Sun Air | Dornier 328Jet | BLL-AAL-HUY | Euro Traveller

This Trip

Hilton Garden Inn, Heathrow
British Airways | Airbus A320 | LHR-BLL | Euro Traveller
Sun Air | Dornier 328Jet | BLL-AAL-HUY | Euro Traveller
Holiday Inn Marina, Hull

Airline: Sun Air
Aircraft: Dornier 328 Jet
Route: Billund – Aalborg – Humberside
Flight number: BA
Seat number: 3A
Cabin: Euro Traveller
Flight date: June 2016

Check In / Security

Check in for this flight was a little difficult to say the least. I attempted online 24 hours before departure but that was a no go. I tried again at a self serve kiosk, but again this failed. So off to a desk I went, where the agent seemed unaware of any other flights from Billund except to Heathrow – therefore insisting I couldnt possibly be flying with them and refusing to help. It was all sorted in the end (I wont bore you with the details) but better training was needed…There was a fast track security lane, although it was the type where you jumped the queue rather than a separate lane. Leading to a few comments from the people in the queue.


There is just one lounge in Billund, catering for all airlines that use the airport. Its pretty big and comfortable but the food options are a little limited. There are options to purchase food however.





Boarding / Onboard

Due to there being just the two of us on the first sector up to Aalborg, boarding was very relaxed. The second sector filled up considerably however, and even the jump seat was taken.






On the initial sector, just water bottles were handed out due to the fifteen minute flying time. Once the main part of the flight got underway, the main service began with a bar service.



Followed by the main meal of salmon, bread and cheese & biscuits.


Next up was dessert in the form of ice cream,


And finally digestifs.


Arrival was more or less on schedule and as Humberside airport is pretty small, it was just a few moments to make it out of the front door.




Once again, a solid flight with British Airways subsidiary. The check in issue was a little annoying, especially as the staff didn’t seem all that interested in helping. Once on board however the service lived up to expectation and was consistent with the other times I have used the airline.

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