Sun Air | Dornier 328 Jet | GOT-MAN | Euro Traveller

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British Airways | Airbus A320 | LHR-ARN | Club Europe
Clarion, Stockholm Arlanda
Qatar Airways | Boeing 787 | ARN-DOH | Business
The Airport Hotel, Doha
Qatar Airways | Airbus A350 | DOH-SIN | Business
Crowne Plaza, Singapore Changi
Cathay Pacific | Boeing 777-200 | SIN-HKG | Business
Cathay Pacific | Boeing 747-400 | HKG-HND | First Class
Hilton, Tokyo Odaiba
ANA | Boeing 787 | HND-ITM | Premium Class
Courtyard by Marriott, Osaka
Asiana | Airbus A330 | KIX-ICN | Business
Four Points by Sheraton, Seoul
EVA Air | Airbus A330 | ICN-TPE | Business
Novotel, Taipei Taoyuan Airport
EVA Air | Boeing 777-300ER | TPE-SIN | Business
Conrad Centennial, Singapore
Qatar Airways | Airbus A330 | SIN-DOH | Business
Doubletree by Hilton, Doha Old Town
Qatar Airways | Boeing 787 | DOH-ARN | Business
Radisson Blu, SkyCity, Stockholm Arlanda
SAS | Boeing 737-600 | ARN-GOT | SAS Plus
Sun Air | Dornier 328 Jet | GOT-MAN | Euro Traveller
Hilton, Manchester Airport
British Airways | Airbus A319 | MAN-LHR | UK Domestic

Airline: Sun Air
Aircraft: Dornier 328Jet
Route: Gothenburg – Manchester
Flight number: BA8233
Seat number: 2A
Cabin: Euro Traveller
Flight date: April 2016

Check In / Security

Check in opened around two hours prior to departure – which was a little annoying (but hardly surprising) as I had arrived from Stockholm a couple of hours previously. And theres not an awful lot to do landside at Gothenburg. When it did open, my bag was given a priority tag, which was a little surprising as BA don’t give their elites travelling in economy priority handling. Maybe those rules are different on Sun Air?

 photo IMG_7038.jpg

There was a fast track available, however as BA rarely make it clear if you’re eligible to use it or not (despite it being a published OneWorld Emerald benefit) I used the normal lane, as it wasn’t too busy.


There are two lounges in Gothenburg – the SAS lounge, for all Star Alliance carriers and the Menzies lounge, catering for OneWorld and SkyTeam flights. As such, it was the Menzies lounge I used. It was a reasonable lounge, with plenty of light and a couple of secluded areas – which nobody seemed to be using, so I took advantage of that fact.




 photo IMG_7055.jpg

The food options included a salad buffet and crisps/nuts etc.

 photo IMG_7054.jpg

Boarding / Onboard

Boarding was more or less on time, but there was no priority boarding. With a maximum of 38 passengers though, it wasn’t really an issue.

 photo IMG_7060.jpg

Legroom on this small jet (at the front at least) was pretty decent.


 photo IMG_7074.jpg


Sun Air has a pretty good reputation for their on board service, and its very well deserved. In fact their motto is “not bigger, but better” and I’d have to agree with that. The service got underway with a drinks run, complete with snacks. On the mainline at this time, this would be all you’d get for the entire flight.

 photo IMG_7072.jpg

However on Sun Air, this is followed up with a meal.

 photo IMG_7077.jpg

Which is then followed up with an ice cream service.

 photo IMG_7080.jpg

And finally tea or coffee.

 photo IMG_7082.jpg

Previously, there was also a digestif run, but that didn’t happen on this flight.

 photo IMG_7086.jpg


Arrival was made a little early. There was a short wait for the bags to appear and mine was around the tenth off. Despite it having its priority tag, there were others without that came out before however.

 photo IMG_7104.jpg


Another fine run with Sun Air. The food on board was plentiful and tasty. Only minor issue was that the digestif run wasn’t completed, but that could have been done away with since my last flights with the airline back in February 2015.

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British Airways | Airbus A320 | LHR-ARN | Club Europe

This Trip

British Airways | Airbus A320 | LHR-ARN | Club Europe
Clarion, Stockholm Arlanda
Qatar Airways | Boeing 787 | ARN-DOH | Business
The Airport Hotel, Doha
Qatar Airways | Airbus A350 | DOH-SIN | Business
Crowne Plaza, Singapore Changi
Cathay Pacific | Boeing 777-200 | SIN-HKG | Business
Cathay Pacific | Boeing 747-400 | HKG-HND | First Class
Hilton, Tokyo Odaiba
ANA | Boeing 787 | HND-ITM | Premium Class
Courtyard by Marriott, Osaka
Asiana | Airbus A330 | KIX-ICN | Business
Four Points by Sheraton, Seoul
EVA Air | Airbus A330 | ICN-TPE | Business
Novotel, Taipei Taoyuan Airport
EVA Air | Boeing 777-300ER | TPE-SIN | Business
Conrad Centennial, Singapore
Qatar Airways | Airbus A330 | SIN-DOH | Business
Doubletree by Hilton, Doha Old Town
Qatar Airways | Boeing 787 | DOH-ARN | Business
Radisson Blu, SkyCity, Stockholm Arlanda
SAS | Boeing 737-600 | ARN-GOT | SAS Plus
Sun Air | Dornier 328 Jet | GOT-MAN | Euro Traveller
Hilton, Manchester Airport
British Airways | Airbus A319 | MAN-LHR | UK Domestic

Airline: British Airways
Aircraft: Airbus A320
Route: London Heathrow – Stockholm Arlanda
Flight number: BA784
Seat number: 1A
Cabin: Club Europe
Flight date: April 2016

Check In / Security

The standard British Airways Club check in at Heathrow really wasn’t anything special. Just a standard bunch of check in desks, with a sign next to them. Blink and you’ll miss it. Also due to the fact its available to BA Bronze, Silver, OneWorld Ruby, Sapphire, Club Europe and Club World passengers, it can get a little busy at times. Since my last time through T5, this appears to have changed. There is now an area thats separated by (some rather cheap looking) barriers.

 photo IMG_4931_1.jpg

Due to my British Airways Gold status however, I was entitled to use the First check in area, at the far end of the terminal.

Fast track security at Heathrow is somewhat hit and miss. Some times you’re through in a couple of minutes, and other times the staff even tell you not to bother and use the standard lanes instead. This occasion I was through in around five minutes – pretty good going really. In fact the whole terminal was quite quiet.


As previously mentioned, I was able to skip the BA Galleries Club lounge and instead use the Galleries First lounge. I have mixed feelings about this one. Despite it being far from the best First Class lounge out there, I’ve visited so many times over the years it’s got a familiar, almost homely feel to it. The recent light refurbishment (new chairs, polished floors and new menus) have been a welcome addition.

 photo IMG_4935.jpg

 photo IMG_4953.jpg

 photo IMG_4962_1.jpg

The food options are from either the buffet or menu. On this occasion, I visited the buffet.

 photo IMG_4939.jpg

 photo IMG_4943_1.jpg

 photo IMG_4949.jpg

 photo IMG_4951_1.jpg

Boarding / Onboard

Todays gate was over in T5C – unusual, as most short haul flights depart from the main building rather than the satellites. Therefore a train journey was in order.

 photo IMG_4969.jpg

Last August, British Airways announced new boarding procedures. Out was the previous Bronze, Silver, Gold, OneWorld Elite’s and Club Europe (plus First on flights where this cabin is operated) all in one go, the official line at least is: Club and BA Gold/ OneWorld Emerald first, then BA Silver/ OneWorld Sapphire, followed by BA Bronze (priority boarding isn’t a published benefit of OneWorld Ruby) and finally everybody else. In reality however any mixture of the above has happened on my many BA flights since August, including the “all aboard” – which caused a mass scrum. On this flight, It seemed to have been done correctly. I say seemed, because for once, there wasn’t a mass scrum so was therefore able to walk towards the podium without having to fight my way through the crowds.

 photo IMG_4974.jpg

Once on board, I was given the typical friendly “good evening” as i boarded and I took my seat in the recently (between Summer 2014 and Spring 2015) refurbished cabin.

 photo IMG_4976_1.jpg

 photo IMG_4977.jpg

 photo IMG_4982.jpg


The on board service started on the ground, with hot towels being handed out.

 photo IMG_4983_1.jpg

Once airborne, the initial drinks run began, along with packets of nuts.

 photo IMG_4997_1.jpg

 photo IMG_5002_1.jpg

The main meal service began not too long after. The choices were Cod with minted pea mash or a chicken caesar salad. The cod proved to be popular as it ran out pretty quickly. This was also my option.

 photo IMG_5004_1.jpg

 photo IMG_5006_1.jpg

My dinner service finished with a Baileys… or two.

 photo IMG_5011_1.jpg

 photo IMG_5015.jpg


Arrival into Stockholm Terminal 2 was made a little behind schedule. Due to the fact we were probably the last arrival for the evening, there was no queue at passport control. There was a bit of a wait at baggage claim however, but once the bags did arrive, mine was the fourth out and I was on my way to to the hotel for the night.


This was your standard British Airways flight really – friendly crew, tasty food and generally without any issues. It was good to see that the airline has made the Club check in experience at its home base a little more premium, and the fast track security is pretty decent when it works. The First lounge has seen some welcome improvements, however it does still get a little busy at peak times – I struggled to find a seat after I had eaten.

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LOT/Air Berlin/BA | B734/E175/Q400/A321 | LHR-WAW-KRK-TXL-LHR

 photo map.gif
 photo map-2.gif

Maps generated by theGreat Circle Mapper -copyright © Karl L. Swartz.

This report starts out with a message I received from fellow a.netter gabrielchew whilst I was in Argentina, back in April. He mentioned that he’d found some great fares to Krakow with LOT over a weekend in June – just £85 in fact. Without much hesitation, I logged on to the LOT website and the flights were booked.

 photo ITIN.png

I also splashed out an extra £19 to reserve seats, which is something new since I had last flown with the airline in December 2012.

 photo SEATS.png

 photo PRICE.png

I guess it was a little pricey, however due to the low fares it didn’t make the final price too outrageous. Also the fact that it included seats for all four flights, meant it was still far better value than the £15 per sector that British Airways wanted to charge me for pre booking seats on a trip to Milan in August.

On to the day of departure. I did consider exploring the train, as I was still studying options to get to LHR that didn’t involve the coach but I figured as it would cost the same but take double the time I really wouldn’t gain all that much by doing so. So for the first time in a good few months, it was on to the coach.

 photo IMG_4468.jpg

Upon arrival at T2, I attempted to use a kiosk to grab my boarding passes, however as I’d already checked in, it didn’t like it and I ended up having to join a queue instead.

 photo IMG_4473.jpg

 photo IMG_4470.jpg

A few moments later, it was through a reasonably busy security, where I was singled out for a random search. Once that was done, I finally met up with Gabriel and we headed over to the very decent United Club for a couple of cocktails.

 photo IMG_4475.jpg

 photo IMG_4477.jpg

 photo IMG_4478.jpg

 photo IMG_4479.jpg

 photo IMG_4482.jpg

 photo IMG_4486.jpg

 photo IMG_4488.jpg

 photo _MG_0500.jpg

 photo _MG_0501.jpg

 photo _MG_0502.jpg

After an hour or so in here, we moved over to the SQ lounge.

 photo IMG_4498.jpg

 photo IMG_4500.jpg

 photo IMG_4501.jpg

 photo _MG_0503.jpg

 photo _MG_0504.jpg

Tasty food in here

 photo _MG_0507.jpg

And the Suite style seats looked great

 photo _MG_0508.jpg

The third stop of the day was the Air Canada Lounge.

 photo IMG_4497.jpg

 photo _MG_0510.jpg

More cocktails – must admit this one wasn’t all that great.

 photo _MG_0512.jpg

Again, great food selections

 photo IMG_4514.jpg

 photo IMG_4517.jpg

 photo IMG_4518.jpg

The final stop of the tour was the LH lounge, which was back in T2A.

 photo IMG_4523.jpg

 photo IMG_4524.jpg

 photo IMG_4526.jpg

 photo IMG_4532.jpg

 photo IMG_4534.jpg

 photo _MG_0513.jpg

 photo _MG_0514.jpg

After a good few hour lounging, it was time to board. Thanks for all the guesting in Gabriel – much appreciated. I’ll have to make the effort to get myself a Star Gold card…

 photo _MG_0515.jpg

 photo IMG_4540.jpg

 photo LOLogo.jpg

June 2015
Boeing 737-400 / SP-LLF
Seat: 21F / Economy
Scheduled: 17:50/21:20
Off Stand: 17:54
On Stand: 21:27

We made our way on to a very warm and retro cabin, along with a screaming child and some tight legroom.

 photo IMG_4543.jpg

 photo _MG_0516.jpg

The cabin filled up reasonably quickly before the boarding complete announcement was given. There was a major downpour happening outside, and my initial suspicions were that this would reduce the flow in and out of the airport.

 photo _MG_0517.jpg

The captain announced a flying time of two hours, but no delay so I guess we were lucky on this occasion. We pushed back a few moments later and made a slow journey over to 27R.

 photo IMG_4552.jpg

Once we finally did get going, it wasn’t too long before we were into the cloud.

 photo IMG_4557.jpg

But a few turns later we were out of it again and it appeared we were dodging a few of them.

 photo _MG_0518.jpg

 photo _MG_0520.jpg

 photo _MG_0522.jpg

 photo _MG_0523.jpg

Before clearing them for good.

 photo _MG_0524.jpg

The seatbelt sign went off and an announcement was made although I couldn’t understand a word of it.

 photo IMG_4565.jpg

I stuck a couple of videos on my iPad shortly after.

 photo IMG_4566.jpg

During which time, the BOB service was started – and there were quite a few takers. Once the sales service had been completed, the free service began – which was just water and a Prince Polo. Yet another cut back since I last flew with LO back in 2012.

 photo IMG_4567.jpg

 photo IMG_4570.jpg

I stuck with the iPad until we were into our descent into Warsaw.

 photo _MG_0526.jpg

 photo _MG_0528.jpg

We made a cloudy descent until touchdown.

 photo IMG_4573.jpg

 photo _MG_0529.jpg

 photo IMG_4576.jpg

It was then off through passport control, through security and immediately into the lounge.

 photo IMG_4581.jpg

 photo IMG_4588.jpg

 photo _MG_0530.jpg

 photo _MG_0531.jpg

 photo _MG_0532.jpg

 photo IMG_4582.jpg

Around thirty minutes before departure, we made our way down to the gate, where boarding started more or less straight away.

 photo IMG_4589.jpg

 photo LOLogo.jpg

June 2015
Embraer E175 / SP-LIF
Seat: 4A / Economy
Scheduled: 22:45/23:40
Off Stand: 22:36
On Stand: 23:20

I took my seat and very shortly afterwards, the boarding complete announce was given. There were quite a few spare seats around, which was a little odd as according to the seat map upon check in, most seats had been taken.

 photo IMG_4590.jpg

 photo IMG_4591.jpg

The legroom on this one was slightly more generous.

 photo _MG_0534.jpg

Flight time was announced as just 35 minutes.

 photo _MG_0536.jpg

We pushed back and made our way over to the active.

Departure came, and as soon as the seatbelt sign went off, I ventured back to find Gabriel to see if he wanted to move to the spare seat next to me.

 photo _MG_0538.jpg

Although as he had the whole of the final row to himself, I took 21D instead. The service was completed pretty quickly and then descent was well under way.

 photo IMG_4599.jpg

I returned to my assigned seat just as we were passing downtown Kraków.

 photo _MG_0540.jpg

Not too long later, we touched down, and then spun around on the runway to head off in the direction of the terminal.

 photo IMG_4606.jpg

It was then on to a bus to make a very short drive over to the temporary looking terminal.

 photo IMG_4609.jpg

 photo IMG_4610.jpg

Strange how this was classed as an international arrival

 photo IMG_4611.jpg

A few seconds later, we were in a taxi heading for the city.

 photo IMG_4612.jpg

I checked into my very different looking hotel room upon arrival

 photo _MG_0564.jpg

 photo _MG_0566.jpg

Then took a walk with Gabriel across the square to his hotel before calling it a night.

 photo _MG_0542.jpg

 photo _MG_0546.jpg

The next day, Gabriel made his way back to my hotel and we explored what the city had to offer.

 photo _MG_0569.jpg

Including some local dancing, complete with noises that sounded like a car crash…

 photo _MG_0570.jpg


 photo _MG_0581.jpg

Sheltering from the rain in the castle

 photo _MG_0585.jpg

 photo _MG_0587.jpg

 photo _MG_0592.jpg

Local (ish) cuisine

 photo IMG_4628.jpg

Once we were done in the city, we took the bus back to the airport.

 photo IMG_4637.jpg

A lot of building work going on here – hence the W.I.P looking arrivals terminal.

 photo IMG_4638.jpg

Upon arrival, we headed straight for a busy security as we both had a full set of boarding passes.

 photo IMG_4640.jpg

 photo IMG_4641.jpg

Security was pretty strict – I ended up having to to put a completely empty bag through the scanner, and Gabriel ended up having to put a pocket full of tissues through the x-Ray as they were apparently setting off the metal detector. Hmm. Once this was done, it was over to the lounge, once more courtesy of Gabriel’s Star gold status.

 photo _MG_0601.jpg

 photo IMG_4643.jpg

 photo IMG_4645.jpg

At pretty much the time boarding was due to begin, an announcement was made saying that our flight had been cancelled. So it was back through security and over to the LOT office.

 photo IMG_4650.jpg

 photo IMG_4648.jpg

Easier said than done. After around two hours in the queue we were finally seen to. They said that there were no more flights this evening and they initially wanted to put us on LH via FRA or MUC the following afternoon. Instead though, Gabriel had found a routing with AB and BA via TXL in the morning and this was granted without too much fuss. It actually worked out in our favour as we ended up being booked into a pretty high booking class – therefore getting a pretty decent haul of BA Avios/Tier Points. If we had flown with LOT, we would have earned nothing due to it being in such a low booking class.

 photo IMG_4649.jpg

It was then over to another queue to sort out a hotel. As the Hilton Garden Inn across the road was a very reasonable price, we decided to book ourselves into there instead – rather than have to wait around for them to make a reservation and then take a taxi. The whole process took around three hours.

 photo IMG_4652.jpg

 photo _MG_0602.jpg

Dinner, courtesy of LOT. I ended up bringing most of it home with me though, as I wasn’t really up to eating anything.

 photo _MG_0610.jpg

The next morning, it was back across the road to the terminal. Luckily this time, things were much quieter and we were in the lounge within ten minutes.

 photo IMG_4653.jpg

 photo IMG_4654.jpg

We stayed here until boarding was announced.

 photo IMG_4655.jpg

Despite our boarding passes saying that we had fast track, there wasn’t one available so we were at the back of a long queue, before heading down to a bus.

 photo IMG_4666.jpg

June 2015
Embraer E195 / SP-
Seat: 8D / Economy
Scheduled: 17:55/18:45

 photo ABlogo.jpg

June 2015
Bombardier Q400 / D-ABQC
Seat: 17A / Economy
Scheduled: 10:50/12:00
Off Stand: 10:54
On Stand: 12:12

We made a slow drive over to the waiting plane and I took my seat – once I had booted Gabriel out of it…

 photo IMG_4668.jpg

 photo _MG_0612.jpg

The flight deck announced a flying time of an hour and fifteen, before the engines were started and we made our way over to the active. The initially clear skies soon clouded over.

 photo IMG_4677.jpg

 photo _MG_0614.jpg

 photo _MG_0615.jpg

 photo IMG_4683.jpg

The crew were a little slow getting the trolley out, therefore by the time I had been served, descent had started.

 photo IMG_4685.jpg

 photo _MG_0617.jpg

In fact the rubbish wasn’t cleared until quite late into the descent. The weather wasn’t quite as good in Berlin, but there were a few views to be had on approach.

 photo _MG_0619.jpg

 photo _MG_0620.jpg

 photo _MG_0622.jpg

 photo IMG_4692.jpg

We touched down and then took the scenic route over to the Air Berlin terminal – with most of the other passengers getting up and grabbing their bags along the way.

 photo IMG_4701.jpg

Upon arrival, it was a short bus ride over to the terminal, before heading over to the main building.

 photo IMG_4702.jpg

 photo IMG_4703.jpg

 photo IMG_4704.jpg

We then spent an hour or so on the terrace, where there were some quite interesting movements.

 photo _MG_0653.jpg

 photo _MG_0654.jpg

 photo _MG_0659.jpg

 photo _MG_0664.jpg

 photo _MG_0667.jpg

 photo _MG_0687.jpg

 photo _MG_0696.jpg

 photo _MG_0702.jpg

 photo _MG_0719.jpg

 photo _MG_0727.jpg

 photo _MG_0626.jpg

 photo _MG_0627.jpg

 photo IMG_4716.jpg

I ended up taking extra time due to the fact I was singled out for an additional random check – this meant exiting the security area, and being taken to a separate room to have my electronics swabbed. A few moments later I was back at the gate area where boarding began a few moments later.

 photo IMG_4718.jpg

 photo IMG_4719.jpg

 photo BAlogo.jpg

June 2015
Airbus A321 / G-EUXL
Seat: 33F / Economy
Scheduled: 14:30/15:30
Off Stand: 14:41
On Stand: 15:49

I made my way on board and took my seat, which had the leftovers of the previous occupants lunch on it.

 photo _MG_0731.jpg

 photo _MG_0732.jpg

The flight was unsurprisingly full – despite the complaints about BA lately, the “enhancements” are clearly working… And due to this the crew spent a while re arranging bags in the overhead lockers. The captain started his speech, and no doubt he mentioned the flying time, but my attention was drawn to a stroppy elder American woman in the wrong seat and refusing to budge. She eventually did, but made no secret of the fact she would be getting up “at least six times”. We pushed back and headed off into the housing estate for departure.

 photo _MG_0733.jpg

On our way up, things got a bit bumpy, and we seemed to be in cloud for a lot longer than on this mornings flight.

 photo IMG_4730.jpg

 photo _MG_0735.jpg

 photo _MG_0736.jpg

Also different to the mornings flight was the fact the crew started the service much quicker. It seems that the snacks have now been enhanced to UK domestic levels on a wider selection of European flights now, as on a flight to Frankfurt (which is nearer to London) a couple of weeks previously, I was offered a wrap.

 photo _MG_0739.jpg

I relied on the iPad for my entertainment on this flight.

 photo _MG_0741.jpg

 photo IMG_4739.jpg

Descent began, and the first officer announced that it was a little busy this afternoon, so therefore we had to slow down. But even so, we would still have to hold for fifteen minutes.

 photo _MG_0743.jpg

 photo _MG_0744.jpg

 photo _MG_0746.jpg

 photo _MG_0749.jpg

We were treated to a great aerial tour of London – probably one of the best I’ve had, before touching down on to 27R.

 photo IMG_4747.jpg

 photo _MG_0753.jpg

 photo _MG_0756.jpg

 photo _MG_0758.jpg

 photo IMG_4754.jpg

It was a slow journey over to T5B before pulling on to stand. Finally back in the UK – around 17 hours later than expected…

 photo _MG_0759.jpg

 photo _MG_0760.jpg

 photo _MG_0761.jpg

It was the usual wait to leave before heading back over to the main terminal, and out to wait for the coach home.

 photo IMG_4763.jpg

 photo IMG_4764.jpg

 photo IMG_4765.jpg

LOT – ugh. Battered old 737, uncomfortable seats, cancelled flight, poor planning when it came to rebooking and despite being told by two members of ground staff that the flight was cancelled for technical reasons, flat out refused to pay any EC261 compensation. At least they were cheap…

Air Berlin were consistent with my other flights with them. Decent enough service pretty good crew and no reason to complain. Although its a bit of shame they have to use that temporary terminal at TXL indefinitely.

British Airways – once more, not much can be said about them. Although its a shame the on board catering appears to have been enhanced once more.

British Airways / Air Berlin | A320/B737/A321/E170 | LHR-FRA/CGN-TXL-ZRH-LCY

 photo map-4.gif

 photo map-5.gif

Maps generated by theGreat Circle Mapper -copyright © Karl L. Swartz.

For the last couple of years or so, I’d been aware of Air Berlin offering some semi decent fares from Cologne to London with a couple of stops thrown in for good measure. Although I hadn’t got around to booking the flights remained on the radar.

 photo aboptions.png

Fast forward to early 2015 and I finally got around to booking the trip I’d been researching for the previous couple of years.

 photo abitin.png

As usual on Air Berlin, they only offer free seat selection to their own frequent flyers.

 photo abseats.png

And as usual, one of the other OneWorld members was able to rectify this.

 photo ABseatsIB.png

Next up was a way to Cologne. I had planned on taking Germanwings on a direct flight from LHR, as prices were around the £40 mark. Annoyingly though, when I came to book the prices had gone up to over £110. So instead I looked to British Airways. They don’t actually fly to Cologne, but flights to Frankfurt more reasonable – still four pounds more, but at least I’d be able to get some dinner in the lounge.

 photo BAitin.png

Seat selection wasn’t an issue on this flight – at least when I booked.

 photo BAseats.png

Yet another no so special offer. They used to be reasonable at under £100 but now they just seem to be the same price as you’d pay for Club anyway.

 photo BAUPG.png

To link Frankfurt and Cologne I’d turn to the DB. I’d wanted to try the ICE train so this seemed like a good enough excuse. I’d also wanted to visit the viewing deck at FRA for a few years (on all of my previous visits, it had been closed) so I was ticking more than a few things off on this trip.

As mentioned at the beginning of my South America series, I was exploring options other than the National Express coach to get me to Heathrow. This time I figured I’d try out the hourly bus service – it took over an hour and a half, but cost a fraction of the coach – so you get what you pay for I guess.

 photo IMG_3782.jpg

Upon arrival, I grabbed a souvenir boarding pass and took a look at the fast track security. It looks more than a little busy from what I could see, so I made my way through the regular security instead. And I was through in about two minutes. So as I’ve suspected, the fast track isn’t quite that fast.

 photo IMG_3785.jpg

 photo IMG_3787.jpg

I made my way up to the lounge for a tasty dinner of macaroni cheese.

 photo IMG_3813.jpg

 photo IMG_3801.jpg

 photo IMG_3790.jpg

 photo IMG_3791.jpg

 photo IMG_3792.jpg

 photo IMG_3793.jpg

 photo IMG_3794.jpg

 photo IMG_3805.jpg

 photo IMG_3800.jpg

 photo _MG_0003.jpg

 photo _MG_0004.jpg

After this, I headed out to my favourite spot on the terrace and grabbed some juice.

 photo _MG_0005.jpg

 photo IMG_3809.jpg

But no sooner as I’d say down, I was being told to make the trek over to the C gates – typical, as just a few weeks after they stopped giving you £15 at Starbucks, I get my first departure from T5C in nearly three years. No big deal though as I wasn’t all that hungry anyway.

 photo IMG_3810.jpg

I made a couple of laps of the satellite to see what was around.

 photo _MG_0006.jpg

 photo _MG_0007.jpg

 photo _MG_0009.jpg

 photo _MG_0011.jpg

 photo _MG_0014.jpg

 photo _MG_0018.jpg

Upon returning to the gate, I saw a massive queue so figured it would be a good idea to join it. Boarding started a few moments later and I was welcomed by name and asked how I was by a friendly ground agent.

 photo IMG_3824.jpg

 photo IMG_3825.jpg

 photo IMG_3828.jpg

 photo BAlogo.jpg

May 2015
Airbus A320 / G-EUYB
Seat: 19F / Euro Traveller
Scheduled: 19:35/22:10
Off Stand: 19:37
On Stand: 22:17

I took my seat, immediately followed by my two seat mates. The flight looked completely full.

 photo IMG_3832.jpg

 photo _MG_0019.jpg

As boarding was finally completed, the captain gave the usual welcome speech and announced a flying time if an hour and ten minutes. We pushed back a minute or two behind schedule and made a rough ride over to 27R. Once there, we had to wait for a string of heavies to depart before it was finally our turn.

 photo _MG_0025.jpg

 photo IMG_3842.jpg

 photo IMG_3846.jpg

 photo _MG_0027.jpg

The crew handed out the snack and drinks whilst I watched an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm on my iPad.

 photo IMG_3854.jpg

With around forty minutes to go, the first officer announced we had started descent. Seemed a little early to me, but I guess he knows more than I do on the subject. Meanwhile, the sun was setting behind us.

 photo IMG_3860.jpg

We descended through the clouds and the light faded completely.

 photo _MG_0028.jpg

It was then a great view of downtown Frankfurt before making reasonable contact with one of Frankfurt’s older runways.

 photo _MG_0030.jpg

 photo _MG_0036.jpg

Then came a lengthy taxi over to a remote stand where we arrived a little later than scheduled.

 photo IMG_3870.jpg

After a further ten minutes or so I made my way towards the rear exit and down the steps.

 photo IMG_3871.jpg

 photo IMG_3872.jpg

 photo IMG_3875.jpg

A bus tour followed before heading over to the Hilton for the evening.

 photo IMG_3884.jpg

 photo IMG_3886.jpg

 photo IMG_3888.jpg

 photo _MG_0037.jpg

The next morning, I paid a visit to the viewing deck.

 photo _MG_0052.jpg

 photo _MG_0054.jpg

Very pleased to see this one

 photo _MG_0056.jpg

 photo _MG_0065.jpg

 photo _MG_0073.jpg

 photo _MG_0081.jpg

 photo _MG_0084.jpg

 photo _MG_0085.jpg

 photo _MG_0094.jpg

 photo _MG_0110.jpg

 photo _MG_0133.jpg

 photo _MG_0146.jpg

 photo _MG_0155.jpg

 photo _MG_0156.jpg

 photo _MG_0164.jpg

 photo _MG_0179.jpg

 photo _MG_0185.jpg

Before heading off to catch my train to Cologne, after some essential shopping and lunch.

 photo IMG_3890.jpg

 photo IMG_3893.jpg

As my train was delayed by around thirty minutes, I headed downstairs to the lounge. Hardly a patch on any airline lounge, but it was better than a platform.

 photo _MG_0191.jpg

Finally on the train to Cologne:

 photo _MG_0192.jpg

 photo IMG_3929.jpg

A few pictures from my time in Cologne. Pretty much as soon as you exit the station, you’re faced with the massive cathedral.

 photo _MG_0193.jpg

Walking along the river

 photo _MG_0199.jpg

 photo _MG_0200.jpg

 photo _MG_0205.jpg

Paying a visit to the chocolate museum

 photo _MG_0206.jpg

 photo _MG_0207.jpg

 photo _MG_0208.jpg

 photo _MG_0210.jpg

 photo _MG_0214.jpg

Out at the cathedral once more

 photo _MG_0218.jpg

And my room at the Hilton, just a few steps away.

 photo _MG_0218.jpg

 photo _MG_0232.jpg

As usual, the best pictures come after dark

 photo _MG_0234.jpg

 photo _MG_0242.jpg

 photo _MG_0243.jpg

When it was time to leave, I made my way across to the station, where most trains appeared to be delayed. I jumped on one that said it was going to the airport, only for an announcement to be made after a few stops that I had to change to an S13 train. So I hopped off, only to find that was an S13. By the time I’d realised the train was leaving – so no option but to wait thirty minutes for the next one at a pretty remote station…

 photo IMG_3994.jpg

Upon finally reaching the airport, it was up to check in to grab a boarding pass. The agent didn’t say an awful lot, bit did do quite a bit of typing – eventually handing me one boarding pass for all three flights.

 photo IMG_3996.jpg

 photo IMG_3997.jpg

 photo IMG_3999.jpg

I then made my way through security, where for the first time ever I was told that my camera would also have to be screened separately. New rules apparently… Following this was a few steps to the Air Berlin exclusive waiting area – not quite a lounge but not quite the general waiting area either.

 photo IMG_4002.jpg

 photo IMG_4005.jpg

 photo _MG_0252.jpg

 photo _MG_0253.jpg

 photo _MG_0256.jpg

At around 10:00 this mornings ride pulled in. I was glad to see it was still the scheduled 737-700 as this is a new sub type for me. And also a new operator as this one is operated by TUI fly.

 photo _MG_0257.jpg

 photo _MG_0258.jpg

 photo _MG_0259.jpg

Boarding was announced, and I was the first on board – due to the fact there wasn’t a mass charge towards the gate. It was actually very civilised with everybody waiting their turn!

 photo IMG_4011.jpg

 photo IMG_4017.jpg

 photo ABlogo.jpg

May 2015
Boeing 737-700 / D-AHXF
Seat: 18F / Economy
Scheduled: 11:05/12:10
Off Stand: 11:21
On Stand: 12:31

As I boarded, the cabin crew offered me a form to sign up to their Top Bonus program – but I didn’t see much point in taking one.

 photo IMG_4018.jpg

 photo IMG_4020.jpg

 photo IMG_4021.jpg

 photo _MG_0262.jpg

The cabin filled up very slowly but the flight seemed pretty full. The captain gave his welcome speech and mentioned that we were still waiting for some more passengers – shortly followed by an announcement saying their bags were now being offloaded.

 photo IMG_4025.jpg

As it turned out, one of the very few empty seats was next to me so I was fairly comfortable.

 photo _MG_0260.jpg

We finally did push back around fifteen minutes behind schedule, and then made a long taxi over to the runway – passing quite a few cargo jets along the way.

 photo IMG_4030.jpg

 photo IMG_4032.jpg

Luckily we were given an intersection departure so we didn’t have to go quite down to the end if the runway before departing.

 photo IMG_4035.jpg

 photo IMG_4036.jpg

It wasn’t too long before we were into the clouds and the view disappeared.

 photo _MG_0263.jpg

Service on this sector was more or less the same as what was handed out in my first AB flights back in 2013 – something “sweet or salty”.

 photo _MG_0267.jpg

 photo IMG_4041.jpg

Descent started as the clouds cleared- meaning there were good views of the area on approach.

 photo _MG_0268.jpg

 photo _MG_0270.jpg

 photo _MG_0272.jpg

 photo _MG_0273.jpg

 photo _MG_0274.jpg

 photo IMG_4055.jpg

On short finals, a gust of wind caught us, putting us somewhat off balance and leading to a very hard landing – possibly the hardest I’ve experienced.

 photo IMG_4056.jpg

It was then a brief taxi over to the terminal – and I was glad to see that we were arriving at the main terminal as opposed to the shed that I experienced last time I flew into TXL in AB. The AB chocolate hearts were handed out upon leaving.

 photo _MG_0276.jpg

 photo IMG_4062.jpg

As I’d arrived in terminal A, it was a short walk to the BA lounge, I did consider heading up to the viewing deck as it was such a nice day, but I figured as I’d been there but not visited the lounge here I’d go for the unknown option.

 photo IMG_4064.jpg

 photo IMG_4065.jpg

 photo IMG_4078.jpg

 photo IMG_4074.jpg

 photo IMG_4075.jpg

 photo IMG_4077.jpg

It was a little on the busy side, but luckily I spotted a side room with nobody in it. So grabbed a plate of food and set up camp there for the next hour or so.

 photo _MG_0277.jpg

 photo _MG_0278.jpg

When boarding was near I headed down to the gate. Despite there being a fast track, the layout meant that I’d probably upset a few people by using it – so I didn’t bother.

 photo IMG_4081.jpg

The hold up didn’t matter anyway, as pretty much as I cleared security the ground crew announced a forty five minute delay. So I headed up to the Exclusive waiting area, as the gate area was packed.

 photo IMG_4089.jpg

 photo IMG_4082.jpg

This time there was an airport security guard manning it and he demanded to see my card. I handed my BA card over and he was a little dubious. I mentioned that it’s all OneWorld so it shouldn’t matter, and he consulted a chart that was sellotaped to a post. A few moments later he let me pass through. It was a little bigger than the Cologne version but the offerings were still the same.

 photo _MG_0279.jpg

A few moments later, an A321 pulled on to stand and an announcement was made saying boarding would begin as soon as the passengers on board had left.

 photo _MG_0281.jpg

 photo _MG_0282.jpg

Boarding began, and once more I was the first on board. Although I was stopped in my tracks once I reached the aircraft do as they hadn’t quite finished hoovering.

 photo IMG_4090.jpg

 photo IMG_4092.jpg

 photo ABlogo.jpg

May 2015
Airbus A321 / D-ABCF
Seat: 29F / Economy
Scheduled: 14:15/15:40
Off Stand: 14:59
On Stand: 16:14

As boarding was completed, I once more ended up having the middle seat free despite it being a reasonably full flight.

 photo IMG_4094.jpg

 photo _MG_0283.jpg

The captain welcomed everybody and apologised for the delay, blaming the late inbound arrival of the aircraft and the fact that he was a little late himself arriving from Düsseldorf. He did mention a shorter than usual flying time though of just fifty minutes so we weren’t due to arrive too late. Lucky as I was meeting somebody in ZRH…

 photo _MG_0284.jpg

 photo _MG_0286.jpg

A flight I’d unexpectedly end up on a few weeks later

We pushed back and sped over to the active.

 photo IMG_4099.jpg

Upon reaching the runway, the captain could hardly contain his enthusiasm as the throttles were advancing as we were pulling on to the runway.

 photo IMG_4104.jpg

Unlike this mornings flight, it was clear skies throughout.

 photo _MG_0288.jpg

 photo _MG_0289.jpg

 photo _MG_0292.jpg

The crew started the service and this time they elaborated a little more on the “sweet or salty” line – introducing the snacks as a chocolate or potato chips.

 photo _MG_0293.jpg

 photo _MG_0290.jpg

Once this was done, there wasn’t too much flying time left – so I relied on Tom & Jerry on the overhead for entertainment.

 photo _MG_0294.jpg

We made a cloudy approach to Zurich before touching down a little softer than earlier.

 photo _MG_0297.jpg

 photo _MG_0299.jpg

 photo _MG_0300.jpg

 photo IMG_4126.jpg

 photo IMG_4127.jpg

A brief taxi to the B pier followed where I was met by Infodesk.

 photo _MG_0301.jpg

We spent the next hour or so chatting before she headed off home after a day at work and I ventured up to check out the OneWorld lounge.

 photo IMG_4137.jpg

 photo IMG_4138.jpg

 photo IMG_4146.jpg

 photo IMG_4147.jpg

I wasn’t planning on eating anything as I’d spent most of the day eating and drinking it seemed, but I had a hard job turning down the pasta.

 photo _MG_0302.jpg

 photo _MG_0303.jpg

After around thirty minutes I headed to the gate, which was down in the basement area.

 photo IMG_4151.jpg

There initially seemed to be quite a few people waiting around, but only once the LHR flight started boarding from the adjacent gate did quite a few people disappear.

 photo IMG_4153.jpg

General boarding began – no priority boarding here, unlike on the LHR flight.

 photo IMG_4155.jpg

 photo IMG_4157.jpg

 photo BACFE.jpg

May 2015
Embraer E170 / G-LCYG
Seat: 16D / Euro Traveller
Scheduled: 18:20/18:55
Off Stand: 18:26
On Stand: 19:00

I was somewhat half heartedly greeted at the door and I made my way towards the rear to take my seat.

 photo IMG_4158.jpg

 photo IMG_4160.jpg

One thing I don’t like about the BA E-Jet is the misaligned windows

Boarding was completed pretty quickly and it turned out this flight was pretty empty.

 photo IMG_4165.jpg

 photo _MG_0304.jpg

I decided to take a look at the inflight mag, but it appeared a dog had beaten me to it…

 photo IMG_4163.jpg

The flight deck gave their usual welcome although I couldn’t understand most of what was being said due to the poor sound quality of the speakers. I did make out the fact he was apologising for the delay though. What delay?

 photo _MG_0305.jpg

We pushed back before the LHR flight and made a very slow taxi over to the active.

 photo _MG_0306.jpg

 photo IMG_4169.jpg

Luckily, takeoff wasn’t quite as slow and we were off the ground within a few seconds.

 photo IMG_4177.jpg

 photo _MG_0307.jpg

 photo _MG_0308.jpg

 photo _MG_0309.jpg

Not too long after departure, the on board service began. There were no less than four options to choose from – a salmon salad, a pasta salad plus the crisps and biscuits found on the BA mainline domestic runs. I chose the pasta salad.

 photo _MG_0310.jpg

This was followed by the drinks run, where I chose a G&T.

 photo _MG_0314.jpg

With an episode of Family Guy for entertainment.

 photo _MG_0313.jpg

Nice low load this evening.

 photo _MG_0312.jpg

 photo _MG_0316.jpg

 photo _MG_0317.jpg

Not too long after it finished I felt the nose dip, so I figured we had started descent – so I ought to start paying attention again.

 photo _MG_0318.jpg

The captain came over the PA and mentioned that it was a pleasant evening in London, but from where I was sat, I wasn’t in agreement.

 photo _MG_0320.jpg

Descent continued until the rollercoaster ride began.

 photo _MG_0323.jpg

 photo _MG_0324.jpg

 photo _MG_0325.jpg

 photo IMG_4196.jpg

 photo IMG_4199.jpg

We touched down and pulled almost immediately on to stand.

 photo IMG_4200.jpg

 photo IMG_4202.jpg

Disembarking was delayed by around ten minutes due to the LX RJ100 next door starting up. When we were finally released, it took around five minutes from plane to the DLR station – aided by the fact LCY have installed E-Passport gates since my last arrival in December 2013.

 photo IMG_4206.jpg

 photo IMG_4207.jpg

 photo IMG_4208.jpg

 photo IMG_4210.jpg

 photo IMG_4212.jpg

British Airways: Standard. Nothing more to be said.

Air Berlin again offered a couple of pretty decent flights. It was a bit of a shame that they were both delayed but it didn’t cause any issues. The crew were friendly and the exclusive waiting areas were a good idea for an airline that doesn’t offer a business class product in Europe.

BA Cityflyer continue to show their bigger brother how it should be done, with a range of small but tasty on board catering choices – and can they really cost that much more than the pre packaged sandwiches found on board the main line?

Air Nostrum / British Airways | CR9/A321 | MAD-TLS-LHR

 photo map.gif

Maps generated by theGreat Circle Mapper -copyright © Karl L. Swartz.

Thanks for taking a look at my latest report, which will feature the final two sectors home from South America in April 2015.

After arrival into Madrid, somewhat of a disaster struck. I developed a bit of a stomach ache, but I figured I was just feeling the effects of the long overnight flight from Colombia. I took a walk around the block but wasn’t feeling any better so I surrendered to my room for the evening. Luckily the weather wasn’t great, so I didn’t miss too much.

 photo IMG_3473.jpg

 photo IMG_3475.jpg

 photo IMG_3479.jpg

I’ll spare you the gory details, but lets just say I didn’t get much sleep that evening and I was having serious doubts as to whether I’d be fit enough to fly the following afternoon. Luckily, after waking up reasonably late I was feeling a bit better, although still not 100%. Again, a walk around the block to blow the cobwebs out and to pop to the shop to rehydrate seemed to do the trick.

 photo _MG_9951.jpg

 photo _MG_9952.jpg

 photo _MG_9954.jpg

 photo _MG_9955.jpg

 photo _MG_9956.jpg

I left it until the last possible moment to check out of my hotel and to make my way back to the airport, once more on the train.

 photo IMG_3482.jpg

I ventured over to the check in desk to dump my bag but was told that I could only get one boarding pass for some reason – despite being able to check my bag through to London.

 photo IMG_3485.jpg

It was then the fast track security, which unlike at LHR was actually fast – despite a rather rude agent barking orders at me and snatching my liquids/iPad etc off me and throwing them in a tray.

 photo IMG_3488.jpg

After this, it was pretty much straight into the lounge. Unfortunately, due to my flight leaving from T4 rather than T4S, I was only able to use the more basic lounge – but it’s still pretty good.

 photo IMG_3489.jpg

 photo IMG_3501.jpg

 photo _MG_9958.jpg

 photo _MG_9959.jpg

 photo _MG_9960.jpg

Only the basics for me today.

Feeling like I could do with a walk, I headed over to the gate a little earlier than needed. I was hoping the aircraft change was just an aircraft change – and not a change of type, having only logged one CRJ previously.

 photo IMG_3503.jpg

 photo IMG_3505.jpg

 photo IMG_3508.jpg

Unfortunately though, I was out of luck as an A320 arrived on to stand around fifteen minutes later.

 photo _MG_9963.jpg

Although my disappointment was short lived however, as no sooner had the A320’s doors opened, boarding was called – although it was a bit if a free for all, despite there being a separate fast track. I made my way along the jet bridge, down the stairs and was glad to see a CRJ hiding around the corner.

 photo IMG_3511.jpg

 photo IMG_3512.jpg

 photo IMG_3514.jpg

 photo YWlogo.jpg

April 2015
Bombardier CRJ900/ EC-JTT
Seat: 22A / Economy
Scheduled: 14:55/16:20
Off Stand: 15:23
On Stand: 16:41

I was welcomed at the door, and then again half way along the aisle, where I was shown to my seat by the crew member.

 photo IMG_3516.jpg

I found the legroom on this one pretty good.

 photo _MG_9964.jpg

Boarding was completed, and the flight appeared to be completely full.

 photo _MG_9965.jpg

A few moments later, the crew announced in very broken English that due to heavy ground traffic, we would have a twenty minute delay. But didn’t mention whether it was twenty minutes after our original departure time, or on top of the delay we already had. The captain elaborated a bit further and said we would be another ten minutes due to MAD being down to single runway ops. He also gave a flight time of 50 minutes. We finally pushed back and made the long taxi over to the runway.

 photo _MG_9966.jpg

 photo _MG_9967.jpg

 photo _MG_9968.jpg

Something familiar

 photo _MG_9970.jpg

Once there, we ended up in a bit of a queue.

 photo _MG_9971.jpg

We finally lifted off into some initially clear skies, which then turned quite bumpy. Bizarrely, it was at this moment when the captain decided to turn the seat belt sign off.

 photo IMG_3530.jpg

 photo _MG_9973.jpg

Once we had reached cruising altitude the crew came around and offered the buy on board service- although I didn’t see any takers. After that, the crew were nowhere to be seen.

 photo _MG_9974.jpg

 photo IMG_3534.jpg

I spent the remainder of the flight snoozing until I felt the nose drop and the engines spooled back.

 photo IMG_3536.jpg

 photo IMG_3539.jpg

 photo _MG_9976.jpg

 photo IMG_3545.jpg

 photo _MG_9977.jpg

 photo IMG_3547.jpg

There was a good view of the Airbus factory as we landed.

 photo IMG_3548.jpg

 photo IMG_3549.jpg

Then made our way over to the stand.

 photo IMG_3551.jpg

Annoyingly, the guy next to me was more interested in sending a text than leaving so I was held up somewhat – to the point that by the time I’d put my bits away,I’m was the last off.

 photo IMG_3556.jpg

 photo IMG_3559.jpg

 photo IMG_3560.jpg

As it turns out, there isn’t an airside connection in TLS – so it was out into the open, off to a check in desk to grab a boarding pass and then back through security.

 photo IMG_3562.jpg

 photo IMG_3563.jpg

 photo IMG_3565.jpg

 photo IMG_3566.jpg

There was a fast track, but it was the type where you got to jump the queue rather than a separate lane. I was still through in a few minutes though.

 photo IMG_3569.jpg

 photo IMG_3571.jpg

In the duty free shop, there was a pretty good selection of Airbus merchandise.

 photo IMG_3572.jpg

I then headed up to the lounge. It was small, very crowded and not very well stocked.

 photo IMG_3576.jpg

 photo IMG_3578.jpg

 photo IMG_3574.jpg

 photo IMG_3575.jpg

I literally grabbed a hand full of chocolates, a couple of bottles of water and then went to the gate, as the FID’s were showing last call anyway – despite the fact is just seen tonight’s ride land.

 photo IMG_3580.jpg

Upon reaching the gate, the “me first” brigade were already forming a massive queue. Boarding began, and despite there being an announcement that fast track would be enforced, it wasn’t. This led to a stroppy guy behind me saying that I’ve got 35A on my boarding pass, therefore I’m in the wrong queue. I simply replied “It also says gold, so I AM in the correct queue”.

 photo IMG_3583.jpg

As it turns out, the plane wasn’t quite ready so it was then a case of waiting around for ten minutes or so on the jet bridge.

 photo IMG_3586.jpg

 photo BAlogo.jpg

April 2015
Airbus A321 / G-EUXI
Seat: 35A / Euro Traveller
Scheduled: 17:50/18:40
Off Stand: 18:16
On Stand: 18:58

Once on board, I headed to the last row. The reduced legroom of these newly configured jets is very noticeable back here.

 photo IMG_3587.jpg

 photo IMG_3589.jpg

 photo _MG_9978.jpg

The Dutch first officer announced a flying time of 1h23, apologised for the delay and thanked everybody for turning up on time. The flight didn’t seem all that full – in fact I was the only person in the last five rows. Meaning the last row trick worked once more.

 photo _MG_9979.jpg

 photo _MG_9982.jpg

 photo _MG_9980.jpg

A few moments later, one of the crew members appeared and welcomed me by name – and asked if there was anything I needed. I said I was fine as I had plenty of room to spread out. Much better delivery than experienced in part 1 of this series. After being sat with seemingly nothing going on for a good fifteen minutes, the captain came over the PA and apologised for the hold up. He said that the ground crew had opened up three different holds now, but wouldn’t say what they were doing or why. That would explain all the banging around I could feel underneath me then. We finally did push back around 25 minutes behind schedule, and made a slow taxi out.

 photo IMG_3594.jpg

Upon arrival, we had to wait for an A350 to depart before we made our way into some very bumpy skies.

 photo IMG_3606.jpg

 photo _MG_9985.jpg

A few moments later the on board service started. The same crew member that welcomed me earlier, again addressed me by name and brought me a double sprite and a wrap – which also seems to have been enhanced – there used to be twice as much.

 photo _MG_9988.jpg

My entertainment for this sector was Family Guy on the iPad.

 photo _MG_9987.jpg

Around halfway through the flight, I noticed the captain appear in the cabin. No idea why, but a fairly major point to note was that (as far as I could see from right at the back) when he re entered the flight deck, I didn’t notice any other crew members come out. So I’m guessing BA haven’t implemented any policy regarding two people on the flight deck at all times.

 photo _MG_9989.jpg

 photo _MG_9991.jpg

Soon after, descent was upon us.

 photo _MG_9992.jpg

It was pretty cloudy in the London area, so not too much to be seen until we were quite low.

 photo _MG_9994.jpg

 photo _MG_9995.jpg

 photo _MG_9996.jpg

We then spun around on to finals for 27R.

 photo _MG_9997.jpg

 photo IMG_3621.jpg

 photo _MG_9998.jpg

 photo _MG_9999.jpg

 photo _MG_0001.jpg

 photo IMG_3626.jpg

We made a very smooth touchdown and then made quite a long rollout before hitting the brakes reasonably hard and exiting to the left.

 photo IMG_3627.jpg

Almost immediately we turned off the runway and on to a remote stand. I’ve noticed this with quite a few BA arrivals into LHR now – where they slow the plane down initially before rolling down the length of the runway and taking one of the last exits next to T5.

 photo IMG_3630.jpg

 photo _MG_0002.jpg

As we ended up being shoved on to a remote stand next to the fuel farm, this meant everybody had to be bussed over to T5A. And there was just the one bus waiting. As I was at the back, this meant a good twenty minute wait. The ever attentive crew member and I had a chat about where he was off to next and how far I had to go home. Once it was finally time to leave I bid him farewell and and made my way on to the Tarmac – along side an A380 that was just starting up.

 photo IMG_3634.jpg

Upon arriving at T5A, I was amazed to see nobody at passport control at all – so I was able to walk straight up to an E gate and pass through pretty much with no wait.

 photo IMG_3641.jpg

I made a brief stop to change up my remaining South American currency into GBP before heading down to baggage claim.

 photo IMG_3642.jpg

Again, there was no wait at all there, as it had taken such a long time for me to make my way over to the main terminal, all the bags from the flight had been delivered and my bag had been taken off the carousel and was sat waiting for me.

 photo IMG_3643.jpg

It was then outside for the coach home – where luckily I didn’t have to buy a ticket, as I still had an unused return portion from a few weeks previously due to a flight from BIO being delayed and missing the last coach home.

 photo IMG_3644.jpg

And so brings an end to this series.

 photo IMG_3646.jpg

Iberia/Air Nostrom were pretty forgettable really. I can’t really think of too much to say about them at all. The flight was a little delayed, the crew did what they had to and no more and that’s that really.

British Airways on the other hand continued to prove that on a good day they can be really excellent. And it’s all down to the crew. The crew member couldn’t do enough for me and really made me feel like a valued customer. I made a point of sending one of my golden tickets his way after the flight.

What’s next from me?

May will see me head around Germany, again on British Airways with some flights with AB and linked together with the ICE train.

 photo map_1.gif

Following on in June with a trip to Poland with a fellow a.netter

 photo map-1.gif

Then in July, a tour of the UK.

 photo map-2.gif

And finally in September I’ll be heading to the Far East with Emirates.

 photo map-3.gif

British Airways | Boeing 747-400 | LHR-GRU | First

 photo map.gif

Maps generated by theGreat Circle Mapper -copyright © Karl L. Swartz.

Hi there – thanks for checking out another series of mine. This time, I’ll be heading down to South America. The series will be split over six parts, covering the following flights:

LHR-GRU British Airways 747, First
CGH-SDU TAM A319, Economy
GIG-EZE Emirates 777-200LR, Economy
EZE-LIM TACA A320, Business
LIM-BOG TACA A321, Business
BOG-MDE Avianca A320, Business
MDE-MAD Avianca A330, Business
MAD-TLS Air Nostrum CRJ-900, Economy
TLS-LHR British Airways A321, Euro Traveller

 photo map-2.gif

This first part will focus on my flight to Sao Paulo with British Airways.

For most of 2014 I had been hoarding BA Avios. By around November time, I had enough for a one way ticket in their First Class cabin to pretty much anywhere on their network. As such, to get the best value, I wanted to take the longest flight possible. The most obvious choice was SIN/SYD – but having done this last year, it didn’t really appeal all that much. Next up was their longest single flight to Buenos Aires. This wouldn’t work either though as the airline only operates three class aircraft there – so no First Class. Next up was Brazil. I had a choice of either Rio or Sao Paulo. Rio was the preferred destination, however due to the fact the Sao Paulo flight left the UK at 22:00 meant I could fly on the Friday evening after work rather than on the Saturday lunchtime. Also the fact that the flight to GRU was operated by the 747 (as opposed to the 777 that flew to GIG) pretty much sealed the deal. Of course there were the taxes to consider – £361. So a pretty good deal in my book.

 photo BAitin.png

 photo BAPrice.png

A nice £8377 saving I made there

Upon booking, I was glad to see that I had been pre assigned seat 1A – so no need to change anything there.

 photo Seatsfull.jpg

Thirty days prior to departure, I was able to pre select my main meal. I was tempted by the beef but I figured I nearly always ended up having that when I fly – so chose the sausage and mash instead.

 photo menu.jpg

On to the day of departure then. As my usual mode of transport to Heathrow, the National Express coach, had become increasingly unreliable over the previous months (leaving earlier than scheduled, leaving later than scheduled – and don’t mention the time the driver refused to sell me a ticket before driving off…) I decided to take a taxi to the airport instead.

 photo IMG_2481.jpg

 photo IMG_2485.jpg

After battling through the Friday evening traffic on the M25, I first took a brief look at the departures from 09R before I made my way over to the BA First check in area where I was greeted, asked where I was flying to and escorted to a free desk where I was then handed over to the check in agent, where we shared a bit of a laugh over the fancy naming of my onboard meal selection.

 photo IMG_2487.jpg

 photo _MG_9295.jpg

 photo IMG_2492.jpg

Once processed, I headed through the fast track security. Once through, rather than turn left through the shopping centre to make my way around the houses to the lounge complex, I was able to turn immediately right and pass through the so called “Millionaires doorway” into the Concorde room for the first time – and completing the set of BA lounges that I’ve visited at LHR. One thing that I noted almost immediately was that they made boarding announcements here – something they don’t do at the other lounges.

 photo IMG_2493.jpg

 photo IMG_2494.jpg

First stop was the Concorde dining area where I ordered a club sandwich and a very tasty treacle tart for dessert all washed down with some Laurent Perrier Grand Siecle – probably double the price of what they serve in the F lounge but admittedly I didn’t notice all that much difference.

 photo IMG_2496.jpg

 photo IMG_2499.jpg

 photo IMG_2500.jpg

 photo _MG_9298.jpg

 photo _MG_9299.jpg

I couldn’t help but feel that this lounge was a little small. When I first arrived there were no seats to be had inside so had to make do with the pretty tightly packed terrace area. Following that I spent the remainder of my time at the bar. I’m guessing the idea is for F pax to eat in the CCR then head over to the F lounge if they want to relax.

 photo IMG_2507.jpg

 photo _MG_9301.jpg

 photo _MG_9302.jpg

 photo _MG_9303.jpg

Mojito or two at the bar

 photo IMG_2518.jpg

 photo _MG_9304.jpg

Also of note was that none of the drinks were self serve. Everything had to be ordered at the bar – including the crisps and snacks that you can help yourself to in the J/F lounge. The same went for the coffee. Although the plus side of this arrangement was that presentation was improved.

 photo IMG_2520.jpg

Panorama of virtually all of the lounge – entrance from the right, terrace to the left and dining area ahead.

 photo IMG_2524.jpg

At around 20:40, gate B35 was announced. Rather than take the train, which hadn’t turned up yet and looked like it would be a bit busy, I decided to make the walk across – which is now advertised quite well.

 photo IMG_2527.jpg

 photo IMG_2528.jpg

 photo IMG_2529.jpg

Upon reaching the gate, I was pleased to see G-CIVM on stand – my very first OneWorld logo jet.

 photo _MG_9307.jpg

 photo _MG_9308.jpg

 photo IMG_2534.jpg

A few moments later, boarding commenced. Once more the fast track wasn’t policed at all – I noticed the person ahead of me in the queue had no status on her BP and was sat in Word Traveller. I was third on board and was shown to my seat by the purser.

 photo BAlogo.jpg

April 2015
Boeing 747-436 / G-CIVM
Seat: 1A / First
Scheduled: 21:50/05:20
Off Stand: 22:01
On Stand: 05:03

 photo IMG_2538.jpg

 photo _MG_9309.jpg

 photo _MG_9311.jpg

Seat 1A – my home for the next 11 hours or so.

Almost immediately I was met by a very friendly crew member who introduced herself and was offered some champagne and water. As I was “caught” taking a picture, I apologised for getting in the way mentioned that this was my first time – she offered to take my picture in my seat, then said it’s a great experience and went to grab my drinks. The cabin filled up pretty quickly. There were quite a few seats taken but not completely full. A few moments later, my drinks turned up, followed by pyjamas and an amenity kit.

 photo _MG_9313.jpg

 photo _MG_9312.jpg

 photo IMG_2543.jpg

 photo _MG_9316.jpg

Pretty standard kit contents.

 photo IMG_2547.jpg

And a few moments after that, a hot towel – the same rags that are dished out across all the premium cabins, followed by tonights menu (I only snapped the first page, due to being interrupted by the safety briefing and then pushback). I was also asked when I’d like to eat – I wasn’t too bothered so just said I’d eat whenever was easiest for them. Of note was that the crew member stood at the front of the cabin was engaged in chat with the guy in 1K throughout the safety briefing. Fair enough engaging the customer but surely they should be encouraging them to pay attention rather than distract them?

 photo IMG_2554.jpg

 photo IMG_2549.jpg

The captain came over the PA and announced a pretty quick flying time of 10h45 and that we were still waiting for a few more pax to turn up. We eventually pushed back around 10 mins behind schedule.

 photo IMG_2556.jpg

We made a reasonably quick taxi out to 09R and then made a quiet takeoff behind a CX cargo 747-8F.

 photo IMG_2559.jpg

 photo IMG_2561.jpg

Shortly after departure, landing cards were handed out by the purser. He welcomed me by name, checked his iPad and said there was a message from the executive club for me – “oh, nothing too important, just to welcome you on board sir”. Zero points for the delivery there….

 photo IMG_2569.jpg

Shortly after departure, a G&T that I’d ordered on the ground turned up, along with some very tasty warmed nuts.

 photo _MG_9319.jpg

 photo IMG_2574.jpg

 photo _MG_9321.jpg

Settling in for the night ahead.

 photo _MG_9320.jpg

Seat, light and window blind controls.

Around thirty minutes later, one of the two crew members looking after the First cabin appeared again – “would you like me to set your table for you now sir?”

 photo _MG_9323.jpg

And a few moments later, dinner was served. I skipped the starter and went straight for my pre ordered meal. Very good it was too.

 photo _MG_9324.jpg

Followed by dessert.

 photo _MG_9326.jpg

And to finish, chocolates – and I think I must point out, that the whole box wasn’t just for me!

 photo _MG_9328.jpg

Following dinner, it was getting on for midnight UK time, and I had been up for work earlier in the day, so time to settle down for the evening. I ventured off to change into my pyjamas, and have my bed made up.

 photo _MG_9318.jpg

 photo _MG_9329.jpg

I climbed into the very soft sheets and settled down, although it was a good hour or two before I drifted off – it was a little warm on board and the guy in 1K was snoring very loudly. My noise cancelling headphones took care of the worst of it though. Still, not the most comfortable way to sleep.

 photo IMG_2584.jpg

I awoke with around two and a half hours to go. I freshened up and ordered some tea. By this time the rest of the cabin was starting to wake up too.

 photo IMG_2587.jpg

 photo _MG_9331.jpg

Breakfast was served shortly after. There were a good few courses, but I only elected to take the main, washing it down with a cappucino

 photo IMG_2592.jpg

 photo _MG_9332.jpg

 photo IMG_2593.jpg

During which I took a look at the IFE for the first time. Due to the 747’s having an older system there wasn’t a huge amount of choice – so went with a Top Gear special.

 photo _MG_9334.jpg

After this, there wasn’t too much time left until descent. The captain came over the PA and said we had made up time and should be landing at 04:55 local time. I went to the washroom to get changed and my bed was then put back into seat mode.

 photo _MG_9335.jpg

 photo IMG_2594.jpg

 photo IMG_2596.jpg

Mood lighting set to morning mode.

 photo IMG_2598.jpg

Another round of hot towels were handed out a few moments later.

 photo IMG_2600.jpg

Descent began in the darkness – predictably, there wasn’t too much to be seen until the lights of the city became quite close to us and I was able to feel the nose gear being extended.

 photo IMG_2602.jpg

 photo IMG_2605.jpg

 photo IMG_2607.jpg

We touched down at 5 AM and made the taxi over to terminal 3, pulling in alongside a LH 748

 photo IMG_2615.jpg

 photo IMG_2616.jpg

Upon arrival the Club section was held back until everybody in F had left.

 photo IMG_2619.jpg

 photo IMG_2621.jpg

 photo _MG_9337.jpg

I followed the signs to a packed passport control where luckily, most seemed to head for the residents line – meaning I was stamped into Brazil by a very sleepy (and somewhat disinterested) immigration official in around ten minutes or so.

 photo IMG_2625.jpg

 photo IMG_2626.jpg

What a boring passport stamp!

I didn’t have to wait too long for my bag (maybe 5 minutes at the absolute most) and I then ventured out to find a bus to the city through possibly the biggest and most confusing arrivals duty free store I’ve ever encountered.

 photo IMG_2628.jpg

 photo IMG_2629.jpg

 photo IMG_2632.jpg

It turns out I’d just missed one bus, so I ended up having to wait for an hour for the next one. At least there was free wifi to keep myself amused.

 photo IMG_2633.jpg

Luckily, I didn’t have to be anywhere… I made my way out to the coach an hour later for the hours drive into town.

 photo IMG_2635.jpg

 photo IMG_2638.jpg

I arrived at my hotel, the Melia Paulista (where by pure coincidence the BA crew also stay) at around 08:20 and was able to check in early (for half a days rate).

 photo IMG_2641.jpg

 photo _MG_9340.jpg

 photo _MG_9341.jpg

And that’s where I’ll leave this part.

British Airways First wasn’t too bad. I must admit I was probably expecting a little better though. The staff were great but the seat seemed a little small compared to what I’d experienced on CX previously – and the fact that BA cram 14 of them into the nose of the 747 means it’s a little crowded. No doubt it’s a great experience on a day flight, but I personally found it a little uncomfortable for sleeping. I’ve seen it said online before that it’s probably the worlds best business class, and I’m inclined to agree.

Look out for part two of the series which will be posted in a week or two which will feature some pics from my time in São Paulo and my Brazilian domestic flight with TAM over to Rio.


 photo map.gif

And just the Canadian sectors:

 photo map-2.gif

Maps generated by theGreat Circle Mapper -copyright © Karl L. Swartz.

Thanks for taking a look at yet another one of my reports. This time I will be heading off across the Atlantic for the second time in 2014, but unlike on my previous journey I’ll be heading to Canada, a country I’ve not visited for a good fifteen years. Putting my newly acquired British Airways Gold Status to good use, I ideally wanted to use them for the Trans Atlantic sectors. Prices weren’t too bad over the busy Christmas and New Year break. The best part however was that on the return, World Traveller Plus (Premium Economy) was just thirty pounds more than World Traveller (Economy).

 photo YYZWTP.png

Also, the later BA departure from YYZ had recently been swapped from the 747-400 to the 777-300ER, meaning that by the time I took the flight I would have been on every type in the BA fleet (minus the A318, which isn’t technically operated by BA anyway – at least not in 2014).

 photo YYZitin.png

Strangely, after booking I was asked to pay to reserve a seat.

 photo YYZseatsfail.png

It turned out to be just a bug in the system though, as once I exited and returned to MMB, everything was in order.

 photo YYZSeats.png

As I wanted to visit Montreal, a couple of Canadian domestics were in order. These were booked on Air Canada and Porter Airlines respectively for around £60 each.

 photo PDitin.png

During OLCI, the following offers were available.

 photo upgrade.png

I was very tempted, however I figured the reason why they were so desperate to try and sell the upgrades (the prices had been reduced by £50 in the week leading up to the flight) was because the flights were pretty full. I eventually decided to call their bluff and not bother buying them. I figured my status meant I’d be towards the top of the operational upgrade list anyway, and if not I was happy enough with the cabin I’d booked into anyway – especially as I’d not travelled in BA’s World Traveller cabin since early 1997 – so was keen to see what t was like these days.

On the day of departure, it would be the 08:50 coach to Heathrow.

 photo IMG_0632.jpg

Upon arrival I made my way over to the First check in area where there was a bit of a queue, but I was still seen within a few moments.

 photo IMG_0642.jpg

 photo IMG_0638.jpg

 photo IMG_0640.jpg

I then headed through the new T5 fast track – it was a little quicker but no too much, before heading up to the galleries first lounge for some breakfast.

 photo IMG_0646.jpg

 photo _MG_7995.jpg

Once I’d finished eating, I made my way outside to the terrace area which was much quieter and provided a good view of what was going on outside.

 photo _MG_8004.jpg

 photo _MG_8000.jpg

A couple more views of the T5 Galleries First lounge:

 photo _MG_8005.jpg

 photo _MG_8006.jpg

After around an hour or so, gate B36 was displayed, so I headed over to T5B.

 photo IMG_0658.jpg

 photo IMG_0661.jpg

 photo _MG_8008.jpg

 photo IMG_0663.jpg

Upon entering the lounge at T5B, I was told that “Unfortunately I had been upgraded to World Traveller Plus”. Well if you insist… The downside of this however was that I’d now been dumped right in the middle of the cabin. I did ask if there were any window seats available but I was told the flight was completely full. That would explain the upgrade then. And I’d saved £168 in the process. I stayed in the lounge for around half an hour or so.

 photo IMG_0665.jpg

Before heading down to the gate. As I arrived, boarding was being called. As I made my way down, I was singled out for a thorough search – and for the first time ever I was asked to power up all my electronic devices. The lounge agent who gave me the upgrade mentioned that my seat was a front bulkhead row seat. As I knew row 12 was at the rear of the cabin on the 787, and there was a 747 parked up on stand B36 I figured there had been a last minute change of plane.

 photo _MG_8010.jpg

However at the very last moment, it was downstairs to a waiting bus, and a long journey over to the far side of T5C, where G-ZBJB was waiting patiently. This now meant I’d been on G-ZBJA, B and C.

 photo IMG_0670.jpg

 photo IMG_0673.jpg

 photo BAlogo.jpg

December 2014
Boeing 787-8/ G-ZBJB
Seat: 26K / World Traveller
Seat: 12E / World Traveller Plus
Scheduled: 12:30/15:25
Off Stand: 12:30
On Stand: 15:16

I took my seat, and as expected the cabin was full.

 photo IMG_0679.jpg

There didn’t appear to be any other solo travellers either so no opportunity to pester somebody for a seat swap. Menus and welcome drinks were handed out.

 photo IMG_0680.jpg

 photo IMG_0682.jpg

The captain announced a flying time of seven hours and fifteen minutes. We pushed back exactly on schedule and made the journey over to 27R, which I was abe to follow on the sky map but not much else.

 photo IMG_0687.jpg

We lifted off into some cloudy skies and appeared to be making our way up north.

 photo _MG_8012.jpg

After departure, hot towels were given out.

 photo IMG_0693.jpg

As I couldn’t really pay much attention to what was going on outside, I put Curb Your Enthusiasm on the IFE a few moments later.

 photo _MG_8013.jpg

Around thirty minutes after departure, the first drinks run began. I ordered a G&T, and doubles were dished up without prompting.

 photo _MG_8014.jpg

A few moments later however, there was some pretty strong turbulence – so strong in fact that the crew were told to halt service and take their seats. Lunch was served just over an hour after takeoff. I chose the beef.

 photo _MG_8015.jpg

 photo _MG_8016.jpg

It wasn’t the worst meal I’d had onboard but I’d had better.

Still relying on the IFE as my only source of entertainment:

 photo IMG_0699.jpg

The plus side of being in the middle of the cabin was that I was able to get a pretty good panorama of more or less the entire cabin

 photo IMG_0700.jpg

After this, I headed to the back to use the washroom and grab a much needed look at the outside world.

 photo IMG_0701.jpg

Followed up by a couple of films, 22 Jump Street and A Million Ways To Die In The West.

 photo IMG_0712.jpg

 photo IMG_0715.jpg

One of the few juice runs:

 photo IMG_0714.jpg

 photo IMG_0716.jpg

Towards the end of the second film the afternoon snacks were handed out.

 photo _MG_8020.jpg

After which the First Officer announced that there was just forty minutes until landing.

 photo _MG_8021.jpg

Still unable to see much, I took a look at the High Life magazine.

 photo IMG_0718.jpg

We made our descent and touched down into a surprisingly sunny and snow free Toronto. And then made a pretty long taxi over to the stand at Terminal 3.

 photo IMG_0720.jpg

 photo IMG_0723.jpg

Everybody made their way off a few moments later and took the long walk over to Passport control. There was also an initial passport check as soon as you exited the jet bridge.

 photo _MG_8024.jpg

 photo IMG_0728.jpg

Once there it took quite a while to get through as I was singled out for further screening – they thought it was a bit odd why I travel so much. They were very thorough too – even asking to see hotel confirmations. No big deal though as I wasn’t in a rush. Once I was finally stamped into the country it was out to wait for a bus to my hotel for the evening, the Hilton Garden Inn.

 photo IMG_0730.jpg

 photo IMG_0733.jpg

For the second time today I was given an upgrade – to a suite.

 photo _MG_8025.jpg

 photo _MG_8026.jpg

I checked in for the following days flight, watched a bit of TV and grabbed some room service – pretty much the only food option around, before turning in for the evening.

 photo IMG_0741.png

The next morning, I woke up pretty early and headed back to the airport.

 photo _MG_8032.jpg

 photo _MG_8034.jpg

Reasonable views from the room

 photo IMG_0742.jpg

Once at the airport, I saw an opportunity to get a couple of pics before heading inside.

 photo _MG_8038.jpg

 photo IMG_0744.jpg

 photo IMG_0745.jpg

I grabbed a souvenir boarding pass…

 photo IMG_0746.jpg

 photo IMG_0747.jpg

…before heading through security for some breakfast.

 photo IMG_0752.jpg

Far better than anything I’d get in a lounge that’s for sure, and for just $5 a bargain too. As I had around an hour until boarding I took a walk to see what was around.

 photo IMG_0754.jpg

 photo IMG_0755.jpg


 photo _MG_8041.jpg

 photo _MG_8043.jpg

 photo _MG_8044.jpg

 photo _MG_8045.jpg

Before heading down to the gate.

 photo IMG_0756.jpg

Just as boarding was scheduled to begin, the ground crew announced it was to be a full flight and that the plane hadn’t yet arrived. I was thinking the E-Jet parked at the adjacent gate would be operating the flight. A few moments later, C-FHOS pulled on to stand.

 photo _MG_8049.jpg

Boarding began, and for the first time in a long time I took the regular queue as opposed to the priority one.

 photo AClogo.jpg

December 2014
Embraer E190 / C-FHOS
Seat: 25A / Economy
Scheduled: 11:00/12:18
Off Stand: 11:10
On Stand: 12:13

I made my way onboard, and reached my seat – my seat mate already firmly in place. Much like on my flight with Oman Air in 2013, this little E-Jet came complete with personal IFE.

 photo IMG_0761.jpg

 photo IMG_0762.jpg

 photo IMG_0763.jpg

 photo IMG_0765.jpg

Free Wi-Fi – Nice!

 photo _MG_8050.jpg

Pushback came and we made our way out to the active. No word of the flight time came from the flight deck though.

 photo _MG_8053.jpg

 photo IMG_0772.jpg

There was just a company 777 to depart ahead of us, then it was our turn.

 photo IMG_0775.jpg

 photo IMG_0779.jpg

 photo IMG_0780.jpg

 photo _MG_8054.jpg

 photo IMG_0782.png

So much for the free Wi-Fi

 photo IMG_0784.jpg

And watching the IFE. Oh well.

A few moments later, the crew sprang into action. There was a full drink selection, complete with a small snack. Around the time the trolley reached my row, the engines spooled back and descent began. The flight was pretty similar to a UK domestic really.

 photo IMG_0786.jpg

 photo IMG_0785.jpg

 photo _MG_8056.jpg

During this time, my seatmate was curious as to why I was taking pictures of things. He figured I was some sort of travel writer – and he wasn’t too far off the mark. We chatted quite a bit until on finals. He mentioned he was also quite a regular flyer, mostly for pleasure than business.

 photo _MG_8057.jpg

As we did start our final approach, we passed by downtown Montreal. For once I was on the right side of the plane.

 photo _MG_8058.jpg

We made a very light touchdown and a quick taxi over to stand.

 photo IMG_0792.jpg

 photo IMG_0795.jpg

 photo IMG_0796.jpg

 photo IMG_0797.jpg

It was then the quick walk over to the arrivals area and on to the 747 bus to the city.

 photo IMG_0801.jpg

 photo IMG_0802.jpg

 photo IMG_0803.jpg

 photo IMG_0804.jpg

 photo IMG_0808.jpg

Around thirty minutes later, I was in the city. As I was a little early to check into my hotel, I went for a quick walk around before heading back.

 photo _MG_8061.jpg

 photo _MG_8062.jpg

 photo _MG_8065.jpg

I still arrived back a little early, but was able to check in anyway.

 photo _MG_8067.jpg

 photo _MG_8071.jpg

Not a bad view I guess.

 photo IMG_0846.jpg

Heated outdoor rooftop pool at the hotel.

I spent a few hours relaxing and chatting complete nonsense with PalmJet and FlyingFinn76 on Facebook before heading out to grab something to eat. The next few days were spent exploring a chilly Montreal. I mostly used the pretty good subway system to get around. Very cheap and covered nearly all the major areas of the city.

 photo IMG_0832.jpg

First stop in the city was taking a walk to look around the Viex Port:

 photo _MG_8076.jpg

 photo _MG_8077.jpg

 photo _MG_8083.jpg

Before heading off to Parc Jean Drapeau, and walking around the GP track. The was about the only snow I saw during my time in Canada.

 photo _MG_8088.jpg

 photo _MG_8094.jpg

 photo _MG_8108.jpg

 photo _MG_8113.jpg

 photo _MG_8123.jpg

Looking around the Old Town once more. I didn’t last too long however – it was just too cold to be outside in the morning.

 photo _MG_8133.jpg

 photo _MG_8139.jpg

Once it had warmed up to a balmy -15, I once more used the subway out to head out to the Olympic park.

 photo IMG_0860.png

 photo _MG_8150.jpg

 photo _MG_8152.jpg

 photo _MG_8154.jpg

My final evening in the city was spent up Mont Royal. Unpredictably, it was almost unbearably cold. Luckily there was a decent sized chalet to warm up in between photos.

 photo _MG_8156.jpg

 photo _MG_8162.jpg

Of course, I couldn’t leave Quebec without sampling some poutine:

 photo IMG_0848.jpg

When it came to checking in for my flight back to Toronto, the seat selection process was much like how I’ve experienced on a LCC – either pay for a specific seat or get shoved wherever. I was put in 10A, which may seem good enough.

 photo PDseatsBAD.png

However according to seatguru this row was missing a window. So not so good. The only other option was to pay to upgrade to a premium seat at the front of the cabin, so I stumped up the CAD$20 for 2A instead.

 photo IMG_0902.png

 photo PDBP.png

I checked out of my hotel and took the short walk to the bus stop.

As I arrived at a pretty quiet airport earlier than expected I took a bit of a walk around, before stumbling across the Porter check in area.

 photo IMG_0868.jpg

 photo IMG_0872.jpg

Toronto is a very popular destination from YUL it seems.

 photo IMG_0873.jpg

As there was nobody waiting, I grabbed a souvenir boarding pass. I was pleased to see it wasn’t the standard plain white affair!

 photo IMG_0874.jpg

After this, I headed through security – where once again I was the only person there, so it took just a couple of minutes. I took a walk around the concourse to see what was around. Luckily there was a decent set of windows.

 photo _MG_8171.jpg

 photo _MG_8173.jpg

 photo _MG_8174.jpg

 photo _MG_8179.jpg

 photo _MG_8180.jpg

 photo _MG_8183.jpg

 photo _MG_8190.jpg

After which I grabbed a drink and headed down to gate 9.

 photo IMG_0878.jpg

 photo IMG_0880.jpg

 photo _MG_8197.jpg

I tracked my incoming plane, which had just left Toronto. Although it would later prove to be a different plane completely, as my flight was actually a YHZ-YUL-YTZ service.

 photo _MG_8198.jpg

 photo PDlogo.jpg

December 2014
Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 / C-GLQK
Seat: 2A / Economy
Scheduled: 11:30/12:40
Off Stand: 11:27
On Stand: 12:38

General boarding began, and as far as I knew, I was the first on board – until I actually made it on board and found half a plane full of people. I was greeted by a cheerful crew member and directed to my seat. The legroom was pretty good, so at least the CAD$20 was somewhat worth it.

 photo _MG_8199.jpg

 photo _MG_8200.jpg

The plane filled up until it was completely full as far as I could see. The flight deck came over the PA and welcomed everybody and said that we would hopefully be airborne within ten minutes. No flight time was given however.

 photo IMG_0885.jpg

 photo IMG_0886.jpg

 photo IMG_0887.jpg

We pushed back a couple of minutes ahead of schedule whilst the crew performed the safety briefing. A very quick taxi followed to the nearest runway and we powered into the air.

 photo IMG_0889.jpg

 photo IMG_0894.jpg

 photo _MG_8201.jpg

 photo _MG_8202.jpg

Some ten minutes or so after departure, service began. From what I could see, the crew left the trolleys in the middle of the cabin and delivered all the drinks on a tray. There was a choice of crisps, nuts or cookies to eat, along with a selection of drinks. I chose the cookies and some orange juice, which was delivered to my seat on a silver tray and in a branded glass along with a smile.

 photo IMG_0900.jpg

 photo IMG_0901.jpg

After this, the crew passed through the cabin a few more times, checking everybody was ok.

 photo IMG_0905.jpg

 photo IMG_0909.jpg

My seat mate then said she noticed I was taking quite a few pics and asked if I was into flying or photography. How refreshing that on both my Canadian domestics, rather than just assume I was up to no good, my seat mates seemed genuinely interested as to what I was up to and strike up a conversation about it! After around thirty minutes of flight, the flight deck announced that descent was ten minutes away.

 photo IMG_0907.jpg

We made our way down, passing through some rough clouds along the way.

 photo _MG_8206.jpg

Unfortunately, I was on the wrong side for any decent views – all I could see was the water of Lake Ontario. Out the other side, I could see the buildings of downtown Toronto passing by very close. We touched down and came to a very sudden stop on the runway at Toronto City airport.

 photo IMG_0916.jpg

After this, it was a brief taxi over to the terminal.

 photo IMG_0921.jpg

I saw the marshaller franticly making the X sign with his batons as we approached our gate and we screeched to a halt just before turning on to stand. A few moments later, we proceeded and pulled up to an interesting looking gate – at ground level, but with the standard jet bridge type connection to the plane.

 photo IMG_0923.jpg

 photo _MG_8208.jpg

It was then through some confusing corridors – the signs either directed you to other gates or the connections desk. Myself and a few others were neither and we had to flag down a passing worker to point us in the right direction. Basically to the end of the corridor and through baggage claim.

 photo IMG_0926.jpg

It was then on to the ferry for the minute or so journey over to the mainland.

 photo IMG_0928.jpg

 photo IMG_0933.jpg

 photo _MG_8210.jpg

Followed by a bus ride to the centre – all courtesy of Porter.

 photo IMG_0934.jpg

As I could see my hotel in the distance, and I was a little early to check in I took the walk up the road rather than catch the subway.

 photo _MG_8213.jpg

 photo IMG_0938.jpg

My room on the 20th floor of the Toronto Doubletree.

 photo _MG_8222.jpg

With a good view too:

 photo _MG_8229.jpg

 photo _MG_8231.jpg

I spent the next couple of days seeing what was going on in Toronto – quite a bit as it turned out, as it was new year. I couldn’t believe how much the area had changed since my last visit back in 1999.

 photo _MG_8218.jpg

Dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe on NYE:

 photo IMG_0957.jpg

Checking out the CN Tower. As it was New Years day, it was very quiet. In fact I was the only person in the lift heading to the top.

 photo _MG_8241.jpg

 photo _MG_8244.jpg

Of course, I spent a lot of time looking in this general area.

 photo _MG_8251.jpg

 photo _MG_8255.jpg

 photo _MG_8259.jpg

This was actually the one that brought me from YUL.

 photo _MG_8261.jpg

 photo _MG_8264.jpg

 photo _MG_8268.jpg

I also took a walk around the Old Town – I must admit I never knew Toronto had an old town until I saw it in a tourist guide at the hotel.

 photo _MG_8276.jpg

 photo _MG_8279.jpg

And finally, checking out the Eaton Centre.

 photo IMG_0973.jpg

When it was time to return to the airport, I was surprised to see that there weren’t any express services from the city. So instead, it was via public transport. It took around an hour, but for just CAD$3 a real bargain.

 photo IMG_0976.jpg

 photo IMG_0977.jpg

Upon reaching terminal 3 at YYZ, I queued up in the First Class line, as I’m entitled to do.

 photo IMG_0980.jpg

 photo IMG_0982.jpg

The check in agent spotted me and abruptly said “business class?”. Erm, no but I have a gold card… He summoned me over and began typing. He asked what seat I was in, and when I replied he said that British Airways had now put me into a sleeper seat and that I should head upstairs to the lounge where the airline would be more than happy to provide me with dinner. He then handed back my passport, a boarding pass and wished me a very happy new year – talk about change of tune. But more importantly, I’d called BA’s bluff brilliantly with regards to the upgrade situation.

I then headed through security, and as there didn’t appear to be much airside, straight up to the lounge.

 photo IMG_0988.jpg

 photo IMG_1006.jpg

The agent welcomed me in and handed me a dinner voucher – saying that I could get dinner from the Club side and eat it in the First side.

 photo IMG_0992.jpg

I had the entire First section to myself, for around twenty minutes until a family with a pretty noisy child turned up. Luckily, a few glances in their general direction led to an apology and them calming the child down a bit.

 photo _MG_8283.jpg

 photo _MG_8284.jpg

 photo _MG_8285.jpg

 photo _MG_8286.jpg

 photo _MG_8287.jpg

A snack to begin with:

 photo _MG_8288.jpg

I went to grab some dinner whilst it was still quiet, but the buffet wasn’t quite open, so made do with some champagne instead.

 photo _MG_8289.jpg

Eventually, I did wander over to the J lounge to grab a tasty dinner. As the buffet didn’t really have anything that jumped out at me, I ordered some of the risotto.

 photo IMG_0993.jpg

 photo IMG_1001.jpg

 photo IMG_1003.jpg

 photo IMG_1002.jpg

 photo IMG_0996.jpg

 photo IMG_0998.jpg

By the time I was done, the F lounge had filled up considerably – not that it’s too big anyway (only twelve “proper” seats), so I had to make do with the seats nearer the entrance.

 photo _MG_8290.jpg

As I wanted to enjoy some of the service on board, I grabbed a coffee. As it would turn out, the coffee worked a little better than anticipated as I ended up enjoying all of the service on board, rather than just some of it.

 photo _MG_8291.jpg

With around an hour until boarding, I made my way down to the gate as I fancied a change of scenery.

 photo IMG_1007.jpg


The lounge area was certainly different to anything I’d seen before – with a lot less seats and free to use iPads everywhere.

 photo IMG_1009.jpg

Boarding began, and somewhat predictably, as soon as the ground crew stepped up to the mic a mass bundle took place, including some guy barging his way past the entire fast track line, announcing loudly that he has young children so needs to be first. Moron.

 photo IMG_1012.jpg

 photo BAlogo.jpg

January 2015
Boeing 777-300ER / G-STBB
Seat: 25K / World Traveller Plus
Seat: 13A / Club World
Scheduled: 22:05/09:50
Off Stand: 22:07
On Stand: 10:00

 photo IMG_1015.jpg

 photo IMG_1016.jpg

Almost as soon as I reached my seat, I was offered a newspaper and a drink of either water, oj or champagne. As I’m not a fan of BA champagne, I opted for the water.

 photo _MG_8292.jpg

 photo _MG_8293.jpg

This aircraft had the slightly older generation Club seat, and I found it a little more comfortable than what I experienced on the 787. Although I could be just imagining that.

 photo _MG_8294.jpg

 photo _MG_8295.jpg

Nice scheme – No idea who it belonged to though.

My seat mate turned up and immediately raised the divider between the two seats – which suited me. Despite the 8 abreast seating, it still felt very private.

 photo _MG_8296.jpg

I do like these lamps in the Club cabin. Very classy.

The menus were handed out and dinner orders taken. I opted for the chicken.

 photo IMG_1025.jpg

 photo IMG_1028.jpg

 photo IMG_1031.jpg

We then pushed back (which seemed to take the crew by surprise somewhat) and I got to hear the great noise of the GE90’s starting up.

 photo IMG_1034.jpg

After this, we made our way over to be de-iced.

 photo IMG_1044.jpg

 photo IMG_1048.jpg

This took a good few moments, then we made the long trek over to the opposite side of the airport for departure.

 photo IMG_1050.jpg

We eventually lifted off forty five minutes after leaving the gate.

 photo IMG_1054.jpg

 photo IMG_1058.jpg

As we climbed, the amenity kits were handed out, which included the usual bits and pieces.

 photo _MG_8301.jpg

Within thirty minutes of departure, the bar service began, joined by an episode of American Dad.

 photo _MG_8303.jpg

 photo _MG_8302.jpg

Followed just a few seconds later by dinner.

 photo _MG_8304.jpg

 photo _MG_8305.jpg

After this the cabin settled down for the short evening. I wasn’t feeling that tired however, so I watched a few things on tv, mostly the BA documentary series that was shown on the BBC last year.

 photo IMG_1062.jpg

 photo _MG_8306.jpg

I’d pre ordered an A380 model, which I had to chase up on. The crew didn’t really know the procedure as they said they’d never had anybody pre order duty free before. Guess I was the first person ever then… maybe.

 photo IMG_1068.jpg

I also paid a visit to the club kitchen.

 photo IMG_1071.jpg

 photo IMG_1072.jpg

After a few more episodes of top gear, the cabin was starting to come back to life.

 photo IMG_1074.jpg

 photo IMG_1077.jpg

 photo _MG_8307.jpg

Breakfast was served.

 photo _MG_8309.jpg

There were also bacon and egg muffins offered but I didn’t take one.

By this time, the sun was starting to appear outside too.

 photo _MG_8312.jpg

 photo _MG_8314.jpg

The captain announced our descent and that as it was a little busy at Heathrow, we would probably have to hold for fifteen minutes or so. On our way down there was a pretty good view of LHR.

 photo _MG_8317.jpg

 photo _MG_8319.jpg

 photo _MG_8320.jpg

 photo IMG_1098.jpg

After more than a few laps of the Ockham hold, we turned on to finals, which led to some good views of London.

 photo _MG_8325.jpg

 photo _MG_8327.jpg

 photo IMG_1104.jpg

We made a very smooth touchdown and rolled out for quite a while – enabling us to turn off the runway and pretty much straight on to stand at T5C.

 photo IMG_1107.jpg

 photo IMG_1108.jpg

It was a reasonably short wait to leave, before heading off to the main building.

 photo IMG_1114.jpg

 photo IMG_1115.jpg

The procedures were carried out pretty quickly and I made my way up to the arrivals lounge to freshen up and have some breakfast.

 photo IMG_1118.jpg

 photo IMG_1131.jpg

 photo IMG_1129.jpg

 photo IMG_1119.jpg

The breakfast options were pretty much the same as in the F lounge, but I didn’t notice any menus around.

 photo IMG_1124.jpg

 photo IMG_1125.jpg

Heathrow becomes airport number 2 on my airport shower list.

 photo IMG_1121.jpg

 photo _MG_8331.jpg

Unfortunately this particular one had seen better days.

 photo _MG_8332.jpg

I stayed for just over an hour before heading downstairs for the coach home.

 photo _MG_8334.jpg

 photo IMG_1133.jpg

And that brings an end to my final trip of 2014.

How did BA do this time? Well not too bad – which is the standard I’ve found recently. The upgrades were gratefully received and it was good to try out their Club World product for the first time.

Air Canada were decent enough too on the hours sector – its just a shame the IFE or the Wi-Fi didn’t work as advertised. But on a short flight it wasn’t a big issue. If it was a YYZ-YVR sector though it would have been more of an annoyance.

Porter I thought were a great little airline. Friendly crew on the ground and in the air, very tasty choice of snacks on board (as opposed to the single offering on AC) and great presentation of the service too. The only niggle is the seat selection system which basically forces you to pay for a seat or get what you’re given – this seemed very LCC.