Conrad, Dubai.

Stayed in:September 2015


 photo 12017646_10152967322990882_6757192446732938336_o.jpg

Hotels are pretty plentiful in Dubai. I was going to stay in the Hilton up by the creek, but as the Conrad was less than £100 more, I figured why not. Especially as it was a little further into town. Due to my status, upon reaching the check in desk, I was whisked up to the lounge to check in. It was a case of sitting down with a drink whilst everybody else did the work. Then my key was brought over to me and I was on my way.

 photo 12034439_10152967323000882_2919086980668563051_o.jpg

Main Room

Into the room itself, and it was your standard cookie cutter room. Fist impressions were good though. Very spacious, very clean and a decent work desk.

 photo 12022571_10152967321970882_5543151857887465252_o.jpg

 photo 12028728_10152967321980882_7941305724430388434_o.jpg

 photo 11879055_10152967322005882_3905939358549791661_o.jpg


Quite a large bathroom here, with dual sinks, a separate shower and bath.

 photo 12027351_10152967322285882_3505306437947938256_o.jpg

 photo 12017554_10152967322280882_7318718364193640955_o.jpg

 photo 12027254_10152967321405882_5263586495256729533_o.jpg

 photo 12068869_10152967322590882_7053089466538587549_o.jpg

An added bonus was the TV in the bathroom. First time I had experienced this.


Standard bathroom and room amenities. Of note was that the bathroom amenities were upgraded over the standard Hilton fare.

 photo 11907164_10152967322585882_6199139637837878619_o.jpg

 photo 12006665_10152967322115882_7628414124666446783_o.jpg

 photo 12045439_10152967322610882_5801187241683884038_o.jpg

 photo 12006665_10152967322115882_7628414124666446783_o.jpg

Also of note was a remote control next to the bed which controlled the curtains and lighting.

 photo 11958101_10152967322090882_8604305876707644693_o.jpg

In Conclusion

One of the newer hotels in Dubai, and I’ll certainly be back. The room was great, as was the lounge (sorry, no pictures of that) and all the staff were extremely friendly and accommodating. The only downside was that the pool area was a little busy in the afternoon.

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