Oman Air | Embraer E175 | MCT-DXB

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Picking up almost immediately where the last part left off, outside Muttrah Souk, It was now time to head back to Muscat international. If you missed the previous part, or indeed any of the others in this series, you can catch up here:

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Arabia & Thailand 2013 3: BKK-DXB-MCT with EK/WY

So I made my way to the taxi rank and agreed a price of 10 Rials – once they had finished lunch. It was a little uncomfortable being left in a car that wasn’t moving, without any windows open in 41 degree heat but once the drivers had sorted out who was taking me and finished the last few bites of their sandwich we were off.

 photo IMG_20130509_114900.jpg

The taxi driver was good enough to throw in a brief tour of the other sights around Muscat too, so there was a bit of a detour along the way – I had plenty of time according to the driver, so was quite glad of this bonus tour. He was actually quite a friendly guy, showing me a photo album he had of the various sites of the Muscat area, giving me a bit of overview to the history and the future of the area and telling me about his family. Turns out he actually had family in England too – although I generally find most people do once you tell them where you’re from…

 photo IMG_0793.jpg

 photo IMG_0794.jpg

 photo IMG_0795.jpg

 photo IMG_0797.jpg

 photo IMG_0800.jpg

Glad I got to see this – I’d seen pictures before I left but looked a bit far out to reach.

Arrival at the airport was around thirty minutes later. Almost immediately as you enter, there’s a security check.

 photo IMG_20130509_122621.jpg

It was then around to the Oman air check in to grab my boarding pass.

 photo IMG_20130509_122902.jpg

 photo IMG_20130509_122907.jpg

 photo IMG_20130509_123224.jpg

 photo IMG_20130509_124002.jpg

WY even have good looking boarding passes!

As there didn’t seem to be a huge amount landside, especially after all the security checks, I headed through to passport control and was stamped out of the country. Then it was yet another security check – the third by my count. As usual, it was in to a duty free shop almost immediately.

 photo IMG_20130509_124651.jpg

 photo IMG_20130509_125127.jpg

There were also a few windows around to see what was around.

 photo IMG_0801.jpg

 photo IMG_0804.jpg

After this it was a bit of a wander, however this airport is a world away from DXB!

 photo IMG_20130509_125345.jpg

 photo IMG_20130509_125646.jpg

But for how long?

 photo IMG_20130509_125301.jpg

I then made my way downstairs to gate 17, although it wasn’t actually open. So I just sat and waited in a pretty dreary looking basement.

 photo IMG_20130509_131234.jpg

The gate was opened a few moments later, and I entered the holding pen, seeing something familiar along the way.

 photo IMG_20130509_131807.jpg

 photo IMG_20130509_131839.jpg

In the distance I could see the scheduled E175 being prepared to head over to DXB.

 photo IMG_0808.jpg

 photo IMG_0809.jpg

Guess they weren’t expecting a jet of this size when they built this hangar.

Boarding was called at 16:35, although there wasn’t a bus straight away. So why call for barding?! After a minute or two, one turned up and we made our way over to A40-EB, one of the only jets on this side of the terminal.

 photo IMGA0896.jpg

 photo IMGA0899.jpg

 photo WYlogo.jpg

9th May 2013
Embraer E175 / A4O-EB
Seat: 18A / Economy
Scheduled: 17:20 / 18:20
Off Stand: 17:08
On Stand: 18:12

Once onboard, I was amazed to see seat back TV screens – on a regional jet?! In fact the cabin was pretty clean and modern in general with a colourful scheme, yet still managing to remain subtle in the process. Much better than the Dark leather of the European carriers.

 photo IMG_0810.jpg

 photo IMGA0900.jpg

 photo IMGA0901.jpg

 photo IMGA0903.jpg

Legroom was sufficient too.

 photo IMG_0811.jpg

 photo IMG_20130509_134737.jpg

There were also pillows on each seat. Again, a nice touch on such a short hop. I remember flying with BD many years ago and my mum asked for one as she had a bad back – and was told they don’t even carry them on such short flights.

 photo IMGA0904.jpg

 photo IMG_0812.jpg

 photo IMGA0905.jpg

One of the increasing number of airlines that are doing away with no smoking signs. Although nobody paid any attention.

The American captain came over the PA and announced a flying time of 48 minutes and a cruising altitude of 20,000ft.

The engines were started and pushback came at 17:08 – or should I say we pulled away from stand, and made the taxi out to the runway, quite a few minutes ahead of schedule. We passed some interesting things along the way.

 photo IMGA0907.jpg

 photo IMGA0916.jpg

 photo IMGA0908.jpg

 photo IMGA0909.jpg

 photo IMGA0910.jpg

 photo IMGA0912.jpg

Upon reaching the end of the runway, there was a wait for a few moments for our sister ship to land.

 photo IMG_0813.jpg

 photo IMG_0814.jpg

We took off into the haze at just before 17:20.

 photo IMGA0924.jpg

 photo IMGA0925.jpg

 photo IMGA0927.jpg

 photo IMGA0928.jpg

Passing the future MCT.
 photo IMGA0929.jpg
 photo IMGA0931.jpg

Around ten minutes after departure the service began, although this time there was a choice of chicken or cheese wrap. I opted for the chicken. It was pretty similar to what was on offer on the outbound flight.

 photo IMG_0822.jpg

 photo IMG_0819.jpg

 photo IMG_0821.jpg

After this it was going between the skymap and the window until descent started at just after 17:45.

 photo IMG_0815.jpg

 photo IMG_0828.jpg

 photo IMG_0830.jpg

 photo IMG_0831.jpg

 photo IMG_0832.jpg

 photo IMGA0936.jpg

As had been the case every time I had flown into DXB this week, it was pretty hazy and murky.

 photo IMG_0836.jpg

 photo IMGA0938.jpg

 photo IMGA0939.jpg

 photo IMG_0839.jpg

 photo IMGA0942.jpg

 photo IMG_0841.jpg

 photo IMG_0848.jpg

 photo IMGA0943.jpg

 photo IMGA0944.jpg

 photo IMGA0945.jpg

 photo IMGA0946.jpg

 photo IMGA0947.jpg

 photo IMGA0949.jpg

 photo IMGA0950.jpg

 photo IMGA0951.jpg

Touchdown was at around 18:05 and we made the long taxi over to terminal 1.

 photo IMGA0952.jpg

 photo IMGA0953.jpg

 photo IMGA0954.jpg

 photo IMGA0956.jpg

 photo IMGA0957.jpg

 photo IMGA0958.jpg

 photo IMGA0960.jpg

 photo IMGA0964.jpg

 photo IMGA0965.jpg

 photo IMG_0850.jpg

Once on stand, there was a bit of a wait to disembark. Once out the door, it was through to passport control. This was much quicker than over in T3 and I was stamped into Dubai for the third time in five days.

 photo IMG_20130509_151827.jpg

Not a bad looking C Class

 photo IMG_20130509_151921.jpg

 photo IMG_20130509_152027.jpg

 photo IMG_20130509_152434.jpg

 photo IMG_20130509_152859.jpg

I got slightly shouted at for taking this picture. That’s about as far as it went though.

It was then up to the metro and on to Deira City Centre for some dinner and a bit of a look around. I was taken back at how many decent sized shopping centers there were around.

 photo IMG_20130509_153614.jpg

 photo IMG_20130509_153824.jpg

 photo IMG_0852.jpg

 photo IMG_0853.jpg

 photo IMG_0854.jpg

I got yet another stare when I took this picture.

 photo IMG_20130509_161606.jpg

 photo 2013-05-09164223.jpg

This was great! I’ve since managed to hunt one down in the UK.

As I hadn’t seen much of the area around my hotel, I decided to take the 30-minute walk back.

 photo IMG_0856.jpg

 photo IMG_0859.jpg

 photo IMG_0864.jpg

The following morning I woke up pretty late for me – around 9AM. I took my time getting ready, as the metro doesn’t start until around 13:00 on a Friday. I took another walk around the local area.

 photo IMG_0866.jpg

 photo IMG_0870.jpg

I like how traditional and modern mix here.

 photo IMG_20130510_075249.jpg

Unhealthy – but good – breakfast.

 photo IMG_0877.jpg

 photo IMG_0880.jpg

 photo IMG_0881.jpg

 photo IMG_0884.jpg

Watching the departures from DXB. Shame my camera was still playing up.

After spending an hour or so walking around, it got a little hot for my liking so I headed back to the hotel to cool off for an hour or so before heading back out again. Once the metro had opened, I went out to the Dubai mall and the Burj Khalifa

 photo IMG_0890.jpg

 photo IMG_0891.jpg

 photo IMG_0892.jpg

 photo IMG_0893.jpg

 photo IMG_0895.jpg

First impressions of this impressive mall.

 photo IMG_0898.jpg

 photo IMG_0899.jpg

Unfortunately, all the tickets for the Burj Kahlifa had sold out. Which was a little annoying as that was the one thing I wanted to do on this trip. Guess that’ll teach me for not booking in advance – something that I nearly always do. Typical that the one time I don’t do it, I get bitten!

 photo IMG_20130510_112846.jpg

So, after looking through the tat in the gift shop, about as close as I could get was having a walk around the base outside. I was in awe at just how tall this building was – one of the most impressive sights I’ve ever seen.

 photo IMG_0902.jpg

 photo IMG_0904.jpg

 photo IMG_0907.jpg

 photo IMG_0913.jpg

 photo IMG_0915.jpg

Hot brakes?

 photo IMG_0920.jpg

 photo IMG_0921.jpg

 photo IMG_0926.jpg


After a good while wandering around – and mostly staring up, I headed back inside.

 photo IMG_0928.jpg

 photo IMG_0930.jpg

More tradition, among the multinational brands.

At least I got to see one of Dubai’s wonders close up.

 photo IMG_0932.jpg

 photo IMG_0935.jpg

 photo IMG_0940.jpg

Continuing my self guided tour.

 photo IMG_0937.jpg

 photo IMG_0938.jpg

After a tiring few hours I headed back to the hotel for the night, via a packed metro and that’s where I’ll leave this part.

 photo IMG_20130510_145441.jpg

Stay tuned for the final part of this series that will tell the story of my final day of this trip and my flight home to London.

Emirates / Oman Air | B77W/E175 | BKK-DXB-MCT

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Maps generated by theGreat Circle Mapper -copyright © Karl L. Swartz.

The second of my two day trips whilst on my first Asian adventure was booked in January 2013. Having wanted to try out Oman Air (mainly due to their great livery) it seemed crazy not to take a short hop across to Oman whilst in Dubai. My decision was also helped along by not only seeing PalmJets photos, but also somebody from work having recently returned from there and sharing a few pictures and stories of his own. Booking was made via the Oman Air website for the relatively cheap price of around £100. The 737 operated nearly all flights, however one departure from MCT in the evening was operated by the E175. This was the most tempting option as if I chose this, it would mean I would have logged all variants of the E-Jet in just 14 months. The main downside being that it wouldn’t leave me a huge amount of time in Muscat. But an A.netter has to do what an A.netter has to do!

 photo wyschedule.png

 photo wyseats.png

 photo wybookingconf.png


But first of all, I needed to get back from Bangkok to Dubai. This was achieved via the LHR-DXB-BKK-DXB-LHR ticket I booked back in November 2012. I was also hoping that this day trip would go a lot more smoothly than the first I had booked down to Phuket! If you missed that part of the story, or indeed the first part, you can catch up via these links:

Arabia & Thailand 2013 1: LHR-DXB-BKK EK A380/77W
Arabia & Thailand 2013 2: Two TG Classic’s to Phuket

Check in for the Emirates sector was made via the EK website pretty much as soon as I arrived back from Phuket, late on Tuesday night.

According to the online check in, the originally scheduled vanilla 777-300 had now been switched for the –ER version. Annoying! Although admittedly, it wasn’t completely un expected.

 photo IMG_0126.jpg

 photo IMG_0127.jpg

My morning started much like the last – alarm off at 6AM, down for breakfast, probably the blandest cheese omelet I’ve eaten, and then onto the train to the airport.

 photo IMG_20130508_003503.jpg

 photo IMG_20130508_005303.jpg

Arrival was around 50 minutes later.

 photo IMG_20130508_014539.jpg

FID in Thai…

 photo IMG_20130508_014552.jpg

…And English

 photo IMG_20130508_014646.jpg

I wonder if TG205 will go to plan today?

It was through to zone T today to get my boarding pass. I asked the check in agent if the flight was busy, and she replied it wasn’t. Yet the check in seat map showed something different? So who was right?

 photo IMG_20130508_015047.jpg

 photo IMG_20130508_015239.jpg

 photo IMG_20130508_015340.jpg

 photo IMG_20130508_015720.jpg

After this, it was a brief look landside.

 photo IMG_20130508_015023.jpg

 photo IMG_0601.jpg

 photo IMG_0603.jpg

Before heading through security and passport control. Again, it was painless and I was through both in seconds.

 photo IMG_20130508_021004.jpg

After this I went for a walk air side – very big airport with plenty to look at!

 photo IMG_20130508_021331.jpg

 photo IMG_20130508_021338.jpg

 photo IMG_20130508_021517.jpg

 photo IMG_0607.jpg

 photo IMG_20130508_024410.jpg

 photo IMG_0608.jpg

I happened to look up at the FID and noticed my flight was boarding – some twenty minutes earlier than advertised, which was a first. So I made my way down to gate E1 to find A6-EGA waiting, delivered in March 2010 and in service with Emirates throughout – confirmation that the originally planned -300 had been subbed for the -300ER.

 photo IMG_0609.jpg

 photo IMG_20130508_024713.jpg

 photo IMG_20130508_024749.jpg

 photo IMG_20130508_025353.jpg

 photo IMG_0610.jpg

Upon entering the gate area, it was only around five minutes before boarding was called – all very early again.

 photo EKlogo.jpg

8th May 2013
777-31HER / A6-EGA
Seat: 40A / Economy
Scheduled: 09:55/13:00
Off Stand: 09:49
On Stand: 13:14

 photo IMG_0611.jpg

Once onboard, I made my way down the aisle, being welcomed by a very attractive blonde flight attendant along the way, and took my assigned seat of 40A.

 photo IMG_0613.jpg

 photo IMG_20130508_030934.jpg

It turned out the flight was pretty busy – so I guess the EK seat map at check in was right! Most of the rear section of economy seemed to be German. Or at least speaking German. However despite OLCI showing I had a seat mate, only the aisle seat was occupied.

This aircraft had the newer style ICE system, as found on the A380.

 photo IMG_0614.jpg

The hot towels were then distributed. Still not used to getting these in economy – they disappeared from the cheap seats on UK airlines a long time ago!

 photo IMG_0615.jpg

Slowly but surely the flow of people on to the aircraft stopped, and the middle seat of row 40 remained free.

 photo IMG_0616.jpg

 photo IMG_0617.jpg

 photo IMG_0618.jpg

It was still half an hour until our departure time though. During which time, the menus were handed out.

 photo IMG_0620.jpg

 photo BKK-DXBMENU.png

I was more than happy to sit and wait on this jet, unlike yesterday. I had some IFE to look at, more elbow room due to not having a seat mate, and these made much more comfortable:

 photo IMG_0621.jpg

Shortly before departure, the captain was over the PA saying that we had a flight time of six hours and ten minutes and a cruising altitude of 36,000ft. He also mentioned he would speak to us again before descent into ‘the beautiful Emirate of Dubai’.

 photo IMG_20130508_034420.jpg

Pushback was a good few minutes ahead of schedule, and we made our way over to the runway.

 photo IMGA0790.jpg

 photo IMGA0791.jpg

 photo IMGA0793.jpg

 photo IMGA0794.jpg

Although we were held up a little by a Shanghai Airlines 737 pulling out in front of us and then going pretty slowly.

 photo IMG_0626.jpg

 photo IMGA0797.jpg

 photo IMGA0798.jpg

 photo IMG_0627.jpg

 photo IMGA0801.jpg

 photo IMGA0802.jpg

 photo IMGA0803.jpg

 photo IMGA0807.jpg

 photo IMGA0809.jpg

We made it into the air at 10:10. After departure, we made a 180 degree turn, heading out over the city.

 photo IMGA0811.jpg

 photo IMGA0812.jpg

 photo IMGA0813.jpg

 photo IMGA0815.jpg

 photo IMG_0629.jpg

 photo IMG_0630.jpg

 photo IMG_0631.jpg

 photo IMG_0632.jpg

 photo IMG_0634.jpg

 photo IMG_0635.jpg

Just after departure, I watched a bit of tv.

 photo IMG_0640.jpg

 photo IMG_0643.jpg

 photo IMG_0644.jpg

 photo IMG_0636.jpg

 photo IMG_0638.jpg

 photo IMG_0639.jpg

Followed shortly after by the drinks service

 photo IMG_0645.jpg

Around ninety minutes after departure, lunch was served. I chose the chicken.

 photo IMG_0650.jpg

 photo IMG_0651.jpg

 photo IMG_0652.jpg

 photo IMG_0653.jpg

 photo IMG_0655.jpg

I also watched a film during lunch – Searching for Sugar Man. Well worth a watch – a true story about a musician who released two albums in the US, neither sold all that well so he went back to being a builder. Unknown to him however, he sold millions in South Africa and because he had retired from the music business, everybody assumed he was dead!

 photo IMG_0646.jpg

 photo IMG_0647.jpg

During which time, we crossed into India

 photo IMG_0657.jpg

 photo IMG_0659.jpg

 photo IMG_0661.jpg

As I watched the film, the stars came out almost unnoticed.

 photo IMG_0663.jpg

 photo IMG_0664.jpg

 photo IMG_0666.jpg

 photo IMG_0667.jpg

And a bit later, we passed out of India again.

 photo IMG_0670.jpg

I noticed on both my flights to and from Bangkok the cabin crew coming around the cabin and taking Polaroid pictures of certain passengers, putting them into cards and presenting them to the passengers. Seemed to only be certain passengers though? At first i thought it was just for kids, but then noticed adults getting the same thing. Not sure what the requirements for this? I hadn’t seen it before either.

The crew on this sector were pretty good with the Juice runs.

 photo IMG_0672.jpg

Following this, it was another film – Parental Guidance, a bit of iPod (listening to Rodriguez’ album after watching the film earlier) and watching the minutes tick down on the sky map. It was around this time I could have done with a toilet break and a visit to the galley for a chat, but as the guy in the aisle was fast asleep this was a no go, so settled for a bit of Family Guy instead.

 photo IMG_0675.jpg

 photo IMG_0676.jpg

 photo IMG_0677.jpg

 photo IMG_0678.jpg

Once I finally was released, we had started our descent so no way to have a chat really.

 photo IMG_0680.jpg

 photo IMG_0683.jpg

Once our descent had started it got a little bumpy, and the seatbelt sign was turned on a little earlier than expected.

 photo IMGA0822.jpg

 photo IMG_0684.jpg

Shortly afterwards the arrival video was played.

 photo IMG_0686.jpg

During descent, I noticed on the skymap that we appeared to be heading back to Bangkok – so figured we were probably in a hold, although it wasn’t actually announced.

 photo IMG_0691.jpg

 photo IMG_0687.jpg

 photo IMG_0689.jpg

 photo IMG_0690.jpg

 photo IMG_0693.jpg

 photo IMG_0694.jpg

On approach, the Frank Sinatra song was played – I noticed this on both approaches to DXB, but not to the foreign destinations. Although considering the lyrics, I guess it wouldn’t make all that much sense if they played it on the outward flights.

 photo IMGA0823.jpg

 photo IMG_0702.jpg

 photo IMG_0697.jpg

 photo IMG_0698.jpg

 photo IMG_0699.jpg

 photo IMG_0700.jpg

 photo IMG_0703.jpg

 photo IMG_0704.jpg

 photo IMG_0705.jpg

 photo IMG_0706.jpg

 photo IMGA0828.jpg

 photo IMGA0829.jpg

 photo IMGA0830.jpg

 photo IMGA0831.jpg

We touched down and made our way over to the new terminal, arriving a few moments later, and a few minutes behind schedule.

 photo IMGA0832.jpg

 photo IMGA0833.jpg

 photo IMGA0834.jpg

 photo IMGA0835.jpg

 photo IMGA0836.jpg

 photo IMGA0838.jpg

 photo IMG_0713.jpg

I disembarked a few moments later.

 photo IMG_20130508_102646.jpg

 photo IMG_20130508_102651.jpg

 photo IMG_20130508_102721.jpg

After this, it was out through to arrivals. It seemed that the rest of the arriving passengers were connecting, so therefore I was the only person for quite a while – a bit of a strange experience in such a big international airport!

 photo IMG_20130508_102847.jpg

 photo IMG_20130508_103030.jpg

 photo IMG_20130508_103315.jpg

 photo IMG_20130508_103445.jpg

 photo IMG_20130508_103527.jpg

 photo IMG_20130508_103556.jpg

Where is everybody?!

 photo IMG_20130508_103721.jpg

 photo IMG_20130508_103852.jpg

 photo IMG_20130508_104120.jpg

 photo IMG_20130508_104137.jpg

Eventually, some more people did turn up, at passport control. Again, it took quite a while to get through. And again, I couldn’t seem open my eyes wide enough for the automated gates to work – or indeed for the manual system to work all that well either. How wide do you have to open them exactly??

 photo IMG_20130508_110209.jpg

Once through to baggage claim, I headed off to the duty free shop to change my remaining Thai Baht into UAE Dirhams to return the headphone adaptor I’d brought previously. Although this wasn’t possible due to the departures and arrivals shops being different companies, despite having the same name, logo etc. Confusing.

 photo IMG_20130508_110347.jpg

Then heading through customs, I was stopped asked if I had any drugs, alcohol or tobacco – I responded no, but he decided to search me anyway. Well why ask if you were just going to search me anyway? Just say you want to search me! The officer found it easy enough to unpack my bag, however packing it up seemed more difficult and he just wondered off.

After this it was upstairs to the metro, and on to Al Rigga station, just a couple of stops down to where my hotel, the Flora Grand, was just a short walk away,

 photo IMG_20130508_112529.jpg

 photo IMG_20130508_113022.jpg

 photo IMG_20130508_114403.jpg

 photo IMG_20130508_114921.jpg

Upon arrival, I was welcomed, given a glass of apple juice, told all about the services the hotel offered and given the key to my room. And it turned out to be a pretty spacious room – if a little dated. But good enough.

 photo IMG_0717.jpg

 photo IMG_0715.jpg

 photo IMG_0716.jpg

Once at the hotel, I used the free wifi to check in for tomorrow’s flight.

 photo IMG_0130.jpg

 photo IMG_0131.jpg

 photo IMG_0132.jpg

 photo IMG_0133.jpg

 photo IMG_0134.jpg

 photo IMG_0136.jpg

Later that evening, I headed down to the mall of the Emirates to grab some dinner and a bit of a window shop.

 photo IMG_20130508_133026.jpg

 photo IMG_20130508_135557.jpg

Looks like your standard UK shopping center with those shops!

 photo IMG_20130508_135847.jpg

 photo IMG_0718.jpg

 photo IMG_0719.jpg

 photo IMG_0720.jpg

Ticket stand for the Abu Dhabi GP

Skiing anybody?

 photo IMG_0721.jpg

 photo IMG_0723.jpg

 photo IMG_0724.jpg

Pretty decent selection of guitars in the Virgin megastore – I don’t play though, I just think they look cool.

 photo IMG_0725.jpg

 photo IMG_0726.jpg

Followed up by an easy dinner.

 photo IMG_20130508_144327.jpg

Despite having major chain shops from both the UK an the US, there were still a couple of more traditional shops.

 photo IMG_20130508_151117.jpg

On my way back to the metro, I grabbed an ice cream from Cold Stone creamery. I’d had one on my recent trip to Washington, so figured I’d try the UAE version too!

 photo IMG_20130508_153407.jpg

 photo IMG_0730.jpg

 photo IMG_0731.jpg

Back at the hotel – overview from outside my room.

 photo IMG_0735.jpg

The following morning, after a very good sleep, I left the hotel at around 09:30 and made the short journey to DXB terminal 1.

 photo IMG_20130509_063031.jpg

 photo IMG_0738.jpg

 photo IMG_20130509_064456.jpg

Upon arrival, it was obvious that T1 is nowhere near as impressive as T3 – at least not land side anyway. I headed over to grab my boarding pass from an empty Oman Air desk.

 photo IMG_20130509_064956.jpg

Followed by a couple of pictures – although I had heard a rumor that this sort of thing could be a little troublesome, so I only managed a couple, at least in this smaller part of the terminal. This wasn’t helped by a member of the public seeing me take a pic of the check in area earlier and warning me that there was a police officer nearby.

 photo IMG_0741.jpg

 photo IMG_0742.jpg

After this it was through to a busy passport control – mainly full of people heading for the VS and BA flights it seemed. I noticed a young couple stood to the side with a VS ground staff member and a few members of immigration.

Once through, it was then the long walk underneath the apron over to the much more impressive airside area.

 photo IMG_20130509_071425.jpg

 photo IMG_20130509_071520.jpg

 photo IMG_20130509_071740.jpg

 photo IMG_20130509_071809.jpg

 photo IMG_20130509_072730.jpg

This was much more impressive! First port of call was to change my headphone adaptor – which was finally granted, and then off for a wander.

 photo IMG_20130509_072835.jpg

Stopping for some breakfast when I reached my assigned gate, C28.

 photo IMG_20130509_074234.jpg

 photo IMG_0743.jpg

After this I went to walk off breakfast, seeing the VS flight about to depart back to LHR. VS seem to use a mix of all their Airbus fleet on the DXB route. In the last year they have used the A346, the new A333 and now it seems the much unloved (at least by VS frequent fliers) A343. As I passed through the food court, I noticed the young couple having issues at immigration earlier casually sat eating a McDonalds, despite the fact the VS holding pen was now completely empty and the final call for boarding had gone out. Admittedly I don’t know any of the story, but the fact they were with VS staff (identified by the bright red uniform), and were now airside meant surely they should be on that flight? I guess some people are just always late.

 photo IMG_0745.jpg

The one and only VS A343 with AVOD.

And taking in the impressive terminal.

 photo IMG_0744.jpg

I also saw a QR Dreamliner about to head back to Doha, but getting a picture was pretty impossible.

Once reaching the end of the terminal, I headed back down to the gate. It said it was open, yet there wasn’t anybody around.

 photo IMGA0843.jpg

At 11:25, the gate was opened and I was the first into the holding pen – being welcomed with a “thank you Mr James”.

 photo IMG_0746.jpg

At 11:40 a 738 pulled on to stand, however I was unable to see the reg at this point. Boarding was then called at 12:05.

 photo WYlogo.jpg

9th Mat 2013
737-86N / OK-TVU
Seat: 27F / Economy
Scheduled: 12:35/13:30
Off Stand: 12:23
On Stand: 13:30

Once heading down the jetway, I could finally see the reg – and noticed that the flight would be operated by OK-TVU – on lease from smart wings, delivered new to them in early 2012 before heading out on lease to Oman Air in early 2013. I’m assuming it is a wet lease due to the Eastern European crew.

 photo IMG_20130509_091034.jpg

 photo IMG_20130509_091118.jpg

 photo IMG_20130509_091155.jpg

This aircraft also had Boeings latest sky interior – the first time I had experienced this.

 photo IMG_20130509_091135.jpg

 photo IMG_0750.jpg

 photo IMG_0751.jpg

 photo IMG_20130509_091244.jpg

 photo IMG_20130509_091257.jpg

 photo IMGA0845.jpg

 photo IMG_0747.jpg

 photo IMG_0748.jpg

 photo IMG_0749.jpg

Pushback came a couple of minutes ahead of schedule and we made the long taxi over to the runway.

 photo IMGA0847.jpg

 photo IMGA0848.jpg

 photo IMG_0753.jpg

 photo IMGA0849.jpg

 photo IMGA0851.jpg

 photo IMGA0852.jpg

The newly returned to service 787 heading back to DOH

 photo IMGA0854.jpg

 photo IMGA0856.jpg

 photo IMGA0858.jpg

Departure came at around 12:40, and we were then into some pretty murky skies and across the desert.

 photo IMGA0861.jpg

 photo IMGA0862.jpg

 photo IMGA0863.jpg

 photo IMG_0754.jpg

 photo IMG_0755.jpg

 photo IMG_0757.jpg

The entertainment was similar to what I had experienced on TAP back in February – a tv show was playing – the same one by the look of it, but nowhere to plug in any headphones – so a skymap throughout would have been better. What we got was still better than nothing though.

 photo IMG_0765.jpg

 photo IMGA0866.jpg

 photo IMGA0867.jpg

 photo IMG_0759.jpg

 photo IMG_0760.jpg

After this the meal service began – much better than expected actually. Improvement over the European, US and even the Thai offerings from the previous day trip.

 photo IMG_0761.jpg

 photo IMG_0763.jpg

The captain was also on briefly, stating that we were due to arrive at 13:30.

 photo IMG_0762.jpg

 photo IMGA0872.jpg

A few moments later – just as descent started actually, we passed through some pretty heavy turbulence – so much so that the captain came on and asked the crew to suspend service and to remain seated for the rest of the flight.

More clues to this jets real identity

 photo IMG_20130509_101954.jpg

 photo IMG_20130509_102000.jpg

 photo IMG_0768.jpg

 photo IMG_0769.jpg

 photo IMG_0770.jpg

There wasn’t too much to be seen on descent due to the haze and the fact most of the approach was over the sea.

 photo IMG_0771.jpg

 photo IMGA0876.jpg

 photo IMGA0878.jpg

 photo IMGA0882.jpg

 photo IMGA0883.jpg

 photo IMGA0884.jpg

 photo IMGA0885.jpg

Touchdown was at 13:25, and we made the quick taxi over to the parking position.

 photo IMGA0887.jpg

 photo IMGA0888.jpg

The new MCT taking shape

 photo IMGA0889.jpg

 photo IMGA0890.jpg

 photo IMGA0891.jpg

 photo IMGA0892.jpg

 photo IMGA0893.jpg

 photo IMGA0894.jpg

 photo IMGA0895.jpg

There aren’t any jetways at MCT, so it was on to a bus.

 photo IMG_20130509_103652.jpg

 photo IMG_20130509_103711.jpg

 photo IMG_20130509_103838.jpg

 photo IMG_20130509_103856.jpg

 photo IMG_20130509_104003.jpg

 photo IMG_20130509_104103.jpg

Once at arrivals, nobody seemed sure if I needed a visa. The guy selling them at the Travelex stand said no (as I had come from Dubai), but the immigration officers seemed to think that everybody needed one regardless. In the end they gave in and let everybody pass without one – which I thought was a little bit of an odd way of doing things, but It suited me. It still wasted a few minutes, that I was pretty short of as it was.

 photo IMG_20130509_110315.jpg

 photo IMG_20130509_105626.jpg

It was then to the taxi stand to buy a ticket for a brief visit to Muttrah Corniche, arriving around thirty minutes later. I was glad that at least one of my day excursions on this trip had gone to plan!

 photo IMG_20130509_110130.jpg

 photo IMG_20130509_112150.jpg


 photo IMG_0772.jpg

 photo IMG_0774.jpg

 photo IMG_0775.jpg

 photo IMG_0777.jpg

 photo IMG_0778.jpg

Muttrah Fort

 photo IMG_0780.jpg

 photo IMG_0784.jpg

 photo IMG_0781.jpg

 photo IMG_0783.jpg

 photo IMG_0785.jpg

 photo IMG_0787.jpg

 photo IMG_20130509_113931.jpg

 photo IMG_0788.jpg

 photo IMG_0789.jpg

 photo IMG_0790.jpg

Pretty unimpressive really…

And that’s pretty much where I’ll leave things for now – my return to Dubai, again with Oman Air, will be covered in part 4!