Air France | Airbus A320 | CDG-ARN | Economy

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Air France | Airbus A320 | CDG-ARN | Economy
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Airline: Air France
Aircraft: Airbus A320
Route: Paris de Gaulle – Stockholm Arlanda
Flight number: AF1462
Seat number: 11F
Cabin: Economy
Flight date: May 2016

Check In / Security

Check in here was a little confusing – there was a huge SkyPriority area, although it had a disclaimer saying it was for South American and African flights only – and the area was a little deserted. So instead, I went to the European check in area and there was no Sky Priority area as far as I could see, and only self serve check in machines. So I reluctantly used one of those instead. I tend to avoid them where possible due to the fact they spit out receipt style barding passes. I much prefer a proper card one!



Security was much more straight forward though. A clear Sky Priority lane and I was the only person using it meant I was through in seconds.


The Schengen lounge in the F gates area is located on the lower floor. I wasn’t expecting it to be overly brilliant, but I was pleasantly surprised. As I entered, I was met with an eating area where there was a small, but very decent buffet consisting of a pasta dish, cheeses, sandwiches, cold cuts as well as a couple of dessert options.





Beyond this was a host of comfortable seats, another eating area and showers and another area with a reserved sign. But it wasnt overly clear what it was resereved for.




Boarding / Onboard

Boarding was announced earlier than advertised and Sky Priority boarding was enforced quite well. With Just a couple of elites and a virtually empty Business cabin on this flight it was an orderly affair.



Once on board, I found a clean and modern cabin. As I had been assigned a seat in the exit row, the legroom was more than generous.


The service took a little while to get started – more than likely due to some turbulence on departure. When it did get going, I was very impressed with the offerings. There was a pack with a yogurt and some fruit in, as well as a warm cheese and tomato flat bread, plus a choice of drinks.



Arrival was made around fifteen minutes ahead of schedule and as this was a Schengen arrival, I made it from the plane to the bus into town in around five minutes – and that included stopping to buy a bus ticket too.



This was my first time flying with Air France, and I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t hold particularly high expectations, but I found CDG Terminal 2F a great terminal – much like one you would find in Asia due to the large open spaces. The Air France lounge I used was also impressive considering it is no doubt designed as a European lounge. There was a small but decent food offering on the buffet, with a good drinks selection and comfortable seating. On board, the seats were comfortable and the plane was clean – despite being six years old, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say it was brand new. The crew were friendly, and the onboard service was more than I’d had on an inter European hop in years.

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