_7180.jpg

 photo IMG_7187.jpg

 photo IMG_7188.jpg

Having said that, it still features the more basic food offerings – sandwiches and crisps.

 photo IMG_7181.jpg

 photo IMG_7185.jpg

Boarding / Onboard

As mentioned in the first report of this trip, British Airways have introduced a new boarding procedure within the last year, and the implementation of this has been very hit and miss. On this occasion, it was a miss with all the priority boarders being invited to board at once – so the previous way of doing things. However, enforcing any sort of order may have been difficult as the boarding area consisted of a corridor.

 photo IMG_7189.jpg

 photo IMG_7190.jpg

On board, it was the now standard British Airways Airbus short haul cabin.

 photo IMG_7209.jpg

 photo IMG_7191.jpg

 photo IMG_7193.jpg


Due to the fact that this was a very empty flight – just 53 passengers I believe – the service was very personal. In fact there were just the two of us seated behind the two over wing emergency exits. As such, doubles were handed out without prompting. As this was just a 35 minute flight, not much else in the way of service.

 photo IMG_7200.jpg


Somewhat surprisingly, there was no holding on the way into Heathrow. Arrival was made on to one of the domestic stands at the North end of Terminal 5, some 20 minutes ahead of schedule. Although any advantage was lost when waiting for my bag, that took a good 25 minutes to appear on the carousel. Madness that the flight took 35 minutes and yet it took the ground crew 25 minutes to bring the bags a few hundred metres from the plane.

 photo IMG_7210.jpg

 photo IMG_7211.jpg


Now the only player on the London – Manchester run, British Airways have really polished the service. Despite the low load, the airline has added an extra crew member to this service (normally the A319 has three cabin crew – this flight had four) to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. The only niggle was the wait for my bag – although I have no idea whether that was down to the airline or the airport.

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