Radisson Blu, Manchester Airport

Stayed in: October 2015


An old favourite. Needing somewhere onsite, and having stayed at the Hilton earlier in the year, I turned to the Radisson this time around. I’d not stayed here since it had its much needed refurb so was interested to see what it was like these days.

 photo 12185231_10153006890170882_7307411485710129071_o.jpg

Upon check in, there was no mention made of my newly acquired Club Carson status. In fact they couldn’t be any less interested if they tried…

Main Room

First impressions of the room were pretty good – a bit of a shame they had got rid of the themed rooms – but they were getting a bit long in the tooth the last time I stayed here in 2013.

 photo 12185233_10153006890175882_9028949199943716302_o.jpg

 photo 12045803_10153006890675882_1319690343249704080_o.jpg

As it turns out, I had been upgraded to a business class room.

 photo 12031508_10153006891350882_6658629211649651110_o.jpg

The standard Radisson welcome gift was present.

 photo 12184994_10153006890670882_2519749362009532897_o.jpg


Like the rest of the room, the bathroom had also been given a refurb since my last stay, although I wouldn’t say it was brand new. There were a few signs of wear. This was also another room that featured only a shower but no bath. Being a shower person, I much prefer this set up anyway.

 photo 12029828_10153006891785882_1515472099992051300_o.jpg


Standard Radisson amenities present in the bathroom, as well as a Nespresso coffee maker and kettle.

 photo 12034294_10153006891825882_6854152697205366172_o.jpg

 photo 12182849_10153006890925882_7032138076841293387_o.jpg

 photo 12183814_10153006890980882_7236099176098006099_o.jpg

In Conclusion

A great refurbishment in the last couple of years and by far and away the best location at Manchester Airport, being directly connected to all the terminals. I arrived at Terminal 3 (the furthest terminal from the hotel) and it was no more than a ten minute walk. The major downside of this though, is that it comes at a cost – and that cost has increased since the refurbishment.

 photo 905567_10153006892230882_2277943857799379896_o.jpg

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