Radisson Blu, Trondheim

Stayed in: December 2015


Being in Scandinavia, the Radisson Blu was the way to go. But unlike Scandinavia, it didn’t cost an absoloute fortune – just the £75 in fact. Bargain for what is supposed to be one of the better hotels in town, complete with a bus stop to/from the airport out the front.

 photo 12238252_10153078543935882_3270150962583495985_o.jpg

Main Room

The room was a little on the small side, but as in most Radissons it was clean enough. No mention of my status was made at check in either, although they did mention I had a nice view of the river. The bed was a little on the soft side for my liking – but at least it was an actual double bed, rather than two singles pushed up together which seems to be a common occurrence in Radissons.

 photo 12140937_10153078543765882_6315997697945669339_o.jpg

 photo 12375291_10153078543340882_4768402740415097848_o.jpg


The bathroom was pretty standard too. Clean enough and functional.

 photo 12339305_10153078543555882_7133717075360573924_o.jpg


There was the usual Radisson amenities in the bathroom, a rather basic looking tea/coffee set and a welcome gift.

 photo 12356775_10153078543605882_3250627498817616856_o.jpg

 photo 12339199_10153078543805882_6950258340709416195_o.jpg

 photo 12363235_10153078543360882_6407946439443590168_o.jpg

In Conclusion

Not too bad for the price. Handy for the bus to/from the airport and a short walk from the centre of town. The rooms themselves could do with a bit of TLC though, and no doubt this will be taking place in due course as you rarely find a Radisson at the end of its useful life for long.

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